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3 Feb. 1996
Rest in Peace
The asthmatic daughter of a developer is kidnapped with a ransom demand that the name be given of the murderer of a Hawaiian construction worker who was trying to protect a sacred Hawaiian site found on a section of the development.
10 Feb. 1996
Holli believes that the wife of a policeman who was convicted for the husband's murder before Holli was the medical examiner and who recently escaped from prison acts in a way which suggests the woman might be innocent.
17 Feb. 1996
The Romanoff Affair
Halli flies to Samoa with Mack to assist in an open case. She falls for a dashing Samoan, who is mixed up in a smuggling ring with a Hong Kong inspector and a female international thief. The object of the ring is to recover the Romanoff jewels and gold, originally stolen during the Russian revolution. An interesting vignette includes the home Robert Louis Stevenson lived in while writing Treasure Island, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
24 Feb. 1996
The South Seas Connection
Mack is selected as part of a security team to protect the Vice President of the United States while on tour of New Zealand. He is also picked by a subversive team of operatives opposed to the V.P's environmental policies to be framed as his assassin. The frame, elaborately, moves from Samoa to New Zealand, and incorporates a number of odd characters and murders. The plot runs similar to the Edmund O'Brien film "D.O.A".
27 Apr. 1996
Battle of the Titans
When a grand champion sumo wrestler is murdered in Waikiki, a biased suspicion falls upon an Hawaiian contender while Mack and Holli are forced to work alongside their impertinent and devious Japanese counterparts.
25 May 1996
Allergic to Golf
The dais members at a pharmaceutical company golf tournament banquet are given a substance which can cause death by shock while the company is being blackmailed by a person who blames the company for the death of his girlfriend.

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