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When Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
bkoganbing15 November 2008
As a native New Yorker I always look askance at The Cowboy Way because that last chase scene involving our heroes Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson is geographically impossible. Anyone who has some knowledge of the New York City Subway System can tell you that. Still The Cowboy Way is rollicking good entertainment.

The rollicking part is courtesy of its two leads. They play a pair of feuding rodeo cowboys. Sutherland is mad at Harrelson because of his general irresponsibility. But a good friend of their's is in trouble and Sutherland's got to put aside his attitude about Harrelson in order to help out. Harrelson of course doesn't make it easy.

Tomas Millian has paid money to smuggle his daughter Cara Buono from Cuba and now the coyotes are holding him up for more. He goes to New York and gets killed for his trouble. When Harrelson and Sutherland discover that, they're not about to wait for regular law enforcement to do its thing. That's just not The Cowboy Way.

As a sideline fashion designer Marg Helgenberger thinks Harrelson has possibilities as an underwear model and maybe she'd like to explore that with him. They also have a wonderful scene at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and restaurant where these two think its just your basic motel, a little upscale.

The guy who carries the serious part of the film is villain Dylan McDermott and he's as serious as a crutch. But apparently he's starting to listen to his crotch before his head where Buono is concerned. It's a weakness of the film, because when the good guys are closing in, McDermott probably could get away if he wasn't dragging Buono along with him.

Of course the highlight for me is that wonderful scene at the Central Park Petting Zoo where Sutherland and Harrelson teach McDermott henchman Luis Guzman the way Pancho Villa used to get information from people not willing to give it up. It involves a weaning calf and it's hilarious and a little frightening to the male of the species.

Despite its story weaknesses, The Cowboy Way is one hysterical film and you'll have a good time seeing it. And since this film is about rodeo cowboys, this review is dedicated to the recently retired Justin McBride of the Professional Bullriders. A man definitely dedicated to The Cowboy Way in his sport and in life.
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Great fun!
young gun7 April 2000
This movie is great for a fun night in if you want some light-hearted entertainment. The actors do they job well, they are believable as Sonny and Pepper. They make a good acting team and the storyline is entertaining, but not great and you don't have to solve any difficult plots, which i like to do. Despite this, it is worth watching,it has lots of fun moments, but really it is only for cowboy and western fans.
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Keifer & Woody romp
Ishallwearpurple24 September 2002
Catching up on Keifer Sutherland films since being mesmerized by his "24" series. This one is lots of fun, as the two cowboys head from New Mexico to New York City to see what happened to their friend, who came from Cuba and is trying to get his daughter to the states. He does but there are complications. The boys are drawn into the sweatshop force labor problem and other unsavory doings. But their bravado and guts save the day. Nothing earth shattering here, but a good ole boy buddy film with two likable guys.
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funny and a good ride
mrscliffy28 July 2000
You can't take this movie seriously, but it is a riot. Don't expect a lot and you'll find yourself laughing like crazy. Weak plot with under developed characters but the Harrelson/ Sutherland comedy team could go a long way! The restaurant scene is a howl.
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Not a great movie, but...
Costu-218 July 2000
This is by no means the best movie I've ever seen, but I must confess (however guiltily) that I enjoyed it a great deal more than the reviewers I consulted led me to expect I might. -- Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson are appealing as the two male leads, old rodeo friends who had a major falling out years before but now find themselves teamed up to help an old friend find his daughter. Their adventures in urban New York City are, by turns, humorous and suspenseful. Dylan McDermott demonstrates some considerable acting range as a sleazy weasel. The inevitable chase scene through downtown Manhattan somehow seems fresh and exciting. -- No one will confuse this piece with High Art, but one could spend one's time in worse ways...
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Very entertaining movie
jkstexas20012 January 2006
I have always enjoyed watching this movie. This and a couple of others pay homage to Kiefer's interest in ranching. In real life, he is a real life cowboy, owning a fairly large ranch. He is truly a multifaceted individual, and this film takes most of its humor from the culture clash between the Ranch lifestyle and the New York City lifestyle. It is the type of conflict you see in more light hearted films such as the City Mouse and the Country Mouse. Interestingly, the country, cowboy lifestyle, while first out of place, ends up dominating those who adhere to the city ethos, and results in unique solutions to bad situations. There is a definite chemistry between Harrelson and Sutherland. One would hope Harrelson would be asked to star in future episodes of "24".
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The Cowboy Way
ktch258 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"The Cowboy Way" starring Kiefer Sutherland as Sonny Gilstrap and Woody Harrelson as Pepper Lewis is about two "former" friends/partners who go to New York City to help their friend, Nacho. Struggling to stay alive and out of trouble the pair work through their differences to reach a common goal: to find Nacho's daughter, Teresa. Together, through thick and thin the two cowboys fight to uncover the truth and to rekindle their friendship. The characters strongly portray aspects of friendship, forgiveness, and loyalty towards one another. Sutherland and Harrelson work well together and the concept of the movie is good and entertaining. Personally, I think that it is a good film to watch, especially for any Kiefer fan.
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great film
steed_ministry28 February 2002
A truly great pairing of actors and a pooling of their talents. This is one of the greatest movies of all time, and not only because it was actually filmed in New Mexico. Harrelson and Sutherland play true to life roles as New Mexico cowboys and their trip to the big apple to save a friend and his daughter. This is the most accurate movie I have ever seen with regards to the speech and mannerisms of the New Mexico cowboy. A completely enjoyable film to watch.
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Cowboy Way
jeff-897 July 1999
I enjoyed this movie it has a good cast with Kiefer Sutherland/Woody Harrelson having to help their friend Poncho get his daughter back from the evil Dylan McDermott who played a really good bad guy in this one. Erie Hudson played a good role as the cop on the horse. Woody was the hilarious one though especially when he was dancing like a cowboy at that lady's party. Then the best scene of them all was when Woody and Kiefer were at the restaurant Woody was making gestures to the lady with the violin that was hilarious.
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A great popcorn flick.
racheled10 January 2005
I thoroughly enjoy this movie every time I watch it. It was my introduction to Woody Harrelson and since then I've been a huge fan.

Woody Harrelson is fabulous as Pepper ('cures what ails ya') and provides much of the comic relief beside Keifer Sutherland. These two actors have a great chemistry - their friendship on screen is very believable. The movie works because of this relationship.

The script is witty and the movie is entertaining, providing heaps of laughs. This is just a fun movie - not brain challenging, but that's why I like it.

A great film to watch on a rainy afternoon. Two thumbs up.
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"Oh, I like this city."
mylimbo6 April 2013
Sort of a buddy action film that's focal point is the rocky relationship between the two main protagonists (who just happen to be modern day cowboys) as they find out just how much they rely on each other. The friendship might consist largely of bickering between the two actors; Woody Harrelson (who mugs it up) and Kiefer Sutherland, but the combination naturally flows and their performances are truly fitting with amusing comical exchanges. And even heartfelt too. Two New Mexico rodeo cowboy friends (strained at that) Sonny and Pepper head to New York City to find a missing friend Nacho and his Cuban immigrant daughter Teresa. What they uncover is that Nacho had got himself in some serious trouble that seems him ending up in a morgue and his daughter working in a sweatshop.

This Hollywood dross is something rather light-weight and blunt with a message to boot. Still rather enjoyable even with its sugar-coating and stereotypical traits. The script throws about priceless dialogues and sets up the situation with aplomb. These characters are right out their comfort zone, but go about getting the job done the cowboy way and going all out. Had me thinking of the 1968 feature "Coogan's Bluff". Atypical but amusing if a little a silly. Some good action set-pieces standout (namely the climatic chase) and you can't beat good dummy work. Flavoured country soundtrack finds its way in. The rest of the performances are acceptable with a likable Ernie Hudson as a horse riding New York cop and Dylan McDermott as the sly criminal behind Nacho's death. Also popping up are Tomas Milan, Marg Helgenberger, Cara Buono and Luis Guzman.

"You cowboys are a dying breed."
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No "Way" to treat a movie...
Mister-66 September 2000
If they would have just dropped the whole slavery ring idea, the Dylan McDermott character and most of the nastiness, this could have been a great movie. As it is, though, "The Cowboy Way" is only half-good, which is a shame seeing how good the good parts are.

As Pepper, Woody Harrelson has his best movie part in a long time. His raunchy, ready-for-anything cowpoke is one funny character. He contributes some of the best scenes here, as observed before; like when he entices the lady in the string quartet, does the "no-hands" trick with the hat, licks salt off of Marg Helgenberger's neck or dances around on a model's runway. He's quite a show, that Woody.

Sutherland doesn't come off quite a swell as Sonny, the more sensible of the duo. He's all seriousness and grim necessity - the exact opposite of Pepper. That he gets the bum end of the deal is no fault of Sutherland's or ever Harrelson's. They both do their best under the circumstances, yet have to fight a no-win situation against the script, which gives them only a couple of scenes where they actually get along.

But then there's the whole situation of WHY they are in New York - the white slavery, vice, corruption, beatings, shootings and deaths have no place in a movie whose biggest parts aim for a "'Crocodile' Dundee" flavor. Confusing? Definitely.

Five stars for "The Cowboy Way", only half-good, but half-bad, too.
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Cowboys have no accountability in NYC
emdragon17 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty much the worst possible cinematic contrivance of a movie ever made. Whatever cowboy cliché they need to just manage to get over the next obstacle in their chasing of the bad guys, Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland get to pull off in this one. Why Hollywood puts these kinds of bad comedies out defies my understanding. Every scene is stagy and contrived. Just basically celluloid garbage time. 2 cowboys spend most of the picture chasing drug smuggling kidnappers through the streets of New York trying to retrieve a captured female. Along the way they make macho cowboy jokes, ride police horses, lariat bad dudes, and generally ravage the city.
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Very entertaining Cowboy "fish out of Water" movie.
MadBadMovieman5 July 1999
I really enjoyed this movie. One of Woody's best. Keifer was good too. Not a new story line but new a spin on the Rescue of young girl from a Bad situation.

One of the best Kissing Scenes I've ever seen. Every time I have a shot of Tequila, I think of this movie and the fun things you can do with a Lime.

Also one of the funniest(?) most bizarre interrogations I've ever seen using a calf. Not very probable but just thinking a crook could be convinced to talk like this was a Hoot!
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The Cowboy Way (1994) Is A Disappointment
monkey-man18 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Cowboy Way (1994).

This movie is about how a man in New Mexico is trying to illegally bring his daughter from Cuba to America.And the man gos to new york city to get her but when he is gone for a few days his two friends (Sutherland and Harrelson) start to worry about him.And they know a bit about what is going on and they have a phone number of the people who are bring in people to America.So the two cowboys go to New York city to try and find there friend and his daughter.And with the help of a New York Policeman named Sam Shaw (Ernie Hudson) they discover that there Friend is in the morgue.Now all that is left to do is save there friends daughter from the bad guys.

I only watched this movie because i am a huge fan of Kiefer Sutherland and i probably would of never seen it if he was not in it.I sort of had high expectations for this movie and i was really disappointed in this movie i thought it would be so much better then it turned out to be.

Over all this movie was a big disappointment but this movie still had its good points and i still enjoyed watching it.My rating for this movie is five stars out of ten.
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The Cowboy Way
Phil Hubbs6 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was pretty much the epitome of cloning or ripping off another movies concept, and then see it go straight to video (in the UK at least). Back in the day you'd find many of these random comedies on the videoshop shelves. Movies you'd never seen or heard of before but had really good casts; its like they just popped up outta nowhere ('Celtic Pride' for example). You had no idea if they were any good but you'd usually rent them because of the cast, and sometimes the neat movie poster on the box.

The plot centres around two cowboys in New Mexico (Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland) who must travel east to New York in order to find their Cuban friend Nacho (who went to find his daughter). Turns out Nacho owed money to a gang for bringing his daughter into the US from Cuba. In the meantime the gang keeps his daughter in sweat shop slavery. So the butch stetson wearing duo must find Nacho and his daughter.

In short this is a very weak rip-off of 'Crocodile Dundee' but minus everything that made that movie a classic. I'm sure you know exactly what to expect when I say that. Both protagonists are your absolute cowboys. They both wear stetsons, jeans and cowboy boots all the time. They both have various stereotypical cowboy skills which come in handy throughout. And they are both displayed to be rather butch and sexy over dem city folk. The only real difference is Sutherland's character is the more sensible, straight laced cowboy with morals. Where as Harrelson's cowboy is the wildcard who loves loose women, drinking and getting into trouble. Pretty predictable stuff really.

Most of the action we see if also your predictable guff (oh my the stunt doubles!!) which was done way better in that 1986 Aussie comedy. Being cowboys these guys are of course out of their natural habitat in downtown New York/Manhattan. They dress funny, they talk funny, and they act all gruff; its all just so...funny. Somehow they manage to waltz into the Waldorf Astoria unchallenged and then manage to get into the dinning area for a snack to eat. Oh the hilarity that ensues as Harrelson's Pepper character acts all uncouth (ahem).

Later on Pepper gets himself into a posh yuppy-esque party for catwalk models (some middle aged woman takes a fancy to him). So this is the part where Pepper acts a bit homophobic because cowboys are real men, grrr! As the plot progresses they meet mounted police office Ernie Hudson who tickets them for camping out in Central Park (you know because they're cowboys and that's what cowboys do). Ernie's character seems to fall under a bit of a man/hero crush with these cowboys and starts helping them on their quest. By helping them I mean completely violating his jobs procedures and acting like a wild cowboy. This includes riding all over New York on his police horse waving his gun around. And allowing Pepper to drive his truck full speed into a local bar owned by the gang (his truck seemingly suffers no damage and apparently no one gets killed or injured).

As the trio chase after the main villain (a snarling, scenery chewing Dylan McDermott who dies quite horribly in the end) they basically end up riding horseback all over places which you simply wouldn't expect to see a horse being ridden. This is of course the movies main hook, having cowboys running amok in Manhattan. They make a point to ride past many landmarks, because of course they do. I can't deny it was interesting to see these scenes of cowboys galloping down main streets, bridges, railway stations, the port areas etc...

In the end this is a cheeky little number that solely relies on the then star 'brat pack' power of Kiefer Sutherland (which he retained for quite sometime); and that period in time when Woody Harrelson was considered a bit of a heartthrob. It also relies heavily on the overly used concept of lower class rough types clashing with posh types, and the tired culture clash formula. The weathered, seemingly backwards type character/s entering the fast-paced modern world.

Its totally as you would expect all the way. A silly comedy with Harrelson in his brazen undisciplined period, and Sutherland just doing what he always kinda did...look stoic (whilst also looking like he stepped out of a Marlboro advert here). Its reasonable but there are much better similar action comedy flicks from this era.

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So-so 'buddy flick' about two naive cowboys on the loose in the Big Apple !!
DeuceWild_774 April 2018
"The Cowboy Way" is a movie tailor made for Woody Harrelson to star, once again as the mindless redneck with a heart of gold, a bit slow to understand things around, but capable to ultimately save the day. Here he was paired with Kiefer Sutherland, playing the big brother type, the wise and restrained of the duo, even if in real life, Kiefer is about 5 years younger than Woody, but sporting a manly moustache and acting mature and it worked.

The story is like a "48 Hrs." buddy flick meets "Crocodile Dundee", a fish outta water action / comedy about two naive cowboys from New Mexico which came to the Big Apple searching for their elderly Cuban friend that went missing trying to find his illegal immigrant daughter, in a plot that focus on human trafficking led by Tomás Milián and his sleazy henchman, played by Dylan McDermott in a surprising scene-stealing performance.

The movie flows well and the two leads have on-screen chemistry together (not as much as Woody / Wesley Snipes in "White Men Can't Jump" and "The Money Train", but yet adequate) with Woody faring better than Kiefer in his usual ingenuous / childish behavior type (think Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan or Tom Hanks in "Big") that made him a star when he was cast in "Cheers" and he's always watchable to follow. Kiefer is okay, but he was never as solid playing the good guy as he was playing villains (like in "Stand By Me"; "The Lost Boys"; "Eye for an Eye"; "A Few Good Men" or "A Time to Kill"). Ernie Hudson offers a fine support as the NYC Cop who helps the two cowboys in their asphalt jungle adventure.

In short, "The Cowboy Way" is a passable, however harmless flick with a couple of good scenes that don't mesmerize the viewer, but neither bores him. It's a case of "been there, done that" that can satisfy a less demanding audience and especially, fans of Woody and Kiefer, but if you're looking for something new or creative in the action / comedy genre stay away of this one, because it just limits on ressurging the old formula.
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The Stars Make It Worthwhile
Michael_Elliott29 January 2018
The Cowboy Way (1994)

*** (out of 4)

Pepper (Woody Harrelson) and Sonny (Kiefer Sutherland) are two buddies who just happen to also be rodeo partners. When a friend of theirs goes missing in New York City, the cowboys head up there and get involved with some crooked sweat shops.

If you're looking for a hard-hitting drama that takes a look at the evil underbelly of New York City then sadly THE COWBOY WAY won't be for you. If you're looking for an intelligent comedy that has smart writing and terrific characters.... again, THE COWYBOY WAY might not be for you. If you're just looking for some mild entertaining that isn't meant to be taken overly serious then THE COWBOY WAY will be for you.

I think the basic fish out of water premise works quite well and especially when you've got two leads who are just so much fun and have a great chemistry together. There's no question that Harrelson and Sutherland make the film worth viewing because they really do get into their cowboy roles and I think their comic timing is right on the mark. The two of them are often put into silly situations but both handle them qutie well and deliver the laughs.

The story itself really isn't all that special since we've seen this type of film countless times before. Originality certainly isn't the strong point but the two leads are fun enough to where they overcome the somewhat tired script. Ernie Hudson offers up nice support as well.
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good duo but inferior material
SnoopyStyle10 September 2016
Pepper Lewis (Woody Harrelson) and Sonny Gilstrap (Kiefer Sutherland) are competitive best friends on the rodeo circuit. Their friend Nacho travels to NYC to rescue his daughter Theresa (Cara Buono) from smugglers holding her after she escaped Cuba. Ruthless criminal John Stark (Dylan McDermott) is keeping Theresa to work in his sweatshop. Sonny finds Nacho's note and goes to join him with Pepper riding along. Pepper catches the eye of socialite Margarette (Marg Helgenberger). The guys befriend police horse patrolman Sam Shaw (Ernie Hudson). Sadly, Nacho has been murdered.

This is a fish out of water action comedy. There is the charismatic duo of Harrelson and Sutherland. They are fun together. The material isn't quite as good as those guys. There is little humor other than the bits generated by Harrelson with Sutherland as the straight man. The story is straight 90's good guys and bad guys. It's not anything great but there is good enough chemistry with the boys.
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SanteeFats29 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The good out way the bad in this comedy-drama. Two cowboys go to the big city (New York, of course) to find a long time friend. The friend has gone looking for his daughter who has been taken out of Cuba by Dylan McDermott. He has done this for the filthy lucre the father has paid. Getting greedy Dylan has the father killed and dumped in the river. He evidently has become infatuated with the girl and has her moved from the sweatshop where he has had her working to his apartment. Now Ernie Hudson shows up as a black horse cop who has always wanted to be a cowboy. We get a little history as it is revealed that a black cowboy named Bill Pickett invented bulldogging. So chasing around New York the cowboys run down the bad guys with Hudson's help. I find the ending, while not something I can believe could actually be done, is a just finish for Dylan. He ropes by an electric cord and hooked to a passing train. Sooo he gets dragged to death.
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Just Plain Bad
Scott_Weinberg12 June 1999
Moronic, formulaic, and dull, this offering has Woody and Keifer as bickering Cowboys who come to New York. That's it. Really. What can you say about a movie that aspires to be as deep as Crocodile Dundee? Woody deserves better.
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Worse than awful.
Bobster3622 February 2009
This movie was so bad that by the time it was over I felt angry. The "good ol' country boys one-upping the city slickers" theme has been done so much that I guess there were no more intelligent ways to do it. So they came up with The Cowboy Way.

I generally like both Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland. And despite the weak plot, Sutherland does a good job with his role. But Harrelson employs every good ol' boy cliché ever imagined. Right down to the overbearing mush-mouthed twang in every word he utters.

The plot has our two good ol' countrified cowpokes going to NY City to rescue a girl from the big bad city slicker bad guys. In the process, Harrelson ends up at a posh fashion party. Naturally, the hostess is so overwhelmed by the charm of this rube that she hangs all over him while ignoring the rest of her well-to-do guests.

Of course, the good ol' cowpokes have a big ol' gunfight with the city slicker bad guys. And there are no legal ramifications. Ernie Hudson plays a mounted NY City cop. He is so enamored of the good ol' cowpokes that he abandons his patrol area to follow Harrelson through town on horseback. Later, he rides his horse INTO the police station shouting some blather about forming a posse. Later still, he gives away his horse and a horse of a fellow officer to the cowpokes so that we viewers can be treated to the sight of our good ol' boys galloping through NY City in pursuit of a train carrying the city slicker bad guys. Incredibly, after galloping all over town, the horses still have enough left to overtake the train. Also, incredibly, Hudson's cop is not fired for his bizarre and irresponsible actions.

And just to make sure the point is hammered home that the good ol' countrified cowboy way is superior to the city slicker way, our cowpokes save the day by employing their rope tricks.

This movie is so unbelievable that it seems better suited to a cartoon. Maybe a Heckle and Jeckle plot. If you're the type that just has to have that notion validated that the good ol' boys are always better than the city slickers regardless of how absurd the story is, then this one's for you. Otherwise, you'll find better entertainment in Heckle and Jeckle.
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The Cowboy Way
roxey5612 February 2017
I've always loved this movie; I'd love to see it "Re-Released" in the future on DVD & Blu-ray with Digital HD, perhaps in a "Collectors Set,"or in a "Fan Gift Set." It's a wonderful & touching film; with two of Hollywood's finest actors. It's a great add to any movie buff's collection.

Most of my movie collection are classic films, but I'd really love to have "The Cowboy Way" both in my Blu-ray & my Digital HD collections.

Whoever owns the rights to "The Cowboy Way," would be foolish not to promote it to motion picture collectors. It's a 90's film, but very much a modern classic.

Rework the original cut, add interviews of both the lead actors from when it was first released, & interviews of what they're doing & promoting now.

If there is still available footage to lengthen the original for a director's cut, or an unrated version; add that too. : )
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very entertaining
pepekwa24 March 2009
sometimes the best movies are the most unpretentious, simple ones. This one follows a tried and trusted formula, its a buddy movie, woody harrelson and kiefer sutherland are chalk and cheese personalities but they unbeknown to each other complement each other and then they have the fish out of water experience as good ol boy cowboys in new york city. Woody is a scream in his role and kiefer plays the straight man and while you know exactly how its going to end, its a fun film from start to finish, probably suitable for all the family too. I liked how the guys were able to use their rodeo "skills" in the city and I laughed out loud at the final shot of the film, all-in-all a very easy way to spend an hour and three quarters.
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Woody Harrelsons Most Fitting Role
T H15 March 2006
I love this movie. The soundtrack is great and it's the perfect movie to try out your new surround sound with. This is a very funny movie; although the storyline with the girl getting held for ransom and her father getting killed does get a little drug out. The end is very funny and not predictable. I have this movie on DVD and have watched it over and over again many times. Keifer Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Travis Tritt, are the celebrities that I was familiar with in the movie, but there may have been more. I never would have imagined Woody Harrelson playing the role of a cowboy, but he really does fit the role of "Pepper" perfectly. Of course Keifer Sutherland looks the part and does a great acting job as well, his character was not as fun or interesting as Woody's character though.
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