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What a hoot! This might be Arnie's best, even though Jamie Lee almost steals the show.
scaevola3 January 2001
I had forgotten how funny this film is. From the very start it begins to laugh at itself and the entire genre, with great audacity. Every single scene is worth watching and I am still giggling about many of them. (Well, ok, the camera angle on the scene with terrorist-as-missile is a teensy bit overdone.)

I delayed renting it again because I remembered the Jamie-Lee-as-prostitute scene was difficult to sit through--her predicament is just so embarrassing. But this time I discovered it is probably my favorite scene. She is just a scream (and surprisingly erotic), while her underplayed klutziness throughout is hysterical, right down to the tango at the end. Especially in contrast to her husband's ridiculously effortless physical skills and unruffled cool. The only time he loses it, and hilariously so, is with Bill Paxton. (And I love that she gets her own back for Arnie's sleazy trick. A woman who packs a punch.)

Even the excellent special effects are pure humor. They are just huge enough to be ridiculous, and yet never seem overblown--and this with a nuclear explosion and a Harrier on an urban rampage. This film is a work of genius. How an action/espionage/romance spoof could deliver such outrageous tongue-in-cheek and yet never feel like corn, slap or déjà vu is a mystery to me.

I give this 8/10 for being relentlessly entertaining, at a very high level. And the acting is top notch all around.
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Pure Arnie. Big, loud, and hilarious
BroadswordCallinDannyBoy10 September 2004
Once again, Arnie and Cameron team up to deliver a terrific action film.

Arnie stars as a secret agent posing as a computer salesman. Not even his wife knows his true identity and since he is always busy she decides to have a little excitement and hooks up with a nitwit posing as a secret agent! In the mean while, in trying to get her back, Arnie gets his family inadvertently pushed into a plot, by terrorists to nuke the USA! Preposterous? Yes! Hilarious? YES!!!

The resulting film has Arnie chasing motorcycles on horseback through hotels all the way to "borrowing" Harrier jets from the military. And, of course, getting his wife and daughter back.

Packed with awesome action scenes and some really terrific hilarious moments this is what an action movie should be. Not too serious and not too pointless. 8/10

Rated R: violence and profanity
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This is how an action movie should be like!
Boba_Fett113815 July 2004
Biggest problem with most action movies is that they take themselves way too serious. "True Lies" is mainly fun and entertaining and on top of that, the action is top class!

Finally a movie of which I can say: "Budget well spend!" The action really jumps off the screen but it never feels overdone or forced, which is thanks to action-director veteran James Cameron. He should stick to directing action movies like this, the Terminator movies and "Aliens". Please no more movies like "Titanic"! (not that it was a VERY bad movie) Stick to were your talent lies.

The movie can be described as an American James Bond, meaning that everything is bigger and I'm not just talking about Arnie's chest. Just like the James Bond movies, it doesn't take itself seriously without making itself ridiculous.

Many people seem to have problems with the whole "wife side track, story-line" I guess I'm one of the few that doesn't mind it at all and actually find it an extra addition to the story.

The movie has everything a good action movie need: A believable action hero, explosions, chases, gun fights, a stereotype villain and a high entertainment value.

I wish more action movies like this would be made.

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She Married Rambo and She Didn't Know
claudio_carvalho3 February 2007
The secret agent Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has been happily married with his wife, the legal secretary Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), for many years living in the suburbs and having a teenager daughter, Dana (Eliza Dushku). Helen does not suspect that Harry has a double life, and she believes he is a computer salesman. After a top-secret mission, Harry finds evidences that Helen is having an affair with Simon (Bill Paxton), an used cars salesman that seduced Helen with the glamour and excitement of his fake life, telling her that he is a spy. Harry forces his partner Albert Gibson (Tom Arnold) to use the resources of their agency to follow Simon and Helen; they abduct Helen wearing masks and later they assign a pseudo mission for her. However, a group of terrorists kidnap Helen and Harry and the couple gets involved with a dangerous group that possesses an atomic bomb ready to be exploded in Florida.

"True Lies" is one of the best adventures ever, and I personally do not recall how many times I have watched this excellent movie. The story is amazingly good, with a magnificent screenplay that alternates action with comedy. Arnold Schwarzenegger, his partner Tom Arnold and Bill Paxton are hilarious, with very funny liens and situations. Jamie Lee Curtis is not only funny, but also extremely sexy and hot, and I love when she says that she married Rambo. The special effects in the action scenes are stunning. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "True Lies"
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"Can you hurry up. My horse is getting tired."
ryan_kuhn1 March 2005
James Cameron has directed some fantastic action movies during his career (Aliens, the first two Terminator movies, The Abyss, Titanic--that boat action was like totally awesome!!), but none were as funny as True Lies is. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, Eraser, the Governor of California) is Harry Tasker, a computer programming father by day, James Bond by night, working for a top secret government agency that is beyond the CIA and run by Charlton Heston. Tom Arnold, in his first dramatic role, plays Harry's partner, Gib, and is the smartass, class clown of the agency. Schwarzenegger and Arnold have a fantastic chemistry, creating the movie's biggest laughs. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Harry's under-appreciated wife, Helen, who flirts with the idea of leaving Harry for a used-car salesman, played with uber-confidence by Bill Paxson. Helen finds out the true identity of her husband in another funny scene where both are captured by Arab terrorists with help from a truth serum. The action part of True Lies comes from Harry trying to track down the nuclear bomb that has been stolen by the terrorists. A wonderfully shot escape scene on the bridge that connects the Florida Keys to the mainland is the pinnacle of True Lies. An action film that does not take itself too seriously (notice all of the silly Arnold-lines peppered throughout the movie, my personal favorite being "you're fired!" before Trump thought of it), True Lies is wildly entertaining, so much so that you almost forget Tom Arnold was married to Roseanne.
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Unquestionably One Of The Best Action Films Ever Made, With Phoenomenal Action Scenes And 2 Amazing Performances From Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jamie Lee Curtis
callanvass10 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is unquestionably one of the best action films ever made, with phenomenal action scenes and 2 amazing performances from Arnie and Jamie Lee Curtis!. All the characters are wonderful, and the story is extremely gripping, plus Arnie and Jamie Lee Curtis are simply amazing in this!.The finale is simply incredible and is one of the most exciting ever, and i thought Arnie and Jamie Lee had amazing chemistry together, plus The ending was downright hilarious!. The chase scene with Arnie riding the horse, and Art Malik (the villain) riding the motorcycle, and i must say the famous dancing scene with Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic, Jamie Lee is incredibly sexy, plus the supporting cast was great, and even Tom Arnold made me chuckle, and i always find him annoying!. The film is extremely exciting throughout, and some of the stunts were absolutely incredible, plus Arnie had some fantastic one liners as usual! (" Your Fired"!). 2 of my favorite scenes, include The fantastic Bridge sequence where Arnie drags Jamie Lee Curtis in an helicopter with 1 hand, and another one of my favorites includes Jamie, dropping the gun, and it starts firing while falling down the stairs that was great!.

I can't believe this only has a 7.0 rating on here as it should be much higher in my opinion, and unlike a lot of of viewers i found the focus on the Arnie/Jamie Lee relationship/affair in the middle, extremely entertaining, plus Eliza Dishku is fantastic as Arnie's daughter!. There are plenty of awesome explosions and even at 141 minutes it left me wanting more, plus Bill Paxton is great as the slime ball, and played his part extremely well. The dialog is awesome, and the opening was excellent, plus Art Malik, and Tia Carrere are extremely menacing as the main villains!. The Bathroom scenes will give you a lot to laugh about, and the score was very good, plus i though Arnold's acting was fantastic!. This is unquestionably one of the best action films ever made in my opinion, with phenomenal action scenes, and 2 amazing performances from Arnie Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, and if you haven' seen it, drop what your doing immediately and do so!, you won't be disappointed.

The Direction is simply incredible!. James Cameron does an incredible job here, with wonderful camera work, jaw dropping angles, great slow mo shots, some good POV shots, and keeping the film at an extremely fast pace!.

There is a bit of blood and violence. We get lots of extremely bloody gunshot wounds, harsh beatings,scalpel in the eye,gunshot wound to the head, with blood and brains spurting, and other minor stuff.

The Acting is amazing!. Arnold Schwarzenegger is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, kicks that ass, had some fantastic one liners, had amazing chemistry with Jamie Lee Curtis, , was hilarious, really seemed to be enjoying himself,had a great relationship with Tom Arnold, and just did an amazing job overall!. (Arnie Rules!!!!!). Jamie Lee Curtis is also AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, she is stunningly gorgeous, incredibly sexy, is fantastic in the acting department, had amazing chemistry with Arnie, had an awesome character, and managed to make her potential extremely boring business woman like character, extremely interesting just with her presence, i really hope her and Arnie make True Lies 2!. (Jamie Lee Rules!!!!!).Tom Arnold is surprisingly funny, and not once did he get on my nerves and was quite likable actually!, he also had a great relationship with Arnie!. Eliza Dushku is extremely cute as the daughter, and did fantastic here, she was especially awesome in the finale, wished she had more screen time though!. (Dushku Rules!!). Bill Paxtonis great as the slime ball, and did his job very well i liked him lots!. Art Malik is awesome as the main villain, he had some great lines, and was extremely menacing!. Tia Carrere is fantastic, and super sexy as the bitch, she was perfect for this part!. Rest of the cast do fine.

Overall Drop what your doing immediately and go see it, you won't be disappointed i can't wait for True Lies 2!!!!(if there is gonna be one that is). ***** out of 5
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Arnold, James and Bill. How can you go wrong?
baumer20 August 1999
When a film has extravagant special effects, robust action, dazzling direction, wicked comedy and a cast of great actors like Schwarzenegger and Curtis and Arnold and Paxton, how can you go wrong? You can't.

True Lies is one of the best action films to come out, ever. I don't think James Cameron knows how to make a bad film and that may be because he knows a winning team. He has teamed up with these same players before and the results have been the biggest grossing film ever, a soon to be trilogy that started his and the big guy's career and a scary film about extra-terrestrials. Well True Lies is just one more amazing film in Cameron's gold mine repertoire. This really is a terrific film and it is one of the best pure action films I've ever seen. And it is wickedly funny, " Did you kill anyone? "

" Yea, but they were all bad. " Priceless.

Here we have three separate issues happening simultaneously. Arnold and Arnold play two agents that are reminiscent to Bond type characters. They infiltrate castles and steel secrets and blow things up. They are very good at what they do and as perfect as they are at their job, Schwartzenegger's home life suffers from it. His wife ( played with amazing sexuality buy Jamie Lee Curtis ) loves him unconditionally, but she is a little bored because he is gone half the time and when he is home he tells her about boring computer meetings and how he wowed his clientelle with the latest micro-chips, when in reality he is running through a snow covered field with a tuxedo on while being chased by men on skis carrying Uzis. But she of course isn't allowed to know about that, something in the name of national security. Hence we have Simon. Simon is played for laughs brilliantly by Bill Paxton. He is the kind of guy that has a normal life but preys on women that may be missing excitement from their life. This is where he meets Mrs. Tasker. And he puts the moves on her, seeing the sexiness underneath all of her facades and insecurities. Paxton and Schwartz. play well off one another and here is no exception as they meet when Arnold goes to his car lot and pretends he wants to buy a car. Paxton innadvertently tells the man who's wife he is trying to with, that there is this hot little fox that he is almost in with. Simon laughs like a slob and Harry has a vision of breaking his nose. It is played for laughs but it is here that Schwartz. gets to show some of this best acting abilities.

The third story is the actual bad guys that want to detonate nuclear warheads in New York for some sort of revenge. Somehow the three stories mesh perfectly together as Curtis gets mixed up by accident with the terrorists thinking that Simon is being chased by them and so on. There is so much energy in this film, so much comedy, so much of everything for everyone that I really can't see how anyone could not like this film.

True Lies is one of the best action films ever and this is probably Arnie's best acting. Cameron and Arnie work well together, and Cameron works well with Paxton and hell Arnie and Paxton work well together ( Commando, Terminator and this one). It would almost be impossible for this film not be great. And that it certainly is. You should have no problem popping this one in the DVD or VCR and getting lost in excitement for two hours.
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Great fun - don't expect anything else
Rammstein-212 January 2000
Why should one watch this film? It's stupid, without any character developments and is about as believable as any James Bond movie. I'll tell you: It's great fun. When I watch a movie, I try not to confuse art with entertainment, as some commenters clearly have done. True Lies doesn't have a hint of art - but its comic-style spirit and adventurous action is compelling. And please don't be childish - admit you like seeing nukes go off on screen. This film isn't a Great Film. But it is Great Fun.
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best arnie movie!
anthonyx30 December 2000
I've seen this movie countless amount of times as with all the other arnie movies, but this is my favourite for sure. Whilst it doesnt rate as high in action compared to the other Arnie movies. This is definately arnies best comedy and with the above average action, it makes this movie Arnies best overall movie. Heaps of good explosions, shooting and hand to hand combat and hilarious comedy from all cast members. Art Malik and his men were hilarious especially when they were trying to be serious. Tom Arnold is perfect for his role, hilarious without even trying. But the funniest of all would have to be Bill Paxton especially while he is in the car with Arnie describing Jamie Lee Curtis to him and role playing a secret agent. Truely belly aching laughter! Tia Carrera and Jamie Lee Curtis were absolutely gorgeous. Who could ever forget that striptease by Jamie Lee Curtis? A 10/10 for me. I havent felt so good after watching a movie for a long time.
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Another excellent offering by Arnie and Cameron
shortround839129 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When people think of James Cameron, all that comes to mind is the first 2 Terminator's, Aliens and the dumb, sappy Titanic. But one film that is often overlooked on his profile is 1994's "True Lies" which differs in tone from Cameron's other darker films such as the before-mentioned Aliens the Terminator films. "True Lies" gives us a tone that is lighter and more comedic, but still packing the hardcore energy that Cameron is known for.

Arnie Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent named Harry Tasker who is working for "The Omega Sector", also called "The Last Line of Defense" that fights against terrorism. But, to make it interesting, he hides his job from his thrill-seeking wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis in her best performance since "Halloween") and his daughter Dana, while fooling them into thinking he's a computer salesman. And Harry sets out to stop a terrorist from an Arabic country named Aziz (Art Malik in an excellent performance that will literally make you fear him and yet, he amuses you at the same time) from bombing America.

And after the first hour the movie takes a break from the main plot and focuses on Harry's marriage to Helen and how he's going to fix it since he thinks she's having an affair, but finds out it's not the case. So we basically get 2 different stories here, one about Harry's job and the other about his personal life.

Another performance worth noting is Tom Arnold as the witty Gib, and he should've at least won an award or two of some kind for providing most of the comic relief that makes this movie great. And also Bill Paxton as the woman-seducing Simon, really makes a name for himself here. Although, he isn't as great as he was in "Aliens", but he's worth checking out. Also, Arnie is shown in a more human character than all of the others that he's done, and the reason why it works is because he doesn't try so hard to do it like he did in his later movies such as "End of Days" and "Collateral Damage". In the scene after Harry and Helen escape the terrorists on the island, Harry puts his wife's ring on her finger and proceeds to kiss her. To me, this is the most humane film moment of Schwarzenegger's entire career and plus that scene after he rescues Dana from Aziz.

Like any other James Cameron movie, the action is top-notch, the scene in the bathroom is one of the best I've ever seen since Arnie is basically fighting someone his own size and not a bunch of wimpy guys that he takes out with one punch each. Some of the stuff here may seem over-the-top to some people such as the the chase with the Aziz on the motorcycle and Arnie on horseback, and the scene when the machine pistol falls down the stairs and seemingly shoots every bad guy in the room. And of course, who could forget when he takes a fighter jet and soars through Miami and kills the terrorists in the building with it? But who cares? The point of it is that it's fun and was a fine competitor to "Speed" for the best summer action flick of 1994. Give it a chance, watch it, and just have fun with it....
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The Pinnacle of Arnie Humor
david_31109210 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
True Lies...Ahh just my favorite movie of all time! Arnie (Former Mr. Olympia, Terminator, Current Governator) plays a secret agent who has told his wife (Jamie-Lee Curtis) he is a boring computer salesman. He has to track down some Arabs planning to bomb the US AND stop his wife from having an affair with a guy who 'has to lie to get the girls because he has a small dick'(Bill Paxton) at the same time! His wife finds out he is actually a secret agent and they get captured by the Arabs and taken to the Florida Key's where the terrorists plan to blow up the nuke as a demonstration to the US that they have the power now! There are extremely funny scenes here including his wife's first attempt at firing a gun- namely an UZI- not a good choice for a first timer! Now they escape and the terrorists kidnap Arnie's daughter(Eliza Dushku)! He rescues them with a little help of a hijacked harrier jet. Great cast choice and excellent dialogue, plenty of sub-plots to keep you glued. Classic Arnie one-liners make this movie an awesome comedy while the stunning action sequences blends into the best Action-Comedy ever made!
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People get killed in harsh ways!
squirrelmaster-227 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie left me on the edge of my seat! Very cool. Lots of great violence! I had to keep rewinding scenes and watching them again because they were so cool. In one scene a man is just about to torture Arnold but then Arnold grabs him in a head lock, picks up a metal spike, throws it at a guard, which goes into the guards eye, then he harshly snaps the guys neck he's holding. Arnold then grabs a crow-bar, runs up to another guard and shoves the hooked end into the guys stomach. Another awesome scene is when Arnold gets a hold of two Uzzies. He just walks around for a long time, all big and tough, while pumping guys full of lead. The special effects in this movie are very realistic (such as people getting shot, necks getting snapped, spikes going in eyes, Arnold beating a guys face against a urinal). Long movie, but it couldn't be shorter. If you like to see Arnold slaughtering people, like I do, then go see this as soon as possible.
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I didn't say 'cause you didn't ask.
michaelRokeefe27 December 2003
James Cameron directs this terrific action flick that gives way to bursts of comedy. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a spy trying to keep his profession a secret from his wife(Jamie Lee Curtis)and realizes that she is having an affair. The mild mannered salesman is really a double fisted devil may care secret agent. The beginning and final sequences are a movie in themselves. My favorite scenes are Curtis' striptease in the hotel and her "cat fight" with the gorgeous Tia Carrere in the limo. Plenty of gun fights and big bangs to please everyone. The cast also features Bill Paxton, Art Malik and Tom Arnold in his funniest and greatest role as Schwarzenegger's sidekick. There is a small role for Charlton Heston as the stern single minded boss. Absolute entertainment.
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A vivid reminder of just how exciting an action film can be...
Nazi_Fighter_David7 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Harry Tasker) is a super spy character who works for (eye-patched Charlton Heston) Omega Force, and tracks down international terrorists...

His marvelous wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) nor their teenage daughter Dana (Eliza Dushku) know anything about it... Helen thinks he's rather a dull computer salesman...

Things go rough when Harrie begins to suspect that his wife, a very conservative secretary, maybe is having an affair with a man pretending to be a spy... So he immediately brings all the resources of his department to find out what is really going on... In addition, Harry was focusing on a Middle Eastern terrorist group called the Crimson Jihad who terrorizes the United States with nuclear weapons...

In my mind, and I'll bet the rest of you will feel the same as well, Schwarzenegger has enough physical bravado for the job... Best example: his scene holding Helen from the moving helicopter... He does a credible 007—like character, especially out, in and around an ultra exclusive Swiss château... His hot tango, with Asian beauty Tia Carrere, establishes Harry's grace and charm...

Jamie Lee Curtis shows she is indeed a sweet delight in the way she moves... This attractive star still has a great figure... Her arousing striptease is hilarious and sexy...

Tom Arnold (Albert Gibson) does all of the background work in the van, while his partner Harry saves the world, in killing bad guys...

Tia Carrere brings a sensuous style as the wild, hot-blooded psycho-seductress, driven by powerful ambitions...

Bill Paxton becomes funnier as we get to know him... He feels lucky as Helen's enigmatic suitor, convincing the naive woman, through a series of "chance" encounters, that he is an international spy...

Art Malik makes an appropriately super-villain especially considering what he is supposed to be portraying: the face of terrorism, with fanatical actions shaped by a fundamental antagonism against United States... You'll explode with laughter watching what occurs when our super hero tells him, "You're fired."

With 'True Lies,' a vivid reminder of just how exciting an action film can be, director James Cameron gives us a film that plays for laughs enough that it works... Watch Schwarzenegger on top of the skyscraper wanting a horse he is riding to jump to another building... The $100 million in special effects are very impressive... The best example: Harrier fighters blowing out a bridge; and a standout scene that has to been seen to be believed:the rescue of Arnold's daughter with a Harrier Jetfighter...

Six months have elapsed since (September 11th, 2001) that terrible day of infamy tore at America's soul... On Sunday, October 7, 2001, the United States and Britain began air strikes against Al Qaeda and Taliban targets in Afghanistan...

I think each nation must struggle against violence and for peace... We will never eradicate terrorism altogether, but we can certainly minimize its destructive impact... This is not a fight against a specific religion or a culture of people... This is a fight for the right to live in democracy, freely and in peace... This is a fight to the end that the whole world must win...
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An extremely entertaining action movie that, for some reason, I like but don't love.
Li-118 July 2003
*** out of ****

I've seen True Lies at least four times now, and every time I find myself having a great time watching this first-rate action/comedy/thriller. But it's a movie that I can't muster more than passable (but occasionally fairly ecstatic) enthusiasm for. It's a very good action movie, and I can certainly see how it's attained a reputation as one of the best adrenaline-pumping rides of the 90's, but it's not great.

What True Lies has is one of the more ingenious action movie premises I've seen. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Harry Tasker, a husband (to Jamie Lee Curtis) and father (to Eliza Dushku) by day, and world-saving CIA agent by night (or day, it depeneds). His latest assignment puts him on the case of a mad Islamic terrorist called Aziz, who's retrieved several nuclear warheads and plans to set them off on U.S. soil if his group's demands are not met. Complicating matters for Harry is the inclusion of his wife, Helen, whom he believes is having an affair with a used car salesman (Bill Paxton, in what's got to be his funniest performance).

In terms of pure escapist enjoyment, this is actually James Cameron's most successful film. True Lies is probably the only Cameron film that never suffers from the slightest hiccup in pacing (yes, Aliens had a slow beginning and viewing The Abyss was like watching molasses sliding down a brick wall). From beginning to end, there's not a single slow spot, as you can expect either a sharply staged action sequence or comical setpiece around every corner. To keep such momentum up for 141 minutes is pretty damn amazing, and Cameron must be given credit for making such a long movie almost so effortlessly enjoyable.

But for all that is so enjoyable about it, True Lies lacks a strong plot (in terms of action, as the romantic subplot is actually quite excellent). The villains are stereotypical terrorists, pure cartoons who don't even make an impression as cool villains. In his heyday, Arnold has battled tons of memorable villains (T-1000 and the Predator stand out), the terrorists here are clearly among the weakest of Arnold's foes to date.

The action is suitably over-the-top, especially the harrier jet climax, which makes almost all the action that came before it believable in comparison. But the action is mostly excellent, the shootouts and fistfights are exciting, there's plenty of cliffhanger thrills, and the chase/catfight set on the lengthy bridge is classic.

The movie has to keep a balance between strong violence and screwball humor, which it pulls off very well. The half-hour segment devoted entirely to Harry's marital problems is hilarious, its only flaw being the abrupt segue to "typical" Arnold action. Even when Arnold's taking down massive armies of terrorists, Cameron still maintains the same light tone evident during the comical scenes, while still keeping the action thrilling. That's quite an accomplishment.

The cast is all excellent, given the material and intent. Schwarzenegger is still the extremely likeable big lug. These roles aren't a stretch for him, but he excels at such parts because he radiates charisma like no other actor (even if they may all be better than him when it comes to talent). As the comic relief, Tom Arnold is surprisingly very funny (since then, it hasn't been so surprising as he's actually provided decent humor in those Andrzej Bartkowiak films, or however you spell the guy's name). Jamie Lee Curtis is wonderful, too, and I've never been a big fan of hers. Without a doubt, this is easily her most winning performance.

One of the big box-office hits of 1994, I was surprised to see True Lies didn't inspire any genuine imitators. Just as well, I suppose, there's only so much Bond "parody" you can see without the material getting tiresome (Austin Powers, anyone?). But True Lies' charms lies in that it works as parody while still excelling as a straight action thriller. When it comes to pure direction, that's proof James Cameron can be a genius.
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A terrific action movie
Cobra_Unit10 April 2008
This movie is a blast from start to finish. Based upon the French film "La Totale!" by Claude Zidi, TRUE LIES is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's strongest efforts (not to mention his best acting performance). With James Cameron at the helm, and Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, the late Charlton Heston, Bill Paxton or Tia Carrere as supporting cast it was an easy sell, but still...

Arnold plays secret agent Harry Tasker, top spy working for the counter terrorist unit Omega Sector. His wife Helen (Curtis) and daughter Dana (Eliza Dushku) think he's a computer salesman, while in fact he and his colleague Gib (Tom Arnold) try to thwart a conspiracy involving foreign banks assets, archaeological treasures and Middle Eastern fanatics. But when his wife begins an affair with a fishy guy named Simon (Bill Paxton), Harry uses the state-of-the-art technology from his agency to spy on her. Until both worlds collide...

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I can't find words strong enough to encourage you to do so: this is easily one of the best 90's action flicks, and is better than most of the James Bond movies it's sometimes affiliated with (and that comes from a big 007 fan!). The blend of incredible action sequences and hilarious comedy is perfect, the cast shines like no other (special mention to Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis: rumor has it that Arnold was so impressed by his co-star performance that he asked to share the top-billing with her) and the script is a textbook example of how to pace an action flick. These days action movies are more often than not ridden with pacing problems, between set pieces too short, too few or far between, and unnecessary or badly written exposition (not to mention neutered PG-13 films) the genre has become the shell of its former self. Here, the script is amazingly tight, no loose writing, no fat. Only the best shots and scenes were kept and edited to give the best out of every aspect of the story.

Not to mention that, even almost fifteen years after its making, the movie stands the test of time like few others. Hell, it puts most of the actual action flicks to shame. No stupid humor, no overuse of CGI, the movie doesn't skip a beat. James Cameron once again delivers a movie that tops its own genre. For what it is, it's almost flawless, and I can't find a single downside. A must-see.
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Arnie doing what he does best
Tweekums27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Helen Tasker believes that her husband sells electronics for a living… he doesn't; he is an agent working for a secret US counter insurgency agency. His most recent mission has provided data suggesting that a terrorist organisation is planning to smuggle four stolen nuclear warheads into the United States. It appears that beautiful art importer Juno Skinner may be involved in the smuggling and when Harry goes to see her he is spotted by the terrorist leader Salim Abu Aziz; a chase ensues as Aziz tries to have Harry killed. This leads to Harry getting home late; to make up for it he decides to take Helen out for lunch but as he enters her office he overhears her on the phone; it appears that she is having an affair. Distracted from his work Harry sets about discovering the mystery man with the help of his partner Harold. As they listen in it appears that the man she is seeing is also an agent of some sort; or so he claims… Harry must take drastic measures if he is to save his marriage. He might have been distracted but the terrorists haven't and they grab him and his wife; just as it looked as if he'd saved their marriage their lives are in danger as they must both fight to stop Aziz.

This Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle is a lot of fun; it feels very much like a Bond film but with much more humour. The laughs don't seem forced though and the action isn't much more over the top than most films of this genre… even though we see Arnie chasing a terrorist through a hotel while on horseback and rescuing his daughter in a Harrier jump jet! The action is solid with plenty of fighting, shooting and explosions; all very exciting without being too gory. Arnie puts in a fun performance as Harry and Jamie Lee Curtis is great as Helen; few people will forget her sexy dance scene! Art Malik makes a fine bad guy and Tia Carrere portrays Juno Skinner with just the right mix of sexiness and psychosis. Coming from James Cameron one expects great action and special effects and for the most part he doesn't disappoint; although some of the close-up shots of Arnie flying the Harrier do seem a little fake; that is a minor quibble though. If you are a fan of Arnie of action films with some good laughs this is a must see.
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Low Battery!
adpolicefiles31 July 2006
That one scene is worth watching the whole movie for. Art Malik's performance is brilliant and its no wonder he plays so many bad guy roles. Most of the guys playing Arab terrorists within movies, like him, are'nt even Arabs themselves. True Lies is a completely kick ass and non-stop blast fest. This is how movies should be. People use derogatory terms like "popcorn flicks" but at the same time, would they ever admit that they don't see movies or go to the cinema for the sheer fun and excitement of it? Too many people are pretending to be wannabe film critics that think that action-comedy flicks are too unsophisticated for their taste. This is one of the best movies ever made. Arnie is perfect for the role and James Cameron is King.
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So!! Dear!! What Exactly Is It That You Do For A Living?
dataconflossmoor26 March 2008
Everything about this film was tailor made to be a resounding success!! The stars, Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Jamie Lee Curtis were immensely popular when this film came out!! Tom Arnold, is fantastic as the guy you love to hate, or dislike, or be annoyed with, or something!! The special effects to this movie were spectacular, as they garnered a largess of popular support from the movie audience!! The famous bridge scene with Jamie Lee Curtis dangling from the helicopter is considered to be one of the classic scenes of any movie made ever!! in the history of the silver screen!! The film, "True Lies" is incredibly entertaining as it oozes with charisma and testosterone driven theatrics!! Presently the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzeneggar is one of the all time box office big wigs in the wonderful world of Hollywood!! This movie is suspenseful, funny, clever, and above all else, innocuous entertainment which cries out: THIS IS SUCH A GUY'S MOVIE!!!!! I give it a perfect ten, see this movie, your perspective on the entire gambit of films is not complete if you do not see "True Lies" EXCELLENT!!
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starringdash18 July 2006
This is one of the few movies in the league of those like Kill Bill and Aliens which you can see over and over again without ever getting bored. James Cameron proves himself once again as the greatest director and writer of all time. Although Arnie and Bill paxton get so many mentions, Art Malik's performance gets little mention and his performance as always, is excellent. In the villainous role, no one can beat him. The "Low Battery" scene will have you on the floor every time you see it and is perhaps the most memorable movie scene of all time. This movie is completely insane and completely rocks. Its hard to see how anyone could possibly dislike anything about this movie? Its also one of the few which has a very satisfying ending.
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Hurry Harry!!
stamper24 June 2000
This is die Hard á la Schwarzenegger and a damn good one, this has got it all, a lot of action, excitement, suspense, beautiful women a good script great direction a good cast, a good score yet it does not get a 10. Why not????? The MP scene featuring Curtis and some other things were overdone!

Still a must - see

8 out of 10

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My name is Schwarzenegger , Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maziun30 November 2013
Schwarzenegger and Cameron join forces for the third time . This time in this semi-parody of James Bond . The action here is over the top like in Bond movies. Personally , I watch it more like a comedy than action movie. It's cheesy and unrealistic, but that's kinda the whole point of movie.

Schwarzenegger is surprisingly good in the main role. Tia Carrere is hot and so is Jamie Lee Curtis (especially during certain dance scene). Good support from bill Paxton and Charlton Heston. The movie is quite long , yet it moves fast and it's never boring. The only complaint I have is the interrogation scene , which is done with bad taste. I understand the need for that scene , but the bitter taste remains.

Technically the movie is perfect. The special effects deserved the Oscar nominee.

Overall , it's a good action comedy. It's one of weaker Cameron's movies , yet it's satisfying. I love the philosophical question : "What kind of sick b**ch takes the ice cube trace of out the freezer ?". I give it 7/10.
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true arnold
kairingler24 December 2012
this movie pretty much has it all first of the the seven mile bridge in the Florida Keys,, awesome,, Jamie Lee Curtis always good,, Tia Carerra,, mmmm dang she's cute, Charlton Heston , although wish he would have been in more of the movie,, ARnold plays Harry Tasker a spy for the u.s government, i can't remember the actors name who plays his partner but he is very funny also.. it seems to me that Hollywood was like doing a premonition of sorts with the Islamic terrorists, don't you think enlight of 1993 and 9-11. all in all this is a very funny movie i cant' seem to get enough of it,, i could watch it once a year for sure it would be more but when you have 3000 movies in you're colelction you gotta b picky,, for me it Tia Carerra that steals the show,, arnold is awesome too don't get me wrong,, excellent movie.
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As good as entertainment gets
wpoe548 September 2012
I saw this when it first came out and thought it was incredible - smart script, good acting, well-directed, amazing effects, fast-paced, and Jamie Lee Curtiss. I saw it again on the big screen last night at the AFI Silver Theater. I enjoyed it as much as the first time. Jamie Lee Curtiss, still remarkable. The movie does not feel dated at all. I had forgotten what a "big" movie it is, and yet, the humor keeps it from ever taking itself too seriously, and this is a movie that includes all too believable terrorists, nuclear bombs and harrowing near-death shoot outs. As far as sheer entertainment goes, I don't know of a better movie with lasting power. So, ten big stars for James Cameron and True Lies (and Jamie Lee Curtiss).
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Great stuff
ctomvelu19 April 2012
I have seen every movie Arnold has made, and the truth is, most of them are not particularly memorable. TRUE LIES is, perhaps because of its very large budget, its sometimes distinguished director, its script, its eye popping stunts, or all of the above. Also, Arnold is paired with a genuine actress as his costar, and that helps immensely. TRUE LIES may in fact be Arnold's crowning achievement. Well, there's also PREDATOR. Buying him as a secret agent here is a stretch, but then, TRUE LIES is a comedy. And a fantasy, like a James Bond movie. For those who have never seen it, the pursuit along one of those vast bridges in the Florida Keys is this fast-paced film's best sequence. And the interaction between Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis is not to be missed. Tom Arnold is the comic relief, and for once, he's not all that bad. He gets to utter the funniest lines, of course.
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