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Eric Stoltz: Lance



  • Lance : Hey, whattya think about Trudi? She ain't got a boyfriend. You wanna hang out, get high?

    Vincent : Which one's Trudi? The one with all the shit in her face?

    Lance : No, that's Jody. That's my wife.

  • Lance : You're going to give her an injection of adrenaline directly to her heart. But she's got, uh, breastplate...

    [taps Mia's chest] 

    Lance : So you gotta pierce through that. So what you have to do is, you have to bring the needle down in a stabbing motion.


    Vincent : I-I gotta stab her three times?

    Lance : No, you don't gotta fucking stab her three times! You gotta stab her once, but it's gotta be hard enough to break through her breastplate into her heart, and then once you do that, you press down on the plunger.

    Vincent : What happens after that?

    Lance : I'm kinda curious about that myself...

  • Lance : [answering the phone]  Hello.

    Vincent : Lance! It's Vincent. I'm in big fuckin' trouble, man. I'm coming to your house.

    Lance : Whoa. Whoa. Hold your horses, man. What's the problem?

    Vincent : I've got this chick, she fuckin' O.D.in' on me!

    Lance : Well, don't bring her here! I'm not even fuckin' joking with you, man! Do not be bringing some fucked-up pooh-bah to my house!

    Vincent : No choice.

    Lance : She's O.D.in'?

    Vincent : She's fuckin' dyin' on me, man!

    Lance : Okay, then you bite the fuckin' bullet, take her to a hospital and call a lawyer.

    Vincent : Negative.

    Lance : This is not my fuckin' problem, man! You fucked her up, you fuckin' deal with this!

  • Lance : If you're all right, then say something.

    Mia : Something.

  • Jody : Lance! The goddamn phone's ringing!

    Lance : [getting up to answer the phone]  I can hear it.

    Jody : I thought you told those fucking assholes never to call here this late!

    Lance : Yeah, I told them. And that is exactly what I'm going to tell this fucking asshole, right now.

  • Lance : [handing Vincent the needle]  Here, I'll tell you what to do.

    Vincent : No no no no man, man I ain't giving her... You... you, you're gonna give her the shot...

    Lance : No, you're gonna give her the shot...

    Vincent : I ain't givin' her the shot...

    Lance : Well, I ain't givin' her the shot!

    Vincent : I never done this before!

    Lance : Yeah, I ain't ever done it before either, alright? I ain't starting now! Look, you brought her here, and that means that you're giving her the shot. The day that I bring an OD-ing bitch over to your house, then I give her the shot. Give her the shot.

    Vincent : [taking the needle]  Give it to me.

    Jody : [handing him the marker]  Here.

    Vincent : [Taking the marker]  Gimme that.

  • Lance : Still got your Malibu?

    Vincent : Aw, man. You know what some fucker did the other day?

    Lance : What?

    Vincent : Fucking keyed it.

    Lance : Oh, man, that's fucked up.

    Vincent : Tell me about it. I had it in storage for three years, it was out for five days and some dickless piece of shit fucked with it.

    Lance : They should be fucking killed. No trial, no jury, straight to execution.

    Vincent : Boy, I wish I could've caught him doing it. I'd have given anything to catch that asshole doing it. It'd been worth him doing it just so I could've caught him doing it.

    Lance : What a fucker!

    Vincent : What's more chickenshit than fucking with a man's automobile? I mean, don't fuck with another man's vehicle.

    Lance : You don't do it.

    Vincent : It's just against the rules.

  • Lance : Are you calling me on the cellular phone? I don't know you. Who is this? Don't come here, I'm hanging up the phone! Prank caller, prank caller!

  • Vincent : [Lance is looking for a medical book]  Hurry up, Lance! We're losing her!

    Lance : I'm lookin' as fast as I can!

    Jody : [to Vincent]  What's he looking for?

    Vincent : I dunno. Some book.

    Jody : [to Lance]  What're you looking for?

    Lance : A little black medical book!

    Jody : What're you looking for?

    Lance : A little black fuckin' medical book! It's like a textbook they give to nurses.

    Jody : I never saw no medical book.

    Lance : Trust me, I have one.

    Jody : Well, if it's so important, why don't you keep it with the shot?


    Jody : Listen, while you're looking for it, that girl's gonna die on our carpet! You're never gonna find anything in this mess!

    Lance : I'm gonna fuckin' kill you IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!

    Vincent : [from the other room]  STOP ARGUING AND GET IN HERE!

  • Trudi : You know how they use that gun to pierce your ears? They don't use that when they pierce your nipples, do they?

    Jody : Forget that gun. That gun goes against the entire idea behind piercing. All of my piercings, sixteen places on my body, all of them done with a needle. Five in each ear, one through the nipple on my left breast, one through my right nostril, one through my left eyebrow, one in my lip, one in my clit... and I wear a stud in my tongue.

    Vincent : Excuse me, but I was just wondering... why do you wear a stud in your tongue?

    Jody : It's a sex thing. It helps fellatio.

    Lance : Don Vincenzo. Step into my office?

  • Lance : You are not bringing this fucked-up bitch into my house!

    Vincent : This fucked-up bitch is Marsellus Wallace's wife! Do you know who Marsellus Wallace is? Do you? If she croaks on me, I'm a fuckin' greasespot!

  • Jody : [seeing Mia on the floor]  Who's she?

    Lance : Look, go to the fridge and get the thing with the O.D. adrenalin shot.

    Jody : What's wrong with her?

    Vincent : She's O.D.ing!

    Jody : Get her the hell outta her!

    Lance , Vincent : GET THE SHOT!

    Jody : Fuck you! Fuck you, too!

    Vincent : What a fuckin' bitch!

    Lance : You just keep talking to her, all right? She's getting the shot, I'm gonna get my little black medical book.

    Vincent : What the fuck do you need a medical book for?

    Lance : I've never had to give an adrenalin shot.

    Vincent : You never give an adrenalin shot?

    Lance : I've never had to, all right! I don't go joy-poppin' with bubble-gummers! My friends can handle their highs!

    Vincent : GET THE SHOT!

  • Vincent : Thank you. Mind if I shoot it up here?

    Lance : Hey, mi casa su casa.

  • Vincent : Remember, I just got back from Amsterdam.

    Lance : Am I a nigger? Are we in Inglewood? No... You're in my home. White people who know the difference between good shit and bad shit, this is the house they come to. Now, my shit, I'll take the Pepsi challenge with that Amsterdam shit, any day of the fuckin' week.

    Vincent : That's a bold statement.

    Lance : This ain't Amsterdam, Vince. This is a sellers market. Coke is fucking dead as... dead. Heroin, it's coming back in a big fucking way.

  • Vincent : Get her the shot!

    Lance : I will if you let me.

    Vincent : I ain't fuckin' stopping you!

    Lance : Well, then quit talking to me, talk to her.

    Vincent : Get the shot!

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