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  • The final episode was a 2-parter

    Part 1:GC-161 has finally been approved for sale to the public due to faulty test results that Danielle Atron and Lars provided to the FDA. George Mack expresses his concerns to Danielle about the dangers of the chemical but she fires him for asking too many questions and for fearing that he may go to the police. In the meantime Alex morphs in the park but she is caught by Louis Driscoll forcing Alex and Ray to let him in on their secret. Later that day Louis mentions Alex's powers to Ray over a cell phone (however doesn't reveal Alex's name) which the plant has been monitoring. Lars kidnaps Louis and threatens to torture him if he doesn't reveal "the kid". In a panic Louis tells the plant that Alex is the kid from the accident. Hunter later tries to convince Alex to tell her parents about the accident due to the recent events such as the approval of GC-161 and George being fired. Alex decides that she will tell her parents although immediately afterwards plant security arrives at her front door. Alex and Hunter try to escape however after Alex morphs a security guy sucks her up in a vacuum. When George and Barbara get back the security people grab them to take back to the plant as well. Alex arrives at the plant as is placed in a glass cage when is totally immune to GC-161, basically her powers are useless in it. She reforms inside to have Danielle Atron starring her in the face.

    Part 2:Part 2 picks up right where Part 1 left off. Danielle Atron taunts Alex over the fact that if she had just come forward after the accident then she would have been arrested and Alex would have been safe. Alex immediately regrets not telling her parents but realizes that it's too late. In the meantime Dave(the truck driver who hit Alex with the chemical) sneaks back to the plant and takes pictures of George and Barbara being brought in. Wanting to save Alex and her family he takes the pictures to the police. Ray and Hunter also decide to sneak into the plant in an attempt to free Alex. When George and Barbara are brought in we finally get the scene that the entire series has been building up to, Alex tells her parents about the accident. Both George and Barbara are completely heartbroken that Alex didn't feel safe telling them and that even though it may have been fun at times they were now in a situation with little hope. Danielle and Lars plan to blow up the plant with all the evidence inside, including Alex and her parents. Lars sets explosives and shortly afterwards Ray breaks into the room and smashes the glass that Alex is behind. Alex morphs down her parents and escapes however Ray is captured and handcuffed down to a desk. Alex decides to go back in to get Ray because he would never leave her. Alex morphs down Ray in the nick of time and they both escape. Hunter tackles Danielle to the ground when she attempted to escape in a helicopter and the police arrest her and Lars. Alex and Dave then share a heartfelt moment when he reveals that he knew the entire time that Alex was the kid from the accident but didn't say anything because he knew what Danielle would have done. The next day George gives Alex and antidote that will take away her powers and the series ends with Alex starring off into the sunset and it is left up to the viewers imagination as to whether she took the antidote, or kept her powers. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Dave Watt began as just a comic relief character with no loyalty to anyone really, but as the series progressed, he discovered Alex's secret and made it his personal mission to protect her. Despite often being dragged along in Vince's schemes, Dave is a good guy and Alex is so thankful for his help that in the last episode, she hugs him in gratitude and George tries to find Dave a new job. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Throughout the show, there are numerous hints that Danielle Atron's life has not been a happy one. Danielle Atron, according to the series' season 2 Halloween episode when the name 'Atron' is seen on the mailbox at the end, is rumored to have been the daughter of an abusive woman who locked her in the basement and wouldn't let her go to school or have friends, after which she was taken away forcibly from her parents and lived with her grandmother, who describes her as a brilliant, shy and troubled girl who was rather bossy and loved numbers. Danielle left her grandmother to attend university and never spoke to her again. There is also a newspaper clipping on Hunter's wall in season 4 saying that Danielle was the victim of a dangerous fire at a rival factory, and that she barely escaped alive (she may have lit the fire herself).

    As the show progresses, Danielle is shown to get more and more greedy, ruthless and unstable the more things progress with GC-161. In the episode 'Green Day', she makes such weird decisions that even Lars expresses concern for her, especially when she tells Dave that he can "write his own ticket back to work for all she cares". In other words, her dream of making a ton of money and marketing GC-161, coupled with her past life and general Machiavellian personality, seem to be the driving forces to her corruption. This is also a children's show and the writers just needed an antagonist to fill the role. Because it's a comedy show too, some of her corrupt antics are a little exaggerated for humor probably, as are Vince's and Lars'. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Larisa Olynik didn't have a skin problem, the hats were just a fashion statement that made Alex stand out as a more unique character and carried out throughout the show. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because of Vince's failure to find the GC-161 kid, Danielle eventually fires him. She later confides in Lars that even she was disturbed by his weird personal joy in the idea of killing the kid, and that she finds him to be a "very sick man". She believes that by firing him, he will obsess further over bringing the kid back to the chemical plant. Vince reappears in several episodes but Lars takes over his role as a secondary antagonist.

    Vince's last appearance is in the "Leaving" episode (strangely enough also Annie's final regular appearance) where he is assigned to get rid of Alex because Danielle suspects she is the "GC-161 kid." However when Vince is convinced otherwise he just kind of wanders off and is never seen or heard from ever again. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the tie-in book series title 'Zappy Holidays', Ray mentions that his mother died from an illness when he was just a little kid. In the television show, his mother is never really mentioned. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • By the time Season 1 of Alex Mack was released to DVD, actress Jessica Alba, who had in the Nineties played the role of a minor antagonist on the show, was extremely popular, so the DVD set was marketed with Jessica Alba listed as a major character - frankly, it was a cash grab. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Paradise Valley is a fictional corporate town located in either Arizona or California. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the episode 'BMX', George and Lars are both shocked when Annie discovers a list of scientists, mostly dead or disappeared under mysterious circumstances, who, in the Seventies, worked with Danielle, then a researcher at the time, to discover GC-161. Lars is confused by this, as he thought that GC-161 was discovered in the late Eighties. It is implied that Danielle had Vince murder the scientists, and that she got Vince to kill Hunter's chemist father as well, although she could have done it herself and it's never clear what exactly happened in the past. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There were many controversies throughout the show, most notably these ones:

    -In the first episode, Alex 'morphs" and then reforms nude (covered from her shoulders down by a table). In embarrassment she asks Annie to bring her some clothes.

    -In "The Secret" (S2) there is a house where it is rumored that a girl who lived there was forbidden to play outside or have any friends until social services removed her from the home. The house at the end turns out to be the place where Danielle grew up before running away from home to go to school. Child abuse is heavily implied to have happened between Danielle and her mother, her parents are both dead under mysterious circumstances and for the most part she is raised by her grandmother. In this same episode, Alex has a nightmare in which her mom is tied up.

    -In "The Doctor" (S3) A doctor tells Louis Driscoll that he is going to give him a "testicular spike" and "kidney twister".

    -The show was said to promote children climbing into clothesdryers because Alex "morphs" and hides in one. Because of this, the show was rated for ages 15 up in Britain.

    -The running joke that the chemical plant is going to "cut Alex up" has been deemed inappropriate for younger viewers in the past.

    -Lars and Danielle drink booze in "Paradise Regained". Danielle and Vince drink martinis in "World Without Alex".

    -Lars drugs an FDA member and then puts him in women's clothing and leaves him running around in the town park in order to publicly humiliate him.

    -The episode 'Chemistry' was believed to predict 9/11 by many conspiracy theorists after 2001. There's no proof that the episode has anything to do with 9/11, nor did Nickelodeon ever address these allegations.

    -In 'Ashley', Aunt Ashley says the word "ass" aloud. On some Canadian local TV stations, the word "ass" was removed and dubbed over with "wiener" before being aired, so as not to offend anybody.

    Most of the show's controversies happened during the Nineties and weren't taken seriously very often. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is unknown, but Jessica Alba was a prolific actress at the time and chances are had signed up for other acting roles. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes actually it does. In "The Solo" episode Alex has a dream where she is locked in a cage at the plant and Ray comes to rescue her and has the keys. Ray then tells her that if she was ever trapped at the plant he would come to rescue her. As it turns out in the "Paradise Regained" episode Alex actually is locked in a cage at the plant and Ray does come to rescue her. There are however some minor differences, in "Paradise Regained" Ray uses a pipe instead of keys to free her and she is locked in an anti-GC161 glass jar rather than a cage. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Towards the end of the series it is established that Danielle is willing to kill people who are a threat to her. Seeing how Vince and Dave clearly knew that Danielle was corrupt it seems logical that she would have them killed the same way she had Dr. Reeves killed. However she does have her reasons for keeping them alive:

    In Vince's case Danielle tells him that she has a lot of dirt on him and his past and threatens to reveal it if Vince exposes her. Plus she has an ulterior motive, she was hoping that by firing him it would motivate him further to find "the kid."

    In Dave's case she probably figured that killing him would be an unnecessary risk. Dave was a mere truck driver/janitor and the authorities were not likely to believe him (this is confirmed in the "Paradise Lost" episode). Having him killed would be risky because if she were caught it would just create more problems. In the end she decides to demote him and keep him at the plant so she can keep an eye on him.

    In short although Danielle does not seem to have a problem killing innocent people she seems to only do it when she has no other option. Having people killed is a risk she would rather not take unless it is absolutely necessary. Edit (Coming Soon)


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