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"The Mask" is, and forever will be, SMOKIN'!
lee_eisenberg19 September 2005
"The Mask" was the movie that introduced my family to Jim Carrey. And we all thought that it was great. Carrey plays unlucky bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss, who one night finds an ancient mask. When he puts it on, he turns into sort of a cartoon character; think Roger Rabbit on acid. The really great thing about the movie is that they just turn Carrey loose. Anything that you can imagine him doing, he does here. A particularly funny scene is when the police tell him to freeze, you'd better believe that he freezes! All in all, Jim Carrey's humor will never get old. He may have given his all-time funniest performance in "The Mask".
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This movie is a scream!!!
Atreyu_II7 July 2007
If you ask me, 'The Mask' is Jim Carrey's best work ever. It's his best movie and the only one of him I find really great. It's not a movie without its faults, but it's original, imaginative, creative and has very good comical gags. It's a classic. Or, to use only one word to describe it: "Smokin!"

Jim Carrey can be two things: either a really funny comedian either a comedian who does his job well but overacts, although no one can deny that there is a genius inside this man. In 'The Mask' he is awesome. I consider this one of his best actings of all time, if not his very best.

In 'The Mask' Jim Carrey portrays Stanley Ipkiss, a clerk in a nice Edge City bank. He is a very nice and easy-going guy with great sense of humor (which matches his funny name). He is «the nicest guy», yet shy and somewhat depressed and he does not have much success in his job and personal life. He doesn't have much friends, except for his co-worker Charlie and his loyal dog Milo (a Jack Russell Terrier). Stanley likes to watch cartoons (particularly a Tex Avery one with a whistling wolf), decorates his apartment with items from these cartoons and he has the most unusual pajama :)

Jim Carrey also portrays the title character (The Mask), which is the other side of Stanley Ipkiss... or at least what he wants to be but can't be without the mask. The mask gives him superpowers and courage to do things he wouldn't be able to do without it. For example, he can dance like Fred Astaire, Gumby and Barishnikov (all together) - and he can flirt with the gorgeous Tina Carlyle. The Mask is a cartoonish figure that can do incredible things.

This film is a crazy comedy, a film that surpasses the limits of imagination. Yet, despite its cartoonish humor, it also works well as a thriller and has a dark atmosphere. At the same time, this movie is clearly inspired (in many ways) on several cartoons, such as the Looney Tunes, Tex Avery's 'Red Hot Riding Hood' and even the live action/animation movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. The movie also has great sceneries and backgrounds, as well as great lines, nice special effects and its magic.

Cameron Diaz in this movie... my goodness! Is there any guy who wouldn't fall in love with her in this film? She was really a stunning beauty in this film. She was absolutely at her hottest and most sensual here: she was more curvy, sexier, so beautiful and her smile was even more enchanting. Her role as the gorgeous and loving Tina Carlyle was a great acting debut for her. Plus, she was great in this role. In fact, she was a better actress in her early acting years than in more recent years. And she got slimmer with time.

Cameron Diaz also sings very well in this film, with a husky, jazz-like voice. What a difference comparing to 'My Best Friend's Wedding', where she sings terribly. She was 21 years old in 'The Mask' but she surely looked older than that. She is really like a live-action version of Jessica Rabbit in this film.

Other funny characters (along with Stanley Ipkiss) are Charlie Schumacher, Milo, Detective Doyle and the impatient Lt. Mitch Kellaway.

Most of the soundtrack is great: the opening theme and other instrumental themes during the movie and even the cheerful songs "Hey Pachuco" and "Cuban Pete" - this last one is sung by Jim Carrey himself in a hilarious part where he (as The Mask) dances and makes the policemen dance either. It really makes one wanna dance.

Most actors are pretty good in their roles: Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Ben Stein, Amy Yasbeck, Richard Jeni, Nancy Fish, Jim Doughan and Max.

Max is the name of the dog that portrays Milo. The intelligence of that dog deserves to be mentioned. This breed of dog is known for its intelligence and loyalty, but also for being lovable, playful and stubborn dogs. Milo is all of that. Plus, Milo seems to understand everything they tell him. When his master is giving him orders, he moves his head as if he is understanding every word that is said. Plus, he climbs a considerably tall wall to rescue Stanley and we can see in his eyes when he is feeling fear, joy and sadness, for example. What a fabulous dog actor!

The loaner... what a piece of junk! That car makes its own scenes hilarious! Why? Simply because of what it is: a charger in a junkyard.

Jim Carrey makes this movie as good as it is. I believe that this movie couldn't possibly be this good without the great Jim Carrey. This role was made for him and couldn't be played by other than him.

This should definitely be on Top 250.
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Incredible success when seen as a surrealistic cinematic pastiche
BrandtSponseller22 February 2005
Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) is a bit of a dorky pushover. For example, he buys hot concert tickets to try to get a date with a fellow bank employee he's been pining after, but she easily scams him into keeping the tickets for herself, and he is too weak to publicly object. But when he comes across an ancient mask of Lodi long ago discarded by Vikings who tried to bury the "troublesome object" at the "end of the Earth", he discovers it has the power to unlock his true self--suave, smooth-talking, manic, a bit dangerous, and a hopeless romantic.

The Mask was a perfect vehicle for Jim Carrey. It not only allowed provided the perfect justification to flamboyantly engage in his rubber-faced antics in a manner even more over-the-top than what he'd become famous for, but it provided an opportunity to stretch his acting chops towards a more serious side at just the right time in his career, paving the way for later work such as Man on the Moon (1999), The Majestic (2001) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).

The success of the film wholly depends on Carrey, as he has to sell his characters' frenzied insanity so that it's believable as a reflection of Stanley's inner self while at the same time likable but teetering on the edge of becoming obnoxiously overbearing. Of course, the amazing special effects and make-up help, as well as the clever script and more than competent directing and cinematography, but with the wrong actor in the part, the whole affair could have easily collapsed. The other cast members are fine in supporting roles, with Cameron Diaz coming across as being almost otherworldly beautiful, but Carrey is rarely off-screen, and rightly so.

The Mask is notable for both spoofing almost the whole history of cinema while at the same time respectfully paying homage to it. The audience is treated to everything from silent film slapstick to lavish musical numbers (with excellent songs), frenzied Tex Avery-styled animation to gangster film suspense. On its surface, the film is a crazy, often funny, hyperactively paced cinematic pastiche.

The subtext about identity and public faces versus private selves is interesting, but not the focus. It would be fine to explore further, but to do so in this particular film would have taken too much time away from Carrey's surrealistic tour de force. Besides, we've had later films where that subtext has been closer to the heart of a story, such as Catwoman (2004), and where it was very thoroughly and competently dealt with.

Many aspects of The Mask differed from the comic book source material, but this is a case where the changes led to such an excellent result that most people have forgotten about the source material and primarily remember Carrey's performance in this film as definitive.
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A Fine comedy treat
mjw230522 January 2007
Carrey is on top mad-cap form in the Mask, he plays Stanley Ipkiss, a boring Mr. nice guy with a longing for more excitement and success in his life. When he finds a relic of an ancient mask, he gets slightly more than he could have dreamt of; he becomes a cartoonish superhero and at last he can live out his desires; or not!

This film also introduced the very beautiful Cameron Diaz, and what man can forget her first screen appearance as she breezes in to the bank in all her splendour.

Hilariously funny, cracking special effects and a thoroughly entertaining story, the Mask is a winner people, and it's an absolute must-see for everyone who likes a bit of Jim Carrey madness.

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Ignore the 6.9 this movie is SMOKIN'!
doruksesli27 December 2019
I was in shock when I saw the rating of this movie was a 6.9 when it clearly deserves to be at least a 9!!!!! Overall this is a great comedy and is enjoyable ( also great fun for the whole family ), definitely worth a watch!
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The Mask
MR_Heraclius5 February 2020
Extremely fun, fast-paced and colorful, The Mask is a movie with a good direction by Chuck Russell, a script very well adapted by Mike Werb, a beautiful story by Michael Fallon, great visual effects and excellent performances by Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. Plus, it's one of Carrey's best movies and one of the best comedy movies of all time
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one of Carrey's best
Special-K8815 April 2002
Broad, inventive comedy stars Carrey as a repressed, down-on-his-luck banker whose once uneventful life is dramatically changed when he uncovers a mysterious ancient mask that brings out his innermost desires. After developing a close bond and gradual affection for a sexy songbird and prospective client (Diaz), he then tangles with her ruthless, lowlife gangster boyfriend (Greene). Lively, imaginative comedy with big laughs and nifty effects that almost make you feel like you're watching a live-action cartoon. The violence borders on extreme, but Carrey is in peak form and provides more than enough classic moments to make up for it. A must for Carrey fans. ***
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Somebody stop that Jim!
DarthBill13 February 2004
This was the movie that got me into Jim Carrey (though I'd seen him on "In Living Color" a couple of times), and it's still my favorite, though Ace Ventura #1 was also kind of funny.

The great thing about this film is that Jim is actually really restrained all throughout, only going into goof ball mode when he puts on the Mask. He's pretty likable and engaging here, not quite as prone to irritating some audience members like he did in "Batman Forever" and "Ace Ventura #2". Cameron Diaz... my God, she looked SO GOOD here, how have her looks faded so quickly since this film? She looks so... plastic now, kind of like a giant Barbie doll.

One of the big standout scenes in this one is Jim singing "Cuban Pete" to escape all the cops. Not that the other Mask gags are unfunny, but Cuban Pete really stands out. Too bad the cartoon Mask didn't have a little more restraint to it.
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One of the greatest comedies I have ever seen
mareksir26 August 2005
Actually, I saw The Mask by accident. I wet to the cinema with my friend to watch something. When we arrived at the cinema and saw the poster showing The Mask we did not feel like watching it. But as it was a long way home we decided to go and see the film. And we enjoyed the movie so much that we decided to go to see it next day again. The first time we watched it we did not catch everything as our eyes were flooded with tears of laugh and our bellies hurt form laugh cramps. The story is really catching and Jim Carry is simply fabulous. The plot makes you think what it would be like if you had the mask and what you would do with it. Stanley Ippkiss in his funny quest made me be happy with what I am and what I have. The Mask is undoubtedly one of my most favorite comedies and it has a steady place on my video shelf.
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TheMan305111 November 2002
This is easily Jim Carrey's greatest picture! Not only that but in my opinion this was one of the funniest films of the `90s. This is such a fun movie that you can see it 10 times and it's still as fun as the first time. The film stars Jim Carrey in another amazing performance and the BEAUTIFUL Cameron Diaz in her debut.

Also this is kind of like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of my generation. I remember Halloween 1995 when my friends and I dressed up as the characters from this movie and did the Cuban Beat! :)

4(****)out of 4(****)stars

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It made me read the comics
saghy1222 May 2019
The Mask is a character you will never forget, and Jim Carrey was perfect for the role. It's simply one of the best movies based on comic books, I don't understand why did it get such a low score. It's also one of the best comedies of the 90s, you just can't go wrong with it.
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How to cast Jim Carrey
Spleen19 December 1999
It's hard to use Jim Carrey in a movie. He's very good at his rapid-fire mimicry routine, but how can it ever be anything other than a diversion from both character and story? (Very rarely is it a pleasant diversion. `Ace Ventura' was unendurable.) And yet, what else can you do with him?

The `Mask' solves the problem so neatly it almost cheats. The story is ABOUT someone with a double life - so by day, Carrey does all the character and story stuff, and by night, wearing the mask, he does his stand-up schtick. The two are as integrated as they need to be. It's pulled off with such an air of innocence I can't possibly complain. SOME of the clichés (those to do with the police especially) are so very worn out that even the most thorough of movie-goers is surprised to find them still alive; but the writer seems to have been honestly unaware that they were clichés, so that's okay.

I was told that the film is saturated with animation in-jokes. I couldn't spot very many. Stanley-with-the-mask has the soul of a Tex Avery cartoon character: I suspect that's all there is to it. The computer animation, or the computer-enhancement of Carrey's animation, is tastefully done. It never looks pasted over the top of the footage the way so much computer animation does. (`The Mask' failed to win an Oscar in the special effects category - like so many other more deserving films, it was beaten by `Forrest Gump'.) The Cuban dance numbers are irresistible, as is Stanley's pet dog. Sure, `The Mask' is no masterpiece, but it's a clever, charming film that richly deserved its runaway success.
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baileycrawly12 February 2020
I grew up with Jim Carrey movies. They were always on TBS with regular marathons and encore performances. Of everything Jim has done in his career, nothing had quite the same level of appeal and immediate likability that The Mask did. The story of a relative nobody finding an outlet through which their innermost desires could be openly and fearlessly explored resonated with me a lot. The jokes landed back then and they're still just as good now. Carrey has every bit of the charisma necessary to tackle this role properly and he does it spot-on from start to finish. This is a fantastic film to showcase why Jim Carrey was such a huge success in the 90s.
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Superlative superhero comedy
sarastro726 October 2008
Being a superhero comics reader, I tend to see The Mask primarily as a superhero movie. When I look at the best superhero movies yet made, the list of really good ones is quite short. The first X-Men movie was good, the Spider-Man movies are decent, and the best of the lot may be Mystery Men. I also like Sky High. But, one I frequently forget to consider is The Mask. It is actually just as good as Mystery Men, and so one of the two best superhero movies yet. It is a total comedy classic, also in terms of Jim Carrey's acting. Everything is done perfectly and for reasons that make sense to the plot, and it's just fantastically funny: "I can explain everything!!" "Explain THIS!" "Ummmmm...."

Taking its cues from Tex Avery cartoon is genius, and complementing everything with superb (for the time) special effects that still hold up today is just brilliant. This movie has it all, and it all gels in perfect hyper-slapstick harmony. The story is cool, the acting and casting are inspired, and Cameron Diaz is pitiably innocent and adorable.

A fine, fine piece of movie-making.

9 out of 10.
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A perfect action fiction Comedy ok if some says insane
dr_hgj-4823125 October 2019
Jim carry at his best ! Cameroon Dias in a good support. A story fully loaded with marvelous sequence of becoming a God of Mischiefs for the best laughter's one ever imagines. Typical fictional story so convincingly portrayed that one forgets the logics and truth and would prefer a light ride through out the film. Very creative dance sequences, the dictionary idea explored to maximum.. No body in theatre would be non laughing.! It is difficult to make some one laugh. This film excels in doing it to the perfection. It has a great repeat value as well....
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Wonderfully enjoyable comedy, and one of the best movies from the 1990s
bellino-angelo20141 November 2019
I always loved this movie. It's not the best movie ever made but it's among the best movies from the 1990s and one of Jim Carrey's best movies that he has ever made. He was born for this role since he has such a rubbery face and he is very energetic movement-wise. Here he is split in his dual role of Stanley Ipkiss, at day a mild mannered banker and at night when he wears the mask, he unleashes his true self: The Mask, a manic cartoon-like superhero. Thanks to CGI effects that were new for 1994 movie-goers, Carrey spins like a whirlwind when he wears the mask and moves pretty much like a cross between the Road Runner and Taz. The script is clever and funny just like the movie itself and the performances are all best-of from the stars' careers. Jim Carrey is in his natural element and Cameron Diaz here in her debut is lovely as a mobster's girlfriend. All the supporting characters, including Milo the dog and the police detective, are nice to look at. And the soundtrack is one of those soundtracks that will remain stuck in your memory forever. All in all, a great comedy highly enjoyable and much much better than the wretched Carrey and Diaz-less sequel SON OF THE MASK, that I loathed it so much that I only try to forget that it was made in the first place.
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stormhawk20215 May 2017
Classic of classics. Without a doubt, one of the best comedies of all times. It's a complete movie. The script is fabulous and the management even better. Chuck Russell in his best work gives us a series of unforgettable scenes, it would be impossible to choose one, but among the best could mention: the artistic number of the character of Cameron Diaz in Coco Bongo in the style of Rita Hayworth in "Gilda", scene of theft In the bank and the scene in which the Mask gives its deserved to punk-dressed criminals.

With regard to the cast, all of them showed off, from the protagonists to the secondary characters. Jim Carrey (The Mask) in his best performance in a comic film, with every gesture, every nonsense, every madness, robs us of laughter from beginning to end. Cameron Diaz (Tina) impeccable in her debut as actress, wasting sensuality and sweetness at the same time, thanks to that majestic body, that blond hair and sky-blue eyes. Peter Greene perfect as a villain, just by looking at that good face and those deep blue eyes and you know who the bad guy is. The cops very awesome, as always the clever (Peter Riegert) and the clumsy (Jim Doughan). And last but not least, I do not know what it's called the dog that made Milo, but what a bonanza, by God, stole the show that little son of a female dog.

As a curious fact, the film is based on the eponymous comic. Yes, nobody or almost nobody knows that. But since the film was filmed and because of its wide acceptance by the public, the comic came out of anonymity, one way or another. To finish, in one of the deliveries of the comic, The Mask shares chapters nothing less with the Joker and Batman.
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MovieAddict201623 December 2002
Jim Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss, a "zero" as the film tagline says, who never speaks his mind about anything. The typical mild-mannered guy.

After Stanley finds an enchanted mask under a bridge one day, though, everything changes. He goes from "zero to hero". But first, he plays around with his new found menacing powers.

Calling the mask a hero is like calling Hitler kind of a good guy. The mask makes Stanley rob banks, scare people and more. He's half-hero.

"The Mask" is not great, but it fits Carrey's film persona quite well. He bounces off the wall (literally) and just doesn't sit still. Typical Carrey.

If you're not one for loser-to-hero films or wacky slapstick, don't see "The Mask". Otherwise, it's worth a peek.

3/5 stars
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Awesome, under-rated classic.
evanavan28 September 2006
How often do you see a movie like this? It absolutely rocks. Even though it tones down the violence of the dark horse comics, it seamlessly blends Tex Avery style wackiness into the real world. If that does'nt reflect the inner child in us and what everyone wants to be, then what does? Firstly, the main character is brilliant. Hes an explosive combination of all the wacky toons we all love. But the difference is that its all amplified 10 times over and its all real! You actually combine all this wackiness into a very serious, realistic, dark and gritty world. The guy who came up with the 'Tornado' routine needs to be given a major award. This has to be Jim Carrey's best performance in his career and for once, hes not overacting or being annoying. Cameron Diaz looks her best in this movie.

The actors who play Kellaway and Doyle also give very likable performances. The villain is also very well played but he loses his charm when he puts on the Mask. The music is also awesome. This is one extremely enjoyable film that is also very posh, cleanly cut and refined despite its subject matter and content. The production values are very high.

My only complaint about this movie is that it does'nt have enough of the 'Mask' himself. For that you'd need to go and see the animated series but the latter is not at all as good as the movie itself, strangely.
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A timeless classic
TichMcLovin23 July 2013
One of my favourite movies as a kid, and a guilty pleasure as an adult. This movie has everything that a kid could be looking for in a movie. I introduced this to my 6 year old son recently and now its all he talks about, he mimics the various characters portrayed by The Mask and has even started getting his friends asking their mums and dads about it.

10/10 from me, for the simple fact that it doesn't exactly what its supposed to, entertain families.

Its a fun filled story packed with that old school slap stick comedy mixed with some cartoon parodies, all seamlessly blended by the master of laughs, Jim Carrey.
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Hugely enjoyable comedy, and by far one of Carrey's better films
TheLittleSongbird14 April 2010
I truly enjoy this film. It isn't the best movie ever or anything like that but it is still a hugely enjoyable comedy in my opinion. And I also think that along with Liar Liar and The Truman Show that The Mask is one of Jim Carrey's better movies. Here Carrey's role is split, his mild mannered banker and a wild, crazy superhero. Either way, he excels in this film, he is completely in his element and completely unpredictable. He is helped by the special effects, which are utterly amazing, a truly imaginative and sophisticated visual style that worked so well here. Here because of the special effects, Carrey moves around at whirlwind speed, pops his eyeballs and swaps parts of his anatomy for his cartoon equivalents and you know what it is jolly funny. There are so many good scenes though my favourite was the Bugs Bunny-style Cuban Pete routine. Also superb are the script, which is as funny and as imaginative as the film itself and the suitably tongue in cheek music score. Not to mention the adorable pet dog, underrated Peter Reigert, Peter Greene's Dorian and gorgeous Cameron Diaz. Overall, hugely enjoyable, funny and imaginative, so much better than its sequel Son of the Mask which I disliked so much I try to forget it exists. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Still funny
tomfsloan14 September 2018
It's years later, and it's still funny. Stupid but funny. Entertaining and stupid, but still funny. This isn't concidered a musical, but it has great musical numbers.
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A No for me
kirch-sarah24 December 2020
Well as a Carrey fan, I must say I didn't laugh for one time during this movie. It was way to over the top for me.
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Hello Ms. Diaz
kosmasp4 June 2021
Cameron Diaz ... what an introduction to the film world. While I reckon some may feel that her walking into this or how she is portrayed, is borderline sexist, you would be taking the fun out of the movie even before you started watching it. One thing is for sure: Jim Carrey is having as much fun as anyone can have. You can tell and it really comes through his performance and through the screen to anyone watching.

There is a movie logic - so whatever happens here .. just suspend your disbelief and go with the flow! Good guys finish last ... unless they find something that changes their life(s). Rewatching this made me realize how good it is .. good actors involved too, but it is the Jim Carrey show no doubt about that. I do wonder why the sequel is rated so low ... the idea seems so foolproof that ... but I haven't seen that yet ... I just might watch it one day ... I think I have seen worse ... anyway, back to this! This is amazing, so there you go!
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XweAponX26 July 2018
This was the perfect casting of Jim Carrey ever, and the best comic-book based film ever made. Hands down.

And although Carrey has made other interesting and funny films, none have utilized his abilities as this practically made-for-Carrey film has.

The Mask as a character itself is based on all of those cartoons with the redhaired dancer and the wolf, many were made during the WW-II years. One of them even had Red Riding Hood being eaten by the wolf at the end, or at least sitting in his pot.

This was as clever casting as Robin Williams in "Aladdin" or "Mrs Doubtfire", something which we'd never see again. I believe there was even a sequel that is so im-memorable, that it's not even linked to this film in an IMDb search.

That's where this film has a commonality with the Disney Aladdin films, you cannot do a sequel if you cannot reproduce a once in a lifetime performance.

It's that personalities like Carrey and Williams are so dynamic that you can't just replace their characters with new actors.

There were a lot of great character actors in this as well, including Carrey's landlady.

This film could have had a good sequel, should have had one. I had never heard of this director, but he did a great job especially with the primitive CGI, very similar to Burton's work.

It wasn't just Carrey, this was very well directed. And Cameron Diaz did not hurt, either.
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