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Fun, Entertaining Action Movie
ccthemovieman-124 August 2006
This was a generally fun film that is considered an action movie, and rightly so, but has its share of good comedy, too. Charlie Sheen showed he was well on his way to being successful playing comedic roles, as he's doing on television right now.

Nastassja Kinski plays the typical new young macho-female role that introduced on screen in the past generation in which females beat up males. Give me a break! Anyway, I still liked her despite the characterization. James Gandolfini was the best of the villains, and also demonstrated how he was about ready to hit the big time, which he also has on TV with The Sopranos. Christopher McDonald was another villain in here but was stupid, not fun to watch. He was angry all the time and his bleached hair looked ludicrous.

There are a couple of outrageous action scenes in this film, mostly notably when an automobile with Sheen and Kinski still in it is dropped from an airplane! Yes, to enjoy this film don't take any of it seriously! It's simply fast-paced entertainment. For that, it gets a good rating.
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Skydivers, explosions and a sense of humor
unbrokenmetal14 April 2006
Skydiver Ditch Brodie (Charlie Sheen) is asked for a lesson. The beautiful lady (Nastassja Kinski) he takes on the plane seems to fall to her death as the parachute doesn't open. Brodie quickly finds out that she is alive and well, and gets into the middle of a conspiracy. Soon he is chased by secret agents, gangsters, Russians... everyone, really, and he doesn't know what for. What matters most to this movie is that it is moving fast, as its title suggested. And "Terminal Velocity" does well as an action movie with its stunts and explosions, if you compare it to others of the genre. Also it has a certain sense of humor because of the unusual situation that the pretty lady perfectly knows the espionage business, while the hero just follows her footsteps and even has to ask her how he can fire a gun. It's not a Bond, but Sheen and Kinski both have much less exciting films in their biography, so most watchers won't be disappointed.
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Great fun
LuboLarsson7 July 2002
This film was much better than I expected it to be. Its a very enjoyable fast paced action film, which doesn't take itself to seriously, with an on form Charlie Sheen, a beautiful Miss Kinski and the added bonus of a pre-superstar James Gandolfini. Its actually the perfect film for a Saturday night with a few beers and Pizza. There are many great action set pieces and Charlie has some great one liners too, I mean this isn't meant to be a work of art, its a light hearted action film, and it does it well, I'll even forgive the part that ripped off the ejection seat sequence from Die Hard 2, after all Goldeneye done it too!
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"For someone I've never slept with you've f*cked me pretty good." Fun action flick.
poolandrews19 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Terminal Velocity is set in Arizona where maverick skydiver Richard 'Ditch' Brodie (Charlie Sheen) takes a job from the attractive Chris Morrow (Nastassja Kinski) to do a jump with her, however things go wrong & she falls out of the plane & ends up dead on the ground 1000's of feet below. Richard decides to do a little investigating & discovers that Chris is still alive & is an ex Russian KGB agent trying to stop another ex Russian KGB agent Ben Pinkwater (James Gandolfini) from stealing $600 million worth of hi-jacked Russian gold & together with Chris he decides to stop the bad guy's & clear his name...

Directed by Deran Sarafian I actually thought Terminal Velocity was a decent & enjoyable little action flick. The script by executive producer David Twohy moves along like a rocket although after the intriguing set up when Chris fakes her own death it sort of settles back down into standard action film thriller territory. The film never seems to take itself seriously & is fairly light hearted with some amusing one liners coming from Sheen, I loved the 'pack your bags we're going on a guilt trip' line he comes out with as Kinski tells him about the hardship Russians have! It's nothing terribly original, it's clichéd in the sense there are the hero's who eventually defeat the bad guy's & save the day but it's fun & provides a fair amount of entertainment if your looking for some light action.

Director Sarafian does a decent job, it's not particularly stylish but it's well made with some good action scenes. The skydiving stunts are particularly impressive although some seem a little far fetched especially the way Sheen rescue Kinski from a car that's been driven out the back of a plane. There are some neat enough explosions & fist fights as well.

With a supposed budget of about $50,000,000 it tanked at the box-office making a paltry $16,000,000. The acting is alright with Sheen making a likable hero.

Terminal Velocity turned out much better than I thought it would & I'm struggling to see why it bombed so badly when it was released, anyway I liked it & thought it was entertaining fun.
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A good ride full of thrills!
ichabod816 June 2004
The bad wrap this movie seems to have here is in my opinion a bit over done. Terminal Velocity is not a bad action movie. Actually it's pretty damn good. Over the top at times, but still very good. And by over the top, I mean some of the skydiving sequences. For example, the climax where the car drops out of the plane.. the fall seems to last an eternity. In the end though, stuff like that really doesn't matter if the rest of the movie is good. Luckily it is.

This movie is also the last good movie Sheen did up until Being John Malkovich. And now after Scary Movie 3, maybe in time he'll end up back in the big leagues. Terminal Velocity won't change anybody's life, but as said, it is a good action movie.

**** / *****
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Fun, fun, fun !
Phroggy2 April 1999
Well, some people do like this film, like you Phaithphul Phrog here, and I'm quite jaded. From the marvellous, surrealistic opening scene, you know you're in for some style, if not exactly substance, and you just settle for the ride. Sheen's character reminded me of Jackie Chan in his movies : a bit stupid, a bit of a buffoon, but realistic and likable. The general good humor of this movie also reminds of Chan's recent movies. There is action, a bit of violence, but this never turns nasty and unpleasant like a Seagal vehicle.
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Fun filled adventure
AvinashPatalay1 November 2004
SPOILER: Happened to watch it when it was aired on TV and must admit I wasn't disappointed.

A hot babe Nastassja Kinski walks into Training centre seeking a few sky-diving classes and Charlie Sheen more-than-willing obliges. A slight over-sight of Charlie Sheen leads to the death of the new student. Sheen loses his license but determined to investigate further leads to uncovering a big suspense coupled with a roller-coaster ride.

A lot of holes in the movie but the tongue-in-cheek dialogs and fast pace of the movie make you overlook it all. Afterall, you are watching the movie for fun - and you are getting it.

Action sequences are well-executed especially the mid-air sequences. I must admit when Sheen fails to open Kinski's parachute and she falls "plop", I was like "Oh... my God!".

Watch it for fun... would definitely recommend it. 6/10 rating.
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Why don't people like this film?
lizzy-820 January 1999
When this film came out, it has to be said, it bombed. Seriously, and tragically. I put it down to the pseudo intellectualism surrounding modern films. The Idea that a film doesn't actually have to have a deeper meaning, or specific point seems to go over the heads of some people. Films were made for enjoyment and to allow people to escape their ordinary hum drum lives. That's exactly what this film is. Totally implausible fun. But that's what makes it so good! If you want spiritual or intellectual fulfilment, go and watch something with subtitles. If you want escapism from normality and a few laughs along the way, WATCH THIS FILM!!!
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Behind the B-movie title is a cracking action comedy!
rm.bentley4 September 2003
It's a shame to see Deran Sarafian has ended up directing episodes of TV shows because he proves with this, his best film, that he's a very competent hand at the helm of a big action film. Admittedly he's helped by the two leads, Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski, who have the C-word... Chemistry, not to mention the villains, James Gandolfini and Chris McDonald who have the B-word... Baddy?

The stunt work is both impressive and breath taking because you can see it's genuine – witness the nail biting scene involving a car in free fall – would it be half as exciting if it was done with CGI? With a script full of great comedy moments it all adds up to a very enjoyable way to spend 100 minutes. 7/10
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An okay action flick for channel surfers
=G=2 October 2001
"Teminal Velocity", a B-level action flick with sky diving as the principle source of thrills, sticks Sheen and Kinski at the center of international intrigue with sundry bad guys chasing them around as they to manage to find ways to free fall through space and into love. Full of plot-holes, this typical commercial Hollywood product is a potpourri of stunts, shootouts, effects, pytotechnics, romance, etc. sufficient to keep the bleary-eyed channel surfer awake until the end. The flick has one really cool stunt near the end, goes easy on the sex, doesn't take itself too seriously, and is an enjoyable "ride" as long as expectations are kept low.
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A movie quite underrated
TB774 November 1999
This is one film that has not scored many good reviews, but honestly, I'm a little surprised why most movie critics has slaughtered this film all together. Myself, I think that's unfair, cause I found it absolutely enjoyable. OK, the story is a bit thin at times, but alot of films has had thinner stories than this one, and still received better reviews. Sheen doesn't act too bad in this film either, and Kinsky surprises as well. None of them are great actors, but they don't let the film down. In general, a fair action-movie, with some very spectacular skydiving-scenes. Not bad at all.
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The Cadillac Freefall is a masterpiece
Fox-one™9 March 1999
Well, I absolutely loved this movie. Actually I saw it 3 times. I thought the cadillac freefall scene was a masterpiece. Sheen and Kinski are at their best. But this is a MOVIE, meaning most of it is just pure fun and visuals to keep you entertained...a bit too much sometimes but enjoyable nonetheless. Anyway the Score is excellent, actors are good, story is a bit farfetched but... boy these action scenes... you can't miss them.
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It was an interesting movie
cjohnny15 August 2000
I think it was a very interesting film and the main characters were very good.I don't understand why it wasn't a success according to the critics. They often give awards worse films too.When I saw it at the first time I enjoyed it very much.I suggest to everybody to watch it ,but without any bias.
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Very exciting and well done
webit4u26 April 1999
I found this to be an enjoyable film to watch, performances were very good and the special effects were terrific. Watched it on Laser Disc and the sound is excellent
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Pack your bags we're going on a guilt trip.....
FlashCallahan27 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ditch Brodie is a maverick skydiving instructor.

One day, a beautiful girl comes in, wanting to take her first jump. Up in the air, Ditch takes his eyes off her momentarily, then looks back to find out that she has fallen out, dying on impact.

Ditch is suspicious that all is not as it seems, because he distinctly remembers hooking her static line on...

Charlie Sheen continued his run of nineties movies that should have made him a big star without tiger blood and other men, with this ridiculous, over the top, but fun movie.

it's best not to take this film seriously at all, else you will find many flaws.

Instead, just enjoy the very well choreographed action and jump scenes, the excellent story written by Twohy, and some brilliant one liners.

This has to be sheens best film from the nineties that isn't Hot Shots! and proved he could handle action pretty well. of course, it's a mile from films like Wall Street and Platoon, but when the trailer features a car free falling and makes you smile, it's clear you're not looking for an intelligent night at the movies.

This was unfairly overlooked at the cinema, maybe this was due to the fact that a similar movie 'Drop Zone' was released first (which was good, but far too serious.

It's forgettable stuff for sure, but it's fun, breezy and entertaining all the way through.

One of the nineties guiltiest pleasures.
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Severely Overlooked
Gordon_Six_Echo20 January 1999
In 1994, there were two action films set in the underworld of skydiving, this and "Drop Zone". Drop Zone was good, but this was so much better and was unfairly overlooked. I know that there's hardly a living soul who cares for Charlie Sheen, except for me, maybe. C'mon people, he's done some real good films, such as The Arrival, Money Talks, and The Rookie, and this movie. He's in top form here, with some great one-liners. The action scenes are so intense, and adrenaline pumping, that I'm suprised this got a PG-13 rating. It's got just what you would want from an action movie; loud action, big laughs, and a story that is absurd and intends to be so.
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Man, I got a thing for bad movies.....
senorlimpo10 November 2003
I love this movie, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Charlie (Charles? remember that?) Sheen is in this as a "maverick" skydiver. After some, err... "unplausable" plot twists, he ends up fighting for the fate of the free world or something, and I think he gets some lovin' from Natasha Kinski. Maybe. Who cares.

That is the attitude to take when watching this movie. Put the old brain in neutral and just enjoy watching things go "boom!" and watching some good skydiving. Like most Sheen movies, namely No Code of Conduct, if you're not expecting too much, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

In short, this is a "flick", not a "motion picture".

But, it's a damn good "flick".
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For Sheeners and lovers of long,zany endings, a must-see.
mh35493 July 2002
Saw it, forgot it, saw it again last night and before I reforget this cockeyed film, let me urge fans of the Great Sheenes not to leave this on the shelf at Blockbuster or miss a rescheduling on the box. It has a soul-satisfyingly long, credulity-defying, wacky ending they should include in an anthology of odd endings.
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Big, dumb fun
bob the moo21 December 2001
When Ditch Brodie takes a novice skydiver (Chris Morrow) up in his plane for lessons, she tragically falls to her death. Brodie loses his license and tries to live with the loss. However an closer look at a video of the accident reveals a second plane where a body was thrown to impersonate Chris. Brodie investigates and uncovers a plot to capture sensitive information and return it to Russia.

This is a really fun film. It's not meant to be a masterpiece or a deep political thriller. It is meant to be a fun ride through exaggerated characters and silly set pieces. The plot is almost pointless - it's just an excuse to hang the set pieces around. However what you do get is Sheen overacting, great action scenes - the best being Sheen skydiving after a car which has Kinsji locked in the trunk. You understand? - it's meant to be big dumb fun. Personally I think this is better than a lot of big summer films that have big special effects scenes and ridiculous plots but try to take themselves seriously. This knows it's all a bit unlikely but enjoys itself anyway.

Sheen is the key to the tongue-in-cheek approach. He doesn't play a character - he almost just plays himself! Even when he's in action scenes he's smiling - because he's having fun! and it makes me enjoy it a lot more. Kinski almost has as much fun in her role, but she has to carry a lot of the plot so she is more serious at time. A pre-Sopranos James Gandolfini is menacing in his small bad guy role and Melvin Van Peebles makes an appearance to show that it's not just his son that can do daft films.

Overall it's silly dumb fun. Sheen enjoys himself so why can't you?
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Flying good time!
basiltherat29619 November 2001
As a watcher of action movies in excess, Terminal Velocity, isn't too bad, in fact it's really good. However, I must be blunt. This movie is really for people who are not desensitized to graphic violence. But, it is enjoyable filled with mystery and intrigue (even though it's obvious Natassja's Chris Morrow doesn't fall to her death). I must also comment on Charlie Sheen's average attempt to provide funny sarcasm. He tries really hard but maybe he's the miscast of the film. Judge for yourself
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Die Hard on a...cloud?
Spikeopath24 October 2012
Terminal Velocity, it is what you most likely think it is. Another dumb action film featuring a hot double act of pretty boy and pretty girl. However, and I say this not with tongue in cheek, it is damn entertaining in that popcorn munching way. Hey, at least it didn't have billions spent on it and wasn't based on a computer game.

Charlie Sheen is a sky diving maverick who gets involved in a life threatening situation after meeting Nastassja Kinski's slinky Chris Morrow. Enter Russian baddies, lots of gold and Christopher McDonald entering the hall of fame for worst villain portrayals. Director Deran Sarafian (Death Warrant) keeps it brisk, Joel McNeely lifts from Die Hard and Basic Instinct for his musical score and a few scenes are well worth the time of action movie junkies (the finale involving a car falling from a plane is really thrilling).

It's not high art, but nobody should be expecting that, and to really get in the mood for it you may need to drink the Tequila worm that Kinski does here, but this is far from being the worst action movie of the early 90s. 6/10
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Could have been better
beable30 August 1999
This is an enjoyable movie, but it could have been better. It should have been a straight out comedy, but sometimes seems to take itself too seriously. A few more gags, and it would have been a very funny movie. But now, it is entertaining and mildly funny, so you may as well watch it.
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Good fun, without heavily taxing either your mind or your sense of fantasy.
Merlin-4226 January 1999
Terminal Velocity doesn't have much to say, but it doesn't have to. There is lots of action and violence that somehow stays a step away from becoming gross. Charlie Sheen plays his part with his tongue firmly in his cheek, but manages to avoid being a complete parody of his "Hot Shot" parody characters. Nastassja Kinski is easy to look at while she does her best to assume the role of a tough spy/cop. The breathtaking climactic action scene in the sky is worth the investment of an evening and the rental fee, even if the sappy ending serves to remind us that movies like this don't really narrate story -- they just circle like an amusement park ride and drop us off exactly where we got on.
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Not Exactly Shakespeare, Heck, it's not even Die Hard...
lizzy-820 September 1999
Ok, so it's not Shakespeare. It was a serious Crash and burn at the box office, but I consider it to be my duty to defend this film. So some of the jokes are lame and the plot virtually non-existent, but you just have to remember one thing:It was really FUN! And as I see it, that's the only thing that matters. Charlie Sheen isn't exactly at home with the action hero thing, but he brings a good humour that the usual action hero hunks would have seriously over-looked, and in a film like this it's the humour that holds it all together. For a Wet Wednesday evening, you can't beat it. Go... Rent, buy, borrow, whatever you need to. I guarentee you'll laugh at least once, even the most surly among you. (And for those Charlie Sheen fans out there, this is one you should definitely see. Not as good as some of his other films, but definitely an important spot in his career) Watch this movie, and enjoy.
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Pretty bad really.
modius8 October 2000
Now you have to remember around the late 80s and early 90s there were lots, and I mean lots of action films pumping out of Hollywood - they were all inspired by one, inspirational film - Die Hard (1988). After which there were lots of rip-offs which were affectionaly known as Try Hard's or by putting the plot into the die hard title such as Die Hard on the Rockies (CliffHanger) or Die Hard on a huge damn (Terminal Rush) or Die Hard in a Chemical Plant (Open Fire) and so on, and so on.

This is a die hard with skydiving - only without the die hard element. This is supposed to be an action thriller with a bullet proof plot, but unfortuently the plot, script and the online chemistry between Sheen and Kinski doesn't work.

Nothing works in this really, really tired film. The director tries REALLY hard to make some good action sequences - the diving without parachutes, the parachute getting caught in wind farm blades, even a car which falls out of an aeroplane - which looks great - but WHY did they have to make it CGI enhanced? couldn't they just stick with the stunt man sequence?

This film, although slightly better than Drop Zone (which was released the same year) has some good one-liners and jokes - the best being at the end of the film where Sheen gets a medal for killing off the Russian Mafiosi bad guys.

All in all avoid this film, go watch Die Hard again its far more fun.
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