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24 Jan. 2011
Towcester, Northamptonshire
Paintpot's, the family cat, burial shows a wall. It is known that a Cistercian Nunnery existed here 900 years ago. Over the usual 3 days can the Team find the layout?
31 Jan. 2011
Coberley, Gloucestershire
Over the usual three days, the team re-investigate a listed Roman site. Mosaics are soon found. But what were these buildings used for?
7 Mar. 2011
Padstow, Cornwall
Uncovering evidence of a port near the Cornish village of Padstow.
6 Feb. 2011
Tottiford, Devon
Tony and the time team get a rare opportunity to investigate a site after a local dam in Dartmoor is drained for repairs. The team is challenged to unravel a history that dates back to the earliest settlement of the United kingdom. They discover evidence the site had been used constantly for 4000 years, but to their surprise some of the structures they find seem completely out of place
13 Feb. 2011
West Langton, Leicestershire
The Time team investigate a well known site, presumed to be used for Saxon burial rituals in West Langton Leicestershire. While there they explore the funeral practices of the Saxons, and recreate a burial using one of the Time Team members. As the three day dig continues they begin to find evidence the Saxons where not the only people to use the site, this challenges all involved to piece together a history of hundreds of years of use of a small non-descript piece of countryside
20 Feb. 2011
High Ham, Somerset
The time team travel to High Ham in Somerset. Victorian excavations of the area uncovered a series mosaics that indicate a Roman Villa existed on the site. The team begins the job of untangling exactly what was on the site. While there is evidence of the Romans, there are other things that tell a much wider and in some ways sadder story.
27 Feb. 2011
Les Gellettes, Jersey
The Time Team travel to the Channel Islands. This time they explore the ruins of the German occupation of the islands during WW2. They find evidence of both military defenses built around the islands and many of the day to day activates that made up life for German forces during the occupation.
6 Mar. 2011
Derwentcote, County Durham
Tony Robinson and his time team travel to Derwentcote near Newcastle in England. They have three days to investigate the ruins of an iron and steel works that produced world class metal from the early 1700's to the 1850's Their interest is based on the number of different processes developed in the area during the time, culminating in evidence the site was much older than first thought
13 Mar. 2011
Castor, Cambridgeshire
The Time Team head to the town of Castor to dig in the grounds of a Church looking for remains of a substantial Roman complex. Complicating the excavation is the work of Edmund Artist who took detailed measurements and dug the area 150 years ago. They need to first find the ruins, and try and understand and confirm what Artist saw.
20 Mar. 2011
Groby, Leicestershire
The Time Team visits the ruins of the home of the Grey family, and property the family had lived on for nearly 800 years. The team tries to establish the history of a castle built on the site in the 12 century.
27 Mar. 2011
Mont Orgueil, Jersey
Mont Orgueil in Jersey is a well known fortification that has history stemming back to the 12th Century. The Time Team's job is to unravel where the series of 17th Century extensions absorbed the original medieval construction, and what the castle originally looked like in the time of the Normans.
3 Apr. 2011
Llancaiach Fawr, South Wales
The team visits Llancaiach Manor in southern Wales to investigate a series of strange structures found in the 1970s. What begins as a straight forward search for a missing manor house turns up a far more complex and interesting story.
10 Apr. 2011
Buck Mill, Somerset
There is evidence at Buck Mill Somerset of an ancient water wheel and mill. As the team begin to explore the site, discoveries ask more questions than answers given.
24 Apr. 2011
Bamburgh, Northumberland
The Time Team travels to Bamburgh Castle. A place once thought to be a major power base for the Saxon kings in the region. Although a village and Saxon graveyard have been located, no evidence of the original Saxon fortifications has been found.
1 May 2011
Geophysics Compilation
Tony sets John a challenge to identify 10 buried items. John uses only his geophysics expertise and instruments. But does he get them correct? Meanwhile the evolution of geophysics is shown from early dot matrix printers to current LIDAR.
8 May 2011
The Way We Lived Compilation
Over the years many types of dwelling have been uncovered. From pre-Iron Age through Roman and Saxon to Norman have all been investigated. This miscellany shows the evolution of modern man's living.
16 Mar. 2011
Wars of the Roses: A Time Team Special
Doubt is cast on the location of one of the most pivotal battles in English history, the battle of Bosworth Field. Tony follows researchers as they conduct a series of tests recreating cannon fire from the time to try and confirm their suspicion.
14 Apr. 2011
The Somme's Secret Weapon: A Time Team Special
In 1916 a frightening new weapon is unleashed on the Germans by British forces. The Livens Flame projector was a terror weapon of amazing ability, yet no examples exist today. Members of the Time Team join an archeology team excavating remains of such a machine and then build a replica to test the weapons true potential
4 May 2011
Boudica's Lost Tribe: A Time Team Special
It was always thought Boudica's tribe was wiped out after a major uprising against Roman rule in Britain. Recent discoveries have begun to tell a different story and they may not have been the barbaric warriors of the Romans described.
10 Nov. 2011
Brunel's Last Launch: A Time Team Special
The final ship that Brunel built was the SS Great Eastern. An all metal ship with only a propeller. The UK Royal Navy did not change to all metal for many years due to metal hulls producing shrapnel.

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