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Season 1

12 Sep. 1994
Amp Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Amp develops a crush on a teacher and is at odds with the rest of the squad when they disapprove.
13 Sep. 1994
An Un-Helping Hand
Sidney gets a "B" in her report card and she believes it's the end of the world. Malcom decides to plant Scorn into her wristwatch where he will control Sidney's hand. Sidney ends up causing trouble for the rest of the gang.
14 Sep. 1994
His Master's Voice
Sidney and Tanker make fun of Malcom's voice with Sidney's keyboard recorder. Malcom sends a virus named Scorn into the keyboard for revenge, which causes Sidney and Tanker to switch voices. The worse part, Sidney has to perform at the school talent show that night.
Kilokahn transports himself into Malcom's body and leaves Malcom trapped inside his latest virus monster.
Some Like It Scalding
Sam and the gang plan a slumber party in the high school to raise money for the state aquarium. Malcolm and Kilokahn send Plexton, a scorch virus, into the school's heating system cause everyone to suffer from the heat.
The Cold Shoulder
Malcom and Kilokahn send a cold virus into the AC systems. The colder it gets the colder everyones' hearts become until they start fighting amongst each other.
A Break in the Food Chain
Malcom and Kilokahns' new virus monster shuts down the food factories. As food begins to run out all over the world, Sam and the gang begin to get desperate.
Ashes to Ashes Disk to Disk
Malcom wants Jennifer to pose for him. But when she doesn't, Malcom sends a virus into her new technical pom poms, which causes anyone who uses them to vanish into the digital world.
22 Sep. 1994
Lights, Camera, Action
Malcolm traps Sam inside a video camera where he is isolated from the outside world.
Que Sera Servo
Malcom sends his newest virus monster into the gangs new horoscope toy causing everyone who uses it to change into their opposite personality. Sam: a coward, Tanker: nerdy, Sydney: a bully, Amp: smart, and Jennifer: evil.
Sweet and Sour Kilokahn
With Servo taking up all of his time, Sam's grades are starting to decline, and so is his relationship with Jennifer. To help out, Sydney creates a program that traps Kilokahn. With no virus monsters to fight, Sam's schedule is free. But will he miss Servo?
To Sleep, Perchance to Scream
Sam keeps having nightmares. Sydney finds out that it's because there's a virus monster in his alarm clock.
Water You Doing?
Malcolm recites a poem about dying of thirst for a talent show. When he gets rejected he sends a virus monster to change Earth's entire water supply into hydrochloric acid for revenge.
Just Brown and Servo
Jennifer believes that Sam is unromantic. To prove that he is, Sam plans a dinner for two, with Syndey, Tanker, and Amp as servers and Mrs. Starkey as the cook. To mess it up, Malcolm sends a virus into Mrs. Starkey's oven timer, causing her to go insane. When the gang finds out, Tanker believes that it's time to let Jennifer know what they really do with their spare time.
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend
Amp is in danger of failing his gym test. The gang decides to help train him up for it. Kilokahn takes control of one of Malcolm's new virus monsters and uses it to cause a blackout all over the world. With no computer, how can Servo fight?
Born with a Jealous Mind
Sydney wins a date with TV star Chad Williams. This doesn't sit well with Tanker, who tries his best to stop the date from happening. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Kilokahn send a smog virus to Japan, polluting the sir.
6 Oct. 1994
Cheater, Cheater, Megabyte Eater
Amp scores highest on the National Scholastic Placement Test and everyone in the school thinks that he cheated. Jealous Sydney finds out that a virus monster has been sent into the test company's computers and messed up the scores.
10 Oct. 1994
Rock n' Roll Virucide
Malcolm sends a virus into Mrs. Starkey's headset where he controls her mind.
7 Oct. 1994
Romeo and Joule-Watt
Tanker and Jennifer get the parts of Romeo and Juliet for the school play. Sam and Sydney become jealous.
11 Oct. 1994
Stiff as a Motherboard
Malcolm and Kilokahn send a new virus into the school water fountain, which causes anyone who uses it to become paralyzed. When Sam uses it, the gang has to find a day to get him into the computer to fight the virus.
17 Oct. 1994
Pride Goeth Before a Brawl
Kilokahn and Malcolm have a falling out. Sydney creates a new anti-virus program that Kilokahn tricks her into creating a monster to mess up the phone lines.
18 Oct. 1994
Starkey in Syberspace
Mrs. Starkey accidentally plays with Sydney's laptop and gets sucked into the Drago program. Malcolm and Kilokahn set a trap for Servo by luring him into the digital world and cutting off the rest of the squad from helping.
24 Oct. 1994
Hair I Stand, Head in Hand
It's picture day. Malcolm upgrades the Plexton virus and sends into Sam's hairdryer to mess up his looks.
31 Oct. 1994
The Taunt Heard Round the World
Amp gets Team Samurai a spot on the "Bands on the Road" TV show. But at the last minute, Sam gets cold feet. Kilokahn sends a message of challenge to Servo through the TV and threatens to destroy all TV systems if Servo doesn't accept.
1 Nov. 1994
Tanks for the Memories
It's finals week. Malcolm and Kilokahn send Nexor into Tanker's tape player where Kilokahn is able to mess with Tanker's memories.
1 Nov. 1994
Love Me Don't
Malcolm sends a virus into his music box so that when Jennifer opens it she'll fall in love with the first person she sees: him. But his plan backfires when Mrs. Starkey gets a hold of it first.
3 Nov. 1994
Syberteria Combat
The gang is starting to have disagreements. Malcolm plans to use this to his advantage. He sends a virus monster into the school's new security system which causes the gang to be trapped in after hours.
10 Nov. 1994
Beep My, Beep My Baby
Jennifer is elected the new Campus Speaker. Principal Pratchett gives her a new pager to stay in contact with. Malcolm sends a new virus into the pager where he is able to control her mind.
4 Nov. 1994
Hide and Servo
Sydney creates a new gadget that helps keep track of Sam's brain functions in the digital world. But Sam accidentally plays with it and scatters his electrons all over the digital world instead.
14 Nov. 1994
Loose Lips Sink Microchips
Sam becomes station manager for the school radio. He holds auditions to see who the new radio crew will be and Malcolm tries out. When he doesn't get the job, he sends Skorn into the radio to make anyone who broadcasts spill the truth.
It's Magic
Lucky falls in love with a new girl at school. To impress her, he decides to do magic at the talent show, planning to make Sam disappear, but really Sam goes into the digital world where a new virus monster could mess up the act.
Pratchert's Radical Departure
An inspector is coming to investigate Principal Pratchert's work at the school. Pratchert starts to become more strict with the students. To get revenge, Malcolm sends a virus into Pratchert's bullhorn which causes Pratchert to become a teenager again.
17 Nov. 1994
Foreign Languages
Tanker needs help with his Spanish test but is afraid to admit it. Malcolm and Kilokahn send a language virus into the digital world, cause all languages to scramble.
1 Sep. 1994
To Protect and Servo
Sam Collins and his friends start a rock band so that he can impress his crush, Jennifer. But Malcom Frink also has a crush on her, so when he finds out the Sam has gotten Jennifer's phone number, he makes a deal with an evil computer program called Kilokahn to send a computer virus into the phone lines.
2 Sep. 1994
Sam and Jennifer go out on their first date. To ruin it, Malcom frames Sam by sending a virus into the police records. But Jennifer gets arrested instead, for knowing Sam.
3 Sep. 1994
Samurize, Guys!
To heal his relationship with Jennifer, Sam decides to write a song about her for the school dance. When Malcom hears this, he and Kilokahn send a virus into one the U.S. defensive satellites to cause a barrier to block one half of the earth from the other. This leaves Sam and the others no way to get to the school.
24 Nov. 1994
Over the River and Through the Grid
Thanksgiving. Malcolm sends a virus monster into Mrs. Starkey's apartment, causing all of her electrical equipment to malfunction and ruining her Thanksgiving plans. The gang tries to cheer her up.
25 Nov. 1994
Lucky's Unlucky Adventure
Lucky has his eye on a new surf board, but is short on cash. Sydney and Mrs. Starkey give him a chance at the lunch cash register. Malcolm sends a virus into the register so it'll look like it's short on cash and making everyone believe that Lucky stole it.
29 Nov. 1994
Sam and Tanker try to get basketball superstar, Charles "High Jump" Johnson's autograph. Malcolm and Kilokahn send a virus into the school to lock the gang inside with the superstar.
29 Nov. 1994
Take a Hike
While Sam is working with Jennifer at school, the rest of the gang goes on a nature hike. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Kilokahn's newest virus monster is sucking up all electricity. With no power, how can the gang enter the digital world? And without Sam, who'll be Servo?
20 Dec. 1994
Kilokahn Is Coming to Town
Now that Malcolm and Kilokahn know that Servo lives in their area, Malcolm asks everyone in town to put up more Christmas lights so that Kilokahn can secretly move around and find Servo's location.
14 Jul. 1995
Little Ditch, Big Glitch
Sam and the gang cut class for band practice. Malcolm and Kilokahn send a virus into the school VCR system and brainwash everyone who was supposed to be watching an educational video.

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