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Good romp around the Carolinas
Exit_of_99c_Special31 August 2005
Is this your typical women in chains navy transport love story? Maybe, hell, you know how the formula works by now, pretty woman is introduced in to a picture, someone has to fall in love with her.

I think this film does follow some typical story lines, but that doesn't say anything about the content. There are great scenes with Crispen Glover, Dennis Hopper, and Gary Busey, although short. Some things didn't make sense, such as the need to get in to random fights, but it is entertaining to watch, the fights were actually well done.

This is definitely a comedy foremost, but it does have a lot of good feel to it. The humor is well balanced, you won't hurt your stomach on this, but you will keep a smile.

There is a little bit of steamy action, so not one for the kids.
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perfect rainy day entertainment
pepekwa14 September 2009
no movie with dennis hopper, gary busey, erika eleniak, tom berenger, dean stockwell, marilu henner deserves a rating under 5 on here. This is a poor mans version of movies like 16 blocks or the timeless Midnight run except the prisoner being transported here is the very easy on the eye Ms.Eleniak. Tom Berenger plays another gruff, maverick military type well and William Mcnamara plays his rookie-about to be discharged foil well. The plot on the face of it is absurd because I lost count of the times Eleniak should have and could have escaped but this is an entertaining feel-good movie and there are good cameos from all of the above actors that keep the movie rolling. This isn't really a family movie as there is some swearing and a rare nude scene with eleniak but this is a lot better than some of the other guff that came out around this time.
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You have to "get" Hopper's sense of humor
Spokes27 May 2007
If you want a fun romp with loads of subtle humor, then you will enjoy this flick.

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't enjoy this one. Take it for what it is: a vehicle for Dennis Hopper to mess with your head and make you laugh. It ain't Shakespeare, but it is well done. Ericka Eleniak is absolutely beautiful and holds her own in this one - Better than any episode of Baywatch - and shows a knack for subtle humor. Too bad she hasn't had many opportunities to expand on that.

Tom Berenger fits his role of "real Navy" perfectly and William McNamara does a solid job as a hustler.

Throw in a walk-on by Hopper in the middle of the chase for "the Cherry on this Sundae" and you've got a movie that kept my attention and kept me laughing. I bought this one as soon as it was available.

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Pure Entertainment
G-Man-2517 April 2003
Lowbrow humor to spare in this low-budget knock-off of "The Last Detail." Undemanding fun...Hopper's direction is loose and raunchy (he also scores in a brief role as a horny traveling lingerie salesman) and Tom Berenger is great as a gruff, crusty military man stuck performing a transport detail with a scheming, wet-behind-the-ears private in tow. Don't expect a classic and you might be pleasantly surprised. Hardly a classic for the ages, but still quite enjoyable if you enter with lowered expectations. Plenty of clichés, but a few memorably funny sequences and some funny lines make it worth watching. Eleniak's considerable physical charms on full display don't hurt either.
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Dano-451 October 1999
That's it for this movie. Basically the whole thing is awful.Erika's love scene is pretty hot, I must say, even with the lame wanna-be Tom Cruise actor. She's all his since she's handcuffed to the bed and the "You're making me hot" and "I'm ready" lines. Nice body. Bad picture. View only if your bored and it's uncut.
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Bob-43031 March 1999
My wife and I have watched this movie twice. Both of us used to be in the Military. Besides being funny as hell, it offers a very realistic view of life in the Navy from the perspective of A Navy enlisted man, and tells it "like it really is". We're adding this movie to our permanent collection !
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OK -- I've seen worse.
lacrescenta9 December 2002
This was a so-so movie. Not really great, but entertaining enough. Don't expect much -- just expect to be mildly entertained. It's basically an "on the road" film, where the two male leads are transporting a female prisoner (Eleniak) in a run-down van, and she takes every opportunity to escape. Much hilarity ensues. OK, it's not *that* hilarious, but mildly amusing hilarity ensues, once in a while.

Eleniak is lovely, her acting is OK. Her character is sympathetic up to a point, even though she does pull some very vexing antics! However, her stunning figure and much-discussed breasts (in the nude scene) are not enough to elevate this film beyond so-so.

McNamara is baby-faced and his character is somewhat irritating as a two-bit scam artist and love interest for Ms. Eleniak. I didn't particularly care for his character. His romance with Eleniak wasn't developed well and he was only a somewhat sympathetic character.

Berenger does well in his role as a grumpy, gravel-voiced superior officer. While I am inclined to be a fan of Berenger, I don't always like everything he does. And, alas, sometimes his looks get a little on the seedy side -- but not in this film. He looks pretty good, and his character is kind of fun (in a crabby kind of way).

Some nudity and profanity earn this film a R rating. It's a fairly enjoyable film, just don't expect much. If you are a fan of any of the main stars, you might enjoy this film especially.
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Memorable soundtrack .... forgettable film ...............
merklekranz30 November 2009
"Chasers" vacillates wildly between military drama, and frat slobs on vacation silliness. There is a steady slide downhill in believability. The acting is only average, and the script well below that. Nevertheless, the movie is watchable, mainly because of the interesting supporting cast. The best scenes are with Gary Busey, Crispin Glover, and Dennis Hopper. The real problem is that the film doesn't have a flow, with sex scenes giving way to cartoon-like silliness, kung fu fighting, and ridiculous romance. I suppose if you can throw logic out the window, there might be enough here to interest some, but that's a long shot at best. - MERK
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Not that bad
Bjorn (ODDBear)27 January 2006
Navy officials Berenger and McNamara are assigned to escort prisoner Eliniak to start serving time but their trip doesn't go all that smoothly.

Despite the presence of the terribly annoying William McNamara, Chasers is really an O.K. way to spend less than two hours. Obviously it's not as good as 1973's The Last Detail but it has it's moments. Tom Berenger and Erika Eliniak compensate for McNamara and deliver good performances but the array of good cameos are sorely misused. Gary Busey and Crispin Glover provide a few chuckles but Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell and Marilu Henner have nothing to do here.

Still, if you're in a forgiving frame of mind and keep your expectations low this film quite alright.
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Erika gets her kit off
harveyfan28 January 2003
This is a lame action comedy about two navy guys, one a dimwitted crook, the other a hardboiled veteran, escorting a surprisingly pretty prisoner to a long spell behind bars for lampooning an officer.

While the comedy and action are pretty average, the film relies rather heavily on Eleniak's delectable body and eyebrows. Director Dennis Hopper rewards himself with a cameo as a traveling pervert, and when the action flags the pleasant Country & Western soundtrack kicks in.

I guess it's OK if you have a couple of hours to kill.
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Cheap and dim - but not offensive.
Peter Hayes3 October 2002
Two naval officers (Tom Berenger and William McNamara) are given the task of driving a sexy waitress (Erika Eleniak) to prison. For some reason she doesn't want to go and sets out to waylay them.

I have seen some thin movies in my time, but this takes the biscuit. The entire props budget seems to have been blown on two navy outfits, a rusty white van and one of those waitress dresses that girls with good legs rent for fancy-dress purposes.

Director Dennis Hopper comes on for a moment to do his I'm-a-bit-mad act and Marilu Henner is desperate enough to play a bit part, but they are both done-with in minutes: leaving us stuck with the tedious threesome in a van somewhere in Middle America.

Curiously the thing seems to be influenced by the Jack Nicholson film The Last Detail (navy prisoner being led back to the stock), although that is a film that is actually worth going out of you way to see.

Yes Erica is appealing in a plastic, peroxide and staples-through-the-belly way, but the other two leads have nothing to offer other than briskness and/or dim-witted nativity.

For those interested in these things, the Baywatch blonde does get her clothes off a couple of times, but most viewers will have fallen asleep by the time her stand-up-all-by-themselves breasts come out.

Insomniacs watching on late night cable might be able might be able to make it through to the end, but anyone actually shelling out money for this ultra-cheap product will feel a fool afterwards. Trust me.
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OK it's not good but it's not a total washout either
preppy-37 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
**DEFINITE SPOILERS** Two Navy guys--gruff, old, mean Rock Reilly (Tom Berenger) and young, handsome, fun-loving Eddie Devane (William McNamara)--are assigned to transport a prisoner. Turns out she's a young beautiful blonde named Toni (Erika Eleniak). While driving her she tries to escape repeatedly. This leads to "comic" mishaps. However it turns out she really isn't a mean girl (just misunderstood)--Reilly becomes lovable--Devane falls in love with her (and vice versa)--and it all leads to a ridiculously improbable ending.

As you can see the plot is just ridiculous (and predictable) and this is NOT a good movie--but I sort of liked it. Berenger and McNamara are very good and play off each other very well. Eleniak is beautiful and sexy and (surprisingly) not a bad actress. The situations they end up in are totally unbelievable and almost always unfunny but I laughed a few times. If you're watching this for t&a--forget it. It's about 50 minutes until Eleniak is in her underwear and another 20 minutes or so before she has a quick nude scene. As a gay guy I had no interest. Anyways McNamara shows more skin than her--he has a few scenes wearing nothing but underpants and once is totally nude. He's handsome and has a smooth, nicely toned body. As it is him and Eleniak became a couple after meeting in this movie. Also there are some familiar faces in small roles--Dean Stockwell, Crispin Glover, Seymour Cassel, Gary Busey, Frederic Forrest and Marilu Henner. Even director Dennis Hopper pops up in multiple roles! So, not a good movie but the acting is on target, there are funny moments and it has female AND male nudity. A pleasant time waster.
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Cheesy, but Enjoyable 'B' Flick!
Ben Burgraff (cariart)9 October 2002
I'll admit, when I first saw this film, in 1994, I thought it was sophomoric, with overripe performances, a brain-dead plot, and an extremely gratuitous sex scene tossed in to show off Erika Eleniak's considerable assets. However, seeing it again, recently, I came to realize this was actually a send-up of the 'good ol' boy' comedies of the seventies, the kind of 'B' movies Roger Corman produced, when he introduced directors like Ron Howard. As such, it's very enjoyable, and certainly worth another look!

The premise is that of an old-fashioned service comedy, with wheeler-dealer William McNamara and put-upon pal Crispen Glover pulling off one last big score before McNamara's discharge. Unfortunately, the scam goes awry as the young con artist is 'recruited' to assist grizzled vet 'Rock Reilly' (Tom Berenger, spitting out dialogue with a whiskey-soaked growl) in a prisoner transfer. The prisoner turns out to be the luscious Erika Eleniak, and as she quickly makes the first of several escape attempts, you get to see: a) exciting new uses for feminine hygiene products; b) the redneck charm of the countryside between Charleston and North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; c) some great cameos by Dean Stockwell, Seymour Cassel, Gary Busey, Marilu Henner, Fredric Forrest, and Hopper, himself (sporting a bulbous nose and a blow-up sex toy!); d) the famous Eleniak nude love scene, followed by McNamara chasing her, naked, after she runs, again (he shows more skin than she does); and e) the obligatory happy ending, as Berenger proves he has a 'heart of gold', and that 'love (or a healthy lust, anyway!) conquers all'.

Is this a classic? Are you kidding? Then again, neither were the Corman films...but as a tribute to the genre, 'Chasers' is fun, and a terrific 'kick off the shoes, pop some popcorn' flick!
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Good cast, bad film
soranno9 November 2002
Yet another film in which a large group of star talent is wasted. Dennis Hopper directs this 1994 Warner Brothers release and appears briefly in this tale of two inept Navy officers (Tom Berenger, William McNamara) who have a series of comic misadventures while trying to escort a prisoner (Erika Eleniak) to another prison at a naval base. Awful film just features one stupid scene after another.
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The films only saving grace was the delightful Erika Eleniak
DWEE13 January 1999
What a dreadful film this is. The only reason you would want to sit through this mess is the pleasurable sight of Miss Eleniak. The painful overacting of Mr McNamara, which became embarrassing at times, ruined what might have been a reasonable film if the correct actors had been cast. Mr McNamara is no Tom Cruise, the actor he obviously wants to be.
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moysant3 September 2003
This is simply the worst movie I've ever seen. Neither of the three central characters has any charm, and Erika's good looks aren't enough to carry the film. The lamest plot I've ever had inflicted upon me. Also the most unconvincing military comedy ever. Why did they bother?
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Is this trip necessary?
Hermit C-229 June 1999
A comparison between this movie and 'The Last Detail' is made by some, but 'Chasers' is flatter than a stretch of Interstate highway in west Texas. And like the scenery in the desert, there's nothing much to distinguish it, not even the fact that a female prisoner is being transported by two navy escorts this time around. No one in the cast comes off too well; with this lame script that's not surprising. Dennis Hopper, the director, won't give much space to this one if he ever writes a memoir, I don't think.
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CHASE this film down & see it for laughs!!
dtrent-211 February 2002
This movie is funny!! Actor Robert McNamara, the Ricky Nelson look-alike is 1 day away from being done w/the Navy when he's given an assignment w/the gruff-voiced Rock Reilly (Tom Berenger) to escort a female prisoner to another facility. They don't find out she's a female till it's too late & the 'fun' begins. She flirts w/Rock but he defiantly resists, has McNamara by the nose, runs away, etc, etc, & the CHASE is on!

Actually, the 2 fall in love, Rock (Berenger) allows them to escape, they go to an island & live happily ever after. Marilu Henner, always a pleasure to watch, is a waitress in a restaurant they all go to & that's who Rock gets together with at the end of the film. That's nice to see since he's such a 'by the book' officer who needs a good woman & some spice in his navy life.

I recommend this film but I didn't like Erika Eliniak, the girl prisoner. I've never seen her again in anything & I wouldn't want to. She's too skinny, her eyebrows are too dark & thick & her acting is just ok. She's nothing to write home about in my book. But that Tom Berenger is another story!
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Terrible Movie
shipwreck5810 October 2011
Those two words describe this movie best. I served in the Navy for 20 years, as an enlisted man, with a father who was also in the Navy and served in a Brig Recovery Unit. Bad acting coupled with failed attempts at humor are the watchwords for this film. Plus the numerous inaccuracies make watching it as a Sailor unbearable. One reviewer posted that this was a good example of how life is in the Navy . . . the French Navy perhaps, but not the United States Navy. Want a good Navy brig movie, watch the Last Detail. Want a good Navy comedy, watch Operation Petticoat or Down Periscope or even the horrible McHale's Navy movie. Why not 1 out of 10 . . . Erika Eleniak is good looking.
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alleged comedy,but not really
disdressed1229 December 2006
Chasers is billed as a comedy-which would be fine-if it were a reality it's more like a drama/slash action film with some humour sparsely sprinkled here and there.very sparsely is mildly entertaining,but not worth watching more than once-at least for a long time.that says a lot,considering the fact that Erica Eleniak is in it.alas even she cannot elevate this movie to anything beyond average.Dennis Hopper directed this movie-why i'm not sure.yes there is some action and Hopper himself has a completely ridiculous and pointless cameo.if you have nothing better to do,you could use up 101 minutes of your life on this's not the worst movie you've seen or will see.but it is ,put other words a completely forgettable movie. 5 * because of Erica
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Much has been written about Erika Eleniak ...
bribabylk31 March 2009
... so I thought I'd throw in a few words about William McNamara. Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours if you want to see him in his tighty-whities -- it's obvious he pumped up for this role and he looks pretty darn good in them -- or less. There's an extended sequence in a cave where he has to strip down to his undies. There's a nice bit where he has to chase after Miss Eleniak in the buff, with only his hands cupped over his groin. William McNamara is naturally a little on the skinny side, but he has a nice, generous handful of a booty. Also, there's a moment when he's getting out of bed that if you pause the action at just the right moment you can see the whole enchilada. If you're inclined to do so, and come on, half of the people who choose to watch a movie about Navy men on a "road trip" are. I'd just like thank Dennis Hopper for his equal opportunity gratuitous nudity. Can William McNamara act? Heck if I know.
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Erika steals the show!
Ed-28816 July 2000
I have seen this film on countless occasions, and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. This is mostly due to the lovely Erika Eleniak- a great actress with incredible looks. Plus, any film starring Tom Berenger and Dennis Hopper is bound to be entertaining.
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Erika is great, but "Chasers" stink.
SanDiego16 March 2000
Erika Eleniak is a gorgeous talent that I would enjoy seeing in a string of films showcasing her talent. She was the best thing about "Baywatch." Do you remember her getting kissed by Eliot in E.T.? Though it was a short scene, who could forget her? I've first followed her career in "Charles in Charge" (she played Stephanie) and in the remake of "The Blob." When she did a Playboy centerfold and Playboy video I couldn't wait to go out and buy a copy (the first and only reason I've ever purchased a Playboy). The video showed that there was real talent there, not just a centerfold's body. For a former child star to take that direction in her career and have it catapult her into stardom is unusual because most centerfolds don't have her talent. Her performance in "Under Seige" really made her a star and the remake of "The Beverly Hillbillies" showed she was really funny as did "Pyromanic's Love Story." If only this movie would have risen to her talent. Though Erika is really good, the movie stinks. Because of it I think Erika is going to be doing cheap thrillers for a while. Too bad, because she is a gifted actress and comedian that deserves roles similar to Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Meg Ryan. I will continue to watch anything she does because she is so wonderful, including this film, but she's the only good thing about it.
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