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Better Than Given Credit For
gavin694226 May 2014
Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy), while investigating a car theft ring, comes across something much bigger than that: the same men who shot his boss are running a counterfeit money ring out of a theme park in Los Angeles.

This film generally gets a bad rap, being accused of being the worst in the series. Even director John Landis has distanced himself, saying that Murphy was going through a rough time in his life and was not giving it everything he had. These may be fair comments, but the film is still better than given credit for.

Maybe not as funny as the first two, and maybe Murphy is more toned down, but there is still plenty of fun here from Bronson Pichot and others... not to mention an overall decent script. Even just trying to identify the director cameos is a fun game.
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Very weak
max-frank30 March 2018
I don't know what I expected when I started watching this movie, but I was definitely let down by miles. First of all the dialogue is so bad and cheese, that it sometimes physically hurt to watch. The killing in this movie just takes away from the comedy , and believe me there is loads of killing it. Another negative factor is, that for some unexplainable reason someone thought it was a good idea to make every flame in this movie a bright blue colour, which sometimes really hurts while watching in a dark room. That being said there are some scenes that I found genuinely funny, although most of the time this was unintentional like in action scenes or scenes that where supposed to be serious and dramatic.
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Axel, you on a coffee break? Go get that sonofabitch.
lastliberal12 May 2007
You would think that anyone who could do the hilarious Amazon Women on the Moon would be a good director. Sorry, Mr Landis, but you blew it on this one.

Maybe it was just one sequel too many, but it fell short of the previous two and is just something to watch if there is absolutely nothing else on TV.

Only Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and Inspector Todd (Gilbert R. Hill) are back with Axel Foley in this one. Billy is great with Axel, but this film just doesn't have the action of the other two.

Theresa Randle provides the eye candy.
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Pretty weak
gibbog1 January 2007
Watched this for the first time last night, and was pretty disappointed (was on a triple bill with BHC 1 & 2 on Bravo, great way to ring in the New Year!).

Not overly funny, the villains were pretty weak, which is odd as John Saxon is usually pretty good as a bad guy, and Tim Carhart was great as Eddie Willows on CSI. Seemed very forced at times, and definitely lacked the Foley-Rosewood-Taggart chemistry that made the first two films so successful. Hector Elizondo is no replacement for John Ashton. The return of Bronson Pinchot as "Serge" was painful to watch.

5 out of 10, based more on Eddie Murphy's performance than anything else.
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Doesn't live up to the first 2.
ashidakim8 February 2020
I've been rewatching this series, and 1 and 2 we're awesome. It took me days to get through this, cos I got bored and kept going back to it, struggling to finish it.

Boring compared to the first 2, Axel Foley just kind of seemed 'dumb' in this one, making all kinds of stupid mistakes, none of the intelligence of how he approached things like in the first 2. It was more like they just tried to make it goofy in his approach to things.

Not really worth watching, stick to the first 2.
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Good but pales in comparison to its predecessors
soranno28 October 2002
Eddie Murphy's third outing as Detroit police detective Axel Foley who seems to have made more of a crime fighting contribution to Beverly Hills still generates some power in the series but the first two films are naturally the better ones. The film inexplicably removes the John Taggart (John Ashton) and Andrew Bogomil (Ronny Cox) characters from the series and adds a shallow new character named John Flint (Hector Elizondo). Fortunately, Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) is still around and he still manages to be a perfect foil for Foley. Foley's third case in Beverly Hills is a little improbable but the action scenes help to make up for the plot which has to do with Foley matching wits with a corrupt head of security (Timothy Carhart) at a popular Beverly Hills amusement park called WonderWorld (a creation of Paramount Parks). The park character costumes and designs are nice and colorful and Theresa Randle helps to pick things up as a potential love interest for Foley but the film doesn't give Murphy very many funny lines and that is a disappointment if one wants to label this film as a comedy. The action is as usual great but Murphy is reknowned as a comedy star and the lack of laughs here prevent this from being a perfect series. Still, it's a very good series.
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Inferior third part of the trilogy about Axel Foley-Eddy Murphy as freelance cop
ma-cortes28 December 2009
Action pace and comedy by a magnificent Eddie Murphy who is back with his classic character Axel Foley , he is a foul-mouth,street-smart and freewheeling Detroit police agent . When his chief is murdered ,he heads to L.A. to investigate. He arrives to resolve the responsible of death his chief , there finds the old friend Billy(Judge Reinhold) .The clues lead a private law enforcement named Ellis(Timothy Carthart)and henchmen,suspects of killing , they are running a counterfeit money ring at a theme park called Wonder World. He's helped by a pair of sympathetics L.A. detectives(Hector Helizondo,Judge Reinhold) causing wreck havoc on the way as happens at a security guard congress where Ellis is appointed as Name of the Year.

This silly third entry is packed with action,thriller, shootouts,fast pace, and tongue in cheek with lots of humor. It's a recital Eddie Murphy accompanied by two sympathetic partners, Reinhold and Helizondo substituting to John Ashton now retired , creating an authentic buddy movie , being developed in agility and movement.The picture contains spectacular scenes,stopped action as is usual in the Don Simpson-Jerry Brukheimer productions. ¨Fish out of water¨ formula is seen in several movies , being here pretty entertaining , it originates enough laughter to satisfy the viewer ,for that reason is bemusing. The picture provides fast and furious amusement with spectaculars scenes and action-packed .Relief comic in charge of Eddie Murphy because of his foul and fast talking creates most big smiles and causing wreak havoc on the way. Besides his various jokes with the sidekicks steal enormous laughters.For that reason the picture is a ¨Buddy movie¨ although are a trio the protagonist Murphy-Reinhold-Helizondo.Eddie Murphy as street-smart detective is top notch, as Axel Foley is his greatest smash hit and converted him into a top international star reaffirming his status with continuous success.Friends's couple,Judge Reinhold and Hector Helizondo, as good policemen, are fine and likable. Director John Landis enhances stunningly the hilarious comic relief of Eddie Murphy for his fast talking and jokes with the buddies that cause most big laughs and the abundant gags subordinated to action.This vehicle for Eddie Murphy as amiable police is terrific,it's his greatest success and became him in a world star confirming his position as number one in the box-office. Cameos by numerous cinema directors as George Lucas, Martha Coolidge, Barget Schroeder, Rick Avery, John Singleton,Ray Harryhausen, George Schaeffer, Joe Dante, among them. Catching music with again the international hit smash by Harol Faltermeyer.Glimmer and colorful cinematography by Marc Alhberg.The motion picture is regularly directed by John Landis because it contains some flaws and gaps. The picture will appeal to unstopped action buffs and Eddie Murphy fans. Rating : Average though amusing.
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As Bad As It Gets
ptcommish15 June 2000
I have only been on this website for a few short days, and this is only the second review I have done. So why did I choose this movie to review and not more natural choices? Because this movie sticks out as one of, if not the worst film, I have ever seen.

I loved the first movie - Eddie Murphy was outstanding. The second film was more entertaining than funny - but it was still good and the characters were strong.

That's what made this movie so disappointing. The pieces were in place. John Landis was back.

What they made was a movie so horribly unfunny that five years after seeing it, I still use it as a measuring stick for movie futility.

I may have seen worse movies in my life. But after Beverly Hills Cop III, I can't remember them.
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Where The Hell is Jerry Bruckhimer when you need him?
amwcsu15 May 2005
This has to be the worst of the series!! THE WORST!!! The action sequences are a complete joke as if it were a parody of itself.With Beverly Hills Cop 3, it's like the director forgot this wasn't a music video starring Michael Jackson or a B-grade teen movie. Beverly Hills Cop is an action-comedy!! See, the key word here is "action", which means realistic gun battles and realistic plot. The first two films had cleverly placed comedy relief where it was needed while having a very serious gritty side. This lacks it SERIOUSLY! Inspector Todd wasn't grouchy enough, Eddie wasn't enough of a smartass (like he should) and the villain is a damned joke (think of Patrick "American Psycho" Bateman if he was a blond 90's cartoon bad guy). The only people who were marginally entertaining are Rosewood and Serge. The other amusing element is the moment when Axel disrupts a speech by Ellis DeWald (the blond Al Bundy possessed by demons who act like Patrick Bateman). THAT'S IT! Of all the people in Hollywood with professional experience to direct a decent action film, and BHC III picks John Landis. Why? And what in the bloody blue hell was he smoking, injecting, and imbibing when he was directing this insult to the entire franchise! At least the "Batman" franchise was good through the third movie! What's the deal with this movie being a goddamn amusement park. If it is in Disneyland-type park then make it a "Die Hard"/Lethal Weapon-type of fare at least. Better yet, don't do it an in an amusement park! Action and Disneyland-esque theme parks = 1970s disaster B-movie!

Almost everything and I mean EVERYTHING is a discouraging mockery to the series. One would expect a car chase even in a bad movie to be good somewhat. Turns out in BHC 3, even the car chase at the beginning was complete and total s#!t! Why couldn't the producers and director stick to terrorists and political assassins and have it end in the classic all-American, white-knuckle, sweaty-armpit inducing style of shootout/bloodbath in the amusement park? "Hey Landis! Stick to directing cheesy-ass videos for billion-dollar diva musicians!! Sadly, I hate myself for saying this, but as absurd as most of Jerry Bruckhiemer's movies are, this is the only franchise where his sensationalist fantasy is needed the most.
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Weakest of the three
john_oneill4118 November 2001
The third installment in the Beverley Hills Cop trilogy is by far the weakest of the three. The first problem is that there isn't even s starting theme tune. The whole feel of the movie is much more slapstick than the first two and ads a result it feels very superficial. With the first there was a feeling that this could possibly happen in real life, but this film is just too silly. Practically none of the regulars are there: Todd's there but he is killed in the first five minutes, there is no sign of Bogomil, Taggart is briefly mentioned as having retired and Jeffrey's not there either. There is much more killing here, which is another unbelievable element. Have said all that it does have a few funny moments, especially from Serge. It's not the worst film ever made, but it's nowhere near as good as the first two in the series and indeed doesn't even feel like a Beverley Hill Cop movie.
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Load of crap
dale095918 April 2021
Watched this movie when it was first released in cinema and thought it was a pile of crap and watched it again recently and it's even worse than a pile of crap when comparing it to the first two which were awesome.bit like coming 2 America which was a pile of crap. My apologies to the pile of craps out there.
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The worst in a once promosing series
DunnDeeDaGreat15 June 2003
Beverly Hills Cop III is the worst in what was a promosing action comedy franchise. Murphy was in a carrer slump and I guess he made this film to help out his carrer but it didn't help just sunk it deeper. The film is full of mistakes such as the loss of Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckhiemer a weak script and a lack of action. John Landos who worked with Murphy before and made good films fails here. The film needed a good action director like Renny Harlin or Dwight H. Little or even Karthyn Bigelow. Skip this one even if you're a die hard Murphy fan.
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A terrible let-down
00Mike2610 August 2000
This is a terrible, terrible film.

The first two in the series were fairly simple, fun films, relying mainly on Eddie Murphy's performances but nevertheless with strong backup from the rest of the cast (particularly in the first one), and a certain eighties 'cool' factor that, while obviously dated, still charms.

In this one though, it Eddie Murphy wears a bit thin, and the plot reads like a McBain (of Simpsons fame) film, with its horrific cliches and awful script. Even the music was redone so that only once in the films do we here it in its classic version.

And what was going on with Judge Reinhold?

I guess Axel Foley just doesn't belong in the 90's.
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One of the worst films I have ever seen
odison25 February 2000
I was working on my list of worst movies ever made and a friend mentioned this movie. I had actually blocked out watching it because it was so bad. The first movie is pretty strong, the second is OK. This one is one ranks down there with "Batman & Robin" and "Gozilla" as the worst of Hollywood big budget drivel.
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Implausible mediocrity.
sukd10 November 2000
How Landis, Lucas, and even Murphy lent themselves to this debacle is beyond me. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if the many implausibilities didn't make it such a departure from the first movie, which I thought was very good.

The one armed rescue from the ferris wheel? Come on! No one has that kind of strength. And how did he escape burning his hand on the rope? How come all the bad guys, who were supposedly from the best security firm in California, couldn't hit the side of a barn with their uzis yet Axel and Co. hit dead center with virtually all of their shots? How did Axel produce counterfeit money with his image on it in like 10 seconds? How come the security guards gave Axel so much hassle when he first tried to enter the park, yet when he enters the corporate center , he is unfettered? The list goes on and on.

Now, I know what you are saying. "It's a movie!" "It's not supposed to be real." But you see, the first episode of the series was quite plausible, and in contrast, made the this third film highly suspect and therefore subject to ridicule.

Suffice it to say, we won't be seeing BHC IV any time soon. Thank God!
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It's a Beverly HIlls Flop
CuriosityKilledShawn6 August 2000
The early 90s were not kind to Eddie Murphy. Paramount butchered Another 48 Hours in the editing room, audiences turned their noses up at Boomerang, and almost nobody even bothered with The Distinguished Gentleman. Eddie had lost his pulling power and decided to go back to the role that made him a superstar. But 1994 just wasn't the right moment as most of the cast and crew were busy, leaving very little in the way of continuity. Several scripts came and went, and what we finally got was a lame 'Die Hard in a Theme Park' story.

There is a huge list of reasons why BHC3 stinks:

No Taggart. No Bogomil. No Jeffrey. No Harold Faltermeyer. No Bruckheimer/Simpson. No opening title. No wisecracking.

Don't get me wrong, I like Hector Elizondo, but he's no substitute for John Ashton (who's absence is explained with a single, flippant line of dialogue). I can't help but think if the above list was shorter then the movie wouldn't have been such a failure. Where on earth did the $70 million budget go? John Landis' action scenes are flat and static, with no real spark or energy.

All three Beverly Hills Cop movies have had horrible scripts, huge plot holes, and hammy villains, so I guess in a way it IS in keeping with the tradition. Eddie Murphy gives a very lazy, disinterested performance as Axel Foley, which reminds me a lot of Seagal's effort in Under Siege 2. Neither of them wanted to be there and were phoning it in long distance. This is NOT the Axel you know and love here.

It's saved from the gutter by Judge Reinhold's gung-ho as usual Rosewood, and the last minute addition of Axel Fox, a nice touch and the most three-dimensional character in the movie.
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Pretty Bad
pmtelefon22 March 2019
"Beverly Hills Cop III" is not a very good movie. Considering the talent involved, it's a surprisingly bad movie. John Landis has a better batting average than any other director in my lifetime. And yes, I'm including Steven Spielberg. He directed "Animal House", "The Blues Brothers", "An American Werewolf in London", etc. Eddie Murphy is a borderline genius. He should have been nominated at least three more times for Oscars beside "Dream Girls". He should have been nominated for "The Nutty Professor", "Bowfinger" and, forgive me, "48hrs". Throw in screenwriter Steven de Souza ("48hrs", "Die Hard", "Die Hard 2" and many more) and what could wrong? A lot. "Beverly Hills Cop III" feels like a rushed project for the summer season. Eddie Murphy is a great talent but he seems to be on auto-pilot in this one.
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Who let this be released??
lukearons11 September 2019
I loved the first 2. They could play 24/7 for all I care and I'd watch them over and over. Raw and quintessentially 80s.

The third outing literally should NEVER have been made. I can't stress how much I wanted to throw things at my tv while watching it. Annoyingly when it's broadcast, I do watch it, albeit in the background, as I physically can't bring myself to see the wooden acting and pointless homages to the original. What's even more annoying is the trying-to-bring-it-up-to-date music! Like Jesus!!!! My ears!!! Oh and everyone is perfectly clean shaven and gestapo-esque.

No body looks genuine. The plot is as transparent as glass, everybody's actions are deliberate and over-acted. Even pulling their guns out is cringeworthy! The music throughout every action/fight scene makes u want to rip your ears off and eyes out.

There isn't one apparently comedic part to this whole film that moves a facial muscle to create a smile.

If I had a time machine I would use it to make sure this film never happened.

One star is generous. Any body who gave this more than one star is a liar!
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Friends tell each other life changing news.
mattporth18 November 2018
Sooooooo, Taggert saves Axel'ss life in a previous adventure, but retires and leaves it to Hector Elizondo to tell Axel? Terrible. Just bring back Taggert. This movie is not so good.
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It deserves some credit
michaeldude04 November 2005
This film deserves more credit then it receives! This film wasn't as good as the first 2 i agree but it was still entertaining on some levels, Murphy was VERY funny in sections of the film, as he always is, and the rest of the cast did pull there weight. The plot is all so extremely interesting, better then the second, But there is one thing that this film lacks....and that is the character trio of Axel rosewood and taggert...there were comedy geniuses at work in the first too. You may call me bias for being a Eddie Murphy fan but this is one of my favourite films in the Beverley hills cop series.....even if it isn't as good.... i like it for the plot, as many of you should, Birkett
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Terrible compared to first two
omearadarragh7 January 2021
I made the mistake of watching this immediately after watching the first two. Terrible idea. This isn't even in the same league as either of the first two.

Too many attempts at (poorly executed) jokes. The first two were primarily about gritty detective work with jokes added. This feels like they tried to make it a comedy first, with some action and shooting added.

It's probably better viewed as a standalone if you haven't seen the other movies in a long time.
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They should have stopped at number II
smla025 January 2003

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Joey Travolta, and Jon Tenney.

When Axel Foley's boss is shot and killed, all the fingers point to a theme park owner. The theme park owner is also the owner of a car theft and counterfeiting ring. It's up to Axel Foley to put a stop to all of this and catch his boss's murderer.

It doesn't have hardly any laughs (though it may slightly entertain you), but I do give it credit for having an interesting plot.
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Very disappointing
LuboLarsson28 April 2002
At one time John Landis made great films, Animal House, An American Werewolve in London, Trading Places etc, at one time Eddie Murphy made great films, Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hrs, Trading Places and Coming to America, sadly they also made this, a travesty and an insult to the brilliant original. I don't blame Eddie, but he has nothing to work with here, the script is lame, the story is pathetic and it just doesn't FEEL or LOOK like a Beverly Hills Cop film. A lot of the key personnel from the first two wisely chose to miss out on this one, 7 years after Beverly Hills Cop II and this is the best they could come up with, thats mind boggling ***3/10***
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Beverly Hell Cop
lennykarl1000026 August 2018
A truly terrible film which stains the memory of the first film. Terrible script and phoned in performances. The only redeeming feature and the reason for the 1 star I gave was the appearance of Serge. They should have never made this movie and instead taken the budget and shot a Serge spinoff! Serge, with a little lemon twist: A Beverly Hills cop story. Box office gold.
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