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5 Oct. 1999
Don't Let Go
Charlie and Kirsten hit a snag involving the site for their coming wedding which throws planner (and control-freak) Bailey into overdrive. Sarah, who turned down Bailey's own marriage proposal, can't say anything without getting a snappish response from him. A modicum of support comes from Kirsten's visiting parents, with her mother playing the peacemaker as her father does little to mask his disapproval of the event knowing of the first fiasco marriage attempt years before. Meanwhile, Julia is offered a great opportunity to write a book by her academic editor Evan. ...
12 Oct. 1999
Julia hits writers block while trying to meet a deadline for her book and none of her friends, nor her editor Evan, are willing or able to help her. Meanwhile, Claudia gets support from Alexia, a cheerleader classmate and leader of Grant's High School elite clique, in rejecting Cody who does not take rejection lightly. While on their honeymoon in Mexico, Kirsten and Charlie can't compete with their neighbors' passion in the suite next door when Kirsten gets food poisoning and Charlie gets sunburned. Back in San Francisco, Bailey balks at sharing his feelings with ...
19 Oct. 1999
Bye, Bye, Love
Sarah meets a former friend of her birth mother who tells her that her natural birth father, whom was in fact briefly married to her mother, lives in New York City, which prompts the troubled Sarah to consider traveling to New York to find him, and leaving Bailey. Meanwhile, Claudia's new clique of friends is criticized on a on-line web page, and Claudia suspects the school's disgruntled star basketball player and Alexa's boyfriend, Cameron, is the culprit. At her editor Evan's advice, Julia looks for her present place now in her late parents past as part of a chapter...
26 Oct. 1999
Wrestling Demons
As Kirsten decides to try and get pregnant, Bailey is surprised by Will's return home from college.
2 Nov. 1999
The Shortest Distance
Cameron's covert kisses confuse Claudia who thinks that getting involved with him may not be right while she deals with a clueless Alexia. Meanwhile, Evan becomes more mindful of Julia who tries to set some ground rules to their newfound romance. The fertility changes dictates life for both Charlie and Kirsten when she has to take fertility injections with her lithium, and he has to take a second job to pay for the medical costs. Griffin and Will accompany Bailey on a 3,000-mile drive to New York in an old truck to drop off some of Sarah's belongings. When the guys ...
9 Nov. 1999
Too Close
Sarah's absence has Bailey struggling with alcohol, while Julia wants Evan to go public about their romance.
16 Nov. 1999
We Gather Together
After Myra's mother accuses Charlie of abusing her daughter, he is given the offer to resign from the school, quietly. Charlie decides to quit, but an encouragement from Kirsten convinces him to make a stand. Meanwhile, Julia meets Evan's angry and rebellious teenage son, Brian, while at the same time, she also encourages Claudia to report Derek after she confides in her about the incident. Bailey ponders a future with the married Tracy, while Joe, Victor, and Will help plan a Thanksgiving dinner at the house. Also, Griffin and Daphne have a lot to be thankful for ...
30 Nov. 1999
Fate, Hope and Charity
Julia reacts to Evan's lack of reaction when he hears about Brian's kiss with her. Meanwhile, Claudia has a little too much tequila to drink at Grant High's Homecoming dance and it makes her give the slip about Derek and her contempt for the clique. Bailey believes it's fate when an attractive British immigrant and struggling medical intern, named Holly, rings his doorbell by accident and he becomes stricken with her almost immediately. Charlie thinks about his future as he prepares to celebrate his 30th birthday. Also, Daphne and Griffin have an auto accident when he...
7 Dec. 1999
Ties That Bind
Charlie and Kirsten cut corners in cutting back electricity, heating and other utilities while seeking more fertility drugs as they and the rest of the family pitches in to help pay for Griffin's hospital costs from the motorcycle accident. But things get only worse when a tip leads them to a shady man who claims to have cheap drugs for them to buy. Meanwhile, Bailey doesn't waste another chance to be with Holly by setting up a picnic in the 49ers stadium which leads to a heated meeting. Seeking to relive her childhood days, Claudia enters a violin competition with ...
11 Jan. 2000
Dog Day After New Year
On New Year's Eve, Holly takes Bailey to a family wedding where Bailey's fears and uncertainty about commitment reveal themselves. Meanwhile, Griffin and Julia track down her elusive new editor which leads to a party where Julia learns from her editor that her book may not get published due to another story similar to hers. A promotion at the factory holds little advantage for Charlie after his boss, Gus, tells him about his reluctance to use his ideas for a new furniture line. Claudia and the rest of the Salingers come together when they must decide what to do about ...
18 Jan. 2000
Fear and Loathing
Julia accompanies Claudia on a trip to Yale University for a college tour and to visit Justin Thompson where they meet his new girlfriend Laura. At the same time, Claudia becomes acquainted with a fellow student, named Carl, assigned to show her around the campus. Back in San Francisco, Victor steps in when Owen comes home every day claiming to be bullied at school. Meanwhile, Bailey questions himself on how casual he wants to be with Holly when they spend almost every day together which changes when she tells that its all too much for her. Also, Charlie becomes wary ...
25 Jan. 2000
Bad Behavior
Julia becomes intrigued by a writer in her writing class with no apparent block. Julia then discovers that the writer, Adam, is a lonely troubled person who pretends to be a student at CFA and uses writing to channel his personal feelings. Meanwhile, Owen's friend's father makes disparaging remarks about Victor since he happens to be gay. While dating and sleeping with a number of different women in an attempt to purge his pain after breaking up with Holly, Bailey betrays Will's trust when he sleeps with Will's new girlfriend's sister. Charlie gives Daphne a job at ...
1 Feb. 2000
The Declaration of Co-Dependence
As Bailey tries to keep his drinking and the restaurant's financial woes under wraps, Charlie gets the chance to run the furniture factory.
8 Feb. 2000
One for the Road
Justin Thompson arrives in San Francisco for his engagement party where Julia tries to remain supportive of his coming marriage to Laura. But when Adam notes to Julia that Justin and Laura lack a link between them, Julia tries to tell Justin not to get married which alienates him and Laura. Meanwhile, Daphne objects to Charlie's control over her and baby Diana. But when Charlie realizes that he doesn't want to fight another ugly court battle and let Daphne be unhappy, he eventually tells her that she can leave town with their daughter and Luke. Also, Bailey tells ...
22 Feb. 2000
What If...
After a drunken Bailey crashes his jeep into a stoplight post, he blacks out and has a vision of an alternate reality of what life what life would be like if his parents never died. In this world, set during a weekend of planning Nick and Diana's 31st anniversary party, all of the siblings are unsettled with their parents whom they cannot stand up to. Claudia is a somewhat uptight, mature-for-her-age, traveling violinist where she tells her mentor/manager Ross her thoughts about quitting touring. Bailey is an immature, irresponsible, bleached-blond, hard-drinking punk...
14 Mar. 2000
Blast from the Past
As Bailey is released from rehab, Julia heads for Las Vegas upon learning that Justin is about to elope.
21 Mar. 2000
Getting There
Unable to find his calling, Bailey becomes reacquainted with Holly where he attempts to help her older, pie-in-the-sky sister, Fiona, find her calling as a costume designer. Meanwhile, Claudia gets the violin position Todd coveted in which leads to some hostility and competition for both of them. An order for a hotel chain may be more than Charlie can handle due to his lack of funds and manpower to build the chairs, while Kirsten deals with morning sickness during her first trimester of her pregnancy. Also, Julia seeks to cure her writers block with frequent sex with ...
4 Apr. 2000
Too Cool for School
Charlie looks into buying the furniture factory when Gus decides to sell it to a major corporation. But Charlie learns more about owning it when he must come up with some collateral for a bank to give him a loan. Meanwhile, Bailey's lack of education and no college degree sets him back on his un-chosen career, until he learns more about a college business education while accompanying Holly on her pre-med lectures. Julia begins to resent Adam when he challenges criticism from his writing instructor in which he responds frustrated at himself and everything and leaves ...
11 Apr. 2000
Isn't It Romantic
Just as Bailey begins taking business college classes, Holly's student visa is revoked which means that she must return to England. After considering every option, Bailey then tries to convince Holly to marry him, in order for her to get her green card, before Will steps in to help. Meanwhile, a discontented Daphne returns to town with baby Diana and reveals to Charlie and Kirsten about her difficulties and doubts about Luke, which Kirsten sees as parallel to her own life with Charlie over his busy hours at the furniture factory. Despite Griffin's objections, Julia ...
18 Apr. 2000
Great Expectations
Will panics after a meeting with an INS agent asking about the authenticity of his and Holly's "marriage," while Bailey grows with discomfort after Will and Holly pretend to act intimate in public. Meanwhile, Adam arrives back in San Francisco and asks Julia to join him and his artist friends living at a camp in Mexico. Kirsten frets about her pregnancy and fear of losing her baby by miscarriage. Claudia lets the "love" word slip to Todd after telling him about a romantic dream about him. Also, a foreman named Mitch opposes Charlie's assembly-line plan when production...
19 Apr. 2000
Taboo or Not Taboo
Claudia is tempted by an academic shortcut of plagiarizing a term paper while trying to balance her time between school and seeing Todd. Meanwhile, Will's discomfort grows after he moves in with Holly to continue his and Bailey's charade of Will's marriage to her. Justin arrives back in town after having left his wife with ironic timing for Julia who is giving an interview to Phoebe, a young writer researching Julia's life story. Also, Kirsten goes out on the town with Daphne's and her former free-spirited friends who inspire Kirsten not to be afraid to be spontaneous...
26 Apr. 2000
Falling Forward
An employee's heart attack forces Charlie to reexamine what he wants from the business; college may cause Claudia and Todd to face a future apart, while Julia ponders leaving school to write full-time.
3 May 2000
All's Well...
Bailey considers moving to Philadelphia to go back to college following Joe's advice, but has some complications when Owen does not want to go with him and Charlie tells Bailey about keeping their parental responsibilities. Meanwhile, Julia ponders a choice to moving to Washington D.C. for a magazine internship job and being away from Justin and the rest of the family. Claudia ponders going to Julliard Academy of Music in New York or staying near Todd in San Francisco, where Ross persuades Claudia to take the scholarship and not pass up an opportunity like this. Also,...
3 May 2000
...That Ends Well
During a family dinner at the restaurant, Bailey, Julia and Claudia all announce their plans to leave town to start over, it starts a wave of tension and arguments over ones priorities. But later, Charlie has a surprising revelation of his own when he tells them that he has decided to sell the house and split the money between them to peruse their own dreams. After thinking about it, the rest of siblings agree and decide to move on and let go of their past for good. Griffin also decides that it's time for him to move out of the Salinger garage and into a place of his ...

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