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‘Psycho Cop Returns’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Stars: Robert R. Shafer, Barbara Niven, Miles Dougal, Rod Sweitzer, Nick Vallelonga, Melanie Good, Julie Strain | Written by Dan Povenmire | Directed by Adam Rifkin (as Rif Coogan)

You know, it wasn’t until the release of Detroit Rock City that I realised that a) Adam Rifkin and Rif Coogan are one in the same; and b) just how many of Rifkin’s films I considered amongst my favourites at that time: Never on Tuesday, The Dark Backward, The Chase and, of course, Psycho Cop Returns. Mainly because they were films I remember renting on video (you couldn’t escape trailers for The Dark Backward back in the VHS era) and seeing on Sky’s movie channels in the days when you could be guaranteed to find an “obscure” film screening as filler between their big-name flicks!

Psycho Cop Returns came at a period in horror movie making, which also included
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What Is the Most Ridiculous Sex Scene From a Movie? — IndieWire Critics Survey

  • Indiewire
What Is the Most Ridiculous Sex Scene From a Movie? — IndieWire Critics Survey
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film and TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best film in theaters right now?”, can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: In dubious honor of “Fifty Shades Darker,” what is the most ridiculous sex scene from a movie?

Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC), Vulture/Film Comment

I’m sure others will easily top this, but I always think of Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone in the terrible 1994 action film “The Specialist,” having laboriously glossy, oiled, carefully pube-concealing, solemn, positionally exhausting intercourse while mouthing tedious expository dialogue in a shower that appears to be the size of a studio apartment. The 90s were a boom time for bad movie sex, and this is Hall of Fame level in that so much money, time and effort has gone
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‘Not Another Celebrity Movie’ DVD Review

Stars: Dave Burleigh, Joey Sagal, John Di Domenico, Reed Thompson, Cole Downing, Nicole Lari-Joni, Roger Kabler, Cheryl Lyone, Baron Jay, Scott Cooper Ryan, Dannielle Owens-Reid | Written and Directed by Emilio Ferrari

What if I told you that Not Another Celebrity Movie stars Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Usher, Justin Beiber, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and more – all in a tale about Charlie Sheen believing that Justin Beiber is his illegitimate son and plans to kidnap him from a Las Vegas show with the help of Clooney and Pitt. with an Oceans Eleven style heist plan?

I wouldn’t be lying about the plot. Because that Is the plot of this godawful movie. I wouldn’t even be lying about the stars in the film. I Would be omitting a key fact however… The rather important fact that all the “stars” of this movie are lookalikes! Some good, some bad, and some horribly,
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Star Trek: 47 geeky things about the Next Generation films

From Star Trek: Generations through to Star Trek: Nemesis - here are 47 nerdy spots in the Next Generation films...

Since Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979, the Star Trek cinematic outings have proved to be a smorgasbord of references and famous actors (or those who would go on to be), and often had complex behind the scenes events that stopped some rather, ahem, fascinating moments making it to the final version. We found lots of nerdy spots in the first six films here.

This time out we look at the films featuring the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and choose 47 factoids. Granted, there's a lot more than that of interest, but we've tried for ones that you might not be aware of.

Oh, and there are some major spoilers...

Star Trek: Generations (1994)

1. The first of the Next Generation films was something of a rush job as principal photography
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Thanks Hollywood: Barbie, Marshmallow Peeps & 'It's A Small World' Movies In Development

So Hollywood has decided to take the last day or so to double down on their efforts to turn every product, food or theme park attraction into a blockbuster tentpole. Out of that abyss comes a trio of projects that paint a pretty depressing portrait of what passes for creativity at the studio level. First up, Deadline reports that Mattel has teamed up with Sony to make a live-action comedy based on Barbie, and things are moving ridiculously fast on this one. Jenny Bick ("Sex & The City," "The Big C," "Rio 2") is writing the script, and if studio chief Amy Pascal has her way, this picture will be shooting before the year is out. There are no exact plot details yet, but apparently a pitch by Bicks that finds Barbie using "her personal and professional skills to step into the lives of others and improve them, almost like a
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Marshmallow 'Peeps' Get Movie and TV Franchise

Marshmallow 'Peeps' Get Movie and TV Franchise
Filmmaker Adam Rifkin has secured the film and TV rights to the popular candy treats Peeps for a new animated franchise, along with his producing partners Brent Tinter and Brian E. Rochlin.

The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania company Just Born, which makes and distributes the chick and bunny-shaped candies, sparked to Adam Rifkin's idea for a family epic in the same vein as the recent blockbuster The Lego Movie. The story is set the night before a Peeps diorama contest, where one Peep goes astray, and must venture through a number of different adventure-themed dioramas before the contest judging begins.

Adam Rifkin got the idea from watching his niece and nephew make their own Peeps diorama for a school project. He soon discovered that there are several, large-scale Peeps contests, such as one held by The Washington Post where this year's winner depicted Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.
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Better to Die: 'Small Soldiers' Writer Nabs 'Peeps' Candy for a Movie

Just two days after Easter brought religious people another moving Sunday, and people who love candy a series of pastel colored chocolates and edible bunnies, one of the signature candies of the spring holiday just struck a movie deal. Deadline reports Adam Rifkin, known for writing family fare like Mousehunt, Underdog and Small Soldiers and directing films like Detroit Rock City and The Chase, has optioned the rights to the sugary, marshmallow candy Peeps into a feature film and maybe even a TV series. Candy company Just Born was sold on a pitch for an animated feature in the vein of The Lego Movie, so whatever. Rifkin apparently came up with the idea for the film while watching his niece and nephew construct a Peeps diorama for a school project. After discovering  annual contests for Peeps dioramas, including one hosted by The Washington Post, Rifkin came up with the idea
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Comic Book Release List – March 19, 2014

The following is a list of all comic books, graphic novels and specialty items that will be available this week and shipped to comic book stores who have placed orders for them.

AC Comics

Femforce #166, $9.95

Action Lab Entertainment

Princeless Volume 1 Tp (New Printing), $11.99

Adhouse Books

Basewood Hc, $19.95

Antarctic Press

16-Bit Zombies #1, $3.99

Ghost Cop #3 (Of 3), $3.99

Applause Publishing

Stephen King Films Faq Sc, $24.99

Zombie Film From White Zombie To World War Z Sc, $29.99

Arcana Studio

Spotlight Gn, $14.95

Steam Engines Of Oz Volume 2 The Geared Leviathan Tp, $19.95

Archie Comic Publications

Archie’s Funhouse Double Digest #3, $3.99

Fox #5 (Dean Haspiel Variant Cover), $2.99

Sonic The Hedgehog #258 (Rafa Knight Return Of Princess Sally Variant Cover), $2.99

Sonic The Hedgehog #258 (Tyson Hesse Regular Cover), $2.99

World Of Archie Double Digest #38, $4.99

Avatar Press

Crossed Badlands #49 (German Erramouspe Wraparound Cover), $3.99

Crossed Badlands #49 (Rafa Ortiz Red Crossed Incentive Cover), Ar

Crossed Badlands #49 (Rafa Ortiz Regular Cover), $3.99

Crossed Badlands #49 (Rafa Ortiz Torture Cover), $3.99

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The top 25 underappreciated films of 1994

Odd List Ryan Lambie Simon Brew 17 Oct 2013 - 06:29

Here are 25 more great, unsung films - this time, from the year 1994...

Yes, 1994. The year cinemas were dominated by such whimsical wonders as The Lion King, Forrest Gump, The Mask and, erm, True Lies. It was also the year Gump dominated the Academy Awards, and Four Weddings And A Funeral loomed large at the Baftas.

As ever, there was so much more to the year's cinematic landscape than Tom Hanks' park bench ramblings or Hugh Grant mithering from beneath his gorgously crafted hair. To prove it, here's a list of 25 films that, in our estimation, are among its most underappreciated. There's much horror, drama, tears and laughter, plus a couple of classic documentaries, too.

25. Phantasm III: Lord Of The Dead

The Phantasm series was quite unusual, in that writer and director Don Coscarelli made all four of them. This means that,
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Her Violent New Film (It's Not 'Spring Breakers')

Her Violent New Film (It's Not 'Spring Breakers')
Back in 1994, Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson starred in "The Chase," a comic thriller about a crook (Sheen) who escapes jail by kidnapping a young woman (Swanson) and driving toward freedom. (Spoiler: they fall in love.) (Second spoiler: Anthony Kiedis is in this.) (Third spoiler: Henry Rollins is too.)

"Getaway," a 2013 thriller starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, is like "The Chase," but minus the comedy and plus healthy doses of "Taken," "Phone Booth" and "Fast and Furious 6." Hawke plays the regular joe in this one, a race car driver (?) whose wife is kidnapped by Jon Voight. The only chance she has at surviving the ordeal is if Hawke's character can complete a few nefarious tasks. Things get complicated, however, when he jacks a car owned by a very noncompliant and violent Selena Gomez. Random coincidence? Looks that way!

All of which is to say, HuffPost Entertainment already purchased tickets for this one.
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Radio 66.6 - Weekly Music News: May 13th, 2013

We're back with another installment of Radio 66.6! This week features the latest news, music, videos and tour dates from the likes of As I Lay Dying, Black Flag, Emmure, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Slayer, Tesseract, Children of Bodom, Parkway Drive, Daft Punk and more.

Don't touch that dial!


It was a bizarre week for music news. Most notably, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested for attempting to hire a hit man to murder his wife. Lambesis pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri received an electric shock while performing in Russia last week. Footage of the incident can be found here.

Former Obituary and Six Feet Under guitarist Allen West was arrested after police discovered a meth lab in his Florida home. The kicker? He was the one who called the cops and asked them to search his property.

The official cause of
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Robert Pattinson Cast as Lawrence in Herzog's 'Queen of the Desert'

The truth is: I'm an ordinary man. Some interesting casting news courtesy of Variety today. Werner Herzog is developing a new independent project called Queen of the Desert, about English writer Gertrude Bell, who is already set to be played by Naomi Watts. While the film will focus on Gertrude Bell's life "as a writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer and political attache for the British Empire", one of her good friends was Thomas Edward Lawrence, or T.E. Lawrence, the author who wrote Lawrence of Arabia and whom that story is based. Herzog has now cast Robert Pattinson to play Lawrence in the film. Read on! Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert is being produced by veteran indie producers Cassian Elwes (The Chase, Frank & Jesse, The Paperboy) and Nick Raslan (Rescue Dawn, On Death Row) and is looking to start production in the late fall later this year. This may just
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Erykah Badu Opens Up On Recording With Jay Electronica

Erykah Badu Opens Up On Recording With Jay Electronica
Erykah Badu’s steadfast pursuit of creativity and inspiration has been an ongoing challenge for the R&B songstress throughout the course of her career. The celebrated soul singer and mother of three recently extended her benevolent aspirations with Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign.

During a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the Dallas native opened up on her second partnership with the luxury cognac brand, thoughts on a possible duet with Jay Electronica, and how she balances her career as a midwife.

What attracted you to become a brand ambassador for Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign?

This is not my first time being involved in a Hennessy campaign. My first one was a couple of years ago, it was called “Hennessy Artistry: The Art Of Mixing.” It was where Hennessy had given artists [signed along with unsigned artists] a platform to express their art and music. And it was really cool. The Roots curated
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2011: The year’s best movie moments (part 1)

Most moviegoers can agree on one thing: there were way too many movies this year. If you’re (un)fortunate enough to live in New York, you had the opportunity to see around 600 new features come and go; the rest of us didn’t get that many fewer. That means that anyone who’s been put in a position to make a top 10 (or top 15, or top 20…) had to make some sad cuts. So we thought it appropriate to highlight some of the year’s most memorable individual moments, scenes, and sequences, from movies that may or may not have made our individual year-end lists. Some were from movies we didn’t love; some are from movies we didn’t even like, but all stood out. Which is no small feat considering just how insane the release calendar has become.

We are keeping out credit sequences since we feel it is an artform in itself,
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'Chillerama' Interview - 'Wadzilla' Director Adam Rifkin

'Chillerama' Interview - 'Wadzilla' Director Adam Rifkin
With Chillerama, the epic new horror anthology film from directors Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan hitting DVD & Blu-Ray on November 29th, FearNet thought that now was as good a time as any to track down all four filmmakers and talk to them individually about their respective segments in what is being described as a loving homage to drive-in B movie madness! Going in chronological order, Adam Rifkin's 'Wadzilla' kicks off the feature. Having tackled everything from indie films (The Dark Backward) to action (The Chase) to comedy (Detroit Rock City), 'Wadzilla' marks Rifkin's first creature feature and full-on horror movie. Utilizing the style of the atomic age giant monster movies...
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Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Lands at FX

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Lands at FX
Former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen will return to television in summer 2012 on FX in Anger Management, a new sitcom loosely based on Revolution Studios' 2003 hit comedy feature of the same name, announced John Landgraf, President and General Manager, FX Networks.

FX has ordered 10 episodes of Anger Management from Lionsgate-owned distributor Debmar-Mercury, led by Co-Presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein. Production on the sitcom will begin in early 2012 with comedy veteran writer-producer Bruce Helford (George Lopez, The Drew Carey Show) as executive producer and showrunner. It will be produced by Lionsgate Television, led by Television Group President Kevin L. Beggs and COO Sandra Stern; Joe Roth and Revolution Studios' Vince Totino; Sheen manager Mark Burg's production company, Evolution Management; and Ramon Estevez and Estevez Sheen Productions.

In success, FX will pick up an additional 90 episodes under a unique syndication model crafted by Debmar-Mercury for multiple
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CD Review: Drive Original Soundtrack – Cliff Martinez

Ever since I saw it over in Cannes earlier this year, Drive has imprinted itself indelibly upon my psyche as one of the most effortlessly cool flicks of not only this year but any year. It is a curio of the highest order, consciously refusing generic traditions and reinventing the way tone and subject matter coexist on screen in a manner that is both jarring and hugely affecting.

The official soundtrack, by former Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez follows the trend set by the film itself, hopping genres effortlessly, but retaining a fundamental linked essence through every track that builds up an identity as important to the film as Ryan Gosling’s Driver himself. Within the space of just nineteen tracks

A lot of commenters seem content to label Drive a “bad-ass” film, a grindhouse infusion of action and simmering indie drama, with a particularly brutal fascination with
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What Charlie Sheen has in common with Laura Vandervoort, Ron Jeremy, and Kristin Cavallari -- Exclusive

The attendees of Charlie Sheen’s roast on Saturday are firming up and EW exclusively has the list. Is it a warlock’s brew of celebrities? Certainly. Are there names from Sheen’s past? Oh yes.

In fact, one frequent question about the Comedy Central event has been, “Where are Sheen’s former co-stars?” Well, some are planning to be there. Sheen’s former Spin City co-stars Michael Boatman and Richard Kind will be on hand. So will Major League co-star Corbin Bernsen. And The Chase co-star Kristy Swanson.

Also attending: There’s Smallville’s Laura Vandervoort (who once declared
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Anger Management Confirms Charlie Sheen

Anger Management Confirms Charlie Sheen
Former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is planning his return to series television in Anger Management, a new sitcom loosely based on Revolution Studios' 2003 hit comedy feature of the same name. Lionsgate-owned Debmar-Mercury, headed by Co-Presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, will distribute the series that will be produced by Lionsgate Television, led by Television Group President Kevin Beggs and COO Sandra Stern; Joe Roth and Revolution Studios' Vince Totino; Sheen manager Mark Burg's production company, Evolution Management; and Robert Maron.

Sheen will retain a significant ownership stake in the series inspired by the film, in which a mild-mannered, non-confrontational man is ordered to attend group anger management sessions led by a therapist who could probably use some anger management himself.

"I chose Anger Management because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I
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Bad Movies We Love: The Chase

Bad Movies We Love: The Chase
Yes, we're over Charlie Sheen and his Bengal viscera, but we've actually been over it for 17 years, remember? The world already explored Charlie Sheen's tiger soul in the 1994 action movie The Chase. You've seen it before. It had Kristy Swanson in it, because she's one of 1994's champions. The Chase puts Charlie Sheen's mania in perspective so we can (once again) put it behind us -- that is, if we can stomach a carousel of unlikable characters and the thespian prowess of Henry Rollins. Good luck, everyone.
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