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Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe confirmed, Bayley buried – WWE Extreme Rules 2017 review

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Kalisto beat Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews and Kalisto actually had a pretty exciting match on the kickoff show. It’s crazy what happens when you give very talented wrestlers more than three minutes. Kalisto beat Crews yet again because of Titus O’Neil’s over-managing at ringside.

The Miz beat Dean Ambrose

There’s no better way to telegraph Dean Ambrose no longer being champion than Michael Cole saying ‘Dean Ambrose is currently WWE’s longest running champion’ on commentary before the match. With the title being able to change hands on a Dq, Miz made attempt after attempt to get Ambrose disqualified. In the end, though, it was a relatively clean finish with Miz hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on a distracted Ambrose. This was a fun match, despite often tripping up over its own stipulation,
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WWE planning Broken Hardys gimmick, former WWE star passes away – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

The Hardy Boyz might be taking on Sheamus and Cesaro at Payback, but first, Matt must defeat Karl Ander Son – that is to say, the son of Karl Anderson – for the tag team titles, as the Good Brother tweeted:

My 5 year old trying to steal the tag title back from @Matthardybrand ..

"I'll get it Daddy since you couldn't reach it on the ladder"

Karl Anderson (@KarlAndersonWWE) April 17, 2017

But the tag team title belt isn’t the only thing being pulled in two different directions.

Matt and Jeff Hardy’s WWE return, while super nostalgic, has been slightly awkward. After completely reinventing his career in Tna with the wildly successful Broken gimmick, Matt hasn’t been able to continue his Brilliance in WWE because of a legal dispute over who actually owns
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Evilspeak

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord – and many horror films to boot. Payback has always been a constant theme, whether it’s a sinister spirit avenging murder, or a maniacal parent repaying camp counselors for not watching her handicapped child. The meteoric rise in popularity of video games and personal computers at the turn of the 80’s, married with ancient evil, brought a modern edge to this shopworn trope. A sympathetic tale of comeuppance, Evilspeak (1981) serves up its revenge under the computer screen’s warm glow.

Released by Moreno Films, first in Japan in August of ’81 and February of ’82 in North America, Evilspeak nearly made back its 1,000,000 Us budget opening weekend stateside. A few good reviews trickled in, comparing it favorably to the high school horrorfest Carrie (1976). Regardless of comparisons, it stands as a unique antique of a burgeoning time in technology and a potent payback tale.

Our story begins
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Nashville First Look: Laura Benanti's Sadie Cozies Up to [Spoiler]

Nashville First Look: Laura Benanti's Sadie Cozies Up to [Spoiler]
A new songbird has landed in Nashville — and here’s your exclusive first look at Tony winner Laura Benanti as the ABC drama’s Sadie Stone. But you’ll never guess who’s grabbed her attention…

Yes, of all the men in Music City, sketchy record exec Jeff Fordham is one of the first to catch Ms. Stone’s eye. Is their interaction professional? Flirty? Is she showing him the iMace app on her phone? We’ll find out when Benanti (Go On) kicks off a multi-ep arc in the Oct. 1 episode.

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Best of Chuck Season Two Quotes

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As much fun as the Winter Olympics have been, NBC has been killing us with our wait until Chuck returns March 1st with "Chuck Versus the Fake Name."  So call us fanatics, but we've been spending the time re-watching previous seasons.

We noticed our Chuck season two quotes were lacking, and in our effort to become the ultimate resource for all things Chuck, we knew we had to step up our game.  Now with over 260 quotes from the sophomore season, we're ready to do our "best of" post.

Below are our personal favorite Chuck quotes from Bartowski, Casey, Sarah and the Buy More crew.  Go ahead and vote for your favorites:


Chuck: I don't think I'm really cut out for a job where you disarm a bomb, steal a diamond and then jump off a building.

Sarah: Well, you could have fooled me.

Chuck: That's very kind of you to say,
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