Heavenly Creatures (1994) Poster

Sarah Peirse: Honora Parker Rieper



  • [shortly before the murder] 

    Juliet Hulme : [admiring the view that includes the path down the hill, where the murder occurred]  Isn't it beautiful?

    Pauline Parker : Let's go for a walk down here. Come on, Mummy!

    Honorah Parker Rieper : Oh! No, I'd like a cup of tea, first. Come on!

    [the girls reluctantly follow her into the tea-house] 

  • Pauline Parker : I felt thoroughly depressed and even quite seriously considered committing suicide. Life seemed so much not worth the living and death such an easy way out.

    Honorah Parker Rieper : Love, you can still write to each other.

    Pauline Parker : Anger against Mother boiled up inside me, as it is she who is one of the main obstacles in my path. Suddenly a means of ridding myself of this obstacle occurred to me. If she were to die...

  • [During a night rain-storm, Dr. Hulme knocks on the Riepers' door] 

    Dr. Henry Hulme : Mrs. Rieper, may I come in?

    Honorah Parker Rieper : Yes, of course.

    Dr. Henry Hulme : Thank you.

    [They sit in the parlor] 

    Dr. Henry Hulme : Your daughter's an imaginative and spirited girl.

    Honorah Parker Rieper : Look, if she's spending too much time at your house, you only need to say. All those nights that she spends over, she assured us that you don't mind.

    Dr. Henry Hulme : It, it's rather more complicated than that. Since Mrs. Hulme and I have returned home, Juliet has been behaving in a rather disturbed manner... surliness, general irritability - most uncharacteristic.

    Herbert Rieper : Sure I can't tempt you to a nice sherry, Dr. Hulme?

    Dr. Henry Hulme : No, thank you. The thing is...

    Honorah Parker Rieper : Yvonne hasn't been herself, either. Locking herself away in her room, endlessly writing.

    Dr. Henry Hulme : My wife and I feel the friendship is... unhealthy.

    Herbert Rieper : No arguments there, Dr. Hulme! All that time inside working on those novels of theirs. They don't get fresh air or exercise!

    Honorah Parker Rieper : I'm not sure what you mean, Dr. Hulme.

    Dr. Henry Hulme : Your daughter appears to have formed a rather unwholesome attachment to Juliet.

    Honorah Parker Rieper : What's she done?

    Dr. Henry Hulme : She hasn't done anything. It's the intensity of the friendship that concerns me. I think we should avert trouble before it starts.

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