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MPAA Rated R for a lot of action/violence and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man makes a joke about a man's daughter being a virgin still, then asks him if she is stealing money for an abortion.
  • No actual nudity is shown (although one scene is close, as described below). Most of the sexual content is verbal. The first half of the movie has strong sexual humor tones. Two side characters make frequent jokes or boast of their exploits in coarse language. The second half of the movie pivots to action and doesn't have this content.
  • A character is referenced as having jeopardized a mission for a blowjob.
  • Several woman are shown in revealing outfits that accentuate their cleavage (one character for the entire second half of the movie) including several instances of storing items in their cleavage.
  • A man says he has his "hand up her skirt and I'm going for the-" before he is cut off. He is talking about decrypting data.
  • Another man mentions that a nice car is a way to get "pussy," and he mentions that "the 'vette gets 'em wet." He then describes a woman, talking about her getting hot, her "thighs steam," and says she has a great body, with good titties and an ass like a "10-year old boy", and that she could suck-start a leafblower.
  • A woman strips down to her thong underwear in front a man. A lot of cleavage is shown as well as her buttocks and her genitals are barely covered. She then performs a very seductive dance, including rubbing herself, for the man which lasts several minutes.

Violence & Gore

  • One character hangs from a missile, which is then shot into a helicopter full of people, resulting in a large explosion that kills all of them.
  • In the first scene, there is a chase scene. During this, there are multiple people shot during this chase with little to no blood present.
  • Lots of shootouts and fist fights through the film. Many terrorists are seen getting shot, blown up, stabbed, and having their necks snapped. Though there is a large amount of violence present, there is not a ton of blood or gore, although there are a few gory scenes, such as when a scalpel is thrown into a terrorist's eye (not much blood is shown though). There is also a large amount of explosions and destruction, including many vehicles exploding, a helicopter exploding, a bridge being destroyed, and a building having its windows shot out by a jet. There is also a scene in which a nuclear bomb goes off and blows up an unpopulated island.
  • A man grabs a doctor as a human shield and throws a scalpel at a guard, killing him. He then breaks the doctors neck.
  • Later on, the same man chimneys upside down a rope and snaps the neck of a guard quickly.
  • A woman drops an uzi who falls down stairs and shoots. Several people are shot during this scene.
  • There is a big shootout at the base where the man and woman are being held hostage. A big amount of people are shot with a little blood.


  • 4 F-words, some sh*ts, a few d*cks, & tons of mild/other language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drink and smokes are consumed in the picture

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A young girl is stuck on a high-up crane, then a moving jet aircraft. Some scenes in this sequence are quite intense.
  • A girl is taken hostage by terrorists.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The villain is killed when he hangs on a jet piloted by the protagonist who turns the jet sideways, making the villain get stuck on a missile. The protagonist then fires the missile, sending the villain flying into a helicopter, killing him with a huge explosion.

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