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Aaaaaaaaaaalriiiiiiiighty Then!!!!!!
davich8620 May 2005
I'm guessing that everybody knows the story of this movie by now, but for those who might not have had the opportunity to see this great movie, it's quite a simple formula. The Miami Dolphins mascot is stolen and by word-of-mouth advertising Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) is called into manic action. His job is to find the dolphin and return it before The Miami Dolphins' crucial game.

Jim Carrey is quite simply amazing, I never stopped laughing the whole way through the movie. This is surely Carrey's best work, even now. OK, Dumb and Dumber and The Mask are very funny movies too, but this takes the biscuit. Everything Ace does made me laugh, from whipping football player's with a towel to get a ring imprint to showing up at a mansion party and being his usual manic self.

100 laughs per hour, if you have a sense of humour, then this movie is for you!!!
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Jim Carrey is a hero
MR_Heraclius21 February 2020
This movie was funny! This is not high brow humor but if you are looking for something crazy and funny with immature humor, this is one of the best. This is Jim Carrey at his best...being wild and crazy.
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"Take care, now. Bye bye, then."
ElijahCSkuggs18 December 2007
In 1994, a year that gave us Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Creek Productions and Warner Bros. Pictures came out with the funniest film of the decade, err, 1994, with the Jim Carrey super-vehicle, ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE.

Right off the bat, it is a Jim Carrey showcase: chasing missing albino pigeons, rescuing a pampered shiatsu, and making high speed getaways, this all works because it is Ace Ventura, a hilarious, live-action cartoon character who spouts one-liners like an M-16.

The premise of the film is that the Miami Dolphin's team mascot, Snowflake the dolphin, has been captured and needs to be found in time for the Super Bowl. Ace is hired and the sexy Courtney Cox is made his partner until the dolphin is recovered. With an assortment of funny situations like Ace falling into a great white shark tank (!), a montage of Ace searching for a missing jewel, Ace head banging in a CANNIBAL CORPSE concert, it's all gold, and as you have read, Ace is what drives this film into comedy genius!

It was a busy and successful year for Jim Carrey, as he came out with another pair of comedy blockbusters, the LOOSELY translated Dark Horse comic THE MASK, and his hilarious buddy comedy with Jeff Daniels, DUMB and DUMBER.

Thanks to Tom Shadyac for letting Carrey out of the bag and letting this damn funny Canadian strut his lanky stuff.

It has some offensive, adult-oriented material, but if caught on television, this is nearly perfect family entertainment: as long as you don't mind your kids talking from their a$$es for the next couple months.
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A movie carried by you-know-who...
baz_trinity19 February 2007
Now, these movies can't be taken too seriously. The storyline is silly, the dialog is silly and the concept is silly, with one extraordinary exception: Jim Carrey, who, in contrast, uses his extremely intelligent wit and hugely humorous body actions to make this movie what it is, hilarious.

The fact is, this mans arguably a genius, he made a possibly average, run-of-the-mill, 'straight to TV' comedy into an all-time classic. You can switch your brain off and literally laugh yourself to tears watching the scenes in which he acts in. He CARRIES this movie, no doubt and his performance in this is extremely underrated. Being one of his first major roles and to actually manage to single-handedly make this movie what it is with his sheer brilliance at being a comedian-actor, well, it should not be overlooked.

But of course, it has it's flaws. The fact is, the scenes without Carrey (Albeit, they're not many of them) really just shows this movie doesn't have much else going for it besides the man himself. Many of the other actors/actresses (Including Courtney Cox) just aren't funny. But this movie, in my opinion, deserves an 8, because it's just really showcasing Jim Carreys excellence. Watch it and believe me, you'll get hooked!
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Sure, this is cheeseball comedy, but Jim Carrey makes it memorable.
Anonymous_Maxine17 July 2001
Ace Ventura is the kind of comedy that stems directly from a TV show, and in this case, that show was probably In Living Color, where Carrey got most of his publicity before he became famous as a movie actor. A quick look through Carrey's filmography will prove that Ace Ventura is the film that really acted as a springboard for his career. He had a few small roles in films previous to Ace Ventura, the largest of which was probably his role as one of the aliens in the awful film Earth Girls Are Easy, but after Ace Ventura, his career skyrocketed. The Mask (hey, he's still new, give the guy a break), Dumb & Dumber, a sequel to Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, The Cable Guy (oops), The Truman Show (ah, better), Man On The Moon, Me, Myself & Irene, The Grinch, and there's no end in sight.

Sure, Ace Ventura does not compare to half of these movies, and is clearly more on the side of the bone-headed comedy that he was doing on In Living Color, but his talent is unmistakable. I first saw this movie when I was in high school, and I remember that I would ditch school and go to the theater to see it and I would laugh hysterically until my sides hurt every time I saw it. There's something about seeing a slob at a tremendously rich party who just doesn't care about the etiquette of the rich people. Did anyone not laugh when he was `testing' the food at Ron Kamp's I'm-the-richest-man-in-the-universe party and stuck his tongue out at that poor guy next to him? That whole scene at that party is classic!

And, of course, it only gets better with Ace's dealings with Lois Einhorn. The whole crying game idea may have gone a little too far, but it was always amusing. Jim Carrey saves Ace Ventura from sinking to the totally brainless level of more recent crapfests as the Scary Movies, and even makes this into one of the better comedies of 1994. This is not the type of movie that is likely to win any awards, but you will remember the hilarious dialogue and Jim Carrey's immediately recognizable rubber-faced antics in this film that served as a spring board to his career, which later brought us many more excellent movies. Way to go, Jim.
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star-making performance for Carrey
Special-K8812 February 2002
Undeniably juvenile, but funny and entertaining comedy stars Carrey—in his breakthrough role—as a goofy, wildly eccentric pet detective hired to find the missing Miami Dolphins mascot. He's the right man for the job but his childish idiosyncrasies, uncanny bond with animals, and aberrant investigative techniques cause outsiders to question whether or not he can actually make good on his word. Aimed mostly at fans who really enjoy silly humor, others will quickly find it tiresome. There are some amusing cameos by real Dolphin football players (including an engaging Dan Marino) but this film belongs to Carrey and his constant outrageousness. Sure-fire entertainment for fans of this genre. **½
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Perhaps Carrey's best movie
Op_Prime14 April 2000
While his later films are good, Ace Ventura is the best of all. Jim Carrey brings his now famous style of acting to the screen. Ace is the kind of guy who you never know what he's going to do next, and that is what makes him so funny. The plot is not the best one out there and the actors in this one are not the best, but this movie is not for intelligent plots and famous actors. It's a whacky comedy that made Jim Carrey a star. The movie is not bad, not at all. Why people think that is just odd and strange. Guess there is no appreciation for good movies these days.
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I loved this movie
abdul_melby2 July 2004
I thought this movie was the best movie Jim Carrey has ever did. It had me and my whole family laughing non-stop! No one could have done this movie the way Jim did. I could go on for hours about how great it is. I could watch it every day! I would give it a perfect 10! The acting in his movie was great. And Courtney Cox did an amazing job as Melissa! She's such an talented and amazing actress!

One of the funniest lines: Melissa: Did you have any trouble getting in? Ace Ventura: No, the guy with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentle.
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Whats a movie like this doing with a rating of 63%.
dobbin-44 July 2007
Ace Ventura is one of my favourite Jim Carrey movies and I after watching this have been anxious to see Jim Carrey movies ever since. It is an hilarious movie and most of the jokes they have in the movie work really well. This movie has pretty much nothing wrong with and it just keeps the silliness going like with bits like the shark in the tank and the bit where he chews up the cigarette the lady asks if he wants an astray and he replies with "no I do not smoke it is a filthy habit" are just a tiny portion of things that are hilarious and if this movie was any more funny it would not be called a movie anymore but I do not know something bigger so I will not say what it would. Overall I will rate this movie 93% for being a damn funny movie.
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A fine example of Carrey at his zany best!
Snake-66618 September 2003
Following the kidnapping of ‘Miami Dolphins' mascot `Snowflake' Melissa (Courteney Cox) hires Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) to track the dolphin down before Superbowl Sunday.

The Nineties were generally good for Jim Carrey and ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' is a shining example of sheer Carrey hilarity! Jim Carrey plays his character with his typical, undoubtedly unrivalled, madcap charisma that has now become so famous throughout the world, yet this movie probably remains the greatest example of just how outlandish a Carrey movie can be. The plot is so thin that it becomes obvious that the story was made to suit Carrey's style rather than vice versa and surprisingly succeeds well. Carrey's extremely arrogant and oddball ‘Ace Ventura' character is unexpectedly likeable and continuously places the viewer in a fit of hysterics with the increasingly wacky scenarios he finds himself in. Carrey's off the wall antics are what made this film and direct attention away well from the flaws that the movie has.

It is safe to say that Carrey was the star and provided all the highlights of this movie and while Sean Young (playing Lt. Lois Einhorn) and Courteney Cox in some ways aided the movie they simply came off as bit-part characters rather than stars as Carrey stole the entire show. Capable direction from Tom Shadyac is a further high spot in this movie and recognition should also be given to Jack Bernstein who co-wrote an astoundingly funny script with Jim Carrey.

‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' is certainly one of the finest comedies Jim Carrey has offered the world so far and despite missing the more heart-warming moments that later films such as ‘Liar Liar' (1997) offered, is a good movie in it's own right. However, as humour is viewer dependant it would be unfair of me to say I recommend this movie to everyone. Those people who dislike many of the Jim Carrey movies will probably not enjoy this one and I can understand why some would condemn this movie as being puerile nonsense. Many of the jokes do border on bad taste and much of the movie has an atmosphere of schoolyard humour to it. I am aware that some people will not find Carrey's zany antics and silly noises funny at all. That being said I personally do enjoy this movie and feel that fans of Jim Carrey and many other people will find this entertaining fun. To sum up – I feel this is an enjoyable movie for teenagers, young adults and probably for the more open-minded older audience despite being somewhat childish and risqué. Not for everyone though. My rating for ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' – 7/10.
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"Lee, he's crazy!"
lee_eisenberg7 July 2005
We saw "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" right after "The Mask" came out. We could not have possibly predicted how wacky it would be. At the moment when Jim Carrey started butt-talking, my dad shouted out: "Lee, he's crazy!" And believe you me, he really was. Anyone who knows anything about the movie probably knows that Carrey plays the title character, who has to find the Miami Dolphins' mascot. But mostly, the whole movie is an excuse for him to be silly. And of course, the woman who played reporter Melissa (Courtney Cox) went on to play the reporter in the "Scream" trilogy.

Well anyway, Ace Ventura really is a master of disguise, and it's almost hard to believe that after almost ten years of stagnation in comedy, this movie came and changed the way that we think about humor. Hilarious.
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Aaaaaallllllrighty then
NateWatchesCoolMovies15 August 2016
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective shouldn't really be as funny as it is. It's random, head scratching and just deeply juvenile, and happens to be one of the funniest films ever made. Why? Jim Carrey. The man is spun gold on camera, and he sells every outlandish minute of this gonzo Looney Toons goofball of a flick. It really wouldn't work without him. I mean, could you imagine, say, Dustin Hoffman, or John Travolta trying to pull of this kind of malarkey? OK, I did just laugh really hard picturing that, so it would be funny, but only in an embarrassing way. No, it had to be Carrey, and he's an engine of unbridled comic mania the entire way through. One acting technique involves basing your performance off of the mannerisms of an animal, and I've heard that he chose a cockatoo as the blueprint for Ace. The head bobs, squirrelly movements and that epic, instantly recognizable ocean crest of a hairdo. Makes sense, and I couldn't unsee it after hearing that. Ace is probably the most eccentric, beloved character Carrey has ever fashioned, and for good reason. He's like a cannon loaded with jokes, quips, pop culture references, personal space invading antics, a complete lack of inhibitions, a treasure trove of rubber faced muckery and a deep love for any and all creatures of the animal kingdom. Those are pretty much all of the qualities one should look for in a human being. I say that now, but I feel like after spending ten minutes with the guy I'd look for the nearest exit. Ace is on the case, when he's not goofing off, which is always. Somehow he finds time to search for the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins, an actual dolphin named Snowflake. The story dimly unfolds in the background of all his tomfoolery, and includes Dan Marino, a suspicious billionaire (Udo Kier, whose exasperation at Carrey's behaviour looks very un-faked), and an ice queen of a Police Chief played by Sean Young, with an arc that goes to some pretty disturbing places for this kind of light fare. He also finds time to have hot jungle love with Courtney Cox, and speak to people through his asshole like a deranged Muppet, among many other things that will have you questioning why you're watching it, only to realize it's like your twentieth viewing and you have no plans to ever stop. It's Carrey's show, and he takes it into orbit, never letting the mania subside for a nanosecond. He's borderline certifiable, which comes in handy when he has to infiltrate a mental facility, because the guy halfway to belonging there anyway. There's just so many cherished little moments, mannerisms and scenes that don't ever get old, for those of us that love this character. Carrey shaped the landscape of comedy a lot during this portion of his career, and the mile markers that he released stand tall and undiminished to this day, bringing hilarity to all. The sequel is genius too, and one of those rare follow ups that is just as solid as the first.
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is jim carrey, and you see it
cinemamoviecars24 September 2021
Here jim is doing the over the top antics that made him the comedian that for the 90s was doing so crazy stuff, that you cant stop to laugh at him. Yes the movie have crazy scenes, but thats the point. Now every comedian is doing over the top jokes, but carrey started the trend.
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Are you serious you didn't like this movie?
rakeshmore-904271 September 2021
This movie has the best one shot scenes of the greatest actor alive Jim. And you still haven't liked it is a silly thing. This movie rocks. I love Jim.
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Iconic Classic
adacorbe20 August 2021
Decades later, this feel good film still warms the viewers with smiles and laughter. Iconic one liners and some of societies most quoted and quirky phrases, Ace Ventura remains on of the greatest movies ever produced.
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Jst Awesome..........
rahul-920259 August 2021
Jimmm Carry is jst the prfct guy... always will be a fan of Jimmy carry.
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So silly and stupid it's actually pretty dang good!
mikayakatnt3 March 2020
Ah yes, remind me of those movies I loved as a kid in the 90s that didn't age so well.

Just kidding, I personally think this is one of Jim Carrey's funnier works.

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Jim Carrey At His Best!
namashi_110 September 2011
Jim Carrey is a wonder actor. His performance in the box-office blockbuster 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' is worth immense praise. The Golden-Globe Award Winner delivers hilariously in this slapstick-comedy, that is full of double-meaning jokes & over-the-top sequences. As a film, it works and manages some truly funny moments, but it's Carrey who makes this film a must watch.

'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective': Synopsis: A goofy detective specializing in animals, goes in search of a missing dolphin mascot of a football team.

'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' is meant for those who like slapstick-comedies. This cult-classic is not meant for the pseudo intellectuals at all. Reason? The Over-The-Top sequences, and the unexpected digs at transsexuals, will surely not attract them. I, how-ever, had a good laugh and I mainly credit Carrey for it. He is fantastic as the Ace Ventura and in many ways, he immortalizes him.

In terms of screenplay, there is not much to say, apart from the fact, that it is true to the genre it follows. Tom Shadyac's Direction captures Ace Ventura's journey, most convincingly. Cinematography, Editing, Art Design & Costume Design, are worth a mention.

On the whole, Watch it, but only, if you have the stomach for it.
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Hilarious movie for people with a sense of humor
alan-5067321 October 2018
I've seen this movie several times and it always makes me laugh which is the whole point. Comedy is very subjective so what everyone finds funny will be different. Some people forget that movies are meant to entertain first and "messages" are extras.
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The film that made Jim Carrey an overnight sensation...
TheLittleSongbird26 January 2011
While Ace Ventura:Pet Detective is not my favourite of Jim Carrey's movie, it is a lot of fun. It may be a tad too short, and some of the silliness is overdone. But even with any problems, that still doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed this film immensely. The film looks good with the cinematography and scenery top notch. The script is incredibly funny and I like to quote it too. The story is quite silly, but it is a nice one too, and the film is also very snappily paced. Tom Shadyac's direction is also very energetic and imaginative. This was the film that made Jim Carrey an overnight sensation and a fine one it is too to receive that honour. He is excellent in this film, his style of humour mayn't be for everybody, but when he is at his best he is funny or nicely understated as he is in his dramas. All in all, fast, furious and fun. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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They don't make like this nowadays.
Kdosda_Hegen14 May 2020
This movie has a surprisingly great plot for a comedy. The jokes were ridiculous. If you love Jim Carrey, you probably love this.
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Inspired Lunacy!!!
Logic40417 April 2006
To this day I don't think Carrey has done many movies that fit him as good as this one does.

It's very silly, goofy, manic etc...but that's what makes it endearing. Anybody with any laughter in their souls has to at least like this stuff.

I like the path Carrey has taken doing serious work but he'll always be the best goofin' it up.

The cast is OK but not really inspired. I personally don't care for Sean Young so that did not help. If you're looking for brains in your comedy don't watch this. It's all fun all the time.

Much, much better than the second part. I thought the second part was crude just to be crude. So even if you're not a fan of Jim Carrey and you want pure fun, time to watch this movie.
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I have exorcised the demons!!
ianslater-5486630 December 2021
Check your brain at the door and just enjoy it for what it is. Slapstick humour at its finest and some of the greatest one-liners. Would you like a cookie son?
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I Laughed Just As Hard Then As I Do Now!
BrnzReviews8 December 2021
Ace Ventura will forever be a classic comedy that everyone has to love. Jim Carrey is back with his wacko, crazy comedic performance and you just have to laugh, he's comedy gold. This is a great movie eith a very unique story as I've never since this seen a film with a similiar story to Ace Ventura.

Jim Carrey is by far one of if not the funniest actor on the planet, i don't believe I've ever seen a Jim Carrey film thay sucked, his movies are probably my favourite ones from my childhood, never failing to amuse the audience.

Highly Recommend, it's another hilarious Carrey film.
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Alrighty then!!!!!
katetunney19 November 2021
I just finished watching this movie and loved it all over again. I have to admit, I had to see the 'old' Carrey after watching 'The Majestic'. He did a great job in both, but I just need to see him 'rubber' his face up once in a while.

Just as the first time I watched this film, I laughed and laughed and laughed through the whole thing. A class act as in 'The Majestic' but in his whacky fun and hilarious way I'm used to.

Whether its timing. Originality. Funny faces. Or noises and impersonations. This film will have you laughing out loud like you never have before. Or if you've seen it, laughing out loud like you used to.

Lastly, I almost had forgotten that Courtney Cox was in this one. It was a pleasant recalling to see her adorable albeit muted character next to Carrey's antics. They compliment each other greatly.

10/10 for making me laugh again. Thank you.

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