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Is Pauley Shore Dead?
ccthemovieman-19 October 2006
Whatever happened to Pauley Shore? I guess he's still around but you didn't hear much from him after this movie, which was a decent success. It was a surprisingly-good lightweight comedy with a bunch of likable goofs and weirdos from Glendale, California, and their adventures after they join the Army Reserves.

The language was pretty tame in here but there were a lot of sexual innuendos, too many for a PG rating but not surprising in a modern-day comedy. That comedy overall is good with some laugh-out-loud scenes.

Also, as with many films, the ending gets carried away. It was really dumb, but for most of this movie it was entertaining enough to certainly recommend if you need a laugh.
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dtucker8630 August 2003
This is a film that is sort of a guilty pleasure for me, what I mean by that is that its a film that I am almost ashamed to admit that I like. Pauly Shore is a lot more talented then his critics would have you believe. I am a Sergeant in the Army and on October 20th I will have ten years on active duty. I also spent six years in the National Guard and served in Operation Desert Storm. Watching military movies is fun for me because I often laugh at them and say that it is not like that in real life. This film gave me a lot of laughs. I liked the scene where Pauly dropped that grenade in basic. I would have killed him if I had been his drill sergeant. I think Lori Petty played a good part in this film. She is an underated actress who can do comedy and drama very well. People have not given her enough credit. She sort of steals the show in this movie as Christine. I was sort of reminded of my Gulf war experiences when I was watching them in the desert. I remember when our plane landed I just looked around and there was nothing only sand and thats what they see. This film understandebly never won any Oscars and I doubt if the American Film Institute will ever fight to preserve it, but it is still a nice way to waste two hours.
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The funniest of the Pauly Shore movies.
Brad K.19 December 1998
I know most people find Pauly Shore (Bio-Dome, Encino Man) to be really annoying. He can be extremely annoying, but he can also be truly funny. In the movie In the Army Now, Shore plays another one of his likable loser characters. He and his best friend, played by Andy Dick (TV's News Radio) just got fired from their jobs and need money. So they both enlist in the Army Reserves assuming they will never have to do anything. During the movie they meet some new friends, Lori Petty (Tank Girl, The Glass Shield) and David Alan Grier (McHale's Navy). Pauly Shore and Andy Dick decide to join the water purification unit and Shore displays a real talent for that. Of course, a war starts and they get sent into Libya to help out the troops by purifying water if needed. The film is actually very funny and had me laughing consistently, Shore stays away from being too annoying. Andy Dick is just as funny as he is on NewsRadio. Petty and Grier are also funny. I recommend this for Shore fans and those who want a good impression of him.
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well, there's one bright spot
trey-e-carter9 January 2006
It's Pauly Shore. It is what it is. However, i do have one, personally infamous issue with this movie. Oh sure, i can laugh about it now b/c it was so long ago, but at the time, i could have beat Pauly Shore with any number of garden tools. you see... I was going through basic training for the Army at Ft. Sill in 1994 and was "asked" by my drill sergeant's to be one of the unwittingly captive extras out there running in place in the "EXTEND TO THE LEFT---MARCH!!!" scene. That's right, sports fans, i was one of those poor souls kept out of bed until the wee hours of the morning so that Mr. Shore could have his early morning Army PT scene. Only it wasn't early morning. It was filmed in about three takes between the hours of 2000 and 2400. That's 9:00p.m. 'til midnight. For those or us who know, sleep in basic training is a rare and valued commodity and Mr. Shore took about four of the six hours i got away that night. So, needless to say, my fellow recruits and I didn't much care for Mr. Shore, especially at 0300 the next morning when the training day started. we somehow got through it but never really got over it. It wasn't until a few years later that I finally got to watch the movie. That infamous scene comes on and guess what I see. I see my bald-headed self out there running in place clear as day...well, night. It's only for maybe three seconds, but it's long enough to be confirmed by a number of people. So, there it is, three seconds of my fifteen minutes of fame used in a Pauly Shore movie. wow.
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Being All That They Can Be?
bkoganbing26 April 2009
Although there's a lot of people who don't like Pauly Shore, apparently you either love him or hate him, I have to say that I found this film quite amusing. It takes me back to my younger days when I was a weekend warrior. The group I hung out with I'm afraid, all people who were trying to get out of the real army and Vietnam joined the reserves as I did. We were about as military a group as Pauly Shore, Andy Dick, and David Alan Grier. Back then though we were not side by side with Lori Petty. The Army in its infinite wisdom knew better than to activate our crowd for Vietnam.

But that's not what happens here. Pauly Shore and Andy Dick are a pair of misfits in civilian life and find they have a cash flow problem. That extra money for attending those Army Reserve drills sounds pretty enticing so they decide to be all that they can be on the weekends and two weeks in the summer.

But Libya and Chad go to war and like the Iraqi Desert Storm, the reserves are called up for a United Nations multi-national force. Actually Libya and Chad did have border conflicts for many years with the French attacking as protectors for Chad. Pauly, Andy, and their new friends David Alan Grier and Lori Petty are in the Sahara Desert as part of a water purification team, water boys as they're derisively called by those in the real army.

In The Army Now revives all the basic service comedy situations going all the way back to Abbott&Costello in Buck Privates. Especially in the training sequences. Pauly Shore and Andy Dick probably grew up on Bud&Lou, but they do the routines with a Generation X twist.

I liked the film and thanked God I was not in the situations that Pauly and the rest were in.
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It's sweet
Ivan Ravenous11 December 2000
I really don't understand why everyone puts down Pauly Shore. I've loved him since I saw him on MTV. I used to have some of his standup on tape and that was some funny s**t. I think he's a really funny guy and a great screen presence.

In the Army Now is a super funny movie, mostly due to Pauly, but Andy Dick, Lori Petty and David Allen Grier are great also. It's difficult for me to put my finger on why I like this movie so much, but watching it makes me feel good, and that's all I care about.
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A great Pauly Shore movie
Agent109 July 2002
While Son in Law is Pauly Shore's best movie, this is proves to be my personal favorite among his body of work. The premise of Shore being in the army is about hilarious as Leonardo DiCaprio demanding $25 million and getting it! Plenty of laughs either way. Anyway, this film was rather funny and sarcastic, satirizing the military and the macho attitudes which seem to be quite prevalent. While the cast (Shore, David Alan Grier, Andy Dick and Lori Petty) isn't going to impress you with their firm grasp of the thespian arts, it still was good stuff to watch. Also, Esai Morales and Art LaFleur both

provided solid supporting roles.
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this movie is gonna be a cult classic someday
arunarav20 July 2006
how can anyone berate a movie so funny., give me a break. If u ar looking for a thought provik film this wont be film for you. I watched this film in college , that was around 1995, I saw it again in 1999, I laughed my ass off ( at certain places) thats like more than some films can do. I feel this movie delivers what it promises. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite film. I was disappointed with paulys other works ( jury duty etc) I guess it was shear magic watching the four main characters coming together., some of my fav lines were " christine,( if I got it right)she will drink anything !! and " is the snake done yet". The movie is slap stick at certain places but mostly its genuine comedy. I m shocked this movie has got only 4 stars. I wish the director of this movie makes lots of money someday, cos he sure made me happy.
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decent vehicle for Shore
Special-K8823 April 2002
Bones and Jack are two ne'er-do-well best friends who work odd jobs to support themselves, but really have dreams of opening their own store. Out of work and looking to make some extra cash, they enlist in the U.S. Army Reserves where they sign up to be water purification specialists. Little do they dream that they'll be sent on active duty after conflict erupts in the country of Chad. Dry comedy has its moments and is likely to please fans of its star, but it's never uproarious and never really exploits the premise for all it's worth. In most cases actor Shore is an acquired taste, but he's enjoyable and adds life here. **
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Pauly Shore sucks, but this movie doesn't.
the-jerk14 June 2005
I am not a fan of Pauly Shore movies. I didn't like "Encino Man", I didn't like "Son-in-Law", and I didn't like "Jury Duty". I thought he was occasionally funny on MTV (he did one bit as Kennedy that had me rolling once), but I don't think he made the transition to movies well. He's made some real stinkers.

Okay. That being said, I actually DID like this movie. I even liked Pauly Shore in it. And although it probably wasn't a good movie by any standards, it had some extremely funny parts, like the part where Shore dropped the grenade and threw the pin in basic training. The premise (Shore joins the army as a water treatment specialist thinking he'll never have to go to war, but...) was an engaging one, and the foursome at the center (Shore, Lori Petty, Andy Dick, and David Alan Grier) worked well together, and seemed to be having a good time. I especially liked David Alan Grier as the dentist who was afraid of everything, and Petty was appropriately hammy as the butch girl who couldn't wait to go to war.

Overall, a decent movie, but a masterpiece by Pauly Shore movie standards.
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This movie is structured for CONSTANT LAUGHING!
Comm Major22 July 2000
Are you people-- that created the 4.whatever average-- SICK!?!?

My God, well, okay maybe Lori Petty is most likely the worst actress since... okay, she's the worst. In the words of my esteemed alterego: "She's a MAN, BABY! YEAH!" Yikes, what's up with that!? And, I have slight reservation towards David Allen Grier, but the man CAN be funny when he's not getting under my skin.

This movie, by far, was Pauly Shore's highlight in Hollywoood. Sure, SON IN LAW is good, but this one has it all. Plus, you've got the ever-popular Andy Dick co-staring as Jack, Bones' (Shore) buddy that is pulled into the whole mess because of Bones' brother being a pool boy. "Dude, this is gunna be so easy, my brother was a pool boy... All we gotta do is make dirty water, clean. And even if there's a big war, what are we gunna take... WATERBALLOONS?!" How hilarious!

Opening the movie, Bones and Jack eventually get fired from their job at the local "Crazy Boys Electronics" due to Bones' ... well, bone. ;o) The next day, the two lifeless goofs play a round of putt-putt. Politely asking to 'play through' while Bones and Jack discuss future plans for their own awesome electronics store, two military gentlemen in uniform proceed in 'playing through.' As one of the uniformed men place their ball on the ground, Bones (Shore) sneaks up behind him and smooths the soldier's head back and forth, quickly, and pulls away when the officer rears back in defense. It happens again, and, all of a sudden, Bones starts doing all these military positions while yelling:

BONES: Army! Navy! Marines! walks up to the irritated soldier gets in his face, whispering Did joo order the Code Red? pulls hairline back, shouts YER GOD DAMN RIGHT I DID! comes to his senses, to Jack Wow! Dude, that was my Nickelson.

Jack (Andy Dick) reassures the defensive soldiers that his buddy likes to mess around, etc.

The movie is structured for CONSTANT LAUGHING! If it's not outrageous situations like the above, it's Pauly Shore's contagious laughter, or Andy Dick's dim reality of every situation, or David Allen Grier's panic attacks... just outrageous!

While in boot camp: BONES: Jack, ... where's the sun? JACK: There is no more sun, Bones.

Oh man... I gotta go watch it now.

From the Desk Of,

Comm Major
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Accidentally Great
ray-28017 August 2005
What must have started out as a one-liner: "Hey, let's put Pauly Shore in the Army!" -- turned into a full-fledged classic that will be as funny a century from now as it was when it was released. The humor is original, the stereotypes (and knocking them down a peg) are present in abundance, and Art LeFleur as the first Sargent could have squeaked out an Oscar nomination had the film starred anyone else. The dramatic elements are also stronger than generally recognized.

The plot: Chad has chemical warheads pointed at US targets, and it's up to Pauly Shore (Bones), Andy Dick, Lori Petty, and the black guy from McHale's Navy to save the world, six weeks after they completed basic training for the Army Reserves.

Need I say more? Watch it.
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The Beginning of the End
Michael_Elliott30 January 2018
In the Army Now (1994)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Bones (Pauly Shore) and Jack (Andy Dick) decide to join the Army so that they can make some quick cash, which they plan to use for an endevor they have. However, the two didn't realize that you'd have to do real work in the Army and as soon as basic training is over they are called to battle.

Comedian Shore started to rise to fame with ENCINO MAn and SON IN LAW made him a star. His time at the top wasn't too long as IN THE ARMY now was followed by a string of bombs including JURY DUTY and BIO-DOME. These three films pretty much killed his career and his name over the title days were over.

I enjoyed Shore in the first two films that I mentioned but there's no question that this act didn't work too well. IN THE ARMY NOW is certainly better than the two films that were to follow but there's no question that there's not too much here. Five screenwriters are given credit for this mess, which is pretty much a stoner version of STRIPES where a couple misfits join the Army not knowing what they're getting into.

Shore and Dick can work apart but put them together and you've got some pretty annoying attempts at humor. The one saving grace in the film was Lynn Witfield as the sexy drill instructor who gets several jokes thrown her way. Lori Petty and David Alan Grier are both wasted in thankless roles. Sadly, the screenplay does very little and it certainly delivers very few laughs.

The problem with a film like IN THE ARMY NOW is that it seems the filmmakers thought you could be annoying as possible and this would lead to some laughs. Sadly, it didn't and you're just left with a comedy that has very few laughs.
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Better than I remember
locovel15 March 2018
It's because this movie turned me onto Live (The Dam At Otter Creek) the song that plays while they are roaming through the desert. I didn't know Paul Mooney had a bit role in this until I watched it again. If you hate Pauly Shore (who isn't bad in this) you should at least like Lori Petty, Andy Dick, David Alan Grier and Lynn Whitfield.
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Here, take the whole wallet.....
FlashCallahan21 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bones and Jack are two guys with very little going right in their lives.

The two decide to join the Army as part of the water purification team, and eventually find themselves on the front lines in the conflict between countries of Chad and Libya.

The two men, along with a few companions, have it upon themselves to save the day in combat, something they know nothing about....

Another year, another Pauly Shore movie, and as i've said before, if you liked Encino/California man, and found him to be the funniest thing in the movie (which someone did, because they gave him a deal), there is something here to enjoy.

Even though the context of the narrative has been done to death, two ne'er do wells join a responsible outfit, cause a bit of trouble, and then save the day (think STRIPES), you cannot help but warm to Shore, and he knows this.

It's a pretty poor movie, but thanks to the stars energy, you cannot help but like the film for what it is, a showcase for Shore, and everyone else in this knows the fact.

But it also showed that he wasn't going to be anything more than a one trick pony, and his shtick, wouldn't stick for much longer, but still, he was pretty big in the mid-nineties, and he'll never let you forget it..
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Not too bad representation of the Army
daniel-ambia28 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I trained in the exact same bases that Pauly Shore does in the movie, and we did pretty much the same things that he does. I know some movies portray army training as being incredibly intense. and it is, but there's always room for humor. I got a drill sgt to laugh the first day by running past him nude into the shower because someone had stolen my towel. Anyway if people take this movie for more then it is supposed to be they should be checked for their mental health. These actors do stupid things to make you laugh. You watch a movie, you drink some beer and you laugh your ass off when Pauly Shore talks. That's all it's great. Love it or leave it.
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Pauley Shore and David Allen Grier? Can you ask for anything more in a stupid-humor comedy? (spoilers)
vertigo_1428 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I know, I know. Majority opinion on IMDb says Son in Law is Pauley Shore's greatest movie ever. Hell, I liked all three that he did around that time: Son in Law, In the Army Now, and Jury Duty. This guy could always make me laugh. He's the worlds giant goofball and makes such terrific, stupid, fun-loving characters. It's even funnier that it is his characters that often save the day of totally idiotic situations (well, more in the latter two, anyway).

In the Amry Now has two of my favorite comedians: Pauley Shore and David Allen Grier (who delivers the most funniest moments in this movie as the excessively anxious Fred). Even Andy Dick, who seems so irritating in other things (post-'News Radio'), is even funny in this, so long as he doesn't have too many speaking lines. And Lori Petty adds to the cast as the cynical, tough-girl soldier that is sort of reminiscent (or inspiring of) her later role as 'Tank Girl' (that's a good movie).

'In the Army Now' is about two stereo salesman who's on-the-job antics and hijinks get them fired. Without any cash to pursue their goal of starting up their stereo and electronics shop, Bones (Pauley Shore) gets the brilliant idea that the quickest way to get the cash is to enlist in the army. It's clear that Bones is a total Bozo.

Though it's stupid to mention, this is the movie that marks the cease and desisting of Pauley Shore's grunge curly locks as he gets his head shaved for his role as the all-American soldier boy. His buddy, wimpy Jack (Andy Dick), also gets a makeover--as the Army issue supernerd with huge glasses, bony arms, and little head. And being in the army is not quite the picnic Bones had imagined, except for the part of getting ordered around by a screaming female drill sergeant who doesn't look grossly masculine like you seen in other movies. A couple billion push-ups later, and a whole lot of disciplinary action, Bones and Jack survive the army.

Bones figures that the army is the easiest way to the cash because they'd only have to serve the two weekends a month, six weeks a year, or whatever the standard schedule is for recruits. He's also basing his estimates on the assumption that there'll be no war to worry about, at least not before their term in hell is up. And boy was he wrong.

They signed up for water purification, and now, they're back on duty to go into the Gulf War, where they need the water boys (and girl) most. That's where Fred (Grier) and Christing (Lori) come in as their crewmates for their time in the desert. They sure make an odd assortment of characters. Bones never takes much too seriously, and certainly doesn't like the immediate responsibility of being named leader of the outfit. Jack is jealous of Bones and doubts his abilities to get anything done right (especially when they get lost in the desert and their convoy is hijacked). Christine is a pretty tough girl who, of course, will later become Bones' love interest, as well as a bit of inspiration. And Fred, my favorite character in the whole movie, is the grossly sensitive type who, aside from being a full-time dentist, joined the army on the advice of his therapist in order to "confront the things he's most afraid of" which is "uh...damn near everything." Pauley Shore may be the star, and he's a funny guy and all of that, but for me, I love this movie because David Allen Grier is simply hilarious (look at the 'scorpion on my back' scene).

Given the date of this movie's release, I assume it was typical Gulf War propaganda (it just wouldn't be an American war if there weren't propaganda), which doesn't sit well with me. But aside from that, it is an amusing little comedy with your typical, natural Pauley Shore antics. He's always so laid back and that's why his characters are so stupid, and at the same time, so funny. That's what Pauley Shore has always been great with. If that's the kind of humor you like, then you probably will enjoy a stupid-humor comedy where a bunch of idiots, who finally mold themselves into strapping, dignified young soldiers, save the day from invasion.

P.S. Look for Keith Coogan in the finally as the cyle of Bones-like expectations continues with a new set of recruits.
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A truly dreadful waste of time.
Wookiee-223 March 1999
Pauly Shore is a lot like Keanu Reeves in that he keeps getting cast in films even though he is terrible. At least Keanu's films have interesting plots. But this film is just horrible. It is the most painfully predictable film I have ever seen. I would have left the theatre if I hadn't been with friends (we were planning on seeing something else but arrived too late.) I cannot to this day figure out what the audience was laughing at, or what sort of sheltered life they must lead not to spot the "jokes" a mile away. Even crappy TV sitcoms steer clear of such rubbish. Painful, offensive, awful. Ishtar was better. Far better.
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Excellent movie, as good as Bio Dome.
Kraal9319 April 2005
I loved the movie for a lot of reasons. Pauly Shore and David Alan Grier, for example.

My ONE small gripe; the fighter jets used in the movie. At first, it seemed as if the planes were Tornado Marines, single-tail, single-engine fighters. In other scenes, if you're into military aircraft, or have seen Top Gun, you can clearly see that they are F-14 Tomcats, dual-tail (or split-fin, as Luke Air Force Base pilots refer to them), dual-engine fighters. I'm guessing that since the Tornado and the Tomcat share a lot of similarities (swing-wings, similar forward fuselages, and near-cockpit intake vents), that only a person, or persons, familiar with aircraft would be able to tell the difference.

Otherwise, I rank In The Army Now with Stripes, Sgt. Bilko, McHale's Navy, Down Periscope, Hot Shots Pts 1 and 2, and Major Payne, all funny military comedies.
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jessi4sale5 January 2005
Pauly Shore is amazing. His outrageous personality and unique take on humor make this movie very entertaining and irresistible This movie is the kind that every time you watch it it gets better. The story line is new and refreshing because it is like no movie I have ever seen before. This movie is good for people of all ages. Pauly Shore deserves more credit for his films and recognition for his comedy style. Pauly shore is without doubt my favorite actor. I will recommend In The Army Now to everyone I know .I give this movie a well deserved 10 out of 10 for being so clever. Other great movies with Pauly Shore are Son In Law and Encino Man.
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Another weak comedy
Tito-84 March 1999
Despite some good talent in this movie, it really didn't add up to much. The jokes were much more miss than hit, and certainly this film suffered from predictability. It wasn't a disaster by any stretch, but I'm sure that the number of times that I laughed was smaller than the number of times that I looked at a clock during this film. It's just yet another comedy that isn't very funny, folks.
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Tries to pass off stupidity for humor.
goldenrams26 August 2003
Simply not funny. The film contains one of the most stupid quotes ever uttered in any film. Trying to calm down an irate soldier and to foster cooperation, Shore says "Would America have won the Civil War had not Ben Franklin gotten along with Eleanor Roosevelt." A dreadful film.
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They Should Study this Movie in College
stan-czerwien30 August 2002
At what point does a film maker start realizing that he or she is working on a really bad movie? Is it somewhere during the first reading of the script, or is it during the long days of the shoot, or maybe during the last desperate hours in the editing room?

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I don't say that endearingly. Really, really bad movies have the ability to be watched in a bemused fashion where one can sit back and wonder aloud exactly what the film maker was trying to say or do, but this movie doesn't even allow the viewer that luxury. It annoys, aggravates and ultimately beats down its audience with ineptitude. A Paulie Shore classic - that's for sure, or should I say that's for Shore - ha - get it Paulie? Shore instead of sure. Oh you do get it?
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Stupidity is not a substitute for comedy.
The Grand Master18 March 2015
In the Army Now confirmed in my mind that Pauly Shore is one of the worst actors out there. He is not the least bit funny nor entertaining. This movie is a perfect example of Pauly Shore at his worst.

Apart from the fact Pauly Shore has no talent whatsoever, In the Army Now was a movie to forget. The plot was atrocious, and any attempt of comedy felt like it was an insult to my intelligence. The entire movie was unbearable.

I don't think I even remember finishing this movie, despite having watched this 17 years ago. I only remember small parts of the movie. That's how memorable this movie was.

Don't bother with this forgettable comedy.

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one of my guilty pleasures
risawn23 February 2004
Ok, I admit, although the flick isn't a classic by any means, it's a guilty pleasure for me. When I first saw it, I didn't view it as memoriable, only remembering it as the flick that Pauley Shore chopped off his hair for. Then I viewed it again in 2000. After going through Basic Training for the US Army.

I laughed so hard becuase in a lot of the scenes I relate to the characters. Especially the basic training scenes, where they actually used real Drill Sergeants. Although there are some factual errors, the movie stays close to the way the army works. And as a person who's been there, done that, I can say that this movie likely strikes the servicemen as funnier then the average civilian.

And now all Water Purification Specialists have been dubbed the Pauley Shore's of the army. I know, I work with them.

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