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A Nice Resort Vacation
bkoganbing28 January 2008
In Treacherous C. Thomas Howell is cast as a former race car driver who gave up the racing circuit after his mechanic Adam Baldwin was left a paraplegic in an accident. Together they now operate a resort hotel on the coast of Baja California in which they're not just losing their shirts, but an entire joint wardrobe.

But Tom's found love with Tia Carrere and their steamy sex scenes fall this side of pornographic. Which is probably the main reason to watch Treacherous.

Tom, Adam, and Tia get themselves all caught up in a nasty power play involving some corporate bigwigs and gangsters who decide to use the hotel as some kind of rendezvous. Courtesy of an ex-girlfriend racing groupie of Tom's, Randi Ingerman. Tom's getting around if nothing else.

For an action film, Treacherous moves at the pace of a constipated Galapagos tortoise. Now if a couple of them had been in the film, it might have improved things.

It's a pretty sad come down for players who have all been in better and performed better in other things. It looks like the main reason they took the film was to get a nice vacation in Baja out of it.
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Wizard-818 June 2000
This is one of the few times for me where a movie has been so dreary, I've become physically tired. After the first twenty minutes, I almost fell asleep. Ridiculously padded, and with endless helicopter shots, this movie is a real chore to sit through, with Howell particularly annoying. At least Tia Carrere brings beauty and some likability by participating.
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=G=7 August 2001
"Treacherous" stinks and sinks at all levels. While supposedly a suspenseful good guys vs bad guys thriller, "Treacherous" falls on its face with a shallow plot, awful character development, silly script, terrible screenplay, lousy action, etc. There is some pretty scenery including Carrerra but that's about it. Pass on this one.
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Waste of time...
Hens14 May 1999
This movie is about a boy who stopped racing cars, owns a huge hotel and has money problems now. Loansharks will be eating him in one week.

Then his ex-lover shows up. She brings a man with 2M cash. The ex messes up the new relation for the boy and makes love to the bad guy. Her 2M-friend gets killed, but the money can not be found...

So far. This movie is a complete waste of time. All males are only 25 years of age or so. All females are dropped out models. The movie is very incredible, the story is very thin. The only positive point is the beautiful car of the boy (a Volkswagen Karmann?)
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A flat, weak, insipid film, with hardly no turns
videorama-759-85939128 February 2014
What happened to C Thomas Howell? Really? He has to resort to crap. He's made so many crappy B films, more than I've had hot dinners. The frightening aspect is he's still making them. Just check out his latest-Sick people. This quite flat, most of nothing happening movie screams B grade from the start. Just watch how cheaply the Movie's title is flung across the screen. The film's only merit is watching Howell (in not his best performance either) as a former racing car driver and ex girlfriend (Carrere), who means trouble, get it on. Baldwin as Howell's friend who helps him run this Mexican resort, that's quite a beautiful place, kind of resembles the apartment in Melrose Place, ceases to exist. He should of told the director to go and shove it. I don't think we even saw Howell doing his car racing. What I can remember about this flick, is that it was mostly flat and had me, mystified a few times, like saying to myself, "Is this how far this stories gonna be taken. There's little character or story development here, and as a B grade, this is one of the worst B flicks Howell has done, his first actually being the much better To Protect And Serve, and talking about serving, the film only serves little purpose in watching Carrere, or admiring the beautiful surrounds of this resort. Where did the script go?
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