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MPAA Rated R for strong sexuality and language, and for violence

Sex & Nudity

  • This is one of Linda Fiorentino's rare movies with nudity, breasts, nipples, bottom, no full frontal.
  • A topless man is seen wrapped in a towel
  • A woman puts her hand inside the fly of a man's trousers. It's implied that she touches his penis
  • A man is shown thrusting into a woman outside a bar
  • A woman is shown riding a man in a car
  • A topless man and woman are shown in bed, the woman gets up and her panties and bare breasts can be seen
  • A man is shown thrusting into a woman on a bed
  • A man's naked butt is seen
  • A man and woman are shown together in a shower (no nudity shown, sex is implied)
  • A woman tries to seduce a man by taking off clothes, but he refuses her advances
  • A man rapes a woman, the woman's butt can briefly be seen when the man rips her underwear. He is shown violently thrusting into her from behind

Violence & Gore

  • A woman tricks an armed man into removing his seatbelt in a moving jeep so she could crash the vehicle. The impact causes him to hurl face first through the windshield before landing on the ground. Although no blood is discernible, shards of glass are shown sticking out of his forehead.
  • A man slaps a woman
  • A man punches a woman across the face
  • A woman shouts at a man to rape her [see sex and nudity]


  • Frequent profanity including f-word, s-word, & a-word.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters frequently drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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