Æon Flux (TV Series 1991–1995) Poster


Denise Poirier: Æon Flux



  • Trevor Goodchild : The dream to awaken our world...

    Æon Flux : You're out of control.

    Trevor Goodchild : I take control! Whose side are you on?

    Æon Flux : I take no side...

    Trevor Goodchild : You're skating the edge.

    Æon Flux : I am the edge!

    Trevor Goodchild : What you *truly* want, only I can give.

    Æon Flux : You can't give it, can't even buy it, and you just don't *get* it.

  • Trevor Goodchild : *You*! You drove it out! - All right, you got it, you got what you wanted. So you answer to no-one...

    [Aeon points her gun at him] 

    Trevor Goodchild : Are you out of your mind?

    Æon Flux : The only reason I don't shoot you has nothing to do with duty or principle. It's simply a matter of knowing who I am.

    Trevor Goodchild : Is *that* why you won't look at It

    [the Demiurge] 

    Trevor Goodchild : , why you can't barely gaze? Because you've done terrible things. And then there are the transgressions you never even knew you'd committed. Those are the worst, because those you can never forget. All you can do is suspect...

    Æon Flux : I'm not in the habit of arguing about the color of red herrings!

  • Æon Flux : [singing to herself]  Ready if I want it now, Danger Boy...

  • Trevor : Ask yourself, can you give yourself your own evil and your own good?

    Æon Flux : Don't make the mistake of fencing with me, I know who I am and what I am still capable of.

  • Æon Flux : You're drooling on me!

    Trevor Goodchild : I'm a genius; therefore I can afford to drool.

  • Breen Citizen : You're not a Breen.

    Aeon : You do not exist.

  • Aeon : Blink once, you're dead. Blink twice, you're buried. Understand? Now unpack yourself.

  • Æon Flux : We won. We must have been right.

  • Celia : Please, tell me what you know!

    Æon Flux : We won. We must have been right.

    Celia : You *know* something! Tell me what you know.

    Æon Flux : What I know? He said the light was beautiful. Yes, it was. No use, see, because the truth isn't even pretty. What else?... oh, right. Love isn't the answer, it's the problem.

  • Æon Flux : [to Trevor]  The only reason I don't shoot you isn't because of any duty or principle, it's simply a matter of knowing who I am.

  • Trevor : Then leave, you are free to go. Your conscience will tell you what to do.

    Aeon : I have no conscience - you know what I mean.

    Trevor : That is not important, the important thing is that you know...

    Aeon : Man alive, Goodchild, you give me the hinks!

  • Æon Flux : Fine to play with my feelings, but you are involving innocent people, Trevor! What are you doing to that poor girl!

    Trevor : Jealous?

  • Æon Flux : What are you doing here?

    Scafandra : He stole a sample of me. I can't let him make a copy of me.

    Æon Flux : It's OK, I've taken care of it. The last thing I want is another one of you.

  • Æon Flux : Do you have the Bliss pellets?

    Rordy : Only if your idea of bliss is to forget everything about yourself: your favorite color! your lover!

  • Trevor : But now that I have you in my custody, I may do with you what I please.

    Crowd : Boo!

    Aeon : I thought you already had.

    Trevor : I have, I had, I will, I did - don't I? Isn't that right, hostess Judy?

  • [Trevor has Aeon pinned to the ground] 

    Trevor Goodchild : You shot Rubio, and not me. Now, why is that?

    Æon Flux : Trevor, don't trouble me with your thin smile.

    [she flips them so that she is on top] 

    Trevor Goodchild : Stop! There's a pain... in my back!

    Æon Flux : Can you describe it, in words?

    Trevor Goodchild : What?

    Æon Flux : I want you to tell me about the pain.

    Trevor Goodchild : Sharp... stabbing... piercing...

    Æon Flux : You're telling me nothing.

    Trevor Goodchild : It feels... ugh!... .like a nail, twisting into my spine.

    Æon Flux : Yes. But there is no nail.

    Trevor Goodchild : No.

    Æon Flux : So there is no pain.

    [they kiss] 

  • Trevor Goodchild : When will you give up, Aeon?

    [he hands her a gun] 

    Trevor Goodchild : Here. Go ahead. Kill me, if that's what you want. You can't do it.

    Æon Flux : You think you know what I'm doing so obviously you don't. What I have in mind for you is much worse.

  • Trevor Goodchild : It's my fault. They came here to see me.

    Æon Flux : Your ego is staggering. What's this got to do with you?

    Trevor Goodchild : These creatures have died from exposure to Aldus-B. Somehow, it shot from the satellite to their planet.

    Æon Flux : Nice going, Trevor. Making friends all over the universe.

  • Æon Flux : Ready for the action now, danger boy?

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