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Brad Pitt: Tristan



  • Tristan : You see this man? His name is One Stab. He's a venerated elder of the Cree nation. He's counted coup on hundreds of his enemies. He is our friend, and he is thirsty.

  • Samuel : Still hung over?

    Tristan : Still drunk!

  • Susannah : Were you going to say goodbye? Tristan? How long will you be gone?

    Tristan : Not long. A few months.

    Susannah : I can make it better for you.

    Tristan : No.

    Susannah : If we'd had a child or if I were pregnant, would you still be going?

    Tristan : Yes.

    Susannah : Just give me a chance.

    Tristan : Don't do that.

    Susannah : Look at me. Please, look at me. I'll wait for you. However long it takes. I'll wait for you forever.

  • Alfred : When are you planning to be married?

    Tristan : Morning.

    Alfred : Damn you, Tristan. You will marry her.

    Tristan : And make a honest woman out of her?

    Alfred : Yes! God damn you to hell.

    Tristan : Yes, I will marry her if she'll have me.

    Alfred : If she'll have you? Do you love her? Or did you seduce her just to spite me?

    Tristan : It's not what I did.

    Alfred : And what about Samuel?

    Tristan : What about Samuel?

    Alfred : You tell me about Samuel.

    Tristan : We all loved Samuel. Samuel's dead. What?

    Alfred : How convenient that is for you.

    Tristan : Because you love her I will forgive you for that. Once! You say that again and we're not brothers.

  • Tristan : Samuel, God bless you. You are good at everything you try to do. I'm sure it'll be the same with fucking.

    Samuel : Tristan, really. We're talking about my future wife.

    Tristan : Oh, you're not gonna fuck her?

    Samuel : No!

    Tristan : No?

    Samuel : No! I'm planning to be with her.

    Tristan : I recommend fucking.

  • Alfred : You don't have to be a genius to figure out they going to come after you for this.

    Tristan : Yeah. Alfred?

    Alfred : Yeah?

    Tristan : I want to ask you to watch over my children. Watch over Samuel.

    Alfred : Brother, it will be an honor.

  • Tristan : You know when Samuel died... when Samuel died, I cursed God. Did I damn everybody around me as well as myself?

    Colonel Ludlow : No. You are not damned, Tristan... I won't allow that.

  • Tristan : Alfred's going to do well wherever he is.

    Colonel Ludlow : Except here with us.

    Tristan : That's my fault.

    Colonel Ludlow : I didn't say that.

    Tristan : I couldn't bring Samuel back home alive either, could I?

    Colonel Ludlow : Don't you dare say that boy! That was in God's hands.

    Tristan : Was it?

  • Samuel : Nice shiner.

    Tristan : Yeah, well, I hit her back.

  • Tristan : Because you love her, I will forgive that, ONCE! Say that again, and you are no longer my brother.

  • Tristan : Miss Finncannon. It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you and Ugly here find every happiness together.

  • Samuel : Tristan! Get back to your unit!

    Tristan : Those boys are boring. I'd rather have you watching my back.

  • Canadian Soldier : MacKenzie was just brought in, his leg's turned bad. He said...

    Tristan : What?

    Alfred : He said what? Go on, man, what is it?

    Canadian Soldier : He said your brother, he volunteered to take his place and go over on the reconnaissance.

    Alfred : [to Tristan]  God damn it! I told you to stay with him!

  • Tristan : You guys look like a bunch of ice-cream cones!

  • Tristan : Samuel! Samuel, come here! Run along now. Go with Pet. Get him in the house!

    John T. O'Banion : He's a fine boy. You know we're not here to arrest you.

    Tristan : You take me to the woods. I don't want my boy to see. I don't want my boy to see. Let's get on with it.

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