Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) Poster

Kristin Scott Thomas: Fiona - Wedding One



  • [at second wedding] 

    Mrs. Beaumont : Are you married?

    Fiona : No.

    Mrs. Beaumont : Are you a lesbian?

    Fiona : Good lord! What makes you ask that?

    Mrs. Beaumont : Well, it is one of the possibilites for unmarried girls nowadays, and it's rather more interesting than saying, "Oh dear, never met the right chap," eh?

    Fiona : Quite right. Why be dull?

    Mrs. Beaumont : Thank you.


    Fiona : The truth is... well, the truth is, I have met the right person, and he's not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance.

    Mrs. Beaumont : Oh, what a shame.

    Fiona : Yes, isn't it?

    [another pause] 

    Fiona : I was a lesbian once at school, but only for about fifteen minutes. I don't think it counts.

  • Charles : Any idea who the girl in the black hat is?

    Fiona : The name's Carrie.

    Charles : Pretty.

    Fiona : American.

    Charles : Interesting.

    Fiona : Slut.

    Charles : Really?

    Fiona : Used to work at Vogue. Lives in America now. Only gets out with very glamorous people. Quite out of your league.

    Charles : Well, that's a relief. Thanks.

  • Charles : Perhaps we should've got married.

    Henrietta : No! I'd have had to marry your friends, and I'm not sure I could take Fiona.

    Charles : Fiona loves you.

    Henrietta : Fiona calls me Duckface.

    Charles : Well, I never heard that.

    [Henrieta leavs and Fiona aproaches] 

    Fiona : How's Duckface?

    Charles : Good form actually, not too mad.

  • Fiona : Where's Gareth?

    Matthew : Torturing Americans.

    Fiona : How thoughtful of him.

  • Fiona : [about congratulating parents of bride and groom]  God, I never know what to say in these ghastly line-ups.

    Gareth : It's a cinch! Just give a big warm hug and say the bride looks... pregnant.

    Matthew : Or you can stick with convention and say "You must be very proud."

    Fiona : Heaven preserve us...

    [in the line] 

    Fiona : You must be very proud!

  • Fiona : [discussing the first time one performs a wedding]  It's rather like the first time one has sex, I suppose.

    Father Gerald : I suppose so.

    Fiona : Only not as messy, and far less cause for condoms.

  • Tom : Well, let's face the facts. If you weren't certain you wanted to marry her today, of all days - i.e., your wedding day - then it must have been the right decision, mustn't it?

    [Fiona looks at him as though she's about to say, "Bugger off, Tom," for the umpteenth time, then reaches out and touches his shoulder affectionately] 

    Fiona : Quite right, Tom.

  • Fiona : There's a sort of greatness to your lateness.

    Charles : Thanks, it's not achieved without real suffering.

  • Scarlett : [At wedding one, the bride walks down the aisle]  Isn't she beautiful?

    Fiona : Scarlett, you're blind, she looks like a big meringue.

  • Fiona : Do you think I'd hate him as much if he wasn't my brother?

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