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Good for car lovers
darwinlemon26 September 2015
I liked this movie and I know Brian Bloom from other TV shows. I saw the other episodes in this series but the first one was the best! I'm a car guy and that Dodge Stealth almost stole the show!! That cream leather interior was awesome and the storyline was good too. I'm gonna get the DVD if I can find it. The other episodes didn't feature the car as much but there was usually a pretty love interest to balance things out. The car Burt drove in the original was smooth too! It would've been nice to see Burt in this version too but there were some notable people in this version. Everybody knows John Schneider, Traci Lords and Elizabeth Berkley and they did a good enough job to keep things entertaining.
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Bandit Bandit Bandit
bobnelson4428 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After enjoying the first couple of Bandit movies years ago, I recently saw this one and figured it would be a good movie to also watch. Boy was I mistaken.

This was no Burt Reynolds, the Bandit, but more like Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny. While Burt Reynolds made the Bandit a very lovable rascal, Brian Bloom is pure ego and has no perspective of what he should be doing. Too much time spent talking to girls when he should be doing what Burt would have been doing.

This movie is more like a love/romance story between Bandit and Bandit (his ego). While there is a fair plot and it could have made a nice B-grade movie, the theme gets lost by Bandit's flirtations.

This Bandit keeps leaving you wondering what he is doing because most of the time he does not seem to be on track. This movie would have been better if he was after Bugs Bunny.

the Bandit acts like a complete fool, without any thought to anyone or anything. Bandit would have done a better job if he was really chasing Bugs Bunny
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A Smokey and The Bandit movie WITHOUT Bo, The Snowman or Sheriff Buford!!!!
toyman196717 July 2013
This is one of 4 television adaptations of Smokey and The Bandit that featured Brian Bloom and a whole host of other 90's TV stars. I never knew they existed until I saw the Smokey and The Bandit 7-pack on DVD in stores. They were made by Universal TV Studios and directed by Hal Needham in the early 90's. I don't know whose idea it was to make these movies, as the interest in Smokey and The Bandit had died out years before, but it wasn't a good idea. I caught THIS one on the Encore Family movie channel yesterday and I KNEW that it wouldn't be that good but I am a HUGE fan so I just HAD to watch it for the first time as ANY of these television movies are RARE to see on TV. I haven't seen the other ones in this series but if they are anything like THIS one they will probably be just as bad...........but I'd still watch them once to say that I've seen them. I'd recommend these to the DIE HARD fans of Smokey and The Bandit ONLY!!!!
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