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Absolute rubbish
Holden320327 November 2004
I am the Annette Gascoyne, one of the key players involved in the real events. Although approached by both the production company and screen writer,unfortunately due to Army restrictions, I was unable to have any input into the finished article. I can say with absolute honesty, the film is so far from the truth that, if it were not so serious a subject, it would be laughable. The film has based itself on the sensationalism of the subject which, whilst it could be argued is understandable from a financial point of view, it does not portray any truth whatsoever apart from the fact that Capt Duncan McAllister was guilty of an affair. Christie is portrayed as a meek, innocent young thing who was corrupted by McAllister who abused his rank. This is most definitely not the case. Christie knew exactly what she was doing and indeed used to practice her "flirtations" and, what I would term "prick-teasing" methods in front of me and would take great pleasure in the responses they provoked.

What really angered me most about the film was the fact that it relied heavily on "incidents" that allegedly happened to Christie to sensationalise the whole thing. All of the incidents portrayed as the backdrop to the affair, ie her attending bombings and seeing mutilated bodies were not attended by her. It was Army policy at that time that female soldiers of the UDR were under no circumstances crashed out for such incidents. They would have been attended to by the quick reaction force (QRF), which was made up of MALE soldiers.

These inaccuracies are important as they served to form some sort of sympathy for Christie and make her the victim. I could also disparage the way in which I was portrayed but that would only come across as sour grapes.

The fact that I was the physically fittest female in the Battalion and was employed as a fitness training instructor was totally overlooked. Indeed, according to the film it was Christie who was helping me meet the required fitness standards for Sandhurst when in fact Christie had failed every basic fitness test and I was trying to prepare her for Sandhurst. This again was "artsticly re-created" to make for better viewing.

I could be accused of not having an objective view overall of the film in question. Obviously, because of my direct involvement in the real events I am bound to have a "coloured perception". Therein lies the problem with programmes that seek to make money from other people's misfortune. The film was well acted with quite accurate casting - apart from the fact that I have had, and always will have short brown hair and not long blonde locks!! It is just a pity that thrill seeking was more the film-makers aim than giving as true and accurate account as possible and allowing the watcher to make up their own minds.

If you would like to know more about the REAL event, I would gladly enlighten you.
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An Unlikely Affair
edward wilgar8 July 2000
Classically handsome and sophisticated army officer played by Simon Shepherd is married to beautiful, voluptuous Jennifer Ehle. He starts an affair with a whining, plain little local girl from the Northern Irish barracks where he is based. And it's all downhill from there!
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Beyond Truth
andyspokes4 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Fully agree with Annette total rubbish, Christie was a total misfit in my view, I used to serve her in the winge inn which was the Royal Signals camp bar an she always seemed a bit strange, Penny on the other hand was a lovely friendly girl who was full of life, Annette is quite correct in saying that greenfinches of the UDR would'nt have attended bombings or shootings this was done by the QRF,also big chris in the film is played by a Scottish actor when in fact Chris was an Englishman from the north west, an I can't remember what they named me working behind the bar but that was'nt correct either, film should never have been made.
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