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Julia Ormond: Susannah Fincannon



  • Susannah : Tristan, I have nowhere to send this letter and no reason to believe you wish to receive it. I write it only for myself. And so I will hide it away along with all the things left unsaid and undone between us.

  • Alfred : I don't know what to say. Tristan's always been wild. You love him for that.

    Susannah : Do I? Yeah, I suppose I do.

    Alfred : Susannah, he does love you.

    [holds her as she cries] 

    Colonel Ludlow : Alfred! She's to be your brother's wife.

    Alfred : Yes, though you might better remind him of that.

    Colonel Ludlow : He's not here to defend himself.

    Alfred : No, he's not but I see you are here to defend him and what is his. Even though he's abandoned her and you. And I won't even speak of who else he abandoned.

    Colonel Ludlow : Damn you, boy. Don't you blame my son for Samuel's death! Samuel chose to be a soldier and soldiers die. Sent to be slaughtered by the men in the government. Parasites like you! Damn and blast you!

    [turns to Susannah] 

    Colonel Ludlow : Damn you too!

    Alfred : Shut your mouth! You leave her out of this!

    Colonel Ludlow : You get out of my house and off my land.

    Alfred : Why? Because I want to serve my country like you did? Or because, like you, I love a woman who doesn't love me? He used her and he deserted her. Your darling Tristan.

    Susannah : Alfred, don't, please.

    Alfred : I loved her! I love her still. And he stole her from me. If you want to know the truth of it he stole her from Samuel before the war.

    Colonel Ludlow : God help me, I'll kill you.

  • Susannah : Were you going to say goodbye? Tristan? How long will you be gone?

    Tristan : Not long. A few months.

    Susannah : I can make it better for you.

    Tristan : No.

    Susannah : If we'd had a child or if I were pregnant, would you still be going?

    Tristan : Yes.

    Susannah : Just give me a chance.

    Tristan : Don't do that.

    Susannah : Look at me. Please, look at me. I'll wait for you. However long it takes. I'll wait for you forever.

  • Young Isabel Two : You're going to marry Samuel.

    Susannah : That's right.

    Young Isabel Two : I'm going to marry Tristan.

    Susannah : Then we'll be sisters.

  • Susannah : Forever turned out to be too long.

  • Alfred : Susannah, you know how much I loved Samuel. And I think you know. Out of respect for him I wanted to say it in this place. I think you know that I'm in love with you. From the first moment I saw you. Like in a novel. That's my mother's romantic imagination coming out in me, I suppose. You're not making this very easy for me, Susannah.

    Susannah : Sorry.

    Alfred : Is there any hope that you could learn to love me? Not the way you loved Samuel, of course, but enough to. Susannah, we could make a life together. A happy life.

    Susannah : I don't think so, Alfred.

    Alfred : It seems like you're not sure though. Maybe there's a chance. What?

    Susannah : I think I can only cause you pain, Alfred.

  • Susannah : I still sometimes dream that I'm the mother of your children. I wanted her to die.

  • [Regarding Tristan's departure] 

    Susannah : Will he come back?

    Colonel Ludlow : I don't know.

    Colonel Ludlow : [One Stab speaks Cree]  Stab says yes.

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