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Exciting and amusing movie about an undercover agent infiltrated in the skydiving sport
ma-cortes3 May 2005
The tale deals with U.S. Marshal (Wesley Snipes) who along with his brother (Malcolm Jamal Warner) are caring a convict (Michel Jeter) into a Boeing plane . Then he is abducted by a villain (Gary Busey) and underlings (Luca Bercovici and Claire Stanfield) and dropped in parachute . Snipes sets off in pursuit and is signed up in a skydiving airport instruction (managed by Yancy Butler) with the aim to resolve the issue .

It's an action-ride movie from start to finish and the intrigue is continued . This solid though predictable thriller contains dazzling airborne stunts which keeps you tied on the edge of your seat . The film mingles suspense , tension , thriller, action-packed and is very entertaining because happens several events . The final confrontation amongst the protagonist and enemies is stimulating and breathtaking . Mind-numbing and incredible storyline is redeemed by breathtaking skydiving scenes . If you can suspend you disbelief , this crime-adventure is just enjoyable and keep you entertained . The movie is fast moving and the action pace is rightly directed and for that reason the flick isn't boring , nor dreary but is bemusing . Of course , the spotlights and great climax of the film are the flight scenes , it is spellbound and overwhelming . There aren't special effects but ¨stunts¨ who make it astounding . Wesley Snipes interpretation is good , he is making an important step as an action movie hero-star (Blade) . Gary Busey plays very nice the nasty role , as usual , and Yancy Butler is enticing and enjoyable . Hans Zimmer music is fine but with too much tuning knob and little symphonic music .

The motion picture collaborated to create the ¨ skydiving genre film ¨ whose initial outing was ¨The Gypsy Moths¨(1969) by John Frankenheimer , thus has a certain remembrance to : ¨Break Point¨ (Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves) , ¨Terminal velocity¨ (with Charlie Sheen and Natassja Kinski) and ¨Cutaway¨ (Tom Berenger and Stephen Baldwin) . The motion picture was correctly directed by the veteran Joh Badham with assured and fast moving direction . Badham's breakthrough credit was the box office smash Fever Saturday night (1977) ; other hits on his resume include The Blue Thunder (1983), War games (1983), and Shortcircuit (1986). He's a nice director who achieved his greatest success in the 80s and 90s . He directed several hits (Nick of time , Skateout ,Point of No Return , Bird on a wire) , though today making TV movies (Jack Bull , Floating away) and television episodes (Crossing Jordan, Psych, Las Vegas, Standoff , Heroes). In addition , ¨Drop zone¨ film in which the action lovers will enjoy this ode to the skydiving sport, in spite of story deficiencies . Rating : Good , worthwhile watching .
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A movie I love
AlexRem29 August 2005
Although it's utterly ridiculous, I really, really enjoy this movie. Badham is a fine, if underrated action/thriller director; WarGames is great, Nick of Time is good, and his other notable movies include Stakeout, Saturday Night Fever, and The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings. He keeps Drop Zone moving quickly enough that suspended disbelief doesn't lift, which is a good thing considering that the bad guys are rogue skydivers. Seriously. Fortunately, the head bad guy is played by Gary Busey, who could make an interior decorator evil.

There's some great aerial photography, and it makes skydiving look awesome. It's extremely well-paced, the supporting cast is likable, and the script is enjoyably amusing. Snipes is one of the premier action stars of his generation, and his presence alone can elevate a movie from the mediocre to the above average. And Yancy Butler is absolutely smoking. End of story.

This movie is actually one of the more compulsively watchable to be released at the end of the action movie renaissance of the mid-'80s to mid-'90s. I'd watch it right now, even though I just saw it last night. My definition of a good movie.
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U.S.Marshal chases skydiving criminals
disdressed1217 June 2007
i liked this movie,but i didn't love it.if you like watching people jump out of parachutes,you'll enjoy this one.there are a few good action sequences,including a involving bad guys kidnapping someone from a 747 at 38,000 feet and escaping with parachutes.Wesley Snipes is in this one as a U.S Marshal on their trail and he also has a personal stake in catching them.he has some decent fighting scenes,but he has been better.Malcolm-Jamal Warner also appears in a definite departure from his Cosby Days character of Theo Huxtable. Gary Busey is also in the movie,and is his usual reliable self.Michael Jeter is also good for some laughs.and of course,for eye candy,we have Yancy Butler,who is also a fairly good actress.at least i have always thought so.when you put everything together,the movie is pretty good though not great.still, i enjoyed it for the most part.my vote for "Drop Zone":7/10
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your typical action movie
jericho3111 March 2002
Drop Zone is pretty much your typical action movie - at least plot wise. Wesley Snipes turns in another passenger 57ish performance, not great but competent. and Gary Busey is always competent playing a guy you always want to die no matter how bad the plot gets.

The movie however, is worth watching more than other bland action movies because firstly, the skydiving scenes are shot wonderfully. The cinematographer and the stuntpeople (unless thats Snipes in a free fall, which i doubt) are the true stars of this one. I really enjoyed watching the skydiving sequences in this movie.

plot wise, the movie kinda plods along, not a whole lot of suspense but enough of a story to keep people entertained. I think its worth watching at least once, purely for the skydiving and action sequences.

Also, besides being a fairly competent actress - one I can actually believe skydives - Yancy Butler is really hot.
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Enjoy this hearty action movie
Elijah-1913 February 2002
Drop Zone is an action ride from start to finish starring Wesley Snipes as a detective hunting down the men who killed his brother. No, the movie won't win any academy awards, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable action romp. The action is excellent, the girls are gorgeous, and the musical score is top notch. If you go in looking for a touching movie, don't bother. But if you just want something to enjoy for a couple hours of visual fun that requires little mental exercise, this will do quite nicely.
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Watchable popcorn
Maziun15 September 2013
This movie was made at the same time as „Terminal velocity" with Charlie Sheen. Some people are complaining that one movie is a rip-off the other. To be honest I don't know who is right. I don't really care. Both movies are on the same level. Both are decent popcorn movies to kill some time. Nothing to write home about.

I have a soft spot for Gary Busey and I'm happy that he's the villain in "Drop zone" . Wesley Snipes as hero is nice , because he gives his rather generic hero some depth. You can obviously feel his pain.

The movie has some quite attractive photography and interesting music. It also gives us some insight at the skydivers community.

All in all it's not a bad way to spend a night. I give it 4/10.
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FIVEDOLPHINS10 September 2002
I watch this movie at least once a month, just for "the adreneline rush". Sometimes, as often as needed! Wesley really pushes to the edge in this one.

The entire cast were excellent! Including Mr. Busey, of course.

The writers and casters of the movie did really well with little details, like turf fights, base not on race, but on the fact that "you are not welcome here". Then there was "The Title On The Book" Wesley was reading while flying on the jetliner.

He didn't get the girl, but he did achieve more mile stones in the movie world for all of us, as one people.
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"Skydivers" with a big budget
Mike Sh.2 January 2001
<*sigh!*> Am I the only one this entire sad, weary world who notices that all these action films use the exact (and I mean exact!) same plot? Or am I just the only one who cares?

As action movies go, this one is OK, I guess. (But that's a little bit like saying "As cases of diarrhea go, this one was OK.") On the plus side, the aerial photography depicting the skydiving scenes was spectacular. There were the requisite number of explosions, chase scenes, and witty banter on the part of both the hero (Wesley Snipes) and the villain (Gary Busey), delivered archly in the expectation that one of their ripostes might become a popular catchphrase. And Yancy Butler is not too hard to look at, either.

However, if I pay $8 or $9$ to watch a film, I expect a little more than something made from a cookie cutter. Hollywood spends a great deal of time, effort and money putting together movies with extraordinary special effects, and they've become quite good at it. OK, so I'm impressed! Can't a few more of them work a little bit on story, characterization and dialogue? Is that really too much to ask?

As I watched this movie (and to be fair, I stumbled across it on television rather than paying an exorbitant ticket price at the theater; this probably made me more disposed to be tolerant) All I could think was that this is what Coleman Francis might have made had he had a bigger budget. Maybe he would have thrown in more coffee, cigarettes, booze and bad tempered swearing as well.
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Fun parachuting action film!
Tweekums16 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This might not be a great film but it is a lot of fun. Wesley Snipes plays US Marshall Pete Nessip, when he and his partner are ordered to transport a prisoner it seems like a routine job until their plane is hijacked. The hijackers take the prisoner and parachute out of the plane, unfortunately Pete's seniors don't believe this is possible and assume the hijackers and the prisoner died in the explosion caused when Pete's partner shot one of the hijackers. Pete is suspended but he won't drop the case; after asking around as to who might possibly be able to pull such as stunt he goes to the local sky diving school where he meets Jessie Crossman, an attractive female parachutist who isn't unknown to the law. It isn't long before he learns that the real bad guys are another group of parachutists led by Ty Moncrief, an ex-DEA agent who is selling the identities of undercover agents. In order to stop Ty, Pete must join Jessie's group and learn to sky dive himself.

The lead actors; Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey and Yancy Butler all put in decent enough performances and the story moves along at a cracking pace with lots of impressive sky-diving action, some good fight scenes and an explosive shoot out at the end. The only real flaw in the action sequences were the close-ups during the parachuting scenes where it didn't look as though the actors were really parachuting. As is usually the case with action films there was a decent amount of humour thrown in; mostly involving Kyle Secor's character 'Swoop'.
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Typical Snipes Film: Brainless, But Entertaining
ccthemovieman-15 January 2007
The only reason I gave this any kind of "stars" is that the story moves well, keeping one entertained. Otherwise, the dialog is so sophomoric and the characters so macho-idiotic, it might make one throw up. Also, the no one is likable in here and the Rambo mentality where the "good" guys never get shot while the reverse happens all the time just adds insult to injury.

In other words, this is a typical Wesley Snipes movie of the period.

I didn't care for the female lead, either, played by Yancy Butler, who is just too Hollywood '90s- tough and turned me off. An interesting film at times.....but extremely dumb.
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Twice What It Deserves
UACW22 May 2006
A '4' is twice what this turkey deserves (a '2') but it's appropriate for a number of reasons, and the primary reason is John Badham who does an excellent job when given something to work with (WarGames, Stakeout 1 & 2, Point of No Return, Bird on a Wire, et al). But since making this flick all his movie projects have been real duds. Maybe there's a connection?

Another two reasons are Yancy Butler and Claire Stansfield who provide the requisite eye candy. Another reason is Gary Busey who always knows how to play the stereotypical slime ball and do it at least half well. And the final reason is the skydiving which is exciting.

But that's where it ends. This is otherwise a movie much like Do or Die, made with preconceptions in mind ('hey let's make a movie with lots of skydiving sequences') and no worries if the story actually makes any sense. And don't you worry about it either because it doesn't. One could elaborate here but those elaborations would be spoilers. And hey - dramatic denouement it ain't but if you don't got that...

So why a '4' instead of a '2'? Why when the lead is being done by - Wesley Snipes? Why indeed? Precisely for the above reasons - and because as a whole it's exciting and not a total waste of time. In other words it isn't Gone with the Wind but maybe you don't feel like seeing Gone with the Wind tonight anyhow.
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Solid action movie without too many frills
bob the moo25 March 2002
Pete Nessip and his brother are escorting a federal prisoner to trail. The prisoner is a top code breaker. On the plane terrorists take over, kidnap the prisoner and sky dive out of the plane – Nessip's brother is killed in the raid. Nessip pursues the gang to uncover what really happened, joined a group of skydivers led by Jessie Crossman. Meanwhile Moncrief is working out his plot to secretly uncover the identities of all DEA agents and sell them to a local drug lord.

After the disaster of Passenger 57 you could understand if Snipes had passed on any more airplane related movies, but this is much better than 57 was. The story is daft of course, but it does allow plenty of good aerial photography and some good action scenes. However it takes itself a bit too seriously. It came out in the same year as Terminal Velocity (Charlie Sheen's skydiving movie), where TV was much more fun to watch as it never took itself seriously, Drop Zone loses the fun a bit by taking it all as a serious movie.

Despite that Snipes is really good – as in 57 he is able to rise above the material and give a strong central performance. His charisma carries him even when his lines are weak and as usual his fight scenes are impressive. Busey does his usual bad guy stuff easily and is so-so and the rest of the cast are ok. The most interesting thing about the cast for me was the `Homicide, Life on the Street' connection that saw tow great actors from that cast in small roles here, namely Kyle Secor (who played Bayliss) and Clark Johnson (who played Lewis).

Overall this is a solid action film. It's nothing special and not overly impressive but it passes 90 minutes without leaving any negative (or positive) marks!
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Drop Zone!
Movie Nuttball28 December 2003
Drop Zone is one of the coolest films and has become one of My favorites! Wesley Snipes was good as always! Gary Busey was very good! Arguably his greatest role! Yancy Butler and Michael Jeter were also good! Everyone acted very well! There is very good fighting and exciting action and incredible skydiving jumps in this picture and some of the scenes are very intense! Great directing by John Badham! One awesome thing about this movie is the music by Hans Zimmer! The man of sound! His score here is one the best he has ever written and I feel it is one of the greatest scores in cinema history! I strongly recommend this film to fans who loves action, Snipes, Busey, Butler, Jeter, Badham, and Hans Zimmer!
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Rather Brainless Action Picture
Michael_Elliott1 February 2018
Drop Zone (1994)

** (out of 4)

Gary Busey plays (what else?) a crazy DEA agent who decides to work the other side of the law by stealing various computer files. The difference is that they basically drop out of the sky and onto planes where they get the information, which means cop Pete Nessip (Wesley Snipes) must train in skydiving to go after them.

There were some great action pictures that were released in the 1990s but DROP ZONE certainly isn't one of them. I still remember watching this in the theater and the buzz after the movie was over was everyone being really letdown. I mean, you've got a likeable action star in Snipes and a great villain in Busey yet the end result was something rather boring and certainly not exciting.

I think the biggest problem was the screenplay and the entire idea of this skydiving team doing all of this stuff. It just seemed very far-fetched that all of this could happen and there just wasn't any drama or suspense in the movie. I think the lack of suspense is due to the filmmakers wanting us to suspend our brain function a bit too much.

For the most part Snipes turns in a good performance and Busey is always fun to watch but neither man is given much to work with here. Their characters are clearly trying to draw off of some of their earlier work and there's just no fresh magic in DROP ZONE.
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Enjoyable in a silly way
dgaffen-116 January 2006
This is fun. The premise is ridiculous -- really, a parachuting gang? But Wesley Snipes and Gary Busey liven it up. Don't take it too seriously, and you'll have a good time. It's one of my guilty pleasures. The idea of what's going on is a bunch of hooey, and really, Wesley Snipes hasn't made a lot of good movies lately, so this one is starting to look better and better. (Blade? Good. Blade 2? Pretty good. Blade 3?? Not so much.) He's better when he keeps it light, and this was before Gary Busey turned into a gigantic pile of mush and started to do reality television (gasp, ugh, barf). It's clever, reasonably well put-together, and goes down easy.
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Very Disappointing Snipes Film, That Has Some Good Action Scenes, And Great Sky Diving Stunts, However Snipes Plays A Pussy
callanvass28 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very disappointing Snipes film that has some good action scenes and some great sky diving stunts, however Snipes plays a pussy. All the characters are OK, and the story was decent, and while Snipes is simply amazing in this, i didn't care for his character, he was a pussy, and got his ass kicked throughout the movie,plus the fight scenes are bland, and we never see Snipes incredible martial arts talent!. Yancy Butler and Snipes had great chemistry together, and the plot was good, however the finale was lame. Gary Busey, is surprisingly bland here as the main villain, and looked bored, and i thought the movie could have been an awesome one!, however the opening was fantastic!, and very memorable and disturbing. The 1st half is really good, but falls completely apart in the 2nd, and as i said i was rather ticked, at Snipes's character,he was kind of a wuss, and this guy is an incredible martial artist!. The ending is satisfactory, however there are no thrills and suspense to be had. This is a very disappointing Snipes film that has some good action scenes and great sky diving stunts however Snipes plays a Pussy it's still worth the watch though, but not anything more then that. The Direction is OK. John Badham does an OK job here, with some good camera work, great angles, and he kept the film at decent pace. not much gore except some gunshot wounds. The Acting is very good. Wesley Snipes is AMAZING as always, however his character i did not like he was a bit of a pussy, and he got his ass kicked lots in the film, however he had great chemistry with Yancy Butler and was very charismatic, i just wished he showed off his incredible martial arts ability!. (Snipes Rules!!!). Gary Busey is not his usual fantastic self, he was quite bland as the villain, and looked bored, watch Lethal Weapn and Under Siege, to see him play a fantastic villain! (Busey rules). Yancy Butler is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, and does fantastic here, she had great chemistry with Snipes, is extremely sexy, fantastic in the acting department, and had a very cool character! (Yancy rules). Rest of the cast do OK. Overall worth the watch. **1/2 out of (very close to a ***).
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well written, acted and shot movie
paindweller8 July 2019
There are hardly any negatives with this one it was a well rounded brilliantly done movie. Only reason why it didnt get a 9/10 is simply because Snipes was not at his %100 on this one not sure if it was the writing or acting either way had he been it would have been a memorable gem.
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Simplistic action film
nicholls905-280-54691122 April 2019
Snipes action vehicle that lacks any coherent plot or storyline. The characters are one dimensional, only servicing the plot. The saving grace of the film is the stunts, which are incredible. Funny to think this was a rival skydiving film with Terminal Velocity all those years ago. The villain plot is dull and the concept is far greater than the overall film. Fun for the younger crowd but as an adult it is full of plot holes.
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Reasonably exciting
catchrushaalm11 November 2018
Average movie, with some really exciting sequence with good BGM.
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Shameless Plug for Skydiving
view_and_review3 September 2018
Drop Zone started out fresh and exciting. I could get behind a prison break at 38,000 feet no matter how improbable. It was something new and definitely extreme. Then it became a 90 minute skydiving video. Oh yeah, we got to see tandem skydiving, skydiving ground work, skydiving teams, skydiving hangouts, and of course skydiving jargon. I almost forgot that it was an action crime movie and that U.S. Marshall, Pete Nessip (Wesley Snipes) was after some bad guys.

If the movie wasn't already at the outer regions of believability there was a scene (one of many far-fetched scenes) where skydiving instructor, Jessie Crossman (Yancy Butler), decides to show the newby how hard skydiving is by dumping him out of the plane. Of course she jumps after him, attaches herself to him and brings them both down safely.

Why did that scene stick out to me and had me so uptight? Because I skydived before and NO instructor would do something so reckless. Even if the instructor caught up to the falling student, the student would be in perpetual propeller mode making him impossible to haul in. She would have been committing murder if she had really done that. To the movie's credit they did have Pete giving Jessie a left cross to the face after that stunt.

Still, the movie didn't have enough going for it. Snipes and Busey did their best but there wasn't enough to work with. I'm sure skydivers worldwide appreciated this movie while non-skydivers suffered.
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A lot of suspension of belief here!
vincentlynch-moonoi7 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news first: This films requires too much suspension of belief to seem at all real. A big example: Wesley Snipes' character learns to sky dive so well in a very short time that he saves a woman falling from an airplane without a parachute. A little example, a bad guy falls from a tall building and happens to fall right through the windshield of another bad guy who is in the process of escaping in a truck.

More bad news: Not sure why, but the female actors in this film seem rather pathetic. Maybe they were better in other films, but I found them not the least bit interesting in this film.

So, is there any good news? Yes. Most of the cast did not do their own skydiving; that was left to stuntmen (with the exception of Michael Jeter). Nevertheless, you will see some stunning skydiving here, beautifully filmed.

More good news: From 1991-1997, Wesley Snipes made a number of films I really enjoyed him; in fact he was for a while my favorite action star. This is one of those films. Michael Jeter, a rather quirky actor, does really well here; a most interesting characterization.

The other actors do their jobs here, but don't stand out. Even the unique Gary Busey is up to his role.

So, bottom line -- if you are good at suspending belief and just like to watch a fun action film, I'd say this is a good one for you. If you're more down to earth...maybe more than a tad over the line.
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It is what it is...and I loved it!
safenoe20 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, if you're expecting Oscar-bait, then please turn away, really.

Drop Zone is a lot of fun, it is what it is. Gary Busey was so diabolical, sort of the anti-Point Break and his chillingly cool demeanor at the end when he eliminated the female security guard was disturbing, but within Gary's character and motivation. It was great seeing Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis rocks!) in the case, supporting Wesley Snipes, who rocks big time. Good to also see Malcolm Jamal-Warner, who looked a bit different since his Cosby Show days (no brightly colored sweater from the 80s).

The parachuting scenes were exciting and kudos to the cinematography team. The cinematography team should have been nominated for an Oscar.
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What are all the bad reviews about?
xenazues27 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I must say I have absolutely no clue what all the bad reviews are about. What were people expecting from Gary Busey and Wesley Snipes? As a matter of fact I read that Steven Seagal was suppose to be Wesley Snipe character. But he had to do Under Siege 2. This movie just is what the 90's was all about. Action movies which the 80's pretty much did a good job of but the 90's perfected it.

Gary Busey plays your typical bad guy. I for one was excited about sky diving after this. Made me want to and I was always afraid of it. This reminds me of what the 90's were like for me as a teenager. A lot of extreme sports which is why they made the Espn made the X games. This movie had a lot of action in it.

But I must say it has a 7. It is missing a lot of the one liners in movies. And people are right about one thing, it doesn't flow well. Well Gary Busey is a great actor along with Wesley Snipes, Yancey Butler doesn't measure up. Good actor but her part needed more. I just wasn't sold on her having any kind of record or even a parole officer. Let alone carrying a gun at any time. She looked like a lost librarian if anything.

And the ending was down right awful. The director didn't do a great job of tying things in the film to make you want to see the ending. Like they do in all the other action movies.

Overall a lot of people are too harsh on this movie. Its a 7. Its fun to watch and you can actually watch it again because of the all the great action shots. But I'm seeing 4's and 2's in these reviews which is too low. You can sit through this whole movie and not be bored to be honest .If you are asking whether this movie is worth to watch, it is. Its worth it to me to have in the collection. Just not really a go to movie.
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It's a 90's action thriller!
pzivojinovic18 June 2016
This is one of the best Skydiving Action thrillers ever made, Wesley Snipes is brilliant as a U.S. Marshal whose brother is killed by air-jet skydiving terrorists lead by actor Gary Busey, who captures a passenger. Snipes shaken up by his brother's death, decides to team up with skydiving experts, to find the terrorists, and stop them from robbing a high-rised bank on Independence day. This film has great action scenes, special effects filled skydiving sequences. The energized soundtrack matching the action scenes is also flawless, as is the crystal clear widescreen presentation and filming, not the least of which is a script having a realism that leaves no stone un-turned.

Let me tell you about the action. It's excellent! Even if you're not a sky-diving fan, this will make you want to take it up. You always know when a films good and that's when you want to be or do what that actor is doing in the film. Drop Zone achieves this with flying colors. One problem with this film however is that some of the effects are now looking a bit ropey. This, thankfully, is only on about a total of 5 seconds worth of effects from the whole film. This is quite an achievement considering that the film is all about effects and stunts. What do you expect, it is about sky-diving after all. In complete, this film is a good, all-round action film even if you don't know anything about sky-diving or even if you don't have an interest in sky-diving.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.
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Bertramicus20 July 2007
I am impressed. We have an intricate plot. We have exciting characters. And we have Busey. Busey dominates the film. I am thoroughly pleased by his hair and his cougar-like movements. Every scene allows a unique perspective of Gary. I am astonished at how the director was able to capture the wild animal inside this man. Many films boast Busey and then fail to really let him out of his artistic cage. Drop Zone verifies my theory that Busey is a fearsome wild animal. It is phenomenal, but I have come to believe that Gary is actually half-man, half-cougar. And this is the film that convinced me. Sure, I had an inkling when I saw Hider in the House. And Plato's Run did more than drop a hint to me that something peculiar was going on with this actor's genetics. But Drop Zone stole my rational response to an unbelievable hypothesis.

Snipes is satisfying. His wardrobe offers an intimate portrayal of character. The fashionable collarless tuxedo-style dress shirts reminded me of Monte Carlo or Naples maybe. Snipes seemed to say, "Hey show me a man that looks as good as me and I'll eat him." All in all: this film offers a chemistry between two men. Busey and Snipes embrace cinematic Parachuting almost as well as Reeves and Swayze embraced cinematic surfing. Remarkable.
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