No Escape (1994) Poster


Stuart Wilson: Walter Marek



  • Marek : ...that's not funny

    [he suddenly decapites his opponent] 

    Marek : HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! Now, that's funny!

  • Marek : Now, anyone who would like to disagree with me, would you please raise your right hand.

    [Looks around] 

    Marek : If you've got one.

  • Marek : First prize is a chance to live, second prize... you really don't want to hear what the second prize is.

  • Marek : I could use a man like you! A position on my staff, perhaps...

    [gestures at the body] 

    Marek : we appear to have an opening!

  • Marek : I have removed all the heads of state...

    [Dumps out sack full of decapitated remains] 

    Marek : ...I really want to be in charge!

  • Ralph : [Licks knife, uses it to smash a statute, then screams threatening]  AAAAHHHHH!

    Robbins : [Hurls knife into 'Ralph's' chest, killing him instantly. The mob is shocked into silence for several seconds] 

    Marek : That's extraordinary. It's not EXACTLY what we had in mind, but...


    Marek : Extraordinary!

    Marek : I could use a man like you! A position on my staff, perhaps?

    [gestures at Ralph's body] 

    Marek : we appear to have an opening! Think about it! Your own room, full run of the place, free meals: anyone you can catch, kill and eat!

    Robbins : [sarcastic]  How's your health plan?

    Marek : Eh, well it's not really necessary, is it? I mean the average life-expectancy around here is, what? Six months?

    [leans in to Robbins' face] 

    Marek : I've been here seven years.

  • Marek : Isn't this wonderful? Two hundred deluxe rooms, heated outdoor pool, and a staff of caring professionals.


    Marek : I'm sorry, I'm being rude! My name is Walter Marek, I'm your resident director. Welcome to vacation paradise!

    Robbins : I hope you take plastic.

    Marek : We most certainly do! We elicit all forms of payment here. Now, I've taken the liberty of scheduling a stimulating variety of activities for you here.

    Robbins : [bored]  Shuffleboard?

    Marek : Water sports!

    [shoves Robbins over the edge into a net] 

    Marek : Now because our activites are so rigoruous, we're very selective about our clientele. So... just to get that ol' heart pumping, we thought: five minutes in the pool with Ralph!

    [gestures to huge, menacing thug] 

    Marek : Our director of aquatic activities!

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