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Season 1

13 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.1
Atlanta, Georgia, 1873. Scarlett O'Hara Butler is attending the funeral of Melanie Wilkes, her late sister-in-law and rival for Ashley Wilkes' affection, at which her estranged husband, Rhett Butler, is not present. Heartbroken that he left her, sets out for Tara and is saddened when she learns that Mammy, her mainstay nurse since birth, is dying. When she arrives there, she sends a telegram to notify Rhett about Mammy under the name of Will Benteen (her sister, Suellen's, husband), because she knows that he won't come. Before Mammy passes away, she makes Rhett swear ...
15 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.2
Scarlett travels to Charleston to visit Rhett's family and tries to corner him by winning his mother's affection. She convinces Rhett to take her for a sail on the harbor, where their boat capsizes during a terrible storm. Scarlett and Rhett swim to an island, where they make love in a cave. Rhett initially denies, then admits, that he loves Scarlett, but he does not want to "lose himself" over her again. Back in Charleston, Rhett leaves Scarlett near death at his mother's house, telling her, in a letter, that while he admires her bravery, he will never see her again....
16 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.3
Scarlett connects with the O'Hara family in Savannah where she learns that her grandfather has offered Scarlett his inheritance if she remains with him in Savannah until his death and avoids contact with her father's side of the family. Scarlett refuses and goes to stay with her cousin Jamie and his family. Soon another cousin named Colum, a priest from Ireland, joins them. Scarlett agrees to travel to Ireland with him. By this time Scarlett has realized that she is pregnant with Rhett's child but she keeps her pregnancy hidden. Scarlett travels to Ireland where she ...
17 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.4
Scarlett keeps her daughter's birth a secret from Rhett to spite him, thinking that if Cat grows up not knowing her father she will, unlike Bonnie, not love him. The day that Rhett finally does meet his daughter, he will realize that she does not love him or even know him, thus giving Scarlett her revenge. Anne Hampton-Butler also travels to Ireland with Rhett and has a lengthy conversation with Scarlett, but soon dies from yellow fever. Meanwhile, Lord Fenton, one of the wealthiest men in Europe, pursues Scarlett, wanting to marry her. One night, Fenton assaults his ...

 Season 1 

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