Threesome (1994) Poster


Lara Flynn Boyle: Alex



  • Alex : You have the hots for me, I have the hots for him, and sooner or later he's gonna have the hots for you.

    Eddie : Sounds pretty hot to me.

  • Alex : Oh, I am so sick of this shit, it's not NORMAL! It's not NORMAL the three of us LIVING TOGETHER! I am so sick of falling for guys who don't give a fuck about me! I need help! I need a facial! I need to go on a diet! I need money! I need new shoes! Oh, God, just do something!

  • Alex : I find libraries very erotic.

  • Alex : If you eat my yogurt again, I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna fucking kill you.

    Stuart : You make murder sound so sexual, Alex.

  • Stuart : Straight sex is better than gay sex, it's written in the Bible.

    Alex : Is that in the King James or the New World Edition?

  • Alex : If you're so hot on the idea, why don't you have sex with him?

    Stuart : Taste of semen makes me gag.

    Alex : How would you know? Whose semen were you eating?

    Stuart : My own.

  • Alex : What are you doing in here?

    Eddie : Our room has a foul and mysterious odor.

    Alex : So clean it, you used to be a clean person.

    Eddie : That was before I moved in with him. I used to make hospital corners, now I don't even change the sheets

  • [On Catcher In The Rye] 

    Stuart : It's a great book, you're going to love it.

    Alex : I've read it four times.

    Stuart : I've often felt like the main character, Holden Caulfield...

    Eddie : No, no, he's Stradlater, the obnoxious room-mate who thinks he's it.

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