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Baseball aside, very enjoyable Disney flick!
MaxJSteele13 December 2005
As a baseball die-hard, this movie goes contrary to what I expect in a sports movie: authentic-looking sports action, believable characters, and an original story line. While "Angels in the Outfield" fails miserably in the first category, it succeeds beautifully in the latter two. "Angels" weaves the story of Roger and J.P., two Anaheim foster kids in love with baseball but searching for a family, with that of the woebegone Angels franchise, struggling to draw fans and win games. Pushed by his deadbeat father's promise that they would be a family only when the Angels win the pennant, Roger asks for some heavenly help, and gets it in the form of diamond-dwelling spirits bent on reversing the franchise's downward spiral. And, when short-fused manager George Knox (portrayed by Danny Glover) begins believing in what Roger sees, the team suddenly has hope for turning their season around--and Roger and J.P. find something to believe in. Glover in particular gives a nice performance, and Tony Danza, playing a washed-up pitcher, also does well, despite clearly having ZERO idea of how to pitch out of the windup!
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Remember, It's Family Movie
DmctNY816 May 2007
I really enjoyed this movie as a young kid. At that age I thought that the silly baseball antics were funny and that the movie was "cool" because of it's about sports. Now, several years later, I can look back and see what a well designed movie this was. This movie opened my eyes as a small child to the struggles other children dealt with and real world issues. That kind of exposure is largely lacking in kids movies these days which I don't think is to our society's benefit. Sure the baseball antics seem really dumb now, but they drew kids in. No seven year old is going to ask to see a movie about foster children, but they will ask to see a movie about baseball. Disney realized this fact and took advantage of it to teach these children an important lesson about the world.

As a young adult the performance of Al and the other angels seems far less impressive, however I will give credit to the actors playing both children and Danny Glover who all did a fantastic job.
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Clean, fun, baseball...
Cephyran30 December 2003
I enjoy movies like this for their spirit, no pun intended. Its a decent, clean movie about a baseball team that's falling behind, and a young fan wishes for them to win, since his deadbeat dad said that was the only way he'd come back for him.

The spirit shines through in two ways: A funny cast with Danny Glover and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the heavenly herald Al, taking the dynamic form of Christopher Lloyd. Its an energetic movie. It gets you smiling, and really involves you in the sport.

Therein lies my gripe. the one thing that kinda bugs me is these sports movies that kind of turn you into an unexpecting fan for the team. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just find it odd that I should come away from the movie thinking the Angels are a strong, cool team, when really my base loyalty, such as it is, lies with the Toronto Blue Jays. It's interesting, really. If it's just a movie about an underdog kids team, then its okay.
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A very cute and charming film
Kristine16 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I really do not understand the negative reviews on this film and I never will. People who question the plot are in some serious need of a check up because this was such a wonderful movie. I used to watch it all the time with my grandfather, I grew up in a baseball oriented family and my grandfather and I just adored this movie. I avoided the film for a few years though after he passed away because it would bring up sad memories, but wanting to think of him I bought the movie and I still love it. I love everything this film has to offer. It makes me feel good, it's funny, it's charming, has wonderful characters and makes you believe that anything could happen.

Young foster children Roger and his friend J.P. love to sneak into baseball games of the hopelessly dreadful California Angels. Still in limited contact with his widower father, Roger asks when they will be a family again. His father replies , "I'd say when the Angels win the pennant." Taking his father's words literally, Roger prays for God to help the Angels win. After he prays, a star, unseen by Roger, twinkles in the sky. His wish comes true as real angels help the Angels win and the down on his luck coach George Knox uses him thinking he's a good luck charm. But then he discovers that there may be a little something more to Roger, then opening up his heart to something bigger. He becomes a better coach, the team becomes better naturally and Roger starts to believe not only in angels but love as well.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Roger was so wonderful, he had such heart and put passion into the role. Most child actors are very annoying and play up to the cute factor too much, but if you're telling me that you did not tear up when his father just abandons him in court and he breaks down in Maggie's arm you need to have your heart checked to see if it's beating. His chemistry with Christopher Lloyd was wonderful and they really played off each other well. Danny Glover, how could you not love his character? George Knox is a has-been who has lost any faith that anything could happen, the boys that entered his life just changed it forever. I love everything about this movie, I don't know how anyone couldn't. It's a wonderful movie and if given the fair chance it deserves, the rating should be much higher. After all the angels are always watching.

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Sometimes you can forget how enjoyable a film is if you don't watch it enough.
mrgray8321 February 2005
That was definitely the case with Angels in the Outfield. It was on TV last night and I believe I hadn't seen the film since my sophomore year in high school and I'm now in my 4th year of college. Although the film has many flaws, it is just so touching that you can't help but sit down, watch it, and enjoy yourself. It is also hilarious. Danny Glover's ranting is just so over the top that you can't help but laugh out loud at him at most time. It adds to the film and I'm sure it's exactly what the director wanted. You actually feel for the characters in the film even though the development isn't the best. A must see. I highly recommend.

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A Cliche with a Heart
Scott Miller14 June 2002
Angels in the Outfield contains absolutely no unpredictable elements. The premise involves a young boy named Roger whose deadbeat father has all but abandoned him, saying that their being a family again is as unlikely as the last-place Angels winning the pennant. This prompts Roger to pray for the team and for a family. Suddenly, real angels jump in to help the inept team, and the coach of the Angels insists on Roger and his friend JP attending every home game.

I have now told you everything you need to know to figure out every plot turn in the movie. Yes, it is THAT predictable. Combine that with some unbearably goofy comedy, and you have what would appear to be a complete waste of 90 minutes.

But appearances aren't everything, and Angels ends up being more than the sum of its parts. While every part of the movie stays true to formula, the acting and directing never descend into mediocrity, and this infuses the film a with a sincere heart, a sense of joy that allows us to care for the characters even though we know exactly what's going to happen to them.

To be sure, there are many better films out there, and adults would almost certainly want to spend their time watching one with a bit more maturity. But for those looking for a movie they can enjoy along with their children, they will find Angels worth their time.
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This movie was Good!
g-bodyl6 December 2007
I saw this film on TV many years ago and I saw this film when I got this on tape. I thought that this was reasonably well done. It was not the best of all movies, but it was good enough. The movie has enough talent to inspire many people, especially younger kids. The acting was good, with Danny Glover leading the cast. The plot line was not very believable, but the script was well written. This movie can also be the interest of avid baseball fans. It does not directly apply to a action-packed sports movie. It directly applies to a nice film that you can watch with your family and learn some messages that are hidden in this film. Overall, the film was good, but not great. I give this a movie a 7/10.
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Future Stars in Amiable Family Dramedy/Fantasy
Although I don't usually go for relentlessly heartwarming fare like this, I happened to catch the 1994 version of ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD (AitO) on cable one Saturday morning just as it was starting. Being an Adrien Brody fan, I was curious to see what Brody was like as a youth of 21 (20 when he filmed it, I suppose) in this early role as Danny Hemmerling, utility infielder for the California Angels (in the 1951 original, the hard-luck baseball team was the Pittsburgh Pirates. The name change is a nice touch, since it turns the title into wordplay). I decided to give the flick a chance, and it turned out to be a pretty painless, even amiable experience, with a decent balance of laughs, tears, sweetness, and baseball-based excitement. Also, my 7-year-old daughter liked the angel effects! :-) Directed by Mike Nesmith's frequent collaborator William Dear, AitO is the story of Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a foster child who prays real hard after his ne'er-do-well dad (the convincingly sleazy Dermot Mulroney) sarcastically says they'll be a family again once the last-place California Angels win the pennant. Soon Roger starts seeing real angels at the Angels' games, led by Christopher Lloyd, whose usual zany, eccentric irreverence keeps AitO from plummeting irretrievably into The Schmaltz Zone. Crusty manager George Knox (Danny Glover in world-weary, exasperated mode) is a hard sell, but once the team starts winning, he believes Roger's angel sightings, and soon Knox has Roger and his cute li'l pal and fellow foster kid J.P. (the adorable Milton Davis Jr.) at every Angels game for good luck. Knox even starts toning down his own temperamental outbursts and profane language, as much to appease the angels as for the kids' sake, resulting in a funny bit when he starts dressing down an umpire in his usual way but starts editing himself as he goes along. Predictable obstacles ensue, such as obnoxious sportcaster Ranch Wilder (Jay O. Sanders) trying to make trouble for Knox because of the angel angle. Sure, it all works out fine for our heroes in the end, but they're so darn amiable you don't mind! :-) Baby-faced Brody has a couple of good lines (I especially like his exchange with Glover about the emotional impact of the National Anthem at a ballgame) as well as a cute bit where a pretty blonde angel massages his shoulders before he goes up to bat. Brody isn't the only future star in AitO's lineup: his teammates include Matthew McConaughey and Neal McDonough, and of course, young Gordon-Levitt went on to co-star in TV's 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN as well as such films as 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. The always-amusing Taylor Negron and Oscar winners (but not for this film :-) Brenda Fricker and Ben Johnson lend able support. If you're a baseball fan who wants to rent a movie appropriate for the kids and check out some notable young actors before they became stars, AitO '94 will do nicely.
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Best Disney Movie Ever
neobowler24 October 2002
At first you think another Disney movie, it might be good, but it's a kids movie. But when you watch it, you can't help but enjoy it. All ages will love this movie. I first saw this movie when I was 10 and now 8 years later I still love it! Danny Glover is superb and could not play the part any better. Christopher Lloyd is hilarious and is perfect for the part. Tony Danza is so believable as Mel Clark. You can't help, but to enjoy this movie! I give it a 10/10!
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I Loved This Movie!
GrantCAGE16 May 2001
I think this is a lovely family movie. There are plenty of hilarious scenes and heart-warming moments to be had throughout the movie. The actors are great and the effects well executed throughout. Danny Glover plays George Knox who manages the terrible baseball team 'The Angels' and is great throughout the film. Also fantastic are the young actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Milton Davis Jr. Christopher Lloyd is good as Al 'The Angel' and the effects are great in this top notch Disney movie. A touching and heart-warming movie which everyone should enjoy.
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Great movie!
Movie Nuttball8 August 2004
I have always like this great baseball movie! It has a good cast including two tremendous actors and two of My favorites Danny Glover and Christopher Lloyd! Also in this movie is Ben Johnson, Brenda Fricker, Big Tony Longo, Tony Danza, and Matthew McConaughey! Also Jay O. Sanders and Dermot Mulroney! The film has great special effects and acting from all of the film's actors! The baseball scenes are all realistic! The music by composer Randy Edelman is very good and it fits the film very well! Some of the actors who reminded Me the actual baseball personalities. Stoney Jackson's Ray Mitchell character reminded Me Royce Clayton, McConaughey's character reminded Me of Steve Finley, and Jay O. Sanders's commentator in My opinion resembled how Al Hrabosky looks today. This is a fantastic movie for non and Baseball fans and I strongly recommend this film!
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"Even though you can't see us, we're always watching."
slymusic18 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Made at the Walt Disney studios, "Angels in the Outfield" is an entertaining & especially heartening film about a boy named Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who dreams about someday being part of a family; he ultimately receives his wish in quite an unusual manner. In the meantime, Roger's favorite baseball team, the California Angels, is in dead-last place, with manager George Knox (Danny Glover) absolutely frustrated that his is the sloppiest team in the Major League. With the help of some real angels in the outfield, visible only to Roger, the team begins a solid winning streak, with each member eventually learning to believe in himself. Knox becomes quite a different person by the end of the film as he bonds with Roger & Roger's best friend JP (Milton Davis, Jr.), and they become a happy family together.

Highlights from this funny, touching movie include the following (if you haven't yet seen "Angels in the Outfield," don't read any further). Knox belligerently explodes at his team after its "one more loss." Sportscaster Ranch Wilder (Jay O. Sanders) attempts to interview Knox, but it gets cut short with Knox's fist! While in his bunk bed, Roger says a quiet prayer that he might someday be part of a family again. On the baseball diamond, one angel helps an Angels batter (Tony Longo) swing & subsequently break the bat, two other angels lift up an Angels outfielder (Matthew McConaughey) to catch a fly ball, another angel helps Mel Clark (Tony Danza), who is not even on the Angels' active roster, pitch a no-hitter, and yet another horde of angels goes absolutely bonkers with the ball as they toss it around, much to the consternation of the opposing team trying to get its hands on it. The Angels' media relations administrator David Montagne (Taylor Negron) goes to ridiculous extremes in trying to keep his suits clean, but he accidentally sits on JP's nachos! Knox plays a friendly ball game with Roger, JP, and other neighborhood kids, one of whom completely misunderstands the rules of the game. Soon afterward, there is a fun little "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" montage. At the press conference, all of Knox's ballplayers stand up to confirm their belief in him; consequently, before the start of the championship game, Knox tells his team how proud he is of each person in it. The boss angel Al (played by Christopher Lloyd, one of my favorite character actors), who has befriended Roger from the beginning, tells him that Mel Clark will be on his way to join the angels in Heaven in a short six months; Roger reacts worriedly, but Al reassures him that Mel is well taken care of and that Roger concentrate on his own life ("We expect great things from you, kid. We'll all be watching"). And finally, at the end of the championship game, the worn-out Mel has only one strike left for the Angels to clinch the pennant; Knox wants to take him out, but Roger insists otherwise ("All he has to do is believe"), and the crowd also insists otherwise, as everyone rises and flaps their arms like real angels with wings. Mel stays in, and the Angels win the pennant and boisterously celebrate.

"Angels in the Outfield" is simply a remarkable film with plenty of laughs, yet it almost never fails to bring a tear to my eye as well. Its message is one of sincere hope & encouragement, and it stresses the importance of every individual believing in herself/himself. Yes, "Angels in the Outfield" is quite predictable, but for myself, that's exactly why this picture works so well. Enjoy it!
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The Good & Bad Of 'Angels In The Outfield (94)'
ccthemovieman-124 November 2006
THE GOOD - Overall, a nice-feeling fantasy film with good kids and some decent special-effects. Although geared toward kids, adults will get laughs out of this, too. It's nice to see two unspoiled kids in a 1990s movie. They are both very appealing, especially the ever-optimistic "J.P." (Milton Davis Jr.) whose motto was "It could happen!"

THE BAD - There is a prayer scene where the kid doesn't know whether to address God as a man or a woman. (Well, you knew Disney was going to have some Liberal propaganda.) Danny Glover overacts something brutal in this film and the baseball player who is the star, played by Tony Danza, doesn't have a clue how to throw a baseball much less portray a Major League pitcher. Is that the best actor they could find for this role?! Come on, let's have some realism. That sort of thing went out with the end of the classic-age era.
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Predicable,unbeliveable,and just plain BAD! So much for angels working in subtle ways!
Warning: Spoilers
Warning! Spoilers!

This is your typical disney film.

1.Policticly correct what with the foster home that has an even divison of races.

2.Insults the viewers intellect with its simplistic lines.

3.The boy's slezy father is almost directly taken from the Never Ending Story 2.

4.In a world full of crime,disase,corruption,starvation and other proplems that need to be taken care of,only a losing team is worthy of divine intervention.UGHHHH!!!

5.Did you know that angels don't like swearing?! Where the heck did that come from!

6.In helping the team,the angel cause pain and humilation on the opposing team.Very angelic indeed!

7.The team the angels are helping are called...can you guess...THE ANGELS! Disney at its worst!

8."Just got his training wings." Brillent line!

My conculsion:I did not like it at all.
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some future stars in weak kids movie
SnoopyStyle22 April 2015
Roger Bomman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his friend J.P. are staying with foster mother Maggie Nelson (Brenda Fricker). His father leaves him behind after his mother's death telling him that they would be a family again when the California Angels win the pennant. That may as well be when-hell-freezes-over since coach George Knox (Danny Glover)'s team is hopeless basement dwellers. Hank Murphy (Ben Johnson) is the owner. Ranch Wilder (Jay O. Sanders) is the broadcaster trying to get Knox from an old grudge as players. David Montagne (Taylor Negron) is the team's new public relations. Mel Clark (Tony Danza) is the aging pitching star. Roger prays to God for help and angels are sent to help the team. Al (Christopher Lloyd) is head angel and Roger is the only person who can see them.

The story is functional but there are a few problems. It's more compelling if a bad team wins because they improve. It's less compelling if angels come and help them. There is less drama that way. There are a few interesting actors as players. Adrien Brody and Matthew McConaughey don't do much. Neal McDonough plays an idiot pitcher badly. He's no comedian. Tony Danza is the bigger star back then. Danny Glover is way too unlikeable. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is quite an actor even as a kid. He keeps the movie interesting for the most part.
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This movie will help you with your life!!!!!
Seth Nelson3 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Angels in the Outfield" was originally a 1951 movie from the Ted Turner library; Disney remade it in 1994, this time, using the California Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels) as the team (Disney used to own this and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks Hockey Team; also, good use of the words, huh?????).

This movie was about a couple of orphaned children who wanted a family. A man promised the boys a family, only if the Angels won the pennant. So, he called upon God one night about this. The boy who prayed could see the help coming on the way (and ONLY that boy); for instance, when the first angel had come down, a player hit a ball so hard not only did the bat break, so did the ball!!!!! For much of the post-All Star season of 1994, the Angels were at the top of the AL West (of which my home team the Rangers is one and it still is). However, they lost a game because the boy was at court instead of the White Sox/Angels game (there was no Central Division in Baseball back then, hence Chicago being in the West), and no angels were there to help. Thus, a new rule was created: no angels can help in championship games. But wait! In the final championship game, the Angels won!!!!! It was a miracle indeed!

What I liked about this film: This is a good movie. I mean, I prayed every night for the last few years asking for help with school and stuff; look at me now! My work was good!!!!! So for one, this shows that if you believe, God can send His angels down to help you with any troubles that you may have in life. And second, this is a family baseball movie, which is always exciting. This is an old Disney movie, too; I've seen this just recently on the New Disney Channel (blech!!!!!).

"Angels in the Outfield" will change your life forever once you've seen it!!!!!

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HAPPY 20th Anniversary!!
eragonbookfan26 November 2014
Much, much more than just a baseball movie... One of the great films from the great 1994 year of movies, this takes a rather big step towards addressing the possibilities of the meaning of life, faith, belief, heart, friendship, family, love, fun, & entertaining unbearably goofy comedy! And I'm glad to this day it has!

I'm a guy from Japan, born the 90s, and this is one of my top favorite Disney movies! Always has been & will continue to be!! This is just one of those MANY sports film that were plain *awesome* from the 90s! (Though I personally wouldn't count "Mighty Ducks" - I never was really a fan of hockey - I sort of think it's an overrated sport.) I'm actually going by the lines of "Cool Runnings", "The Big Green", "Rookie of the Year", etc. I even hear this movie actually had the BIGGEST film premiere in 1994, with the movie grossing more than DOUBLE than what they started with in their budget!! Isn't that saying something? ;)

I'm sure in many ways that not only people who play baseball, or believe in God can relate to this film; I even believe children who are ORPHANS can relate to it, too - I'm sure they want films they can relate to as well! And there may also be people who just KNOW there must be a bigger & deeper meaning to life than just getting glory, making money, & dying.

Before I forget to mention, man oh man, is Randy Edelman's music so uplifting! I think the man deserves an Oscar nomination for at least SOMETHING! (I mean, this is the same guy who did the "Beethoven" movies, a "Tall Tale", "The Big Green" & "Dragonheart"!) I thin almost 50% of this film owes it's thanks to his GENIUS score! The guy is surely underrated - he deserves more attention from Hollywood than he's getting.

I give credit to this movie for INTRODUCING me not only to the sport of baseball, but also the California Angels, big Hollywood names as Danny Glover (with always the loyal & friendly character to support the main characters throughout whatever story there may be), Joseph-Gordon Levitt (LOVE how he's always kept that same innocent boyish face, lol), Christopher Lloyd, Adrien Brody, Matthew Mcconaughey (BOTH Oscar winners today!), and Tony Danza. I mean I didn't know it was them at the time - but now of course I do, with such modern-day access to information on the Net these days. I guess they were just really good at playing their characters!

(But if I had to say if there was downside to this movie, I would have to say that people don't "become angels" when they die, as the film suggests - in fact, angels are just meant to be ministering spirits for us ~ Hebrews 1:14. Either Heaven or Hell or our destination after we die.) And I might wanna add, the way the ANGELS are depicted themselves in this film is indeed impressive! The effects surely do hold to this day! I mean, they are just GORGEOUS to look at! When I was a very young, I really thought that's how they looked. But hey actually, they're actually more amazing than THAT! Yes, I am sure serious. But that's another long story...

Again, I'm fan of and I still love Joseph Gordon-Levitt; he is RENOWNED for being in this film in my memory! But I''ll be honest when I say I hate or seriously DISLIKE a lot of the recent films he's been in (ie. Looper, Inception, Don Jon, etc.) As if he almost WANTS to ruin our childhoods of him. I can't believe he would go to great lengths and such deep measures by including himself in this great, wholesome, family movie that encourages good behavior, loving relationships, stronger faith in Heaven, God, angels, etc., but then gets into OTHER films that are not only just all-round atrocious, awful, disgusting, filthy, and encourage BAD behavior, but even misuse & take the Lord's name in vain! Unfortunately, that happens all the time, and I'm sick of it! Rarely are there ever films these days, except for "Facing the Giants" that really praise and upholds the name of Lord. But I guess as always, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". (Prov. 1:7) Ugh, with "Don Jon"........... &@!$#% that movie!!!

But on the bright side, I even find that quote that Maggie says near the third part of the film about a "football player kneels to thank God after a great game", I immediately knew it seemed to foreshadowing Tim Tebow, a great sports player of today!

And I find it just RUDE & BIGOTED for thee Nostalgia Critic to come across this movie, and think it "silly & simplistic" that boy ask God for a family & helps a baseball game win, "when there's starving children in Africa" or "war in the Middle-East". CUT IT SOME SLACK, Critic! God could clearly say the same thing about US (we) people! Have you forgotten that God is all places at all times??? God CAN send His angels for supernatural interventions; God tries even WORKING THROUGH people to feed starving people or bring peace to the Middle-East - it's just that most of us are too far caught up in our everyday lives or self-indulgence we just don't notice it, nor is it reported by the mainstream media.

But DITTO to that last quote by AL the Angel - "We're always watching!" DITTO, to that, man! Ditto and amen!

With this film whether like "Beauty & the Beast" and "The Lion King", as I get older & older, it only gets better & better!

I'll say "CHECK IT OUT" to those who still haven't! :DDD

(And I wrote this review since I'm convinced NO ONE ELSE would - so I'm glad I did.)

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A enjoyable family movie
julieshapiro19778 November 2012
This is a clean movie about a baseball team that is down on their luck,and a young kid wishes for help for the team. Being as the team is the Angels, actual angels come to help the players play better. As the film progresses and the team wins more games each player and coach start to believe in themselves. For once, the good team ends the game not with heroics at the plate but with the pitcher snagging a line drive. Overall the movie was predictable but a great movie to watch with a family. Watch at least once-it is worth the effort to catch it. It is especially recommended for families who may not be able to have a lot of time to spend together.
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Awesome Baseball Movie!!!
moviecritichank-77 June 2012
Angels in the Outfield is a 1994 baseball movie released by Walt Disney Pictures starring Danny Glover ("Lethal Weapon Series," "Operation Dumbo Drop") Tony Danza (T.V.'s "Who's the Boss,") and Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future Trilogy," "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"). This 90's remake of the 1951 classic is the story of a Southern California foster boy named Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt from T.V.'s "3rd Rock From the Sun") who is in search of a family and longs to be united with his dad. His only hope is to pray that the last place California Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) win the pennant. When he prays for them, "real" angels actually help the team start winning and make an eventual believer out of cynical manager George Knox (Danny Glover), who becomes a mentor and friend to Roger and his best friend JP (Milton Davis, Jr.). Back in the summer of '94 around the time this movie was released, Major League Baseball went on a players strike, cancelling the second half of the season and the World Series, which was and still is the only time in baseball history that the World Series was cancelled. In fact, this movie was released the same week that the All-Star Game was played! The bad part of the strike is that Ken Griffey, Jr. was well on his way to breaking Maris's single-season home run record; he had 40 homers going into the break!!! Too bad that in '98 that McGwire and Sosa had to take "performance enhancing drugs" to break Maris's record!!! You can definitely tell I'm a die-hard baseball fan!!! Anyways, this movie captures the spirit of our national pastime almost as good as "Field of Dreams," "The Natural," and "A League of Their Own." Disney really did a good job of making you feel apart of the action, even though certain scenes weren't the most realistic in some cases!! This movie pretty much turned me into the baseball lover I am today!!! The story is good, the characters are funny (especially Al), the music adds to the intensity, and it has a great message in it! This is one movie that you don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy! If you haven't seen this movie yet, go out and buy it or rent it! This is one of many 90's kids movies that defined my childhood and I recommend it to every Disney and baseball fan! Rating: 10/10!!!
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mattkratz6 February 2009
This was a top-notch movie with a top-notch cast. Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and especially Christopher Lloyed are well-cast in this charming movie about real-life angels helping the Angels baseball team. You never know, it could happen. I loved Lloyd's role in it. He was hilarious. The story is about turning your life around, as the kid's belief in Angels helped turn around angry, hardened, and embittered manager Glover see the best in people. The movie was well made and also about seeing the best in people and reaching your dreams. It was funny, charming, touching, and sad, all very nicely done. You will like (or love) it. I guarantee.

*** out of ****
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One of very few sports films that I've come to enjoy
bootderek11 November 2008
This film was pretty good. I am not too big a fan of baseball, but this is a movie that was made to help understand the meaning of love, determination, heart, etc.

Danny Glover, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brenda Fricker, Christopher Lloyd, Tony Danza, and Milton Davis Jr. are brought in with a variety of talented actors and understanding of the sport. The plot was believable, and I love the message. William Dear and the guys put together a great movie.

Most sports films revolve around true stories or events, and they often do not work well. But this film hits a 10 on the perfectness scale, even though there were a few minor mistakes here and there.

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biggest movie premiere in history
erik_sprowls26 August 2008
One piece of trivia that is often forgotten about this family film is one of business.

At the time, in 1994, this movie held the record for the biggest movie premiere in motion picture history (and may continue to hold). It was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - no doubt in honor of the original film's "Angels" who "haunted" the Pittsburgh Pirates. In this remake they "haunt" the California Angels.

Anyway, the premiere was held at the long gone Three Rivers Stadium which was the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Steelers at the time (the Pirates are now housed in PNC Park and the Steelers at Heinz Field). The premiere was held on a movie screen that was five stories in height inside the stadium and held (and may even continue to hold) the record for the largest movie premiere in history, shown to 60,000 fans. Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd were all in attendance to the admiration of thousands of sports fans.
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A Great Movie Stacked With Some Stars Before They Hit It Big
jwtrox0870627 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie, while seemingly based off of a movie of the same title in 1951 released by MGM and starring Janet Leigh, is still a great film. Danny Glover in one of his best performances brings George Knox, a down on his luck baseball manager with a short temper, to life. As for this movie being "stacked", how about adding Christopher Lloyd (his stage experience works and shows through in his performances on screen, a wonderful actor), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Third Rock from the Sun), Brenda Fricker (a charming and well seasoned Irish actress), Tony Danza (yes even he is good in this film), Matthew McConaughey (he stole the show in Dazed and Confused, and his role may not be as pivotal in this film, but he got exposure), Adrien Brody (what I said about Matthew McConaughey goes the same for Adrien, except the Dazed and Confused part), some great character actors like Taylor Negron (David), Tony Longo (Messmer), Jay O. Sanders (Ranch Wilder), Neal McDonough (Whitt Bass) and a seasoned veteran in one of his final performances, Ben Johnson (Hank Murphy, the owner of the California Angels), and the rest of the cast does a great job, plus a great storyline that is uplifting to pretty much anyone, I don't care what recesses of depression you're in. I loved this film as a kid, and it brings back memories when I watch it today. I need this on DVD. I recommend it to any parent who's looking for something their kids have not seen, and everybody else, for that matter.
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Always Believe.
hbkrapbattle11 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say despite it's reviews Angels in the Outfield was a pretty good movie. I like the fact how it teaches kids to always have faith and never give up because yes miracles can happen. Unlike the other baseball movies this one particular movie stood out because of hits amazing special effects and well orchestrated soundtrack which was very interesting. Though I liked this movie it did have some flaws such as some irrelevancy (i.e. Towards the end when Ray Mitchell hits a homer he doesn't step on the plate and therefore that wouldn't be a score. But that's just nitpicking.) I have to say i was really impressed with this movie's presence and moral: Just have faith, Don't give up.
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