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Season 1

15 Oct. 1994
The Charity
Dee Dee, Alphie and Melanie are supposed to be working at the carnival dunk booth. But their friend Goo comes by and says that that his all time favorite basketball player Kendall Gill is gonna be signing autographs at the comic book store. However Dee and Alphpie then learn that their father has to interview Kendall Gill the same day as the carnival.
22 Oct. 1994
The Practical Joke War
Goo and Alphie do mean pranks on Dee Dee and his buddies. Dee Dee gets even and a massive prank war then begins. Meanline tries to help, but Goo and Alphie decide to prank her too.
30 Oct. 1994
The Weekend Aunt Helen Came
Donnell announces that he is going to have a "cool" birthday party with dancing and all. Dee Dee and Harry admit they can't dance and they take lessons from Alfie.
9 Nov. 1994
The Robin Hood Play
Alfie is excited that he got the part of Robin Hood in his school play, but then backs out at the last moment because he find out that he needs to wear tights, which he thinks are for girls.
30 Nov. 1994
Basketball Tryouts
Alfie wants to try out for the school basketball team and finds out that he didn't qualify because he is not a team player. But his soon finds out that his three buddies did make the basketball team.
6 Dec. 1994
Where's the Snake
Dee Dee is happy that he finally got a pet snake but is afraid his parents will find out. But then he loses the snake in his house.
15 Dec. 1994
Dee Dee's Girlfriend
A cute girl that has a crush on Dee Dee kisses him in front of his two friends. They promise that they won't tell a soul but soon everyone finds out about it.
20 Dec. 1994
Dee Dee's Haircut
Dee Dee gets a horrible haircut from Goo, after his parents didn't allow him to get one at a barbershop.
28 Dec. 1994
Dee Dee Runs Away
Dee Dee has been dying to want to go to a monster truck show for quite a while but Alphie and Goo basketball team make it to the big finals and they accidentally forget about the monster truck show. Dee Dee gets angry and decides to run away.
5 Jan. 1995
Donnel's Birthday Party
Donnel brags about how all the cool people who will know how to dance at his birthday party. Harry tells Donnel that he know how to dance but Dee Dee doesn't. So Alphie decides to help his brother learn.
19 Jan. 1995
The Surprise
Alfie can't understand why Melanie and Goo are constantly hanging around together, especially since Melanie hates Goo. Alfie informs his parents about the situation, however, they already know that Melanie and Goo are dating.
26 Jan. 1995
Candy Sale
Alfie and Goo want to buy new jackets. Goo's uncle agrees to front them candy bars to sell. They plan to buy their jackets with the profits.
2 Feb. 1995
The Big Bully
Dee Dee gets beat up at school by a fourth grader named Big Lou. Dee Dee asks Alfie to teach him how to fight, but when that seems hopeless, Goo teaches him how to bluff.

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