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Not Bad at All
sonjasjunk31 May 2005
I was actually quite shocked to see the only comment say this movie was very bad. My husband and I had a pretty good laugh with this one and were quite entertained. It's not going to be everyone's taste but if you like slapstick mingled with a bit of stupidity it's right up your alley. I will agree that it is no National Lampoon (Animal House) but it does follow in the same vein as the "Vacation" movies though. Chevy and Dianne made a great couple and have a great sense of timing that is so important to a good comedy. Chevy's character similar to "Vacation" develops from an disrespected head of the house to a respected Father. Don't pass this one by.
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Is this comedy about the family or the stakeout?
raisleygordon22 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Cops and Robbersons" is a pleasant enough comedy with Chase playing a Clark Griswold-type character. I found the movie funny and charming. But the movie doesn't seem to take its story very seriously. For example, Chevy Chase goes next door to "use the bathroom". Of course, he's really there to snoop. This, of course, I expected. In a movie about a stakeout, especially in a comedy, I expected a lot more to happen. Chase goes through the guy's wallet (why exactly, I do not know), ruins his mattress (again, I do not know), then merely gets caught. But this guy (Osborn) doesn't seem particularly suspicious. Then chase tries to roll his cigarette, which apparently, is supposed to be funnier than it is. Is this the best the filmmakers could come up with? And I though Jack Palance was wasted in a thankless role as a cop who mostly smokes, and makes small talk. And it's never explained why we don't see much of his partner. As for the ending, it doesn't quite take off, probably because it takes Chase forever to come crashing in. But still, I enjoyed the movie because it is entertaining.

*** out of ****
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DysFUNctional family Robberson arrests stake-out.
Gretta-231 May 2002
This is a truly funny film that the whole family can watch, and enjoy. Amazing! Mom cooks enough food for a White House reception, the kids are mostly normal except the youngest, who is channeling Bela Lugosi as Dracula, and Dad can't get a bagel without cream cheese on it. The cops are standard film cops except that Jack Palance is even more overpowering than usual. His best line (you have to be there) is "Never throw a cat at me again." He never yells, although he has plentiful provocation. This is refreshing; we laughed through the whole movie.
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This is such a hilarious movie and an overlooked gem
OJT9 August 2013
I accidentally fell upon a showing of this comedy on a night show on TV, and was immediately drawn into the films parody music. I got a good feeling for what's worth to watch. But I had never heard about the movie before. And boy, was I right.

I looked this up on IMDb, after watching what I thought was a charming and hilarious movie, and was baffled about a score of 4,7. I understand this film didn't hit the right spots back in 1994, but I'll tell you: That was wrong then, and it's wrong now. If it felt was right to bash this back in 1994, this is still what should be considered as a gem now.

The film is a typical Chevy Case movie from the 80'ies and 90'ies. It's almost like the Fletch movies or the National Lampoon's best vacation movies. But then, it's also Fletch- director Michael Ritchie. What's worse; this is rated at Ritchie's worst movie. Well, it's so wrong! I laughed way more then I have in many recent movies.

Here Chase is doing a great job of a cops and robbers story, where Chase's strange family, called the Robbersons, is encountered by and awful lot of challenges, as he is when on his best. Jack Palance is great as the old "Dr. Jeckyll and Mister Hyde"-detective, and so is Robert Davi as the scaring and dangerous Osborn, which is staked out from Robbersons house, as their new neighbor. Diane Weist is lovely naive is the wife, and the kids are also great, with extra kudos to Miko Hughes as the youngest son with a Dracula-mania. He is so funny!

This film is stupidly funny. It's silly, and it gets sillier the longer into the film you get, In the good way. It's charming, with hitchcockian mystery music, it's well played, an it's funny without full of foul language, being harassing or embarrassing the wrong way, like many comedies do now.This is plain funny, with stupid persons, which is all quite lovable. In style of "Dumb and dumber" I recommend this for the whole family.
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Movie is sweet, what is wrong with you people?
dkeizer0521 January 2013
I tell you what, man. When I saw that this film was given a 4.7, I had to speak up. I had to set the record straight- this movie is great. All joking aside.

Yeah, the plot makes about as much sense as Face/Off. But over the years I have not met one person that watched this movie and wasn't repeating lines the next day.

But enough about that. This movie has chemistry between the actors. There is just enough peril to keep the movie serious. It moves a long at a good pace. The dialog is about as funny as one could hope. Each character has some issue that is developed and ultimately resolved, which is not an easy feat with an ensemble cast like this.

Also, this movie is to Jack Palance what True Grit was for John Wayne. Jack Palance's Detective Jake Stone is a caricature of his previous roles as a no-nonsense, cynical, chain-smoking bad-ass.

Then you have Chevy Chase who is as funny as ever. For that matter, I really don't see how somebody that likes the Vacation movies could dislike this film. It's pretty much the same family, only they don't go on vacation. They have some cops come live with them and comedy ensues.

Anybody who gives this movie less than a 6/10 needs to pull the stick out of their rectum.
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Chevy and Palance are great in this must see film
rob-17718 January 1999
Chevy Chase and Jack Palance are both great actors and with Diane Wiest playing as a wanna-be good mother this movie is great.

The way that Palance acts around Chase is great. This is on my must see list
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Family stakeout.
lost-in-limbo28 April 2010
Chevy Chase's family comedy "Cops and Robbersons" might have been made during the period where his box-office success was in a rapid decline (as this was somewhat a flop and the previous two before it), but I've always have a soft spot for this professional looking, but farcical comedy outing and that was mainly for the amusingly dry performance of Jack Palance as a weathered detective.

Norman Robberson is a mild-mannered accountant who spends his free time watching TV cop shows. Soon enough he's living that life, when detective Jack Stone and his partner use his house as a stakeout to watch his neighbour that's a dangerous counterfeiter. Stone then finds himself caught up with the family and Norman's cop show obsession could just endanger the whole operation.

As much as I enjoy watching a Chevy Chase film, it does pale in comparison to his early work but watching it again it surprised me how well it actually stood up. While not overly funny, it kept me watching. Teaming up again with Michael Ritchie the director of his smash 1985 hit "Fletch", Ritchie and Chase might not have the luxury of that smart script, but "Cops and Robbersons" is still sprightly written with the odd witty remark and amusing depictions of middle class suburbia. It's a typical formula, but it raises some inspired shenanigans if growing a little repetitive with its choices. Thinking about it, there was probably just not enough humour there or effectively brought across. It's madcap, accidental gags relying more so on the psychical and visuals with comical interactions between the dysfunctional characters. Ritchie's direction is straight-up, competently tidy with a slick streamline to it and having confidence in his timing.

The cast balances out quite nicely. Chase gives his usual quick-on-the-feet performance, while alongside him Palance superbly grits his teeth. Dianne West is equally good with a level-head turn and Robert Davi suitably goes with a mock serious approach in a pigeon hold villain role. There's decent support by David Barry Gray, Jason James Richter, Fay Masterson, Miko Hughes and Richard Romanus.
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great movie
mortonson4 August 2003
this movie has kept me in stitches every time i see it! i would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh. Miko Hughes is ADORABLE in this film! An all-around hilarious movie with an interesting plot and comedic characters!
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More of Action or Mystery than Comedy
mike617-887-960416 February 2014
I love comedy movies. I went online to order some i couldn't find anywhere at the store. One of them were Cops and Robbersons. I ordered it having really high hopes for this movie. (I could not find it on Xfinity) I got it last night and watched it 1st thing in the morning. I thought it was going to be very funny. I laughed a few times and it was not as funny as I thought, but for some reason, I was hooked to the movie because it to me was a mystery. Cops and Robbersons is a MUST SEE FILM! Adventure/Mystery/Comedy Chevy Chase-Norman Robberson Jack Palance- Jake Stone Dianne Wiest-Helen Robberson Robert Davi-Osborn David Barry Gray-Tony Moore
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"Entertaining Comedy!"
gwnightscream26 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Dianne Wiest, David Barry Gray, Fay Masterson, Jason James Richter, Miko Hughes and Robert Davi star in this 1994 comedy. This focuses on businessman, Norman Robberson (Chase) who lives in the suburbs with his wife, Helen (Wiest) and 3 children, Cindy (Masterson), Kevin (Richter) and Billy (Hughes). He longs for a cop adventure like on one of his favorite TV shows and gets his wish when his home becomes a stakeout for a dangerous criminal, Osborn (Davi) living next door to him. Palance plays veteran cop, Jake Stone and Gray plays his new partner, Tony Moore who move into the Robbersons home getting into mishaps with Norman and become part of his family. I've always liked this film and Chase & the cast are great in it. I recommend this entertaining comedy.
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lukem-5276011 October 2019
This is a fun family type comedy about a crazy family in the ordinary suburbs that has to have some cops stay at there house to Stakeout a bad guy who lives next door!!! Thats the basic storyline for this whacky Comedy, i always loved this film from way back in the 90s, when i had it on video & i was always a massive "Chevy Chase" fan as i grew up watching his movies, such as "Fletch" "Fletch Lives" "Spies like Us" "Caddyshack" & the "Vacation" films among others, Chase was always the king of comedy to me & still is in my opinion, Chase can always put a smile on my face & cheer me up so he means alot to me & here Chase is hilarious as family man "Norman Robberson" he's a nice average guy who loves old Cop shows & would love to be a Cop like in the movies, Chase is a warm joy to watch as usual & really is a fun family man, his Face makes me laugh so much even if he's being serious, a great actor & a comic genius!!!

We get another legend of cinema with "Jack Palance" as the old grumpy Tough Cop "Jake Stone" who has to stay at the "Robbersons" house with his young cop partner on a Stakeout!!! The rest of the cast is great with, one of my favourite B-movie actors ever, the Awesome Robert Davi who plays the "Bad guy" called "Osborn" who is staying next door to the Robbersons, Davi is fun at playing it completely straight & serious & we have Dianne Wiest as "Helen" who is very funny as mrs.Robberson & plays really well with Chevy Chase!!! I love the cast & love this feelgood comedy, it's pure 90s fun with lots of fun gags especially within the Robbersons own family, they have a little boy who believes he's a Vampire & that makes some hilarious scenes with the Cops using his room to spy on the bad guys lol, we have the oldest daughter who takes a liking to the younger Cop so there's abit of fun romance, the house is full of crazy fun antics & Jack Palance really has fun in his role as "Jake Stone" especially when he has to pretend he's their uncle Jake!!! Cops & Robbersons is just a good time movie, it's a silly fun family comedy with a two legends of cinema together with "Chase & Palance" it's no masterpiece but it doesn't have to be!!! It's a comedy CLASSIC though to me & is a very underrated comedy in my opinion!!! But i love it.
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It's Chevy Chase. What more can I say?
VideoPokerAddict14 May 2002
"Cops & Robbersons" strongly reminds me of a Griswold Vacation movie. In fact, I kept expecting Chevy to call his kids Rusty and Audrey. The only difference is that the family in this film don't get to go anywhere. They are stuck at home with a couple of cops as live-in visitors. The police are doing surveillance on a criminal who lives in the house across the street.

Chevy is up to his old "Boy, am I a clueless ... or what?" routine. What's extremely frustrating is the fact that nobody around him gives it any thought. Look at these two examples: First, he hides the two cops in the closet (don't ask!) and his wife comes downstairs. She asks what the noise is coming from the closet. He states that it is the cat. Then the daughter comes down the stairs holding the cat. What does his wife think about that? Nothing. Another example is when Chevy asks his neighbor (who is under surveillance) if he could use his bathroom. While his neighbor is on the phone, Chevy sneaks upstairs and cuts open the guy's mattress to the point that springs are actually popping out. What does his neighbor think of this? Nothing!

I think you get the idea. The people in this film are so completely ignorant that the comedy falls flat. To make it worse, Jack Palance is downright vicious. I was absolutely stunned at something he stated to one of Chevy's kids. This is supposed to be a family movie.

The only reason that this film gets 2 stars instead of 1 is the presence of Dianne Wiest. She appears as if she is in a film all her own. She is caring, charming and feisty all at once. However, I would only recommend this movie for diehard Wiest fans or for people who enjoy watching Chevy Chase act really dumb for 90 minutes. 3/10
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"Don't make mommy tell you twice"
frickabee13 April 2005
Look in the bargain bin for this, one of the most underrated movies of all time. Jack Palance plays the type of brusque character that he became known for in City Slickers and Chevy Chase plays stupid extremely well because for one thing, he's become so used to it in real life. This is definitely the last thing he ever did that's worth watching. Robert Davi is also perfect in the bad guy next-door role. It's a family friendly comedy that doesn't rely on profanity or toilet humor for a laugh.
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Not very good
robmbrass22 October 2003
I am a huge Chevy Chase fan. With that said, his movies in the 90's were not very good and this was one of them. Jack Palance is too old to be a cop in the first place and he isn't funny. Chevy Chase is a superb comic and comes off funny in this movie at times, but the script is poor. The only humorous parts to me was actually the kid thinking he was a vampire.

Rating: 4/10
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Forget it
bwaynef7 April 1999
The name of Dianne Wiest, the actress who won Oscars for her work in Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "Bullets Over Broadway," does not appear on the cover of the video release of "Cops and Robbersons." Perhaps she isn't thought of as a big enough draw with audiences, and her name isn't expected to impact video sales. Then again, the talented actress may have seen the finished film and demanded that her name not be prominently featured in the advertising. If the latter scenario is correct, the question one must ask is why didn't Chevy Chase and Jack Palance follow suit and request that their names be taken off this execrable film?

A look at their film credits in the actors' respective listings in Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia provides an answer: Both actors are simply immune to embarrassment. Chase has been in a veritable parade of stinkers, and Palance, despite appearances in classics like "Panic in the Streets" and "Shane" has an even trashier list of films to his credit. Made in Spain drek like "The Mongols" would be bad enough for the humblest actor, but titles like "Cocaine Cowboys," an Andy Warhol production, would make a litter-box smell pleasant, yet there it is in the Jack Palance filmography.

"Cops and Robbersons" has what seems like a surefire comic premise. A tough, veteran detective and his young partner move in with a suburban family to stakeout the next door neighbor. The fact that the family is headed by a fan of TV police shows only adds to the fun since the bumbling couch potato's excitement at being at the center of the action will lead to side splitting complications. Right?

Forget it. "Cops and Robbersons" is yet another loser to which Chase and Palance have attached their names. There's an amusing moment now and then but, for the most part, one dead scene follows another and, before long, one can only scratch his head and wonder how this film got made. Chase and Palance are completely wasted, as are Wiest and Robert Davi. As for the direction, one has to ask another question: Whatever happened to Michael Ritchie? There was a time when he directed the brilliant beauty pageant satire, "Smile," and agreeable comedies like "The Bad News Bears" and "The Survivors." More recently, he's been reduced to drek like "The Couch Trip," "The Golden Child," and the two "Fletch" movies with Chase. With "Cops and Robbersons," Ritchie proves that, even when you've hit rock bottom, you can still sink a little lower.
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It has its moments
obe-one17 July 2000
But not as funny as I had hoped.Another clunker for Chase who's best work was in "Fletch" and "National Lampoon's Vacation". It even copies the ending credits style of "Vacation" with the photographs of the family. Watch once and fuhgetaboutit.
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Be glad he's Chevy Chase and you're not.
The_Film_Cricket4 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
30 minutes into 'Cops and Robbersons' I found myself clawing at the sides of my seat cushion. An hour into it I found myself with my head down tugging at my hair and groaning loudly. This sounds a bit childish so I will elaborate. 'Cops and Robbersons' is a terribly unfunny movie made by talented people who have made excellent films and stars actors who have made me laugh in the past so it is frustrating when I see them entrenched in a laughless screenplay. When a good actor takes a bad screenplay you can always sense their talent trying to get out.

The screenwriters have assembled a comic formula out of the nuts and bolts of other movies and tried to fasten them together to make a funny movie. This never works because 'Cops and Robbersons' is a movie pitch, not a movie itself. It's the beginning of an idea that doesn't need fine tuning so much as it needs a complete overhaul.

The movie takes The Robbersons, an ordinary Ozzie and Harriet family and puts as its head Norman Robberson (Chevy Chase) a man who is obsessed with cop shows. The dilemma is that a mobster (Robert Davi) has moved in next door and the authorities want to use the Robbersons' home to stake them out. Leading the stakeout is a rough-hewn cop (Jack Palance) who rolls his own cigarettes and always seems to have one planted in his leathery mug. Saddle that with a nagging wife, a daughter who develops an unconvincing romance with the mobster's son and a 5-year old who plays vampire and bites Palance on the neck.

These are nuts and bolts not inspiration. They are the stuff of bad sitcom writing – the kind of writing that gets a show cancelled. When I see a movie like this that is directed at a sitcom loving audience I always marvel at how much less funny it sounds without a laugh track.

Now onto the cast starting with Chevy Chase. My favorite Chase comedies are the ones that allow him to be a smart-ass mostly because he can do it without sounding like a bore. I've seen it in 'Spies Like Us' and 'Funny Farm' and the 'Fletch' pictures and a little in the first 'Vacation' movie. But here he's an annoying dope who is always in the way and just bumbles around reminding me that his Gerald Ford routine was funnier when he did it in a five minute sketch on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Jack Palance surprised me in 'City Slickers' by taking his usual tough ol' buzzard persona and injecting it with humanity, warmth and truth. Here he's the same crusty old guy but the warmth and truth are gone because the movie doesn't have time between painful slapstick.

Diane Weist has done her best work for Woody Allen. So, I try to measure Diane Weist's characters thusly: Would the character she's playing be convincing if she were playing it in a Woody Allen movie, in most cases yes. So, she's playing a good (albiet underwritten) character here in the wrong movie. There is one rather serious moment when she talks to Palance about his smoking that I thought was the movie's only ray of sunshine.

I don't know what dragged director Michael Ritchie into this film after directing Chase in 'Fletch' and directing the marvelous (and somewhat similar) 'The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom'.

By the way, you will note that I have avoided describing any of the specific scenes. That's because I just feel that this talented cast has had enough.
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FlashCallahan25 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When the police discover that a mob hit-man has moved next door to the titular family, they want to finally capture him for a major crime.

They set up shop in the Robbersons' home.

Hard-nosed, drizzled, long in the tooth, and any other cliché you can use to call an older cop, Jake Stone is assigned to the stakeout.

But now it's a question of whether Jake can last long enough to capture the bad guys, as the Robbersons are not your typical nuclear family.

This marks the phase in Chases career where he looked like he just couldn't be bothered with the films he was making anymore, and here, it really shows. His character is obsessed with TV cop shows, so it's a dream come true when the real police set up shop in his home.

But you'd think he couldn't care less, as Chase just maunders through one unfunny set piece to the next, situations that should induce laughs, induce groans, and the fact that all the characters are just stereotypical cookie cutter characters from any old movie, doesn't help the cause.

Palance hates everyone at the beginning, riffing on his City Slickers Curly, but guess what? After a few days with the family, he begins to know the true meaning of family and becomes a lot never to everyone.

His partner ends up with the daughter, and Dianne Wiest comes all gung-ho in the final stand off.

Davi is your typical criminal, devoid of any common sense, bearing in mind he works for the mob, but accepts the fact that someone is freely roaming the house.

It's a shame, because Chase was a very hands on actor when he was at the top of his game, but he's been playing the same character for the last twenty years in his movies, bored husband, who gets an opportunity to do something different, and looks equally as bored.

He should take a long Vacation.....
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lee_eisenberg8 October 2006
Following the utter failure of his TV show, Chevy Chase began a long stretch of embarrassing roles. First off, he starred in this ridiculous - if cute - story of some cops hiding out with a suburban family to catch a criminal. The whole movie is all about gags; if you like that, then this is the movie for you (I will say that the whole sequence where the cops first meet the family is pretty funny). But if you like really creative humor, then you'll probably want to avoid "Cops and Robbersons". Chase, Jack Palance and Dianne Wiest probably want to downplay their participation in this idiocy. And to think that Michael Ritchie also directed such greats as "The Candidate".
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Please do not waste your time
LeoDicaprio15 January 2002
I watched the movie on Comedy Central. Where was the comedy? Maybe it's because the movie is a total joke. But not a funny one. There is plenty of talent in this movie, but it is totally wasted. I didn't laugh once. I wasn't even slightly amused. The writer should have been charged, rather than paid. Most of the characters aren't believable. The actors must have been truly desperate to do this major embarrassment. You're better off seeing "Leonard, Part 6" instead. Life is too short to waste it on this sort of thing.
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Very, very bad
Monika-59 October 2000
Chevy Chase, please stick to the National Lampoon Vacation movies. I saw this film only once, when it was in the theater (I'm guessing it wasn't in theaters very long, either) so I've forgotten most of it. The actors (Chevy Chase, Jack Palance and the always delightful Dianne Wiest) deserve better than this tripe. See their other movies and skip this one.
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Palance makes this
Sorta Chase, Davi, also, and just the other people are three stooges, but these are good, and lots just happens without thinking like why's the guy getting with the girl he's a on duty clown shoes stuff here, and briefcase meet killing the guy exchanging how many, premise good, result is just eh, also good for the best with the Palance and Chevy Davi.
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unnecessarily stupid
SnoopyStyle29 January 2018
Mob hitman Horace Osborn (Robert Davi) lives next door to the Robbersons (Chevy Chase, Dianne Wiest) in the suburbs. Police detectives Jake Stone (Jack Palance) and his young partner are assigned on a stakeout in the family home.

The obvious comedy comes from an odd couple pairing between Chase and Palance. It does not come off well and none of the comedy is funny. Norman acts unnecessarily stupid. It's all stupid. His actions make no sense. It makes the unfunny comedy even more unfunny.
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Good, but could have been better
castaway1542 July 2008
This was a nice flick to watch.

I wish Chevy could have done MORE. He's too talented to be underused by the same director of 'Fletch'

I was so happy to see a nice film with the real quality of friendship in it. It has a great script and terrific plot twists, with characters to fall over laughing about. The three leads set the tone of their characters with numerous dicussions on family

However they are terrific with each other, and the whole supporting cast stands out well. (espescially Chevy) This film goes too over the top on Robert Davi's character.

Davi is one of the best character actors in film.
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Bad, bad, bad...
MovieAddict20162 February 2004
Horrible, corny Disney-style "family comedy" about a notorious criminal (Jack Palance) who moves in with family man Chevy Chase and, eventually, causes a whole lot of trouble.

Very predictable and unfunny scenes occur in which there are some bad bonding moments and silly exchanges of dialogue. Chase and Palance don't blend well together, and they're hardly the next Riggs and Murtaugh...
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