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  • US Marshals Pete and Terry Nessip are assigned to escort convicted computer hacker Earle Leedy to a top security prison. But, the airplane, Pete, Terry and Leedy are passengers aboard, is soon hijacked by renegade DEA agent Ty Moncrief and his crooks, who kill Leedy and kill Terry. Pete blamed for the incident and is suspended, sets out to track down Moncrief and the crooks and turns to professional skydiver Jesse Crossman for help. But after Jesse's ex husband Jagger, whom was one of the crooks working with Moncrief, is murdered by Moncrief, when a little girl who was one of the passengers, identifies him. Pete soon discovers Leedy is very much alive and that Moncrief intends to break into the DEA building, during the Independence Day skydiving show, which airspace security is minimum and uses Leedy to hack into the DEA mainframe and expose the identities of undercover agents to drug smuggling rings. Realizing what is at stake, Pete aided by Jesse and her team set out to stop Moncrief and his crooks and both Pete and Jesse have scores to settle with Moncrief. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In order to get a rating that allowed 15-year-olds to see the film in England (like past releases of the film), the movie had to be cut a little. Since it is, as usual from Paramount, a Europe-wide release including several languages other countries had to live with the cuts as well. Edit (Coming Soon)


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