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  • Stanley Impkiss is a nice, but insecure bank employee whose life is turned down upside down. One night, when his car breaks down, he discovers a mysterious mask and brings it back to his apartment. Stanley puts on the mask and he magically transformed into a crazed, out of control superhero called The Mask. However, The Mask's antics catches the attention of thug Dorian Tyrell whom has a score to settle with The Mask when The Mask beats him to robbing the local bank and arrogant police detective Lt. Mitch Kellaway and his dumb, fat and ugly partner Detective Doyle are on The Mask's trail and Lt. Kellaway is bent on bringing The Mask down. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The movie is based on a comic book, also called "The Mask", published by Dark Horse comics. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. All the characters impersonated or just played are played by Jim Carrey. He plays both Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Originally, there were plans to make a sequel to The Mask after its release. However, these plans fell through after Jim Carrey opted not to reprise his role. Carrey felt that, based on his experiences in filming Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) (1995), reprising his character in a sequel to The Mask would not have offered him any challenges as an actor. Nevertheless, a sequel was made, Son of the Mask (2005) (2005), although it featured a different cast and crew to the previous film and unlike its predecessor, was a major critical and commercial failure. Furthermore, there was an animated TV series The Mask (1995) (1995-1997) that was based on this film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Dorian placed a mob bounty of $50,000 on the head of the Mask. Upon learning that Stanley is the Mask, Peggy made a deal with Dorian to turn over Dorian to him in exchange for the money and that Stanley would not be harmed, unaware that Dorian was lying. Edit (Coming Soon)


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