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Will forever remain one of the greatest best action movies of all time!
ivo-cobra815 November 2015
Speed (1994) is one of the best action movie ever made!!!! It is one of my personal favorite Keanu Reeves action movies. I just wish they wouldn't made sequel because it doesn't even compare to the first one. Speed 2: Cruise Control can't hold a candle to this movie. For me the sequel never happened. I only own this movie in Blu-ray collection and that is all. I love the theme score in the beginning of the movie and I love music at end of credits. I just love this movie, alongside with The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic and Point Break is one of my favorite action film of Keanu Reeves.

This movie is one of those films that is worth of watch and money. It seems like now this days, action films force themselves into a wickedly strange plot to try to be the next sixth sense and put more money into each explosion than into any actors. This is a film that you just love everybody in the movie because the acting is great as well as the original story line. Sure, its no Oscar winning type of film, but if your at home looking for a fun film to watch, SPEED is the right movie for you. Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock's chemistry really made this movie work. This movies Is a badass! It is directed by Jan de Bont the same director who directed the god awful sequel. This movie is just great, it is Die Hard on a bus. Speed is simply similar to other sequel movie like are Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) that come out one year later, when Sandra was handcuffed on the train and Keanu was saving her, the same cuffing scene was later used in Die Hard With A Vengeance. McClane been on a train that explodes and goes off the barrels out of an incomplete stretch of track and crashes, the same scene was used from this movie. Die Hard With A vengeance borrowed out some scenes from this movie including China Town line.

I still love both of these movies, they are both great action films of the 90's and one of my all time favorite Keanu Reeves movies. Speed is a classic in modern terms and one of Keanu Reeves best performances. This movie had me on the edge of my seat from the opening scene. One of the iconic movies of the 1990's, Speed is a highly entertaining, slick and polished action movie. It's a benchmark movie of its genre that was high in tension and excitement without the unruly gore of a 1980's action flick. The story itself is very good; it has some important depth to it that missing from most action movies. The cast is rock solid; Keanu Reeves was perfectly cast as Jack Traven, a smart, agile but reckless police officer with a tendency to disobey orders and creates inventive solutions to get the job done. Jeff Daniels plays the sympathetic, wise polar opposite partner, Harry Temple, well. Dennis Hopper chews the scenes excellently as the charismatic and twisted maniac of villain. Sandra Bullock Annie couldn't be more likable and innocent. Joe Morton's character as the Chief is lively enough to support the lead and the rest of the cast is definitely solid.

The movie is a near perfect one for me. It's like a minor terrorist who knows the police force and knows how to work w/ bombs which is really cool. Not only that Keanu Reeves makes an awesome cop and they have a great cast and supporting cast. Dennis Hopper makes a great villain, Sandra makes a great tough girl, and Jeff makes a great partner. I love the plot and the length of the movie. First starting off with a bomb on an elevator and then on a bus. And since it revolves around the bus ride the entire time they do a good job with adding little problems they must overcome to ensure the bus does not explode, such as sharp turns and getting on an unfinished bridge so they can stay over 50 mph.

Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), an LAPD cop on SWAT detail, has a fearless nature and a keen understanding of the criminal mind. That, and some luck have kept him alive. But Jack's luck is being put to the ultimate test. An elusive bomber-extortionist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) is seeking vengeance after his latest ransom scheme is thwarted. Payne gives a personal challenge to Jack: A bomb is rigged on a city bus, which will detonate if the speedometer drops below 50 MPH. Poor Annie (Sandra Bullock) gets shoved into the driver's seat, while Jack does his best to save the day.

That is the basic plot, it is a slick film about a young cop who must prevent a bomb exploding aboard on a city bus by keeping its speed above 50 mph. and stop a terrorist by executing his plan. I am giving this movie a 10/10 it hell deserves it! I have fun watching it and I still love the score of the films. Great solid action flick of Keanu Reeves I love it!
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Thoroughly entertaining
jeremyglick1 March 2005
Speed is one of my favorite action movies of all time, just a notch below contemporaries like Terminator 2 and Die Hard. The premise is so simple that it's almost a parody of movie pitches (Homer Simpson's line was "I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode! I think it was called 'The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down'."). Fortunately this film came to be much better than the sum of its parts, and it's deservedly remembered as one of the most entertaining films of the 90s.

What distinguishes Speed is its humanity, due in no small part to the character of Annie (Sandra Bullock). The best example of this is the moment when Annie, while driving the bus, thinks she has struck a baby stroller. She becomes so distraught that she lets go of the steering wheel, never mind the fact that she is in charge of driving a bomb-laden bus through the L.A. suburbs. It's one of several moments that draw us into the film by helping us identify with the characters, and it's all the more elegant for its simplicity. This movie isn't complex, but it doesn't claim to be.

There is a certain irony that Speed succeeds so well on a human level, since Jan de Bont is not generally considered an "actor's director". He started as a cinematographer, and even when he talks about directing he discusses technical aspects and seldom mentions working with actors. Nowhere was this more evident than Speed 2, which pretty much killed his directorial career. Given that, it's all the more remarkable what he pulled off in the original Speed, as everything seemed to come together for him.

The overall performances really serve this picture well. Keanu is at his best (which is to say, mediocre), Sandra launched a career based on this movie, and Dennis Hopper did a wonderful job as the sardonic villain. Plus he has one of my favorite bad-guy lines of all time (Traven: "You're crazy." Payne: "Poor people are crazy, Jack. I'm eccentric.").

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"Speed"-y delivery...
Mister-630 April 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Pop quiz, hot-shot - what's the most exciting action movie you've ever seen with a bus in it?

Right, the answer is "Speed" and if you've seen it then you'll have to agree that there is more action in this one movie than any ten generic action flicks that have been released in the last ten years.

A trend-setter the likes of "Die Hard", "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Lethal Weapon", "Speed"'s premise is simple - a bus is wired by a madman (Dennis Hopper) to blow up if it drops below 50 MPH. This is to give the cop (Keanu Reeves) who ruined his last effort a run for his money in trying to save the day. In the ensuing efforts, a woman (Sandra Bullock) is recruited to drive the bus and keep it over 50 MPH at all times.

And for as deceivingly simple as it is, "Speed" pulls out all the stops by making every scene a nail-biter (the bomb discovery, Keanu getting aboard the bus, Sandra driving over an incomplete gap in a highway, etc. - the list is endless) and all the main characters (and a few of the supporting ones) are about as smart as your average movie-goer and have enough of these kinds of movies to figure out what the other guy's move will be and act on it. I LOOOOVE movies like that.

Keanu is far more heroic in this movie than he has been before (and since); Jeff Daniels is born to play best pal and does so with good-nature; Sandra is a delight to watch as well as hear - she has a voice you literally can wrap yourself up in; Hopper adds to his nutso roles with some droll lines that sound all the spicier delivered Hopper-style. Everyone is great and gives their all.

The movie is all one long action set-piece, which is what the action fan expects when they plunk down their money then sit down with their popcorn. They get their money's worth here and then some. "Speed" was obviously written by someone who loves action films as much as the action film fans that watch them. Good match-up.

Nine stars for "Speed", and let's hear it for the magic of surveillance cameras.
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A Great Action Film That Is Actually a Great Film
tfrizzell25 July 2000
"Speed" was a runaway success in 1994. It was a block-buster in every sense of the word and critically speaking, it is an excellent motion picture. The film deals with an LAPD swat officer (Keanu Reeves) who is playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with crazed ex-cop Dennis Hopper. After Reeves stops Hopper from blowing up a high-rise building, the next obstacle is a city bus. Hopper has rigged the bus to explode if the "speed" ever drops below 50 miles per hour. Sandra Bullock, in her star-making role, plays an unlucky passenger who becomes the center of attention when she is forced to be the driver when the original navigator is accidently shot. The great thing about "Speed" is the fact that it never tries to be more than it is. It goes for non-stop action, thrills, chills, and spills. However, Dennis Hopper's character is somewhat complex and his performance probably should have garnered him an Oscar nomination. A great film in spite of the fact it is from the action genre. 5 stars out of 5.
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One of the best action films ever!
SmileysWorld31 October 2001
If ever there was a film I wished I had seen at the theater,this would be the one.It's a great combination of a well written story, great direction,and a great cast.It's one of those films that you want to like so much,and it does not disappoint.The only thing that bothered me about the film is perhaps is the insertion of ill timed corny remarks ("He lost his head"),and the ending could have been done better,but overall a great action film worth owning.
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Guaranteed to give you a rush...the ultimate film for action fans...
Doylenf18 May 2001
'Speed' has to be the ultimate action film, involving you in an intense experience from the opening credits until the smash-bang climax. Not only do Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock do top work, but Dennis Hopper makes the most compelling villain of the '90s.

It all starts with a revenge-driven extortionist letting authorities know he has planted a bomb on a bus. The catch is it will explode if the bus is driven at less than fifty miles an hour. The script races along with non-stop action and surprise twists, without ever giving the audience time to stop for breath. It's a little too intense for its own good and could have used some lighter moments to give us a break!

Taut and suspenseful, with excellent effects and gripping suspense that keeps you riveted. Some of the stunts seem too incredible to be believable but in a film of this kind you have to go with the flow. The stunt work itself is breathtaking and makes it easy to see why the film is one of the most highly rated action films of the '90s.
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Enough action for three movies
smatysia16 January 2002
Enough action sequences for three movies. Sandra Bullock has the cuteness controls set on HIGH, and Keanu Reeves plays it straight, a lot like his part in "Point Break". Dennis Hopper is, of course, one of the most believably creepy movie villains in the business today. (See him in "Blue Velvet") OK, there were some physical impossibilities in the film, but c'mon, most action films have them. (I've driven buses before, and they will not do many of the things in this movie.) This movie kept my eyes glued to the screen throughout. Grade: B+
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Pop quiz...There's a space on your DVD or Video rack. What do you do? What do you do?
alan.kelly1701b25 May 2003
Pop quiz...There's a space on your DVD or Video rack. What do you do? What do you do?

Beat the rush hour, run the red lights, stay above 50mph and make your way to your nearest video supplier to buy or rent Speed.

This film is a definite MUST for those people who enjoy a good Action Thriller type film (and maybe even for those who don't).

I have a lot of love for Speed and no matter how many times I see it; it STILL continues to deliver non-stop action and incredible stunts & special effects. Jan de Bont did a fantastic job directing this and I can't believe that the same guy who made this also made such a dire sequel like Cruise Control (but that's another story).

Keanu Reeves once more proves what a great actor he is and that he is well suited for these types of movies. Speed also helped launch Sandra Bullock's career. Dennis Hopper's portrayal of Howard Payne is fantastic and Speed is a worth addition to his already impressive CV of films. He makes a great villain.

The main three stars of Reeves, Bullock, & Hopper is strongly supported by Joe Morton (Terminator 2) and Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber) and it's also nice to see supporting actors actually doing something.

I am proud to say that Speed has a place on my DVD rack. A rack that won't be getting its space used up by Cruise Control (Special Edition or not!)

I have so many more positive things to say about this film and I think I said most of them in my User Comments for Cruise Control in which I compared that film with this. There's NO comparison. I think I all but destroyed Cruise Control with my comments leaving Speed as the clear winner. Speed most definitely stays above 50mph.

My vote: 10/10
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Keanu Reeves forever changed the movie hero
snickerssjo29 August 2000
Speed was a revelation to me . All of a sudden I was on the edge of my seat pulling for the hero. Up until that time I always knew the guy with muscles was going to win no matter what. But Keanu made me want him to win , he got me involved with the story. He did the same in Matrix. The hero is once again exciting.
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An excellent film!
Movie Nuttball22 December 2004
One of the most explosive and epic action films is Speed! It stars Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton,Jeff Daniels, and Glenn Plummer! Reeves is really good. I like how his character is. Dennis Hopper is excellent! He's funny, he's mean, and he means business! Hopper was perfect in My opinion! Bullock was also very good. Plummer was also is funny and Morton and Daniels also perform good. The action is really great and you never know what to expect. The music by Mark Mancina is good and the direction by Jan de Bont is very good. I think that Speed is an excellent film which is always exciting! If you like the cast mentioned above and want to see Dennis Hopper in a great performance then I strongly recommend that you watch or even buy Speed today!
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Fast paced (see what I did there?).
eamon-hennedy27 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Sheer adrenalin from beginning to end, Speed is one hell of an action film, but it is one that is both simple, yet deviously complex. First of all, the plot is well done. It really is. It sound good on paper and writer Graham Yost (with a little help from Joss Whedon) takes full advantage of what might happen when stuck on a bus that has to stay above fifty miles per hour in order to stop from blowing up due to a mad bomber. Every obstacle that Keanu and Sandra could possibly face arises; children crossing the road, a woman with a baby carriage, a traffic jam, a hard right turn and of course, a big huge gap on the road. Logic is not only stretched, but it is thrown out of a very high window, but when a film is this much fun why complain.

The script is very well set up, not only in terms of plot but in terms of structure. Each act has it's own set piece. Act one features the elevator sequence. Act two, the biggest act of the film takes place on the bus while the third and final act takes place on the train (a controversial contribution from Whedon and one that Yost was very unhappy with). Of course none of this would work without a great director at the helm and Jan de Bont rises to the challenge. While his career after this has been hit and miss (critics have slated his work but audiences have been forthcoming), here he shows that he has learned from being a director of photography for Paul Verhoeven and John McTiernan with a visual prowess and a handling of action sequences that is superb. In fact a lot of the film recalls Die Hard with the suspense arising from a plot that is quite simple yet deviously more complex in its execution. The biggest surprise at the time was that Keanu Reeves does wonderfully well in the role of the hero, Jack Tavern. He is charming, yet tough and while he doesn't really have to 'act' here, his performance is well done and he should be proud. Likewise Sandra Bullock in what is really her breakthrough role, even though it is her second major film after having been the female lead in Demolition Man. Her performance has all the hallmarks of her lovely girl next door act and her chemistry with Reeves works well. It is especially funny when he keeps calling her 'mam'.

However the film is stolen from everyone's favorite psychopath Dennis Hopper. Brilliantly evil as Howard Payne, Hopper clearly enjoys playing a bad guy who enjoy being a terrorist ("the whim of a mad man, I like it"). While the role is not of the disturbing variety that Frank Booth is (this is a mainstream film after all), the role is great one and is instantly memorable, as is his death scene.

If you have still to watch this film do. It is brilliant and is one of the best Hollywood action films of the nineties. Just don't watch the abysmal sequel.
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Exciting movie about some desperate passengers threatened who are saved by Reeves and Bullock
ma-cortes3 February 2010
Los Angeles SWAT daredevil cops( Keaunu Reeves, Jeff Daniels ) commanded by their chief (Joe Morton ) taking on extreme terrorist ( a bomber well performed by Dennis Hooper)who wires first an elevator and after that a public bus where a handful of characters (Alan Ruck, Carlos Carrasco, among others) face certain death . If the bus's speed down 50, it explodes. The starring hops on board but the driver is wounded and a valiant passenger (Sandra Bullock) takes the wheel. Then the bus runs , bounds and flies.

This mindless, interesting and ingenious film is packed with thrills, suspense, tension and lots of interminable action. Enjoyable relationship between two main characters, Reeves and Bullock, based on risked circumstances work out pretty well. Sandra Bullock steals the show as feisty passenger and Keanu Reeves is fine as brave, intrepid police. Witty argument that dispenses excitement as well as entertainment. Packs atmospheric cinematography using Steadicam or hand-held camera by Andrej Bartkowick. And stirring musical score fitting to action by Mark Mancina . The picture is stunningly and effectively realized in his firs-time as director by Jan De Bont, a successful cameraman (Basic Instict, Die Hard) and Paul Verhoveen's usual and occasionally director (Speed 2, Twister). It's followed by inferior sequel ¨Speed II¨ with similar technician and artistic crew , starred by Sandra Bullock, Jason Patrick, Temuera Morrison and Willem Dafoe. The film will appeal to Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock fans. Rating : Better than average, well worth seeing.
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A classic action film.
Lev8212 June 2004
In what is certainly Jan de bont's best film, and Keanu's best role before Neo, this has earned its place as one of the best action films ever. Good action films have good story lines to justify the explosions and violence. There is no exception here. The story is a simple one, which sets up the scenes for plenty of tension and action. If I was to make one criticism, I think it was in the part played by Dennis Hopper. He didn't come across as entirely convincing, but the rest of the film made up for this and it seems alright. It's a pity that de bont thought he could do it again in speed 2, and another pity that Sandra bullock agreed to be in it. Keanu made the right decision to not appear in this, as this seems a polar opposite to the first film. Ignore the second, the first is, to me, a classic in its genre.
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Just blow up already!
CuriosityKilledShawn5 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For some reason Speed seems to be above criticism. It doesn't deserve this regard. I've never liked this film, and for a long list of reasons. I remember clearly the summer of 1994 when it became a sleeper hit. 'Die Hard on a bus' they called it. Erm...no. More like 'The Poseidon Adventure on a bus'.

Everybody knows the story by now, which is the sign of a high-concept idea. But I'm not captured by it. A bomb threat on a yuppie elevator ends with the bomber apparently blowing himself up in the parking lot. The LAPD cannot allow the yuppies to fall a breathtaking one-foot per second into the basement (it honestly moves at this 'speed' with none of them affected by zero-gravity). The bomber claims he invested 3 years into this plan, but overnight he conjures-up a better plan (all with just a single oppose-able thumb) in which a bus will blow up if it falls below 50 mph.

Half-witted cop Jack Traven races to the rescue. But instead of blowing-out the bus's tires he simply yells at the driver to stop. He doesn't. Once on-board they barge through traffic jams, hard corners, magically jump over 50-foot gaps (launched by invisible ramps it seems), and argue among themselves. The passengers are an undynamic bunch of cardboard cut-outs (burly worker in hat, long-faced African woman, whiny old crone, unemployed bachelor, geeky tourist) who never once get our sympathies. Many of them don't even have any dialogue and just sit there as if the threat of being blown to smithereens is a daily occurrence. Also, if I were Jack Traven, I'd put a bullet in the head of that annoying Helen before she even got a chance to draw air into her lungs in order to make her first complaint.

Directed by former cinematographer Jan De Bont (who is actually responsible for making Die Hard look as good as it does), it's a high-key movie (to the point of almost being sterile) with lots of destruction and well-choreographed action, but he has no idea how to direct actors or build character. Between the action scenes there are painful lulls which are not helped by the frequently awful dialogue and poor writing.

Perhaps I should say poor re-writing. Though Graham Yost is the only credited writer the script was significantly re-written by Joss Whedon, who made many changes. Originally the bomber was revealed to be Jeff Daniels' character, but after Whedon created Howard Payne the character of Harry Temple became redundant by the end of the second act and he's needlessly killed off. Other elements of the original draft are fossilized into the story and give it an irregular flow. There are so many other contrivances and lazy explanations that I just can't forgive. Jack Traven realizes that there is a camera on the bus when Payne refers to Sandra Bullock as 'the wildcat', despite the fact that the ancient camera Payne has hooked up inside the vehicle has nowhere near enough resolution to make out the Wildcat logo on her jacket (which she is also leaning against).

Keanu Reeves' acting is so bad it makes Seagal look like Olivier. Don't get me wrong, I like Keanu, but he's excruciatingly awful in this film. His puzzling facial expressions and just plain bizarre pronunciation of certain words gives Jack Traven (already an unlikeable character) a semi-retarded edge. I longed for Payne to get away with it.

Apparently Vic Armstrong was up for directing this but the producers went for Jan De Bont because of his lengthy camera credits. The success of the film is purely down to star power and its high concept. It's nothing to do with De Bont's ability as a director (which is why he hasn't worked since 2003) and I know that Armstrong would have made a better movie, even if he was stuck with Keanu (who he worked with a year later on notorious flop Johnny Mnemonic ), who couldn't even act ill if he had the flu.

Speed is not a good film. It's a badly-written early 90s relic. I just cannot even begin to understand the adoration its gathered over the years.
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An Incredible Experience (may contain spoilers)
ChelleMarie3 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
"Speed" is the perfect example of what movies are all about. Centered on the job of Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), an LAPD bomb squad officer, this movie grips one to one's seat from the opening scene. Titled "Speed" for good reason, this movie never lets up in its suspense. From a booby-trapped elevator to a bombed bus 2525 to a runaway train, this is one pulse-pounding, nitro-fueled film. The acting is also top-notch, and this film is most definitely one of Keanu Reeves' most superb performances. The film that launched Sandra Bullock into super stardom, "Speed" qualifies as one of her most intense performances yet. We also can't forget about Dennis Hopper, who brings to his villainous role a sense of morbid humor.

What really pulls the film "Speed" together is the exceptional romantic chemistry between the two lead roles, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Their refreshing on-screen relationship is certainly one of the most believable I have ever seen. The musical score by Mark Mancina (Con Air) is one of the most compelling action movie scores, and really makes you feel as if you are on bus 2525. And while "Speed" is over a decade old, it still seems so current, and a film that can be watched over and over. So get ready for rush hour, because "Speed" is one wild ride!

5 out of 5 stars.
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Best Action Film of the 90s
da_pierce28 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of thrilling action and special effects movies and Speed had it all throughout. It never slowed down. I never got tired of the action, from the opening elevator scene to the final scene of the subway crash. This film will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. Dennis Hopper was really convincing as the mad bomber. Even though he was the bad guy his character was a likable bad guy. Speed has one of the all time best special effects ever seen in a movie, the subway crash near the end of the film. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock characters ride the runaway subway train to the end of the line where it crashes through a construction area and onto Hollywood Blvd near the Chinese theatre. They survive the crash to make Speed 2.
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Fun Story, But You Can't Find Dumber Leads Or Dialog
ccthemovieman-114 August 2006
Yeah, I know this was a huge hit, and I enjoyed it when I first saw it, too, but on the second viewing, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves - two of the dumbest-sounding actors in recent memory - made this too annoying for future viewings.

Bullock, an airhead who has made very few, if any, good movies, must have majored in using God's name solely in exclamation, because that's about all she can say. This is probably Reeve's best role, which isn't saying much because he's normally as wooden-sounding as Pinochhio. To have both of these "actors" in the same movie, and still have it a big hit is a tribute to how well the suspense was made in this film, and how indiscriminating the public is when it comes to their actors, or the dialog in a film which is even worse in this movie than the actors.

Nobody, but nobody, would make the kind of remarks the characters make it this film. Dennis Hopper's villainous character also gives us the Hollywood cliché of talking- instead-killing to the maximum here - another insult to any viewer of any intelligence.

Having said all of that, the film gets points for having a simple-but very involving and interesting premise and a few spectacular action scenes that got everyone excited about seeing the film back in the mid '90s. So, if you can just put brain in a freezer for two hours, you have an entertaining film, and that still is worth something.
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rossrobinson3 November 2003
Speed is a fantastic well acted action movie. This was made in 1994, set on a Bus in a city. This was a great action movie to follow. Keanu Reeves is a fantastic actor and i think he is great at doing movies like this, The Matrix and many more. I give Speed 10 out of 10 because it is a great movie and there are great actors in it.
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DBZ8 November 1998
This movie was so idiotic! There were like 10,000 errors that you could see by just watching it once. Why didn't Jack just slow down the subway enough to stop it normally? Phuh! Stupid.
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Good for a laugh
ino_mart8 September 2006
I saw the movie and, as in many action movies, found it to be bad.

Sandra Bullock is driving the bus with a smile. I think in such situations nobody has a smile.

The plot is weak, most characters are weak, ...

The bus "flying" over the missing part of the road has been done earlier (taxi). I can't imagine a bus can actually do this without any damage.

On the airport the bus is driving over something that is on the ground. Strange as the runway should always be clean.

And why has Jack to fasten the metro train to let it be derailed? Isn't it much easier to decrease the speed so it stops? I can't believe they did not get hurt at all at the end of the movie.

Howard called a few times with a phone. Why didn't they track that number the first/second time he called?

This movie is full of errors and mistakes. Many of them could have been avoided.
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Too many cliche's
destiny_starr184 April 2000
They use their own plot up and cannot think of anything new during the film..I personaly think it should have been called...Busting Tires,Blowing up cars,And running out of road.The first time they said..."Jack,beware the road isn't finished".was slightly okay,but they had to use it again and when they should've just ended.I must admit though,this movie is good for a laugh,that is exactly how stupid it is. Reeves did do a very good job and that is all I can say for it!..The movie is very dumb!And I am sad to say I wasted Two hours watching this movie,instead I could have done my homework two weeks early. The script stunk!The actress stunk!..Okay they blew up cars...WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!...WOW...What a kick watching cars getting blown up..If you wonna see that..Just go see big foot or something!Anything is most deffinetly better than this movie..I'll use this on my kid."Son,do your homework or I will make you watch Speed"!That name...HMMMMM...deffinetly not speed..they were only going 50!!!!!!they could've at least made it 60..!..Watch this movie only if you want to see a bunch of cliche's..and no originialty!
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A whole lotta fun!
Smells_Like_Cheese2 March 2007
Yes, it's true, I have never seen Speed until today. I was only 9 when it was released and my parents never bought or rented it, so I was just thinking of the movie when I saw it on I love the 90's on VH1 and rented it along with the sequel. I have to say that normally a Keanu Reeves movie is only sometimes enjoyable to watch, but this was a very exciting action movie, in fact one of the best I've seen. I know that it was very over the top and a little silly, but it was just so much fun to watch.

Keanu plays Jack, a police officer who has just foiled another crime by EVIL mastermind Dennis Hopper. When Dennis gets very upset, he plants a bomb on a bus, the only way to prevent it from going off is to keep the bus going 50 miles an hour or above. Jack jumps onto the bus and tries to explain, but a criminal thinks he is after him so he pulls out his gun and accidentally shoots the bus driver leaving the driving to a passenger, Annie. They must go on a driving spree to make sure that everyone can stay alive with trying to figure out a way off the bus.

Speed is a very great action movie that everyone needs to see, it's just one of those movies that really gets you excited and never lets you go. Keanu and Sandra did a terrific job and had great chemistry, despite their cheesy over the top kiss, it was definitely needed to complete the cliché action genre. I think you'll love this movie if you just like films in general. So grab the popcorn and enjoy the ride, it's a good one!

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Absolutely aweful.
GlenD-225 May 1999
It's movies like this that make me wonder about the state of our society. The jokes (if you want to call them that) were aimed directly at the common fourth-grader -- and I'm sorry to say that they hit their target with deadly accuracy. The plot couldn't have been any more predictable. Pretty much throughout the entire movie all I wanted to see were the end credits. I would then be able to leave the theater (and this horrid excuse for a film) long behind me.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: Buses are extremely massive entites and F does equal MA.
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Just when you though the tosh couldn't get any worse
Harry Borman2 October 2001
Many words come to mind when describing this film. Implausible, contrived, dire, pointless.... but I digress. This is the film industry at it's worst. Trying to put two eminently attractive people in leading roles into a film whose plot has more holes than all Arizona's golf courses. I mean, what was the point? I ought to sue - "I maintain that the producers and distribution company did willingly deprive me of two hours of my life which I could have more usefully spent inspecting my navel.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock may indeed be cute but they hardly rank highly in the acting stakes. Want better, try your local village Christmas pantomime. The characters are so wooden, I was picking out the splinters for days afterwards. The plot, well what can we say about that? A terrorist who hijacks lifts (elevators to you). Planes - yes, ships - perhaps, maybe, taxis - no, lifts - er.... we are joking aren't we. Then a bus? c'mon guys, hasn't credulity been stretched a little past breaking point here. Then we get a sequel imaginatively entitled, Speed 2 - Cruise Control. Oh dearie me, my sides are splitting at that one. Puulleez.
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Sandra bullock - terrible actress
northern_andy20 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I am not normally a fan of action movies but I don't mind Speed as a sort of sit down and watch without thinking movie. But the only thing about this movie that is terrible is Sandra Bulock. She is utterly terrible. A flat, nasal, monotone voice interspersed with banal moments of horrendous acting is the only bad thing. And I couldn't get past the first ten minutes of Speed 2 due to her excruciatingly presence. A lot of films from this period have a lot of big name stars in them either as a way of selling the film or because the 'big name star' sees his or her career on the wane. This is what I think about Dennis Hopper. He was amazing in True Romance, but felt that he wasn't the best choice as the mad bomber in this movie.
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