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MPAA Rated R for violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There's basically no sex or anything that would make somebody feel uncomfortable except one or two jokes.
  • Two people say they can base their relationship off of sex
  • A guy says he will go home and have sex
  • There's also some kissing

Violence & Gore

  • Overall, the violence of the film is within an action-adventure setting and it is not severe for R-rating standards. Blood is present, albeit shown briefly with little amounts. This film could've passed for a PG-13 it if weren't for the frequent F-words.
  • Opening scene: a knife into the head of a security guard, killing him instantly, followed by a scary sequence with a bomb in an elevator shaft. More bloody action follows, including: a bus explosion with driver inside, woman falling to her death under a bus, hostages shown with dynamite strapped to their bodies, a house blown up with several police officers inside, an on-camera decapitation, and multiple hand-to-hand fighting scenes.
  • The film is loaded with explosions and gunplay, but there's not too much blood. And, there is the constant fear of disaster and death. One of the most gruesome scenes is of a security guard being stabbed in the head. In another scene, one of the bus' passengers drops through the floor of the bus and is run over killed. The body is shown being tossed around the freeway for a second or two. And, a fight on top of a subway train causes one man's head to be ripped off violently.
  • A man gets stabbed viciously in the side of the head through the ear with a screwdriver by another man. Some blood spurts out, but it's brief and not too graphic. Later, when the man falls dead, the whole side of his face and head is covered with blood (not graphic).
  • A person is shot in the leg deliberately by another man. Blood pours from the bullet wound (not graphic)
  • A bus explodes with the driver in it.
  • A man is shot in the shoulder while driving a bus, you see blood pouring out from his bullet wound injury (not graphic). .
  • Several people have cuts and bruises with some blood.
  • An explosion makes a woman fall from a moving bus, causing her to be pulled under it and run over by the bus and killed. No blood (vaguely seen due to a lot of dust/smoke).
  • A man gets shot in the back several times while driving the train and radioing the police. Blood pours from the bullet wounds (not graphic).
  • A man is decapitated due to hitting his head on an object while moving at high speed on top of a subway train; quick and mostly off-screen.
  • A SWAT team forcibly breaks into a detached house, but it sets off a bomb man trap that kills the entire team.


  • Constant cursing throughout the film: "f--k" in all forms, dozens of times; "s--t" repeatedly. Lesser forms of swearing, ("Jesus," "Christ," "goddamn," "hell," "bastard," "ass") intermittently from beginning to end.
  • 1 use of "pr-ck"
  • 15 uses of "f-ck"
  • Over 50 uses of "sh-t" (repeatedly)
  • 3 uses of "son of a b--ch"
  • Lesser forms of swearing, intermittently from beginning to end.
  • 3 uses of bastard
  • Some uses of "Jesus/Christ"
  • Some uses of "hell"
  • 1 use of Goddamn
  • Over 15 uses of "a-s" and "a-shole"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At a gala held for the two police officers, attendees formally drink champagne. Both of the officers clearly get drunk at the end of the party. Several other people drink alchohol and a few people smoke there at the party.
  • A man drinks beers while watching the news of a bus rigged to explode if it slows down on TV.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are sensational crashes, thunderous explosions, vicious hand-to-hand combat sequences, valiant maneuvers aboard a bus, on top of a moving train, in an elevator shaft... nonstop suspense-filled feats of bravery to combat the nonstop evil of a brilliant, but unhinged, villain.
  • The whole film is full of dedly peril, which can be very frightening, suspenseful, and intense to tweens and children, but there's not too much blood, as the plot is about a bus that will blow up if it travels under 50 mph after it travels at over 50. That means the bus must desperately careen throughout the city, unable to slow down for anything with a high risk of collisions of all varieties.
  • The most explicit is when the bus strikes a baby carriage and the occupants of the bus watch with horror as the carriage sails through the air, but it turns out to only have empty cans inside.

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