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  • An 18-year-old college freshman is seduced by a handsome vampire lover who introduce her to a dark world of carnal desires.

  • Charlotte is a good girl virgin who is having some very bad dreams about sex. These dreams are courtesy of the vampire. Charlotte begins to change but as long as she remains pure for three days, the vampire will take her and they will live eternally together.

  • The seventeen year-old Charlotte is a virgin college student from a Catholic high-school and girlfriend of her college mate Chris. Near to the eve of her eighteenth birthday, a vampire that was her lover in a past life tries to seduce her to regain his human life. However Charlotte is in love with Chris and the vampire sends the sexy Marika to seduce him. Meanwhile Charlotte is also sexually tempted by the lesbian Sarah.


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  • From the diary of the vampire (Martin Kemp): "I was in love once when I was a man. That time is now a mist in my mind. She was a maid to royalty and I was a nobleman. At the end of day, we would meet in our secret place. My love. My virgin. The sadness I felt each time she left. If only I'd known that day would be the last. The pain of loneliness without her."

    Centuries later, having drank blood enough to "fill a thousand lakes", the vampire has again found the soul of his loved one...in the person of a 17-year old college freshman named Charlotte (Alyssa Milano). But the vampire is soon to fall into eternal sleep. He has only three days to possess Charlotte's soul. Charlotte must willingly give her virgin self to him. Unfortunately, she loves another, so the vampire plans to sow seeds of doubt between Charlotte and her boyfriend, Chris (Harrison Pruett). He begins by enchanting Charlotte to his sleeping place in the loft in the campus bell tower. There, he caresses her and gives her an ankh which she promptly loses on the steps of her dormitory as she stumbles home. Chris finds her and carries her to her room.

    Day 1: It is Day 1 of the vampire's three day grace period. Charlotte and Chris awaken and promptly begin to talk about when they will have sex. "You might be the one," says Charlotte coyly. But that night she dreams of herself in the arms of the vampire. He again gives her the lost ankh which she promptly drops on her bedroom floor.

    Day 2: The vampire is getting weaker, and Charlotte is feeling confused. Her friend Nicole (Rachel True) invites her to a party that evening. While Charlotte is getting dressed, Nicole finds the ankh on the bedroom floor, so Charlotte wears it. At the party, Charlotte and Eliza (Jordan Ladd) have a run-in. The vampire summons Charlotte. As the vampire and Charlotte embrace, Nicole interrupts (she sees only Charlotte) and introduces Charlotte to some guy who promptly tries to screw her. The vampire saves Charlotte but kills Nicole because he needs for Charlotte to "stay pure". Chris dreams that Charlotte is with another guy, calls her on the telephone, she answers, and his worries are allayed.

    Day 3: On that day, Sunday morning, Charlotte is approached by Sarah (Charlotte Lewis) a photographer who has her own studio in the dorm and invites Charlotte back to her studio where she encourages Charlotte to pose in some racy and revealing poses. Sarah almost seduces Charlotte, but she pushes her away and leaves.

    In the evening, Charlotte breaks her date with Chris ("I've got to study!"), dresses up in a dark red evening gown and goes to another party. Meanwhile, Chris is almost seduced by Marika (actually the vampire in disguise) but Chris fights her off. Charlotte returns to her dormitory where she has a fight with Eliza, but the vampire appears and kills Eliza. The vampire goes to the bell tower. Charlotte goes to the bell tower. Chris goes to the bell tower. The vampire tries one last time to get Charlotte to submit to his bite, but she calls for Chris.

    Day 4: Charlotte and Chris wake up alone in the bell tower. Today is Charlotte's 18th birthday. The vampire is seen in his underground lair where he goes to sleep.

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