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Season 8

29 Sep. 2001
Holy of Holies
Monica, Tess and Andrew help train their newest angel, Gloria. Their assignment is to help a college professor in his quest for the Ark of the Covenant.
6 Oct. 2001
The Perfect Game
A father tries to control his son's life and is obsessed with his baseball performance. The angels must help heal the father and son relationship by showing the father he must first heal the relationship he has with his own father.
13 Oct. 2001
The Birthday Present
Young children are beaten and abused by their drunken father. The angels must help a mailman who wants to help the children.
20 Oct. 2001
Tess and the other angels return to a small town to help a woman who is lonely after her boyfriend leaves her. The bartenders in the town remember Tess and decide to help the angels play matchmaker with the woman and a delivery man.
27 Oct. 2001
With memories of her Jewish father's discrimination against women, Rachel releases her fury by publishing comic strips which make fun of her father and his religion.
3 Nov. 2001
Famous Last Words
After discovering a heartbreaking secret about his mother, a man discovers his last chance to repent before being executed for killing his abusive stepfather.
10 Nov. 2001
Most Likely to Succeed
After a long life of hatred towards the football player who stole the girl he loved, Dennis decides to get his revenge at their high school reunion.
24 Nov. 2001
Heaven's Portal
A rebellious teen convinces Gloria to go to a rave with him where they both end up getting high.
1 Dec. 2001
When Sunny Gets Blue
A young man tries to help his mentally ill father, in rebellion against his mother's apparent indifference.
15 Dec. 2001
Angels Anonymous
The angels attempt to change the lives of the individuals in a long-lost group of friends. Their influences on these people cause them all to end up unexpectedly at the same Polynesian restaurant, where they are surprised to see one another after all of the years that have passed.
16 Dec. 2001
A Winter Carol
A man who died on 9-11-2001 in the twin towers was a music teacher. His death affects one of his students and his family. The student is depressed, his older brother wants to join the army, and their mayor mother has to help the town.
12 Jan. 2002
The Last Chapter
A mortally ill journalist resists finishing her autobiography because, to be honest, she will have to record her own encounter with an angel.
26 Jan. 2002
A widowed father with two children has to deal with one daughter having sickle cell anemia. When the daughter gets seriously sick and the local doctor is not available, his daughter dies while he tries to find help.
2 Feb. 2002
The Blue Angel
Max and Elmer are long-time friends. Max is slowly dying due to smoking cigarettes for many years. Elmer tries to get him to stop, but he will not listen. After Monica, Tess, and Andrew fail to get him to stop, Gloria offers to help.
2 Mar. 2002
Secrets and Lies
A father whose daughter has leukemia must ask his ex-mistress to allow their son to be a bone marrow daughter. Since his ex-mistress refuses, the angels must find a way to help.
9 Mar. 2002
The Princeless Bride
Liz's fiancée Jonas runs away after having a fight with her, causing Liz to reach out to the less fortunate instead of crying for her own loss.
6 Apr. 2002
Hello, I Love You
A young girl in search of the father she has never known is guided to several possibilities.
13 Apr. 2002
Minute by Minute
A nun with a dark past tries to stop two boys from blowing up a high school.
4 May 2002
The Bells of St. Peter's
Maggie and Brian are busy doctors. Maggie finds it hard to stop working, while Brian wants time off together. Maggie's mother Rose wants to go to Rome but cannot go alone due to health. Can she convince Maggie and Brian to go with her?
4 May 2002
The Impossible Dream
A man with a beautiful voice is encouraged to sing for the first time in twenty-five years.
5 May 2002
For All the Tea in China
An old British woman is forced to reveal the secrets of her painful past after undergoing a failed background check in order for her grandson to adopt a baby from China.
11 May 2002
Forever Young
A motivational speaker helps other to move forward and achieve, but he and his wife have their own problems of moving forward since their daughter's murder.

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