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Season 1

25 Aug. 1994
Angela Chase begins a friendship with Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez. At home there is tension between her and her mother.
1 Sep. 1994
Dancing in the Dark
Rayanne arranges for Angela and Jordan to meet under the pretense of Jordan selling Angela a fake ID. Meanwhile, Angela's parents take ballroom dancing lessons.
8 Sep. 1994
Guns and Gossip
A gun goes off in school, and Rickie is involved. A rumor makes the rounds at Liberty High that Angela slept with Jordan.
15 Sep. 1994
Father Figures
Angela gives her father the silent treatment, and Patty must deal with her own father when the printing shop is audited by the IRS.
22 Sep. 1994
The Zit
A list makes the rounds at school rating the sophomore girls; Rayanne and Sharon are on it, but not Angela. Patty wants Angela to join her in a mother-daughter fashion show.
29 Sep. 1994
The Substitute
A substitute teacher captures the hearts and minds of Angela's English class, but he may not be all he seems to be.
6 Oct. 1994
Why Jordan Can't Read
Patty thinks she may be pregnant, and Angela learns of Jordan's reading problem.
20 Oct. 1994
Strangers in the House
Sharon moves in with the Chases after her father has a heart attack.
27 Oct. 1994
Angela fears that Jordan may be expelled, and she has visions of a Liberty High student who died years earlier.
3 Nov. 1994
Other People's Mothers
Angela wants to go to Rayanne's party, but is stuck at a party for her grandparents instead. Meanwhile, Rayanne's drinking starts to spiral out of control.
10 Nov. 1994
Life of Brian
Brian is caught between taking Angela or a new girl at school to a dance. Rickie has a crush on a new student at Liberty High.
17 Nov. 1994
Angela ignores her schoolwork to spend time making out with Jordan in the infamous boiler room, but Jordan doesn't want his friends to know that they're together.
1 Dec. 1994
Angela feels pressured by Jordan to have sex.
8 Dec. 1994
On the Wagon
Angela and Rayanne start to grow apart, and Rayanne joins Jordan's band. Patty worries that Rayanne may have started drinking again.
22 Dec. 1994
So Called Angels
Rickie finds himself homeless on Christmas, and Angela tries to help him with the aid of a mysterious homeless girl.
5 Jan. 1995
It's a new year, and everybody's making resolutions. Rickie finds himself homeless once again, and Brian finds himself tutoring Jordan.
12 Jan. 1995
Rayanne wins a role in the school play, but betrays Angela by sleeping with Jordan. Patty suspects Graham and Hallie's relationship may be more than professional.
19 Jan. 1995
Angela's parents leave town for the weekend, and Rayanne accidentally handcuffs herself to their bed.
26 Jan. 1995
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
Brian writes a letter to help Jordan win Angela back, Delia has a crush on Rickie, and Graham's cooking impresses the restaurant's investors.

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