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  • After overpowering Miranda, Paulina blindfolds him and takes him out the door to the edge of the cliff where she wrecked his car. Gerardo finally gets the people from Barcelona on the phone, and they comfirm the doctor's alibi (he had said he was there for three years during Paulina's torture). As Paulina and Miranda stand on the cliff, Gerardo comes and tells her that the story is confirmed and he is apparently innocent. However, Paulina states the government created false alibis in order to protect the war criminals if the regime ever did fall, and Miranda concedes this and delievers his famous confession (the real one) at the end. Afterward, Gerardo prepares to throw Miranda off the cliff, but he finds himself unable to do so. Paulina unties Miranda and walks off and Gerardo does the same, leaving him on the cliff looking down at the water. The camera then simulates throwing himself off the cliff, suggesting Miranda committs suicide out of guilt. the final scene is Paulina and Gerardo at the same concert where the film began listening to "Death and the Maiden." Miranda appears with his family, and is seen by Paulina, but not by Gerardo. Miranda committed suicide, and Paulina sees him out of guilt for driving him to do so. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • well in my opinion he was just mad about what was happening and that she the maniac just did not care what will happen after. Edit (Coming Soon)


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