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Alternate Versions

The Finnish video version excludes numerous scenes including violence. Cut by more than 15 minutes.
Old (out of print) Japanese laserdisc (which used the title of "Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre) included the complete uncut version of the film.
The 1997 release, titled "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation" cuts several scenes, including a subplot in which Jenny is abused by her stepfather. This is the only version currently available on video and runs 84 minutes (the original cut ran 95 minutes). The longer uncut version differs from the shorter "Next Generation" version in the following other ways:
  • Said to take place in 1994, not 1996
  • Matthew McConaughey's name is misspelled in the closing credits
  • There is an early scene in which Jenny's stepfather barges into her room, threatens her and slams her against the wall
  • There is more dialogue between Barry and Heather in the car
  • Most scenes and shots throughout the movie are longer (cut for time in other versions)
  • The towtruck scene is NOT intercut with Jenny, Heather, & Barry leaving Darla's office
  • Jenny and Darla have a longer conversation in the bathroom
  • Music and sound effects are almost entirely different
  • The scene with Jenny escaping the house at dawn is tinted blue; the following scene with the motorhome and the towtruck is tinted orange.
The Canadian DVD release on the Lions Gate label is the uncut version, running just over 93 minutes. It bears the title "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" The Next Generation."

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