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TNT Greenlights Michael Moore-Fronted Nonfiction Series & Docuseries From Sarah Jessica Parker And Morgan Spurlock

TNT has greenlit Michael Moore Live From The Apocalypse, the working title of a new nonfiction series to be directed and hosted by Michael Moore, who helped pioneer the genre with TV Nation and The Awful Truth. The network also ordered Who Run The World?, a new documentary series executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, Morgan Spurlock and Refinery29 that will focus on the issues women face in today’s world. Both project were unveiled today as part of Turner’s Upfronts…
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Michael Moore Is Returning To Television For the First Time Since 2000; Here’s What Brought Him Back

Michael Moore Is Returning To Television For the First Time Since 2000; Here’s What Brought Him Back
It took the apocalypse to bring Michael Moore back to television.

TNT has ordered the series “Michael Moore Live from the Apocalypse” (that’s a working title), a new non-fiction series from Moore set to premiere in late fall.

“Live from the Apocalypse” is Moore’s first regular TV show since “The Awful Truth” went off the air in 2000. Before that, he earned a Primetime Emmy – the first ever for a non-fiction series – for his short-lived but fondly remembered “TV Nation.”

Read More: Weinsteins Buy Michael Moore’s Surprise Trump Documentary ‘Fahrenheit ‪11/9’

“‘Live from the Apocalypse’ will be a raucous gathering place for millions of our fellow citizens in desperate need of a break from the screaming pundits and the purveyors of ‘alternative facts,'” Moore said in a statement. “Our show will be dangerous and relentless. And it will be the destination for those who want to know what
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Michael Moore talks Brexit, Donald Trump

Michael Moore talks Brexit, Donald Trump
The documentary film-maker voiced his opinions at a press conference ahead of the release Where To Invade Next.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the release of his documentary Where To Invade Next, Us director Michael Moore has expressed surprise at the prospect of Britain exiting the European Union as a result of the forthcoming referendum.

“It’s not my place to tell you what you should do, but as an outsider I can say ‘Why would you do this?’, Europe exists today in a large part because of you, the UK, you sacrificed and suffered in the 1930s and 40s to save Europe, why would you want to leave?,” he said.

Where To Invade Next, which sees Moore travelling across Europe searching for positive lessons that the Us can learn from other nations, is being released in the UK by Dogwoof tomorrow (June 10) and opens Sheffield Doc/Fest this weekend.

Quizzed as to whether
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Latest Slew Of Photos For Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spotlight “The Broken Man”

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We’re now past the halfway point on season 6, and it’s fair to say Game of Thrones mania has gripped the TV nation. Whether you’re walking on eggshells in fear of spoilers or gobbling up each and every tidbit that is released for HBO’s political flagship, not a day goes by where there isn’t some form of nugget to digest and sure enough, the network has premiered the first photos for this week’s episode, “The Broken Man.”

Pegged to premiere on Sunday, June 5, the series of stills arrive off the back of the official, 30-second preview, teeing up a defining meeting between Jaime Lannister and the Blackfish, along with a troubling development for The High Sparrow in King’s Landing.

Across the Narrow Sea, Arya Stark (sorry, No One) is hatching a plan, and there’s a neat shot of our
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Michael Moore on His Radical New Doc: 'Let's Invade Europe'

Michael Moore on His Radical New Doc: 'Let's Invade Europe'
"I think people are expecting Edward Snowden to walk out on stage right now," Michael Moore joked from the stage at the Toronto International Film Festival, in an introduction that doubled as a public apology. He understood that, when you name your latest project Where to Invade Next and slap a kitschy picture of the Joint Chiefs of Staff above your fest's catalog blurb, it's bound to suggest any number of things: a take-no-prisoners takedown of America's military-industrial complex; a scathing indictment of our nation's perpetual-war fetish; how the government
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Review: Patrick Stewart rules the roost in the brutal siege film 'Green Room'

  • Hitfix
Review: Patrick Stewart rules the roost in the brutal siege film 'Green Room'
"But it's already played." There is no greater currency in the press at a film festival than the word "premiere." And that word can mean a great many things. There are regional premieres. North American premieres. Us premieres. Or, in the best case scenario, world premieres. If you've got a movie no one's seen, and it's by someone who has a track record, that is bait on a hook. And sometimes, it seems like it's important to see something first. Take Michael Moore, for example. He's got a track record. There are plenty of things of Michael Moore's that I like. I think you will find few more ardent "TV Nation" fans than me. But he's been away from the game for a while. And tonight, he had a film premiere at the Princess Of Wales theater. I could have gone to that. I will see it tomorrow. There
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How Jon Stewart Changed the Way We Talk About Politics on TV

How Jon Stewart Changed the Way We Talk About Politics on TV
It's safe to say that, 17 years ago, The Daily Show was a fledgling show. "Daily satiric news anchor" was not a job. And Jon Stewart was just a stand-up comic and occasional actor, not yet the comedy nerd/political junkie's lord and savior.

Which isn't to say that Stewart and the team behind Comedy Central's late-night staple invented their own genre of topical tomfoolery. Shows like That Was the Week That Was experimented with the satirical news format as early as the Sixties. Everything from Bob & Ray to HBO's
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Roger & Me (Blu-ray)

Roger & Me

Directed by: Roger Moore

Running Time: 1 hr 31 mins

Rating: R

Due Out: October 7, 2014

Who’S It For? Well, let me tell you a story. I was home sick in middle school. My dad recorded some movies after a free HBO weekend. “Roger & Me” was rated R, and I thought I was about to get away with something. I was wrong. What I’m saying is, it’s not for middle schoolers. It’s for everyone who has ever considered liking documentary films. It’s that simple.

This is the chance to see Moore before he became the Moore you have a definitive love Or hate relationship with.

Before we get to the film, if you subscribe to Moore’s e-newsletter, this is old hate, if not, here’s a message from Michael Moore about his film.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is a big day for me. Warner Bros. is releasing to you,
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Michael Moore’s Roger & Me — 25th Anniversary Blu-ray on October 7

Michael Moore has created some of the most talked about documentaries of all time. It’s been 25 years since his ground-breaking film Roger & Me, so it’s time for it to get the Blu-ray treatment. Here is a portion of the news release…

Roger & Me, the highly acclaimed and groundbreaking hit film that launched Michael Moore’s career as a documentary filmmaker and a leading nationwide activist, debuts in a new 25th Anniversary Blu-ray™ edition, DVD and Digital HD on October 7 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Roger & Me is a highly original, personal and satire account of one of America’s greatest urban disasters told against the background of the tough times in Flint, Michigan, Moore’s hometown. The birthplace of General Motors, Flint had been economically decimated by, among other things, plant closings and the elimination of 30,000 Gm jobs. In Roger & Me, Moore gives cinematic voice to his razor-sharp,
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NBCU Intl. TV Production Supercharges Unscripted TV Biz

London — NBCUniversal Intl. Television Production, which is headed by Michael Edelstein, is launching a dedicated unscripted development unit.

The unit, which is to be overseen by senior VP of factual and entertainment David Mortimer, will be tasked with boosting development to create the next generation of high-impact, large-scale, returnable formats for the international market.

The unit will consist of two teams — one focused on shiny-floor entertainment shows, and the other on returnable high-end factual entertainment formats. Recruitment is under way.

The unit will sit alongside NBCU’s existing in-house unscripted production companies, Monkey Kingdom and Chocolate Media in the U.K., Matchbox Pictures in Australia and Lark Productions in Canada, which has a strategic partnership with NBCU Intl. Television Production.

Mortimer said: “By making a significant investment into development, we’re supercharging our unscripted television business.

“We are determined to be the home of the next big international format hit,
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Meet the 2013 Tribeca Filmmakers #44: Known For Blurring Lines of the Comedic & Serious, David Zieff Brings Us 'McConkey'

David Zieff has over three decade of experience under his belt. He worked on the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove" and been the supervising editor for "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster." He was also senior editor of Michael Moore’s Emmy-winning series "The Awful Truth" and TV Nation as well as numerous Comedy Central shows. In his latest work, "McConkey," he's worked with a group of co-directors who each chronologically entered the project at varying times which he credits as enhancing the layers of the story. What it's about: McConkey is about a free-skiing, base-jumping genius named Shane McConkey-- a guy who mainstream audiences likely never heard of but who is legendary to those who have, and who is completely worth getting to know. What you might think the film is about turns out to be a much deeper reflection on how you choose to live your life. What else should audiences know?
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Dick Clark: The World's Oldest Teenager? More Like, the World's Most Perfect Host

Dick Clark: The World's Oldest Teenager? More Like, the World's Most Perfect Host
You didn't have to be a teenager to watch American Bandstand. You don't have to be a stadium headliner to vote for the American Music Awards. And, going on for decades now, you haven't had to be at a swanky party to celebrate New Year's Eve. Dick Clark, who died Wednesday at age 82, took the big, unruly world, and made it a part of your living room.   Even more uniquely, he made you part of the big, unruly world. Teenagers were a scary species, and their love of Elvis Presley a troubling development when Clark, a former radio deejay, took American Bandstand from a local Philadelphia station to the TV nation in 1957. The show helped make youth, their music and even Presley, who...
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TV Review: Eighth Season Puts ‘House M.D.’ in a New Place

Chicago – As long as Hugh Laurie limps in the shoes of Dr. Gregory House, the Fox TV nation will show up, because it’s a great actor taking a memorable character and and putting him in often strange and unexpected situations. The eighth season premiere of “House M.D.” on October 3rd is no exception.

TV Rating: 4.0/5.0

The premiere is juicy, because Gregory House is in jail – where I suspect even his hardcore fans believe he belongs. This new atmosphere is Kafka-esque, which adds a new twist to how the crabby disease-detecting doctor will operate. All the fine tuned elements of the House character are here, except the physician that is used to getting his way now will have to contend with shivs and stoolies, including the stunt casting of the former Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) as a cellblock procurer.

At the end of the seventh season, Gregory House (Hugh Laurie
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President Obama vs. Donald Trump: Is It Over?

President Obama vs. Donald Trump: Is It Over?
In some parts of the TV nation on Sunday night, President Barack Obama's historic speech announcing the death of Osama bin Laden either preempted or aired opposite Donald Trump's heroic decision to rehire Latoya Jackson for Team Backbone. So, if Obama got Osama, as the new saying goes, did the Potus get Trump, too? Nope. Make no mistake, Obama's Osama moment owned the Nielsen night. More than 15 million watched the president's address on CNN and Fox News alone. (The overall audience for the address, which aired beginning at about 11:35 p.m. Et, is not yet known.) Impressively, however, Celebrity Apprentice was not cut down to size—you know, unlike how its in-house presidential...
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Fantasy Colbert League, March 28 – 31

Welcome Zoners—

I still have last night’s adventures on my mind, but we cannot ignore our guests, can we? There’s lots on Monday’s visitor, a friend of the show who’s one of my favorites–but this is a fascinating group, made up of a major medical scientist, the head of the Special Olympics, and…an explorer who searches out headshrinkers.

Last week was wonderful, wasn’t it? Music, food, one very handsome and brilliant reporter, and a feisty Nobel Prize winner. And Stephen giving us The Word! Can’t wait for more. Doesn’t he make Mondays happy?

And now, your cast of characters for the week…

Monday, 3/28: Michael Moore

Polemical, satirical, and inimitable: Michael Moore is one of a kind, and you either love him or hate him. (I’m a fan.) Although he began as a journalist for alternative magazines like Mother Jones,
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C-span 2 Got Interesting In A Very C-span 2 Kind Of Way

If you’ve ever watched C-span or C-span 2 with any regularity, you know that it is the opposite of salacious. Usually the most interesting thing that can happen while you’re watching it is that you realize that you can recognize Senator Evan Bayh by voice alone. But recently on Book TV (the Lost of C-span 2), something really strange happened. A panel discussion that was supposed to be about writers with varying political leanings very slowly morphed into a man explaining that he dated one of the other panelists, and that she is a monster who cheated on him and wanted to play a weird power game in which she would set up a couple just so she could seduce the man in order to confuse him and hurt the other woman. Jesus Christ! And the guy doesn’t even seem that upset about it. And then she doesnt’ even
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Exclusive: Mad Men Cast and Creator Tease Season 4

Mad Men</i> | Photo Credits: AMC" style="margin:0 5px 5px" />

The framed letter from President Obama hangs in the hallway outside Matt Weiner's office. "He wrote to say he enjoyed Season 3," the Mad Men creator says, giggling in disbelief. "He was congratulating me on my and the show's success, and I wanted to say, 'But wait, you're the successful person.'"

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The president was merely speaking for the quality-TV nation. In three seasons, Mad Men has gone from being a cool retro diversion to one of the most stylish, seductive shows in TV history...

Read More >
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Emmys 2010 Reality TV: Kate Gosselin's Magic Touch?

Emmys 2010 Reality TV: Kate Gosselin's Magic Touch?
This past season, Dancing With the Stars inflicted Kate Gosselin's occasional ballroom moves on a TV nation. Its reward? A reality-best nine Emmy nominations today. Dwts waltzed its way back into the Outstanding Reality-Competition race, where, if form holds, it'll lose alongside American Idol, Project Runway and Top Chef to the never-beaten Amazing Race. For those keeping score at home, this is the fourth straight year that the category has featured those same nominees.  Yes, if change was the way elsewhere in the Emmy field, no change was the way in the reality-tv categories. Just like last year, American Idol's Ryan Seacrest, Dwts' Tom Bergeron, The...
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Kent Alterman returning to Comedy Central

New York -- Former New Line Cinema executive Kent Alterman is returning to Comedy Central as the network's new head of original programming and production.

Doug Herzog, president MTV Networks' entertainment group, and Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless announced the appointment on Thursday.

Based in La, Alterman will report to Ganeless. He will oversee the development teams in both Los Angeles and New York.

"With his experience in both film and television comedy and his strong relationships within the comedy community, he is the perfect fit for the job," said Ganeless.

Alterman previously was the head of Comedy Central's New York development office until his departure in 2001 and oversaw development and production on such series as "Strangers with Candy" and "Upright Citizens Brigade."

He worked at New Line Cinema from 2001 and 2006 and directed and executive produced "Semi-Pro," starring Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson, for the studio. He also
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Michael Moore is a blowhard | Michael Tomasky

I haven't really been a Michael Moore fan for a long time. TV Nation could be funny sometimes, like the time he challenged the CEOs of the Big Three auto companies to do an oil change. But I pretty strongly disliked Fahrenheit 9-11, for example. I thought, here was a real opportunity -- with such a massive and willing audience at his disposal -- to educate people about the roots of neoconservatism and how that whole thing worked in Washington. It was in there to some extent, but the movie was ruined by all that bosh about the Carlyle Group and the inscrutable power of the Saudis.

So it's no surprise to me that he publishes today this "open letter" to Obama full of fatuous gas about America, Afghanistan and empire:

So now you feel backed into a corner. 30 years ago this past Thursday (Thanksgiving) the Soviet generals had a
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