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Humans in general
ricardojorgeramalho21 January 2023
This film proposes a brief reflection on various characteristics of the current human condition, through a series of short stories where many of the contradictions that condition our existence and determine behavior are highlighted.

The idea is interesting and original and some of the questions raised are undoubtedly relevant, with a special focus on the chapter on love relationships, and above all with an undeniable sense of humor.

The problem is that in most stories the themes are merely touched upon. They seem like interesting ideas that have not been given due development. There would always be more to say on the subject, to reflect on, to question. Sometimes resorting to a monologue and most of the time to a simple dialogue between two characters, this film seems like a notebook of good ideas waiting for someone to develop them. A mere catalog of unmade movie trailers.
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Hysterical, but difficult to find.
DianeM30 March 1999
This movie is well worth watching, but I have as yet been able to find it in the US. An hysterical view of little quirks of life.
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