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  • It certainly can be seen that way: Harry shares a lot of character traits with 007 like being an international spy who can speak several languages, has several false identities, is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, the use of firearms, knowledge of terrorists and their strategies and has a high-tech arsenal of computerized systems and gadgets at his disposal to do his job. What Cameron and his writers and producers probably intended was to make this movie a spoof of the Bond series: a humorous treatment of Bond's abilities and seeming invincibility as a fictional spy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. The footage of the jet in the film was a combination of actual Harrier footage (the flyovers of the Key Bridges) and visual FX to give the illusion that Schwarzenegger was actually in the pilot's seat. For some of the long range shots of the jet near the skyscraper, a mocked-up Harrier was hung from a construction crane on top of the tower. For most of the close-ups of Harry, Dana & Aziz, the jet was probably hung in front of blue or green screens. When everything was edited together, it made for a great illusion. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After a mission in Switzerland, which he sneaked into a mansion during a party, to find evidence that Iranian financer Jamal Khaled ([link]nm0542000[/link]) is financing an Islamic terrorist group led known as "The Crimson Jhihad" led by Salim Abu Aziz ([link]nm0539562[/link]) aka "The Sand Spider". Harry Tasker ([link]nm0000216[/link]), an American secret agent working for a government organisation called "The Omega Sector" that deals in anti-terrorism, begins following Aziz's trail and begins to suspect beautiful Antiques dealer Juno Skinner ([link]nm0000119[/link]), whom was one of the party guests, may be invovled with Aziz. After pursuing Aziz, whom escapes. Harry soon learns that his wife Helen ([link]nm0000130[/link]), whom is not aware that Harry is an American spy and believes Harry is a computer salesman, is having an affair with a man called Simon ([link]nm0000200/[/link]). After discovering Simon is a car salesman, whom is pretending to be a secret agent, so he can manipulate Helen into having sex with him and interrogates Helen and scares Helen and Simon into ending the affair, after catching them together. Harry decides to give Helen an assignment, since Helen is a bored with her life and wants excitement, which he poses as a man suspected of being a arms dealer, which Helen poses as a prosistute, so she can plant a bug in the telephone in his hotel room. But, when Harry and Helen are both abducted by Aziz. Harry is forced to reveal to Helen that he is a secret agent and Harry and Helen escape from the island outside of Miami, where they are being held captive, which is nuked and Harry sets out to rescue his 14-year old daughter Dana, whom has been taken hostage by Aziz in a building in Miami and stop Aziz, whom plots to detonate a nuclear warhead, which will wipe out Miami. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is Por Una Cabeza, by The Tango Project. The song was composed in 1935 by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. You can also hear it in two other popular 90s films, Schindler's List and Scent of a Woman. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The old British DVD is slightly censored. Ten scenes were altered, mostly fighting scenes showing double-ear-claps, headbutts and so on. All cuts were waived for the newest releases. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The flash from the initial explosion of a nuclear warhead is so intense it can blind a human. When the scientists of the Manhattan Project detonated the 1st atomic bomb in 1945, they all wore dark goggles so they could watch the explosion without being blinded. If you watch footage of that event, you'll see them all putting on goggles. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While the title may seem like a contradictory statement, as in "lies that are true", it actually refers to the lies being pure or outright lies. Kind of like saying "They're a true soldier". The film has several characters that lie to each other - Harry lies to Helen about him being a computer salesman, when he is really a secret agent. Simon the car salesman lies to Helen about him being a secret agent himself, so he can manipulate Helen into having sex with him. Helen lies to Harry about leaving the office to meet with Simon at the Chinese restaurant, etc. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Simon (Bill Paxton) is a smarmy, cowardly, smug used car salesman. He talks himself up to his customers, however he is simply trying to cover his insecurities, although he can probably read people well, hence his being a salesman. Later in the film, he confesses that he has to lie to women to have sex and he isn't successful most of the time. When he sees Helen at the restaurant, he thought she would be an easy mark; attractive, uptight, dorky. So he thought his secret agent story would work on her, offering her adventure and excitement. His hunch turned out to be correct. But little did either of them know, Helen's "boring jerk" of a husband is a real secret agent who tracks them both down out of jealousy. Harry later realizes, while interrogating Helen, that he's been a jerk toward her and has ignored their foundering marriage. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, it is a remake of a 1991 French film called La Totale! about a secret agent whose wife thinks he's a telecommunications employee. Arnold Schwarzenegger had seen the film and told James Cameron about it and they decided to do a remake, which became True Lies, thinking it would make a good movie. Edit (Coming Soon)


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