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Kate Winslet: Juliet Hulme



  • Juliet Hulme : All the best people have bad chests and bone diseases. It's all frightfully romantic.

  • Juliet Hulme : Absolutely not! Orson Welles! Urgh! The most hideous man alive!

  • Juliet Hulme : Only the best people fight against all obstacles in pursuit of happiness.

  • [Pauline is spending the Easter holiday with the Hulmes. Hilda Hulme, brushing Pauline's hair into an attractive shag, listens while Juliet describes more of the story that they've been devising] 

    Juliet Hulme : Mummy, Paul and I have decided that Charles and Deborah are going to have a baby, an heir to the throne of Borovnia.

    Hilda Hulme : What a splendid idea.

    [She grins, while Pauline is ecstatic with the attention being lavished upon her] 

    Juliet Hulme : We're calling him Diello.

    Hilda Hulme : Well, that's a good, dramatic name.

    Juliet Hulme : Paul thought it up.

    Hilda Hulme : Aren't you clever?

    [Pauline beams while Mrs. Hulme fluffs up her hair] 

    Hilda Hulme : There: all done.

    [Pauline jumps up and takes Juliet's hand] 

    Hilda Hulme : Oh, look at you two. A couple of Borovnian princesses, if ever I saw them! My daughter... and my foster-daughter.

  • Juliet Hulme : Affairs are much more exciting than marriages.

    [Then, with disgust] 

    Juliet Hulme : As Mummy can testify.

  • Pauline Parker : Oh, I wish James Mason would do a religious picture! He'd be perfect as Jesus!

    Juliet Hulme : Daddy says the Bible's a load of bunkum!

    Pauline Parker : But we're all going to heaven?

    Juliet Hulme : I'M not! I'M going to The Fourth World... it's sort of like heaven. Only better, because there aren't any Christians!

  • Juliet Hulme : [speaking too brightly of the murder of Honorah Parker Rieper]  I think she knows what's going to happen. She doesn't appear to bear us any grudge.

  • [shortly before the murder] 

    Juliet Hulme : [admiring the view that includes the path down the hill, where the murder occurred]  Isn't it beautiful?

    Pauline Parker : Let's go for a walk down here. Come on, Mummy!

    Honorah Parker Rieper : Oh! No, I'd like a cup of tea, first. Come on!

    [the girls reluctantly follow her into the tea-house] 

  • [first lines] 

    [Director Peter Jackson opens with the scene that should, logically, end the film: that is, the moments immediately following the murder. The girls Juliet and Pauline run screaming up the hill-path to the tea-house, sobbing and covered in blood. The scene is intercut with b&w visions of the two running across a ship deck to meet Dr. and Mrs. Hulme, whom they both refer to as their mother, as the first three exclamations of "Mummy!" demonstrate] 

    Juliet Hulme : Mummy!

    Pauline Parker : Mummy!

    Juliet Hulme : Mummmmy!

    [the scene changes from the ship to the hilltop tea-house. The girls are screaming hysterically as the tea-house woman runs out to see what the noise is all about] 

    Pauline Parker : It's Mummy! She's terribly hurt!

    Juliet Hulme : Please! Help us!

  • Juliet Hulme : Daddy says the Bible is a load of bunkum.

    Pauline Parker : But we're all going to Heaven.

    Juliet Hulme : I'm not. I'm going to the Fourth World. It's sort of like Heaven, only better, because there aren't any Christians. It's an absolute paradise of music, art and pure enjoyment.

  • Juliet Hulme : Stick it up your bottom!

  • Juliet Hulme : [Juliet has just arrived at her new school. For French class she has taken the name Antoinette]  Excuse me, Miss Waller, you've made a mistake. "Je doutais qu'il vienne" is in fact the spoken subjunctive.

    Miss Waller : It is customary to stand when addressing a teacher,


    Miss Waller : Antoinette.

    Juliet Hulme : [stands]  You should have written "vînt".

    Miss Waller : I must have copied it incorrectly from my notes.

    Juliet Hulme : [stands]  You don't need to apologise, Miss Waller. I found it frightfully difficult myself until I got the hang of it.

  • [last lines] 

    [the last lines show scenes of the murder intercut with b&w shots of Juliet being taken away by her parents on the ship. Pauline and Juliet are sobbing and screaming for each other; and the girls scream as they beat Honorah Parker to death] 

    Juliet Hulme : Gina!

    [sobs as she reaches a hand over the ship railing] 

    Pauline Parker : Juliet, don't leave! I'm coming! Don't go! You can't! Oh, no!

    [as the girls cry and reach helplessly toward each other, Juliet's parents come and stand on either side of her, trying to comfort her] 

    Juliet Hulme : I'm sorry...

    [Pauline screams, and the b&w scene fades into the murder scene] 

    Pauline Parker : No!

    [That last bloody shot fades into the credits] 

  • [Pauline and Juliet are planning to run away to Hollywood and meet their favorite actors, such as James Mason and Mario Lanza] 

    Juliet Hulme : As soon as those bods in Hollywood cop a look at us, they'll be falling over themselves!

    Pauline Parker : Oh, it'll be amazing to meet James in person. I just know we'll hit it off brilliantly. And Guy Rolfe. And Mel Ferrer.

    Juliet Hulme : And Mario!

    Pauline Parker : Oh, I can't wait to do the love scenes.

    Juliet Hulme : Ooh.

    Pauline Parker : But what if they're married?

    Juliet Hulme : Oh, don't worry about that. We'll simply 'moider' any odd wives that get in our way!

  • Juliet Hulme : Bloody Bill's sniffing around Mummy something chronic!

    Pauline Parker : I thought he was supposed to be terribly ill.

    Juliet Hulme : That's what we were led to believe.

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