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Blue collar murder mystery....
MarieGabrielle30 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Actually, it's not a mystery as to who did it, but as to why.

Gerald McRaney is Tom, an unhappily married truck driver in northeast Michigan who tires of married life (his wife is well portrayed by veteran actress Peggy Lipton, who looks quite good). Lipton is getting older, so Tom finds a young waif (Josie Bissett) whom he can manipulate and impress with his "wisdom". (I couldn't resist the sarcasm).

At any rate, Bissett thinks she has found her dream man, and buys into his tales of divorce, threats of violence, strange car explosions, etc. Apparently Tom is a borderline personality who must get what he wants, when he wants it (in this case, Bissett). He marries her, and takes her away from her job at an industrial laundry service. (She appears to have some brain cells, but nonetheless works at a minimum wage job). She is the perfect target for him. He gets her to manipulate his wife as well, who is almost murdered in the car explosion he has engineered, at the behest of a friend.

All in all, it is a bit over the top, but McRaney always adds something, and this was actually based on a true story. It is sad to believe some young girls can be so ignorant. 6/10
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Secret Love
sol121830 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Suffering from an unnerving mid-life crisis Saginaw Mich. truck driver Tom Weston, Gerald McRadeny, starts drifting into a second childhood where he looks to ditch his wife Nancy, Peggy Lipton, for a much younger woman. Having met 19 year-old Bobbi Gilbert, Josie Bissett, at a local bowling alley Tom starts to work on the unsuspecting and naive young woman by hounding her at her job at the Nelsons Linens laundry factory every afternoon that she leaves from work.

It doesn't take long for the smooth talking Tom to get the shy and inexperienced Bobbi to go along with him in being his, who's well over 20 years her senior, girlfriend. To Bobbi's credit she puts up with the silver tongued Romeo only because she thinks that he's, like her, single and unattached but when she accidentally finds out otherwise things start to go sour between her and "Tommy Boy".

Tom feeds the very impressionable Bobbi this line of BS that she swallows hook line and sinker that he's going to divorce Nancy and marry her. In fact Tom whats to have it both ways with a wife and girlfriend on the side with the danger of him divorcing Nancy he'll lose everything, the house his cherry red mustang and bank account, and end up in the street. It's later in the movie that Tom comes up with this bright idea to have Nancy killed in a car explosion that he'll set up for her. Nancy already caught Tom and Bobbi together and had her suspicions about him only to have him convince her that Bobbi is only a friend of his and nothing more. You wonder how much longer Nancy would fall for her husbands half-a** excuses whenever she finds him and Bobbi alone together.

Back to Tom's plan of doing Nancy in he concocts this scenario of him being threatened by someone out to get him going so far as having his prized mustang bobby-trapped and blown up. Tom of course was nowhere next to his totaled car but made like, rubbing oil and and grease all over himself, that he was to throw off suspicion by the police. Tom's plan to kill Nancy in a similar car explosion backfires with her miraculously surviving and it's that very unpleasant fact, on Tom's part, that makes him a prime suspect in his wife's attempted murder.

Bobbi now implicated in Nancy's attempted murder, which she had no knowledge off, comes clean and tells all that she knows of her lovers, and secretly married husband, Tom's double life. This all leads Bobbi in losing her job at Nelsons Linens and later losing her life in a, even though it's never proved, contract murder engineered by Tom behind bars in order to keep her from testifying against him at his trial.

Nancy who was very reluctant to testify against Tom later changes her mind after Bobbi's murder knowing now for the first time what a murderous sleaze-ball he really is. Nancy's testimony leads to a conviction of her cheating husband Tom Waston on a charge of attempted murder together with a charge of bigamy. The criminal charge,if convicted of it, that would have really put Tom away for good, Bobbi's contracted murder, he got away with thus being given only a 20 year sentence.

Tom Weston had the distinction of cheating on both his wife Nancy and girlfriend Bobbi Gilbert at the same time with both his victims totally kept in the dark about his real intentions. It was Toms attempt to shut Bobbi up by having her killed that in the end sealed his fate by finally opening Nancy's eyes and seeing what she failed to see during the entire movie; that he wasn't worth lying or perjuring herself for to save his rotten neck.
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Great movie, Great memories
aggiesweets27 July 2003
WOW! This was the first movie Î had ever seen on Lifetime Movie Network with my cousin a few years ago, and it was wonderful. Sure, it probably has a horrible plot, bad actors, and a terrible ending, but it's the memories that count. Anyway, I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have fun with a lot of friends.
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