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  • LAPD officer Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) must stop a bomb that is set to explode on a city bus if it goes under 50 miles per hour (MPH). With the help of passenger Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock), who takes over driving the bus after the bus driver is shot, Jack must keep the bus going above 50 MPH until they can figure out how to defuse the bomb ...if they can figure it out. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Speed is based on a script by Canadian screenwriter Graham Yost with extensive revisions by American screenwriter Joss Whedon. It's said that Yost got the idea from another film, Runaway Train (1985) (1985), about a train that speeds out of control, and that the ending was inspired by the ending of Silver Streak (1976) (1976). Speed was followed by Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) (1997). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The bomber, Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper), may have placed an anonymous (dead) person strapped with bombs, possibly the security guard he killed in the opening scene, somewhere on his escape route, or perhaps in a car in the parking garage. During his escape, he'd make sure he detonated the bombs after he got out of the way. The explosion would act as a plausible cause of death for him and would also stall the police long enough to buy him time to get out of the building unnoticed. Although human remains would be found at the site, with no way to ID these and with two officers stating that Payne went into the room where the explosion occurred, the police would naturally assume he was dead. Also, Payne says something like he has: "enough dynamite strapped to him to blow a building in half." Maybe there was enough dynamite there to vaporize him, or maybe he could have placed meat or something in the area to be blown apart, faking his death, and therefore they thought he died. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are multiple shots throughout the sequence showing the interior of the elevator where more than nine passengers are visible. The highest number of passengers visible in a single shot is 12. As no shot shows the entire interior, it's fair to assume that 13 is, indeed, the correct number. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jack shot Harry in the upper leg, and Harry is presumably referring to the proximity of the femoral artery, a large and vital blood vessel in the thigh. If Jack's shot had hit him there, he would almost certainly have died within minutes, and they would have to give the bravery medal to his widow. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They never disclose exactly how much time had passed from the awards ceremony to the bar partying scene to the first city bus fireball explosion incident. It may have been a few weeks or even months. If Harry was not healed sufficiently, they would never have allowed him back on active duty; especially not with the LAPD SWAT team. Rather, he would be put on standby duty, i.e., sitting at a desk and doing paper/office work at the headquarters. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. When Bob parks his bus, the faint letters of the phrase "NOT IN SERVICE" appear on the headboard. So Bob was the only person on the bus and unfortunately died. The first bus explosion also served as a wake-up call to Jack that the bomber has actually been alive. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Payne may have figured that it would be impossible for Jack to actually get to the bus in the morning rush hour in time before it reached 50 MPH. Also, the bomber may be playing the gamble. Since he lost in that elevator incident, he is testing Jack's knowledge to see who is smarter. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Shooting out car tires is a bit of a movie myth, and bus tires are much more heavily reinforced, so it would be very difficult to hit and puncture a tire successfully. It would also be very dangerous to fire a gun at a small, rapidly-moving target on a busy highway, and a person shooting at the bus would almost certainly make the driver speed up to get away. Finally, one of the tires does blow out at the airport, which makes virtually no difference to the bus's speed or motion, except that it continuously yaws to the left and makes it difficult to steer and control a steady course. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was not written that neatly, and the vehicle was not swerving through the whole scene. During the time that the letter is being written, the vehicle drives straight for several seconds as it is keeping pace with the bus. The one big swerve the car makes is when he drops the note (after it is written) and it lands on the windshield of the bus. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Payne once worked as a cop for the Atlanta Police Department bomb and arson squad. When he got his thumb blown off after he failed to diffuse a bomb planted in a bank in Buckhead, he was apparently released and given a tiny pension and a cheap gold watch, which didn't make him very happy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There appears to be 20. Some have character names and others are credited as "bus passenger". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the previous scene inside the bus, Jack tells the passengers to hold on and bend forward to protect themselves. This is why you can't see anybody from the outside shot, because they are bent down. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's basically Hollywood make-believe. It's highly unlikely that they would go that fast because of friction, wind resistance, the weight of the bus, etc. In the making of the film, the stunt crew accelerated the bus to a maximum of 61 MPH (98 km/h) when they were hoping to accelerate it to 65 MPH (104 km/h). Through the air, It traveled 109 feet (33 meters) horizontally and, at its highest point, the front end of the bus was 20 feet (6 meters) from the highway bridge. In Mythbusters, the team was only able to accelerate a bus of the same type to 58 MPH (93 km/h), and it kept swerving around. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is possible to do a tape looping because TV crews have that kind and type of filming equipment in their trucks and news vans. Captain "Mac" McMahon (Joe Morton) tells Jack, "I only have a minute of tape", but it could have been a bit longer than a minute. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Payne obviously has some sort of transmitter attached to the camera, feeding the picture back to him. By broadcasting from the much more powerful TV van transmitter on the same frequency, they would effectively swamp the camera signal with their own, so Payne would see their looped tape, rather than the real images from the camera. Although not shown, Jack could also simply have disconnected Payne's camera as soon as the looped tape ran, to prevent the possibility of the real signal getting through and revealing their ruse. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • All the news feeds have been shut off. The bus is now in the airport restricted airspace, so the news helicopters can't get too close. We see the police telling the ground-based camera crews to stop filming—an instruction that undoubtedly also went to any news helicopters filming from a distance. As such, at that time, the images from his camera on the bus are his only method of monitoring what's going on. Since Payne could not hear any conversation but see only the people sitting in their seats and Jack standing next to Annie, he wouldn't know that the tape was looping. Also he was in the bathroom when the tape actually switched over to the loop. So he would not have seen the moment of transition. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Mac instructed the major networks to cease broadcasting at the same time as they created the loop feed, so in effect the networks would have only been broadcasting previously-run footage and re-iterating what they knew, with the ground crew unable to report further under orders from the LAPD. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Probably because the speedometer on the bus is analogue and the speedometer underneath that is on the explosive C4 device is digital and more accurate. You can see the red digital number counting down from 59 until 50 and blowing up. Also, the bus by this time was completely out of fuel. Once the gas tank is empty and runs dry, the bus will slow down to a stop and explode. So the bus most likely completely ran out of fuel as it drove through the aircraft hanger and approached the cargo plane. As soon as the speed hit 49.99981061 MPH or so, it blew up. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, it was a Boeing 707 freighter cargo plane of the fake, fictional airline "Pacific Courier Freight" being towed out of an aircraft hangar across the tarmac. The only person that could have been there when the plane blew up was the driver who was towing the plane. As seen in the movie, he is able to escape unharmed. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because Jack is a cop and requested it. Annie's injuries were not that serious and maybe Jack thought she could help since he had already gotten in the bomber's head. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because he didn't use the hole under the bin to escape the way Jack did. Payne knew that there were about a hundred LAPD SWAT cops on the scene, all watching the bin, so he put on his old Atlanta Police Department uniform pretending to be an LAPD cop. He approached Annie and said that he was sent by Jack to escort her to a safe area. He then led her into the subway by the normal entrance, intending to retrieve the money that had already fallen through the hole under the trash bin. Meanwhile, the officers thought the money was still in the trash can and were not aware of his ruse. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jack climbs on top the subway car where Payne has handcuffed Annie, wearing a vest loaded with explosives, to a pole. Payne hears Jack crawling around and tries to bribe him by offering some of the money. He begins to rummage through the bag only to set off the paint bomb. Angered over his tainted money, Payne starts shooting at the ceiling, but Jack manages to evade the bullets, so Payne climbs on top of the train to kill him. Payne manages to pin Jack down on the roof but fails to see a low-hanging signal light approaching and is decapitated. Jack returns inside the car and defuses Annie's vest but realizes that he can't release her from the handcuffs nor can he stop the train. His only hope is to speed up the train as they go into a 90° curve, forcing it to derail. In the final scene, as the car slides to a stop and spectators come running over with their cameras, Annie kisses Jack. He warns her that, as she told him earlier, relationship based on intense experiences don't work. "We'll have to base it on sex, then," Annie replies. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Payne is in the process of boasting to Jack that he beat him because he's smarter. Jack then lifts Payne up just enough that he's decapitated by a light signal above the train. Making Jack taller, because he still has his head. Many people took the quote literally, because Keanu Reeves was already taller than Dennis Hopper. But the quote should just be taken for what it is; an old-fashioned action movie one-liner. Edit (Coming Soon)


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