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Sam Elliott (‘A Star is Born’) on how he reacted when Bradley Cooper stole his voice [Exclusive Video Interview]

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Sam Elliott (‘A Star is Born’) on how he reacted when Bradley Cooper stole his voice [Exclusive Video Interview]
Audiences with good hearing have remarked on how similar Bradley Cooper sounds to his co-star Sam Elliott in “A Star is Born,” and according to Elliott, that was by design. When he first met with the actor-director about playing his older brother in the film, Cooper “played a tape for me” showcasing his extensive work with a vocal coach. Elliott thought “it sounded very much like me,” but he wasn’t offended. Quite the opposite, he took it as a good sign. “I thought it kind of increased my chances for being in the film,” he explains. After all, “who else is he going to get when he’s got my voice that he’s working with.” Watch our exclusive video interview above.

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Cooper directs and stars in this drama as Jackson Maine, a fading
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‘The Ranch’ returns to Netflix for season 3 as Emmy voters consider scene-stealing performance by Sam Elliott

‘The Ranch’ returns to Netflix for season 3 as Emmy voters consider scene-stealing performance by Sam Elliott
The Ranch,” which returned to Netflix on June 15 for season 3, marks a reunion for Ashton Kutcher with two of the writers from his time on “Two and a Half Men.” The Emmy nominated Don Reo and Jim Patterson created this heartfelt series that stars Kutcher as Colt Bennett, a semi-pro football player who returns to Colorado to help his father Beau (Sam Elliott) run the family ranch. Two-time Oscar nominee Debra Winger plays Maggie, the estranged wife of Beau who runs a local watering hole while “24” and “Happy Endings” alum Elisha Cuthbert is Abby, an exy who reconnects with Colt.

Reviews have been consistently strong for Elliott. This veteran actor is enjoying a career renaissance as of late. His arc on the final season of “Justified” netted him a Critics’ Choice award while his single scene in “Grandma” earned him a nomination from the Chicago film critics.

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5 Stars Who Are Having The Best Awards Season Ever

Each year, the awards season means certain stars get an opportunity to shine as they make the rounds on red carpets, picking up trophies and working their way toward that Oscar. Some celebs do it better than others. See last year when Jennifer Lawrence shined from the moment she “beat Meryl” at the Golden Globes to tripping on her way to picking up her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway couldn’t muster the same spirit. Speech after speech, fans felt she was phoning it in. Luckily, the stars on this list, including Lupita Nyong’o, Matthew McConaughey and Emma Thompson, fall in line J-Law.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

The breakout star of this year’s awards season is none other than Nyong’o. The actress may not have swept the awards (thanks to a pesky but also deserving Jennifer Lawrence) but she has become one to watch.
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Review: ‘Buffalo Girls’ Is an Eye-Opening and Emotional Look at Too Small of a World

There are roughly 30,000 child boxers in Thailand, but lest you think it’s simply adolescents being introduced to the sport, think again. These are kids as young as eight years old. They don’t wear head gear. They’re often the only thing separating their family from an even lower level of poverty. And many of them are little girls. Buffalo Girls is a new documentary that follows two players in this particular world, Stam and Pet, as they train, compete and attempt to do right by their families. One is a scrappy little underdog whose family home is dependent on her winnings, and the other is a taller, seemingly tougher girl whose home situation is far more fragile. Their stories share many of the same beats, and like last year’s Warrior you can’t help but want both fighters to win, but only one of them comes out of this story with a happy ending
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GoDigital Partners With 108 Media on Digital Releases of 'Midnight's Children,' 'My Brother the Devil,' More

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GoDigital Partners With 108 Media on Digital Releases of 'Midnight's Children,' 'My Brother the Devil,' More
GoDigital has partnered with Toronto-based 108 Media to handle digital distribution on all its films. Paladin will still release 108 Media films theatrically and via day-and-date theatrical and VOD in North America, as per the agreement they signed in August. Included in the new agreement are Deepa Mehta's adaptation of the Salman Rushdie novel "Midnight's Children”; Michel Gondry's "The We and The I”; “My Brother The Devil”; “Buffalo Girls”; and "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor." Read More: Toronto 2012: Michel Gondry's 'The We and the I' Finds a Home With Paladin and 108 Media “We’re honored to be partnering with 108 Media,” said GoDigital CEO Logan Mulvey. “Coupled with Mark Urman and the Paladin team, they possess a strong vision and impressive history that GoDigital looks forward to collectively expanding on.”
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Plaid, Tribal Prints & Mod Girls Make Up Gwen Stefani’s Latest Lamb Collection!

With five different themes, there’s something for everyone thanks to Gwen’s latest looks!

By the time the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week rolls around, I’m usually suffering from fashion fatigue — but there’s always one show I still get super excited for, and it’s Lamb. Not only do I have a huge girl crush on Gwen Stefani, but when it comes to putting on a really fun show, Gwen is a pro!

Overall, the collection is super wearable and full of signature Gwen staples. While there were five different groups, consisting of Soldier Girls, Mod Girls, and Buffalo Girls, there were a variety of get-ups in each category that I found myself lusting after — my favorite being a grey and red plaid tunic-type dress.

Aside from wanting to scoop up the clothes, I’m also dying to get my hands on the soundtrack — it was
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Make-Up Artist D'Amore and Husband Found Dead

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Emmy award winning make-up artist Hallie D'Amore and her photographer husband Richard were found dead on Friday at their home in Venice, California. Hallie D'Amore, 64, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 1995 for her work on Forrest Gump, apparently shot her husband Richard, 66, multiple times before turning the gun on herself. Investigators said they did not know what drove her to kill her husband and herself, but said the two, who recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, were having marital problems. Hallie D'Amore won an Emmy award for the HBO made-for-TV movie Normal in 2003 and was nominated for 1995's Buffalo Girls and 1993's Gypsy. Richard D'Amore was known for his moody landscapes, nudes and architectural photographs, which caught the eye of Hollywood celebrities including Michelle Pfeiffer, Ted Danson and Rob Lowe, among others. Captain Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner's office said police found a note, but were unsure whether it was a suicide note. Police believe the shooting occurred on Thursday and the couple were found the next day by one of their co-workers.

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