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4 Sep. 1994
The Frostfire Intercept
Dial manages to spoil his perfect record when he allows himself to get talked into recovering a top secret weapon which was stolen from a laboratory and is feared will be put on sale in the black market.
11 Sep. 1994
The Aquarius Intercept
Dial is sent to recover a stolen submarine prototype but soon finds his cover blown and is taken off the case by one of the biggest customers of the firm that developed the submarine.
18 Sep. 1994
Triple Cross
On a mission to recover a stolen U.S. Army missile. Dial discovers his former mentor from M.I.6 was behind the theft and has sold the missile to terrorists.
25 Sep. 1994
Hot Ice
While on a mission to recover a diamond stolen by a deposed dictator of a Baltic nation. Dial finds his mission complicated by his partner - a woman with a vendetta against the dictator.
2 Oct. 1994
Red Alert
Dial is assigned to recover a downed Soviet satellite containing poison nerve gas which crashlanded in South Carolina. He discovers that a rogue Ukranian General has got to it first.

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